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Douglas A.


PO Box 6603 Lincoln, NE 68506 February 7, 2014

Bureau of Energy Resources, Room 4843 Attn: Keystone XL Public Comments U.S. Department of State 2201 C Street NW Washington, DC 20520 Re: TransCanada permit application for the Keystone XL pipeline Dear John Kerry and Barack Obama: Curtail Keystone XL. Commence Retiring Refineries. Compel the oil industry to Replace Refineries with Renewables. Taking these three actions as quickly as possible is in our National Interest. Dr. James E. Hansen and his team (and other scientists) have concluded that to avert climate catastrophe, humanity must quickly inhibit and stop increasing coal, oil and gas extraction in order to bring about a minimum of 5% per annum reduction in CO2 emissions. Five percent of the global oil market (identified as 90 million bpd in § on page 1.4-11 of the FSEIS) would be 4.5 million bpd. A daily flow of 800,000 is a mere 18% of that. If the WCSB bitumen were to be left in the ground, we would be on the way to achieving the target established by science -- we would have to find another 3.7 million bpd to leave in the ground. FSEIS discussions similar to the following quote from section Summary of Analysis (page 1.4-8) are red herrings -- framing the acceptability of expanding fossil fuel markets:

Such statements abdicate responsibility for exacerbating or inhibiting environmental demise. The Keystone XL pipeline does nothing to inhibit or stop the extraction of fossil fuels. Keystone XL only has the potential to exacerbate a climate catastrophe, which is not in the National Interest. It’s only purpose is to move fossil fuels to market. It is contraindicated. You must use your “bully pulpit,” diplomacy, sanctions and all other means available to you -short of declaring war -- to lead Canada and the global community to verifiable 5% or more annual reduction in the fossil fuel markets. Start with the dirtiest (aka highest carbon footprint) carbon-based fuels ... coal and tarsands. To expand coal and tarsands excavation is not in the National Interest. Sincerely yours, Doug Grandt