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58 Pinfold court, Morris plains, NJ 07950 Cell : 973-714-8852 E- ail!

"#$%cti&%s! To obtain a job as a Soft'ar% (%st En)in%%r in IT field whe e I !an appl" #" ed$!ation and !ont ib$te to the !o#pan"%s &oals. S*MMA+,!

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"&%r - "ea s of e'pe ien!e in .ualit/ Assuranc% and Soft'ar% t%stin). (o )ed in diffe ent sta&es of the Soft'ar% 0%&%lop %nt Lif% 1/cl% 2S0L13* whi!h in+ol+ed )at4%rin) #usin%ss r%5uir% %nts* de+elopin& us% cas%s* t%st cas%s* *A( s$ppo t* , od$!tion -$ppo t. .'pe ien!ed in softwa e t%stin) %t4odolo)/ and de+elopin& (%st Plans* (%st Proc%dur%s* (%st 1as% 0%si)n and E6%cution* Modification +%5u%sts. .'tensi+el" e'pe ien!ed in the do!$#entation of t%st cas%s 7 t%st scripts8 .'pe ien!ed in e'e!$tion of s! ipt d$ in& e& ession !"!le. .'pe ien!ed in s$&&estin& #an$al tea# abo$t /$to#ation s! ipt standa ds. .'pe ien!ed in diff%r%nt p4as%s of t%stin) in!l$din& 9usin%ss :unctionalit/ (%stin)* ;nt%)ration (%stin)* 9lac< 9o6 (%stin)* S o<% (%stin) and +%)r%ssion (%stin). .'pe ien!ed in s! ipt 0esi&n* 1e+iew and .'e!$tion phases of /$to#ation s! ipt. , ofi!ient in HP .ualit/ 1%nt%r* Test0i e!to * Clea 2$est and othe 3$alit" anal"sis tools. .'tensi+el" in+ol+ed in $sin& .ualit/ 1%ntr% to epo t b$&s. .'tensi+el" (o )ed on S.L -in&le- ow f$n!tions 4Cha a!te * 5$#be * and 0ate et!6* 7 o$p f$n!tions and s$b 3$e ies. .'pe ien!ed in e'e!$tin& S.L 3$e ies in o de to +iew succ%ssful transactions of data and fo &alidatin) data. .'pe ien!ed in de+elopin& !o#ple' S.L 3$e ies d$ in& End-to-End t%stin) sta&e. 7ood $nde standin& of "racl% Applications and othe pe iphe al s"ste#s that !onne!t to "racl%. .'!ellent anal/tical s<ills in $nde standin& of cli%nt #usin%ss proc%ss and its i pl% %ntation. .'!ellent o &ani8ational* pro#l% -sol&in)* 'ritt%n and &%r#al co unication s)ills. /bilit" to 3$i!)l" adapt to the !lient%s r%5uir% %nts and alwa"s fo!$sed on !$sto#e satisfa!tion.

(E1HN;1AL S=;LL Testing Tools: Database System: Testing Methodologies: Scripting Tools: Systems: P+":ESS;"NAL E>PE+;EN1E HP Quality Center, Toad, SQL Navigator MS- SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL System Testing, UAT, SIT, Agile, Waterfall Java, SQL, Unix Shell Scripting, VB Scripting, HTML, XML Unix, Linux, Windows

(A+?E( 1"+P"+A(;"N, NJ S%nior Soft'ar% .A Anal/st 1urr%nt - arc4 @009 , o+ide life!"!le #ana&e#ent of testin& p oje!ts on softwa e and la &e database appli!ation li)e 9ana&in& :-/ wide -to e ;o!ation 9ana&e#ent -"ste# 4-;9-6. /ppli!ation is </=/ based 7:I with !o#pli!ated f$n!tionalities to handle Ta &et 1ole based $se

