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Start >all program> ms office> ms office project If security comes cancel it Work offline Step 1> To create a project plant

from template a) File> new b) New project under template ok Step 2 > iew menu > see !iew menu and t"en more !iew apply Step #$ To view reports in the print review a) %n report menu > custom > select >pre!iew To create visual report Report > Visual report Step 4 : To create a new project plan and set its start date: File>> N&W> N&W '(%&)*+ >,lank project > project > project information > start date> ok Step 5 : To set non working time :

4 : To make one time adjustment to an resource working time : +ool> c"ange working time > calendar > click name of resource w"ose time you want to c"ange > In t"e name filed on e4ception tab enter descripti!e non working time  Start > finis" > ok To edit the regular work week for an individual resources : +ool> c"ange working time> calendar >work week tab > cloick default> detail> ok Step .Tool> change working time> for calendar > select calendar> In the name field on e ception enter the non working da!s > enter start and finish date > "# Step $ : To enter properties a%out project plan File > properties > summary Step -$ &reating task list To enter mile stone $ enter t"e task and put t"e duration . and some relation also To show the relation ship click on t"e one task and see t"e details and To organi'e task into phases $ select t"e all task w"ic" you want to make sub task and t"en indent it / to make out do out indent Step 0 $ +o enter task note $ select task t"en > project > task information > write >ok Step 1$ +ask "yper link Step 1. rates : Step .To set up material resources $ iew> (esource s"eet > resource name > type > material > material label > std rate To set up cost resources : View > Resource Sheet > Resource name > T!pe > cost To enter work * people .6 7 Step .. $ To check (roject (lant )uration and ot"er statistics > project > project information > statistics Step 11$ +o display t"e project entire duration > !iew > 2oom > entire project of > percentage > %3 Setting up resources $ To set up work * people and e+uipment) Step 12$ !iew> resource s"eet > > resource name > type filed> work > ma4 cap5 if full time for project ) "ow many engineers 2 means 2..5 : /ssigning resources to Task : First select task t"en > +ools > assign resources > click resources you want to assign > assign > t"en see grap" and all +o control "ow project sc"edules t"e work on a task after assigning an additional resources $ .

2 : Tracking (rogress on task : To set current values in a schedule as %ase line +ools> tracking> set base line > ok To displa! Variance ta%le in the task sheet view iew > 8ore !iew > task s"eet > apply on !iew menu table entry > !ariance To record (roject (rogress as scheduled : +ools> tracking > 9pdate project :task > ok +o record a tsk completion percentage iew > +oolsbar > tracking 7 select t"e task for w"ic" you want to record complete > record 6 > update task button > To enter actual work values for task : iew > +able entry > work To enter actual start and duration values for task : *lick t"e task you want to enter actual !alues  +ools> tracking > update > start field and actual duration Step .3 : 0ine Tuning Task )etails : .$ : 0ormatting and (rinting !our plan : +ool> options > !iew > under out line option > s"ow project summary task > ok +o create a new !iew based on e4isting !iew iew> more !iew > copy > in !iew definition bo4 enter new !iew > ok To format 1antt %ar with gantt chart vi'ard 0ormat > 1antt chart wi'ard >Follow t"e instruction appear on t"e screen To draw a te t %o on gantt chart View> tool%ars> drawing > te t %os > drag an! where To format categor! of te t view Format > +e4t style > itewm to c"ange To edit a report header or footer (eport > (eport > custom > print pre!iew > page set up > "eader and footer Step .+o assign material resources to task $ +o assign cost to a task Step .

4 : 0ine Tuning Resources and assignment details: Step 56 : 0ine Tuning The project plan Step 5.: Tracking progress on task and assignment : +% 9'<=+& base line +ool> tracking > set base line .ea!e it Step . : "rgani'ing and formatting project details +o sort data in !iew 'roject > sort > sort by or filter +o *reate custom table $ iew > table entry > more tables +o create a cutom !iew $ iew > more !iew > new > single !iew or combination > ok &dit > copy > ok Step 55 : (rinting (roject information +o see page set up File> page set up +o see page set up options for reports (eport7 (eport custom > select ) file print pre!iew To work in print preview File > print pre!iew > multiple pages +o print predefined report iew Step 5.: Sharing project with programs Step 5..

+o enter task le!el or assignment le!el work !alues iew > task usage > table usage work .