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Second Grade Curriculum Description
General Information
Our second grade curriculum provides a comprehensive framework for teaching all areas of a child’s development; spiritual, physical, emotional and cognitive. The key to our effectiveness is a faculty that models a biblically integrated “living curriculum” to our students. A variety of individual, small group, and large group activities are incorporated into the daily program. Our classroom environment provides opportunity for children to learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and materials. jingles, our students are introduced to grammar rules and to the different parts of speech. Creative writing is encouraged as students are given the opportunity to use the writing process in note taking and report writing.


Open Court provides the basic spelling curriculum. Lessons based on a variety of spelling patterns are included in this curriculum. Spelling words parallel phonics skills being reviewed.



Age appropriate in-depth study, active involvement, life application and creative response are all approaches used in the Christian Schools International’s Walking With God and His People curriculum. Topics covered include the attributes of God, knowing Jesus, praise/worship, service, love for God’s Word, and dependence on God, as expressed in prayer, trust and obedience. Emphasis is placed upon scripture memorization and songs. The application of spiritual truth is emphasized throughout each day. Our second grade students enjoy memorizing Luke 2 throughout the first semester.

Handwriting is an important skill for our second graders. Penmanship (Handwriting Without Tears) continues to be emphasized on all assignments in all disciplines, as well as, being taught in lesson format. The first semester is a review of the manuscript letters including correct formation and spacing of letters. Cursive (D’Nealian) handwriting is introduced to second grade students just before the semester break.


Language Arts


The Open Court program for second grade includes a review of phonics, continued practice in decoding, analyzing words to determine meanings, emphasizing comprehension and critical thinking skills, developing writing, and utilizing the writing process. Reader’s Workshop strategies are taught through read alouds and novel studies. Reading comprehension strategies are taught by modeling thinking with the use of picture books and other literature. Students will deepen their understanding of text by making connections, visualizing, asking questions, making inferences, determining importance, synthesizing, and repairing comprehension when necessary. As students read novels, they participate in literature groups by completing a task as either the summarizer, connector, artist, work smith, discussion director, or Bible builder. Narration is taught and used to increase comprehension in all content areas. Accelerated Reader is used to encourage reading for pleasure as well as developing comprehension.

Concepts are emphasized in the Addison Wesley curriculum. Math facts are studied and memorized. Other topics of study include the following: addition and subtraction through sums of 18, place value, geometry, graphing, money, 2-digit addition and subtraction, time, measurement, fractions, 3-digit addition and subtraction, and an introduction to multiplication and division. Students are expected to have mastery of the basic addition and subtraction facts through 18.

Social Studies

Scott Foresman curriculum centers on communities – what they are, how people live and work together, communities of long ago, and communities around the world. Time will also be devoted to a brief state study, and our country’s symbols as well as holidays. Map skills and citizenship will be emphasized. The role of a Christian in his or her community will be a foundational theme throughout.



The Shurley Language System, is incorporated into our second through fifth grade language arts program. Through songs and

Utilizing the Scott Foresman curriculum, instruction will be given in these main areas – animals, matter, water cycle, and the solar system. All of these topics will be integrated with God’s Word and will challenge the students with their responsibilities in our world. Hands-on activities are essential to this program and utilized through the teaching of the scientific method.