• ( ite basi! -2. . :5I? to -:5 :ni'.o!ation info #ation. +ol% 7 +%sponsi#iliti%s! • Inte a!t with the p oje!t tea# to &ain an $nde standin& of the b$siness en+i on#ent* te!hni!al 0efine* identif"* !olle!t* and o &ani8e detailed info #ation elatin& to testin& e3$i e#ents.a allel Testin& fo -. • /dhe ed to established standa ds and #ethodolo&ies. :tili8ed tools and #ethodolo&ies to i#p o+e indi+id$al effe!ti+eness and to in! ease effi!ien!ies in the . ● Too) a leadin& ole in a$to#ation and #an$al testin&* a!ti+el" in+ol+ed in ! eation of detailed test plans test !ases and test. Users can calculate the mortgage rates and payments. apply and manage the application process. • 0ata set$p fo testin& and in+ol+ed in t%stin) strat%)/ of elease appli!ation in!l$des en+i on#ent sele!tion with tools.A proc%ss. ● Ca#ilia with .2.> utiliti%s li<% AW= 2AW= function3. testin& in!l$des -"ste#* -IT and :/T testin& in+ol+e#ent with A)il% Proc%ss8 .L &alidation and deb$&&in& p o!ess with *N.A Anal/st :%# @009 .9.2. ● Collabo ated with 9an$al teste s and D$siness /nal"sts as needed to epo t data elated iss$es* e-tested the fi'ed iss$es and dete #ine the oot !a$se of defe!ts. 3$e ies fo database t%stin) appin) of data* +e if"in& in!o#in& and o$t&oin& data T a!)in& testin& !o+e a&e* defe!t identifi!ation and epo tin&* and defe!t p io iti8in& and t a!)in& • -$ppo t b$siness $se s d$ in& the e'e!$tion of $se a!!eptan!e testin& b" p o+idin& data and onitor d%f%cts and inte a!t with tea# to si&n p o!ess. • Collabo ate with p oje!t tea# #e#be s on de+elop#ent and !$sto#e iss$esB id%ntif/ )aps and r%t%st and r%)r%ssion t%stin)8 • . • 1e+iew #usin%ss r%5uir% %nts * pa ti!ipate and +alidate e3$i e#ent and spe!ifi!ations !han&e of e3$ests 0esi&n testin& s!ena ios and test !ases to de#onst ate !onfo #an!e to all f$n!tional and non-f$n!tional e3$i e#ents as defined in b$siness o te!hni!al spe!ifi!ations • (%st cas% r%&i%'s and si&n-off with de+elop#ent tea#s to i#ple#ent 2/ testin& p o!ess and &et feedba!) f o# ! oss f$n!tional tea#. ● 1esponsible fo !ond$!tin& s#o)e* f$n!tional* e& ession testin& as well as ad-ho!) testin&. • Cond$!ted #an$al testin& $sin& the standa ds* &$idelines an st $!t$ ed #ethodolo&" in testin& the appli!ation with $se of S. ● C eated test desi&n b" $sin& 2$alit" Cente and t a!)ed the defe!ts and epo ted the defe!ts to the !on!e ned pe sons.e fo # p oble# anal"sis and esol$tion* d%f%ct r%s%arc4in)* and esol$tion anal"sis of test es$lts to esol+e dis! epan!ies es!alate iss$es. N1 S%nior Soft'ar% .fo #i& ation of appli!ation f o# >. All testing is validated using !"#U$%& with ystem 'esting in multiple releases. • /nal"8ed . 1e3$est@1esponse T ansa!tion f o# web se +e to appli!ation to A a!le database. get auto generated email notification of the application status once application is submitted.'!el fo de+elopin& 1e3$i e#ents T a!eabilit" 9at i'41T96 and Capt$ in& and :pdatin&. /ppli!ation is tested with S. >i&hl" #oti+ated* detailed o iented* abilit" to wo ) independentl" as well as a tea# #e#be with e'!ellent te!hni!al* anal"ti!al and !o##$ni!ation s)ills.e fo #ed . apply mortgage online. register for free rate watch services.a!!ess* Capabilit"* 1ole >o$ s 9ana&e#ent* -to e Capabilit"* . user can download or save the application.Jan @008 Wells Fargo mortgage application is a web base application where Wells Fargo Bank customers can get free mortgage rate quotes. ● (o )ed on s!ena ios fo diffe ent appli!ation #od$les a!!o din& to f$n!tional e3$i e#ents and #usin%ss sp%cifications. • . /ppli!ation t ansa!tion is fet!hed with 1ealti#e http ?9. upload requited mortgage documents to submit the application. • In+ol+ed in <%/ l%arnin) proc%ss afte ea!h elease to i#ple#ent p o!ess in f$t$ e as a pa t of 2/ p o!ess 9ana&e#ent. ability to float or lock their mortgage rates. register to get daily rate quotes via email. proc%ss and n%t'or< utiliti%s8 • 1epo t* p o+ide testin& p oje!t feedba!) and a !hi+e testin& assets in o de to +e if" !o#pletion of testin&. 0ail" testin& tea# #eetin&s with lead to identif" &aps* defe!ts and dis!$ssion with $p!o#in& !han&es. flow of appli!ation with ! oss f$n!tional tea# to identif" )e" f$n!tionalities of appli!ation.> utiliti%s8 .ualit/ 1%nt%r. ● T a!)ed b$&s $sin& 2$alit" Cente and pe fo #ed e& ession testin& of the enti e appli!ation on!e the b$&s a e fi'ed.&i %ditor.e fo #ed sanit/ t%stin) with a!!eptan!e test !ases and e'e!$te test !ases f o# . WELLS :A+?". +ol% 7 +%sponsi#iliti%s! ● 1e+iewed e3$i e#ent spe!ifi!ation and f$n!tional desi&n do!$#ents fo !o#pleteness and t%sta#ilit/ as well as a#bi&$it" and in!onsisten!".s%d.L scripts and *N. )r%p.

