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Q1. Evaluate the leadership of Vineet Nayar as a CEO carrying out strategic transformation. Ans.

Between 2005 and 2010, HCL’s new CEO, Vineet Nayar, embarked on an all-out effort to transform the systems integrator into a high-performing organization. He created transparency and clarity of purpose and set the stage for cooperation. He also focused on creating a results-oriented work environment. Strands of leadership that stands out are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Approached change as a process rather than an event Pursued important changes with a sense of urgency was unequivocal about guarding the most important change priorities Protected the integrity of intent Applied meaningful consequences Demonstrates the willingness to make hard decisions Showed appreciation for team work Is loyal to long-standing players, but still demands high performance at all times Leverages strong relationships with internal/external change agents.

Nayar’s leadership proves that you don’t need to make gut-wrenching changes or massive transformation programs, but you do need executive buy-in and leadership that is comfortable ceding control and authority to frontline development staff. As a leader Nayar was clear with what he desired as an outcome and how he will measure success. Q2. Evaluate the congruence between the environment, strategy and internal organization of HCL Technologies. Ans. To evaluate the congruence one needs to know about existing Environment, new strategy & changes in internal organization of HCL technologies 1. Existing Environment in which HCL operates : a. HCL earlier operated in Hardware market and subsequently moved into Services sector. b. HCL operated into software and infrastructure services businesses and has 11 branches worldwide. c. Attrition rate was far above industry average in 2000. d. Focus on Project based small works. 2. Strategy : Vineet employed following strategies for transformation: a. Employee First and Customer Second b. Big Deals & Strategic Partnerships c. Creating uncontested market space 3. Internal Organization and Policies changes adopted : a. Fostered trust within the employees of HCL. b. Focused on big deals. c. Division of departments into LBO’s.

.Initiatives taken in HCL brought congruence by: a. c. Removed silos & encouraged collaboration. Creating uncontested market space by going after next 800 companies. ii. Deal with DSGi . ii. automation of system & processes. b. Transforming the structure: Setting the structure and systems around five lines of business to bring focus on implementation & Creation of Multi-Service Delivery Unit i. Focusing on mega deals and integrated product & service propositions: i. Engaged employees by consistent policies and improved communication & bringing excitement work environment. i. town halls etc. Autodesk & strategic partnership with Japanese steel manufacturer. creating personal contacts with senior management. : Avoided direct competition with big competitors. Brought the integration of knowledge & efforts. Creating trust within the employees which helped in attracting & retaining best talent: Evidenced by HCL actions such as Trust Pay. 360° degree feedback.