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A college education is an investment in your future. Fortunately, financial aid is available to help manage the cost. One of the most important steps you can take to find grants, scholarships and low-cost loans is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These handy tips will help you complete the FAFSA and start down the road to success!

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Don’t forget to apply for your PIN!

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Determine your dependency status with UCanGo2’s Dependency Questionnaire available in the resources section at

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, your parents’ d ai r fo g in ly p ap ts’ dent student the ‘Help and Hin se U . n If you’re a depen o ti ca li p l affect your ap is information. marital status wil th rt o p re ly te ra v to accu tool at FAFSA.go The FAFSA uses a larger percenta ge of student inco when determinin me and assets g your Expected Family Contribu it’s best to keep tion (EFC), so all savings accou nts in your paren ts’ names. Report) after id A t n e d tu (S R A e a copy of the S AR for accuracy. S e th w e vi You should receiv re to er FAFSA. Rememb submitting your Males must be re gistered with Se lective Service to federal financial receive aid. Even if you’r e not 18 yet, you register on your can still FAFSA. out the FAFSA ll fi , id a r fo fy li a you won’t qu dered and nearly si n co rs o Even if you think ct fa e is only one of th anyway! Income of financial aid. e p ty e m so r fo es everyone qualifi All school codes are listed on the official FAFSA we bsite,

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Visit to find FAFSA completion video tutorials, available in English and Spanish.