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Angstrom Minerals Liquid Silver 300 ppm
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Liquid Germanium 16 oz Silver 300 ppm, By Angstrom Liquid Gold Antibacterial silver has is effective against a lot of disease causing fungi, bacteria, blood Liquid Iodine parasites and many viruses. Liquid silver penetrates the cell wall of germs and interfering Liquid Iron with its production of an enzyme needed for oxygen assimilation in anaerobic bacteria, with Liquid the result that the bacteria suffocates. Magnesium Liquid Our Liquid Silver is unique in that our proprietary Manganese manufacturing process duplicates that of nature Liquid and provides minerals in a delivery system in Molybdenum accordance with nature's design. Morning Mineral Blend Our minerals are Cell Ready, Ionic, and Water-Soluble
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Cell Ready = assimilated into the human cell, not just the blood stream . 99.9 % "USEABLE" there are no fillers, as in capsules, No bonding agents like in tablets and starts to be absorbed as soon as it get on you or in your mouth. Ionic = possesses an electrical charge. Yes, our liquid silver is Ionic. This is a big name advertisers use to try to fool you. Of course it is ionic. If it were the same charge as your body, it could not be absorbed. Just go back to biology 101 and study the potassium pump in the cell. Potassium is the carrier that hooks each other mineral and pulls it into the cell. Water Soluble = mineral angstrom sized particles in an aqueous solution. This is liquid silver is in its purest form, mixed with pure water. Our liquid silver has 300 ppm = 1.5 mg/tsp = 4.5 mg/tbl. That's 3 times the power

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of other brands. So WHAT IS THIS SILVER? Angstrom Liquid Silver. Much much smaller that colloidal. It is angstrom size. What is ANGSTROM ? Angstrom is the smallest wavelength of light and used to describe the length of molecules and crystals. The name "Angstrom" has been used illustrate how small the particles are in their mono-atomic form. Colloids and complex minerals are all in particle size of approximately a micron. A normal human strand of hair is approximately 50 microns thick. By comparison an angstrom is 10,000 times smaller than a micron, or approximately 500,000 times smaller than the thickness of a human strand of hair. The nature of minerals in their most elemental state is that of single atoms. Only in this state can they carry an electrical charge, positive or negative. The body can only take up these elements if they carry an electrical charge. When minerals do not have an electrical charge they are locked-up and unusable. Minerals in complex and colloidal forms are not cell ready as they are not able to be carried through the cell. The cell is much to small to allow the micron to enter. It would be like attempting to fit a basketball inside of a B'B. Get the best, More for your money.
Liquid Ionic Mineral Germanium Concent rate 50 ml $21.95 15d 11h 54m

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