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Dark Elves

Also known as Drow, Dark Elves are generally evil are skilled in the use of magic and two-weapons fighting. Having lived in the underground caves of the underdark hundreds of year, drow are a wellknown (or believed to be) race and is rightfully feared. Dark Elves typically have inky black night or polished obsidian colored skin with white, silver, or light yellow hair. Red and white are common eyes color with the drow, but gold, purple, silver, and a occasionally rare blue eyes have been known. Males are tend to be shorter than the females and seem to favor being wizards, while females are often clerics. Drow possess natural magical resistance and spells that they can use to their advantage in combat, but are sensitive to sunlight after year of being in the dark. Ability Score Adjustment: Your starting Intelligence and Charisma increase by 1. Dark Elf Two-Weapon Specialization: As long as the weapons in both hands are one handed weapons and you are proficient with them you can use them for two-weapons fighting. A Drow with the duel wielding feat needed not be proficient with the weapons he uses. Darkvision: You treat darkness within 120 feet of you as dim light. When you do so, your vision is in black and white. Light Sensitivity: While in sunlight, you have disadvantage on attack rolls. Magic Resistance: You have advantage on saving throws against magical effects. Natural Magic: You know the dancing lights cantrip and you can cast darkness and faeries fire each 1/day. Drows with a charisma score of 13 or more also can use detect good and evil, detect magic, and levitate each 1/day. Charisma is your magic ability for it.