oint Af Conta!tGs on wee)l" basis. In diffe ent elease.*:/T testin&. o+ided ti#el" stat$s $pdates and assisted the tea# in #a)in& de!isions abo$t elease eadiness.e fo #ed 3$alit" $nde standin& of the D$siness 1e3$i e#ents and de+eloped Test Cases to Test the Co#plete :unctionalit/ of an" Particular Pa)%@+%port@Modul%.nt%)ration (%stin) and S/st% (%stin).'pe tise with testin& tools li)e <I1/* 2$alit" Cente and thi d pa t" tool Toad* 92 . ● Too) !lea loo) on $pdatin& !on!epts and findin) d%f%cts* sendin& it with s$&&estions. Identified* anal"8ed* and do!$#ented defe!ts $tili8in& Jira as defe!t t a!)in& s"ste# and 1onflu%nc% as )nowled&e and do!$#entation #ana&e#ent s"ste#. epa ed 0%f%ct r%port b" se+e it"* defe!t stat$s* assi&nee of defe!ts to follow $p d$ in& defe!t life !"!le. SP+.1I5T !$sto#e le&a!" data t ansfe in& s"ste# f o# d"na#i! database to stati! database in+ol+ed testin& of e't a!t p o!ess* :5I? and -2. ● >elped tea# #e#be s to sol+e thei p oble#s. Da!) end Testin& was pe fo #ed $sin& -2. In+ol+ed in :se /!!eptan!e Testin& on late sta&es of S0L1. 3$e ies. 1epo ted defe!ts and follow-th o$&h as ne!essa " to !o#plete the testin& !"!le E0*1A(. . s! ipt $sin& A a!le f$n!tions. test esti#ation and eso$ !e plans* -et $p test en+i on#ent . ● In+ol+ed in all aspe!ts of test plannin& de+elop#ent desi&nin& (%st Plans and w itin& (%st 1as%s and C eated and e'e!$ted Manual t%st cas%s to test the s"ste#. ● 9odified the Tests and 1onductin) +%)r%ssion (%stin) and etestin& in ea!h defe!ts and ea!h elease. /nal"sis.nd testin& sta&e. ● /!ti+el" pa ti!ipated in all . ● (o )ed on 9lac< #o6 (%stin)* ?*.L 0e+elope appli!ations as "racl% !lients to pe fo # #ost of the 09 a!ti+ities. 1esponsible fo w itin& -2. ● . 3$e ies d$ in& . ● /!ti+el" pa ti!ipated in S o<%.MA Soft'ar% (%st%r No& @007 A Jan @008 Testin& and 9ana&in& appli!ation fo -.5etwo )in& S(A(*S! :-/ Citi8en .L sto ed p o!ed$ es fo data e't a!tion and +alidation.N(.● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● C e3$entl" $pdated the e3$i e#ents $sin& 2$alit" Cente . ● /ttended dail/ S1+*M %%tin)s and dis!$ss the stat$s with the .A. oje!t 9ana&e#ent s)ills li)e Test plannin& with .dito 4ID9 2$e$e Testin&6 Fnowled&e of elational databases li)e A a!le 0atabase 11& to +alidate data testin& in ba!) end $sin& !o#pli!ated -2.A and testin& a!ti+ities d$ in& *A( and P+"0 S0L1. ● Co##$ni!ated with 9usin%ss Anal/st on an" iss$e !la ifi!ations and pe fo #ed 7/."N • • Da!helo of -!ien!e Ch$bb Instit$te. (%stin)* .L 3$e ies* e'e!$ted PL@S. ● . +ol% 7 +%sponsi#iliti%s! • /nal"8ed the 9usin%ss +%5uir% %nt 0ocu %nts and :unctional sp%cification docu %nts to pr%par% (%st cas%s #as%d on (%st Plans8 • .nd-to-. ● :tili8ed (oad and S. . 0e+eloped !o#ple' -2.'te nal =endo s tea#. 3$e ies to &et eal ti#e data fo testin& p$ pose. ● ( ote !o#ple' S. -t on& .a ti!ipates in both inte nal and e'te nal p o!ess i#p o+e#ent p oje!ts li)e 2/* -IT* :/T Testin& with b$siness E 9a )etin& and . ● (o )ed on &i+in& trainin) to tea# #e#be s to $nde stand the p oje!t functionalit/. based +alidation in!l$ded test data ! eation* s"ste# and inte& ation testin& with e'te nal tea#. :unctional and Ad-4oc t%stin) d$ in& -IT phase.