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OPAL Spanish Basic

Oxford University Language Centre

Course: OPAL Spanish Basic Tutors: Marina Massaguer Comes & Ale andra Crosta !Michaelmas "erm# & $smeralda %rances&Martine' !(ilary and "rinity "erms# Prerequisites )o previous *no+ledge re,uired- (o+ever. students should /e a/le to demonstrate a successful trac* record of learning languages and must /e a/le to commit to at least 0 hours per +ee* for course+or*. in addition to classesCourse material P12SMA A3 4 A0 %usi5n )ivel 2nicial 6 Li/ro del Alumno +ith C7 !$72)UM$)# Prisma A34A0 %usi5n )ivel 2nicial & cuaderno de e ercicos !$dinumen# Course description Please note that OPAL tutors will provide a detailed ‘week-by-week’ course syllabus and a self-study guide at the beginning of each term. Structural content 8ender 7efinite and indefinite articles Present tense9 regular and irregular ver/s 1eflexive ver/s Ser vs $star Some uses of tener 8ustar and similar ver/s 7irect and 2ndirect O/ ect Pronouns 2nterrogative pronouns Comparisons of e,uality. superiority and inferiority Present Continuous tense %uture tense and future constructions Present Perfect tense Affirmative and )egative 2mperative Preterite tense 2mperfect tense Contrast /et+een Preterite. 2mperfect and Perfect tenses Conditional tense Communicative content and topics 8reetings and 2ntroductions 7escri/ing people and things As*ing for and giving directions : ;: Page 3 of 0

uirements in a familiar contextCan understand straightfor+ard information +ithin a *no+n area Can give a limited presentation on a limited range of topics Can complete forms and +rite simple letters Page 0 of 0 . disli*es and preferences $xpressing agreement and disagreement Ordering food in a restaurant "al*ing a/out pain and illness "al*ing a/out plans "al*ing on the phone Ma*ing. promises and predictions "al*ing a/out future actions +hich depend on a condition Apologising and giving excuses "al*ing a/out past actions and events $xpressing opinions. o/ ects and places 8iving excuses 1eferring to the future in the past Spanish basic Assessment framework & & & & Continuous Assessment <Participation and course+or*= Progress "est <+ee* > in Michaelmas "erm= %inal exam <?ee* 3 in "rinity "erm= Pro ect presentation !" !" #!" #!" $inal mark % recommendation @A 6 @B Pass CA 6 CB 8ood Pass DA 6 DB Pass +ith Merit >A 4 7istinction Learnin& outcomes ALT' L'('L Can express simple opinions or re.OPAL Spanish Basic Oxford University Language Centre Buying transport tic*ets $xpressing needs. +ishes and preferences Comparing means of transport As*ing for and giving the time "al*ing a/out daily routine $xpressing li*es. agreement and disagreement As*ing for and giving directions 2dentifying and descri/ing people. accepting and declining suggestions and invitations $xpressing o/ligation Ma*ing speculations.