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Lisa D.

Frazer 9685 Thomas Lane Avon, IN 46123 317-726-9415 I am looking for an administrative, management , coding/billing, customer service, and/or medical office position. I am interested in any open positions you have within your organization that match my qualifications. I am extremely hard-working, self-motivated and excel in multi-tasking. I am an excellent teacher/ trainer as well as a highly skilled office employee with extensive medical coding and billing experience. I am excellent in my communication and management of others and finding what their specific needs are. I love helping, training, managing and serving others. I do well teaching and motivating others to succeed and be their best. I have strong computer skills and have worked with ! "ord, #ower-point, $xcel, %utlook, #ublisher and several types of medical software. I have worked as a leader in a variety of different capacities. I taught medical administrative classes as an instructor at &aplan 'ollege in ())* and oversaw the development of students training to become medical assistants. y role was to help them understand the basics of how a medical office operates. I have varied experience in many different areas. I taught $nglish for several years in the public schools as well and often filled in for teachers in other sub+ects. I have helped manage and organize the front office in various medical establishments. I am very flexible and am an extremely pleasant person with whom to work. I always work successfully and diligently until all problems are resolved. I received my ,achelor of !cience degree in $ducation in -../. y area of study was secondary $nglish $ducation as well as foreign language0 they have served me well in many different settings. #lease call me as soon as possible to set-up an interview. I am confident I would contribute greatly and be an indispensable asset to your organization. y salary requirements are negotiable. I look forward to hearing from you. 1hank you immensely for your time and consideration. !incerely and 2espectfully, 3isa 4. 5razer 7 $nclosure7 resume/references

Lisa D. Frazer 9685 Thomas Lane Avon, IN 46123 317-726-9415
!"e#$ive% 1o utilize my unique leadership skills, excellent customer service, training and teaching ability as well as my medical coding and billing skills to manage, train and educate others in a variety of different settings including an educational and office environment. &'i((s%
icrosoft %ffice !oftware/*8 wpm 'ertificate in medical coding/billing #roficient in medical office software $xcellent writer/editor/proofreader #roficient in ALL medical insurance 5luent 5rench/'onversational !panish

)*+erien#e% Ins,ran#e -i((er.A/ /e+resen$a$ive 9ugust -(, ()-/ :#resent A$ 0ome 0ea($h )1,i+men$ Indianapolis, I; <andle all insurance claims and work the denials in order to receive payment. "rite appeal letters in order to process claims. <andle all patient accounts, bring in revenue to company. Fron$ o22i#e.&,r3er4./a5io(o34 6re-7er$ 22i#er =uly >, ()-- : 9ugust )-, ()-/ 8ro(o34 o2 In5iana 'armel, I; ?reet and direct all patients to their destinations within our office. #re-certify all surgeries for patients, including researching their clinical history. #reparing charts and pre-certifying radiology procedures. )*e#,$ive &e#re$ar4 !eptember ()). : 9ugust ()-ooresville, I; 1yped all correspondence to clients. #lanned and scheduled meetings for executives. <andled all revenue for the business. 'oordinated executive@s schedules. #repared all documents for existing +obs. -i((in3 9ana3er %ctober ->, ())8 : 9ugust (-, ()). 0ami($on 7o,n$4 7hiro+ra#$i# ;oblesville, Indiana <andled all insurance accounts and billing. "rote appeal letters in order to get claims paid. <andled all patient accounts including collections. ,rought all revenue into practice. #erformed chiropractic physical therapy on patients. 9e5i#a( A5minis$ra$ion Ins$r,#$or !eptember *, ())* : ;ovember ())A :a+(an 7o((e3e Indianapolis, Indiana 1rained students to operate a medical front office by focusing on how insurance works, medical law and ethics, medical office simulation software, bookkeeping and many other duties. 1aught students how to use computers including software such as icrosoft "ord, #ower-#oint, $xcel and #ublisher. 9e5i#a( Fron$ 22i#e Assis$an$ %ctober ())> : !eptember ())* A#$ion -ra#e an5 6ros$he$i#, In#. Indianapolis, Indiana 4ealt mostly with insurance companies, billing and correcting claims, and writing appeal letters to get claims paid. "orked on accounts receivable to bring in revenue. !cheduled appointments for patients, set-up their charts. %btained clinical information from patients when necessary. #roficient on edical !oftware. Li#ense5 &,!s$i$,$e Tea#her %ctober ())( : !eptember ())> 9e$ro+o(i$an &#hoo( Dis$ri#$ o2 ;a4ne To<nshi+ Indianapolis, Indiana Implemented lesson plans and disciplined students for grades &--( when regular teachers were absent. Li#ense5 )n3(ish Tea#her !eptember -..B : ay -..* In5iana+o(is 6,!(i# &#hoo(s Indianapolis, Indiana 1aught $nglish literature and grammar skills to middle and high school students. "orked with the lowest Cspecial needsD and highest achieving students. <andled disciplinary problems. "rote and designed curriculums for each grade level.

Do55s 9asonr4, In#.

)5,#a$ion% -a#he(or o2 &#ien#e in )5,#a$ion.)n3(ish = In5iana 8niversi$4 9a4 1993

Lisa D. Frazer 9685 Thomas Lane Avon, IN 46123 317-726-9415

3ora 'ooper A*>-*/.->*-A cell, /-A->*B->-)) wk. 5ront %ffice 9ssistant, Erology of Indiana
9udrey "ood (-A->.A--/Bedical 9ssistant Erology of Indiana

4r. 9braham ,eaber /-A-AA*--)*- wk., /-A-//.-8))> cell 4octor/%wner, <amilton 'ounty 'hiropractic $nisha !mith /-A-//(-(/B. cell, /-A->*B->-)8, wk. edical 9ssistant, 3ab 'oordinator, Erology of Indiana 'orey $llegood /-A-8)A-)-8> F-ray/'at-!can 1echnician/ anager 6Erology of Indiana ichelle &avanaugh /-A-8)A-)-A/ 5ront %ffice/#re-cert 'oordinator &athy &elly /-A-((/-/.B%ffice anager, <amilton 'ounty 'hiropractic ,etty cGueen .B-->/.-B)(. Holunteer coordinator !uncoast ,lood ,ank