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What Bearcats Need to Know About the New Proposed Alcohol Ordinances: As of now the City Council of Maryville

, MO is expected to vote on three new ordinances at their upcoming meeting on Monday, Feb. 10th at 7 PM at City Hall. Up for vote are ordinances pertaining to the carrying of an Open Container, Disbursement of Nuisance Parties, and a Mutual Aid Agreement between Maryville Public Safety and the University Police Department. Below you will find a summary and highlights of each as they pertain to students of Northwest.

Open Container Revision Ordinance (Drinking in Public)
Summary: The proposed ordinance expands the existing open container violation code to include public rights-of-way, city-owned property, and any place open to the general public. Currently it is only an open container violation if the open container of intoxicating liquor is found within a motor vehicle operated within the City Limits of Maryville. Details:  It shall be unlawful for any person to drink, expose or display any alcoholic beverages in open containers upon the public rights-of-way or City-owned property, or any place open to the public, whether public or private, within the city ; provided, however, that this Section shall not apply to establishments lawfully licensed to sell and dispense any form of intoxicating liquor at retail by the drink served in conformity with the license held, including, but not limited to, when and where served. The City Council shall have the power to suspend the provisions of Section 600.095 (A) in connection with approved special events permitted upon any public rights-of-way or City-owned property under Article IV. Special Events-Permits. For any date upon which an intercollegiate athletic contest is held involving a Northwest Missouri State University team, or any exhibition, scrimmage, or training camp of a professional athletic team within the City of Maryville, the provisions of Section 600.095 (A) shall not apply to the paved portions of parking lots owned by Northwest Missouri State University upon the Northwest Missouri State University campus for a maximum of six (6) hours. In order to be considered a designated parking lot, the lot must meet the following requirements: o All entrances and exits must be controlled and supervised by University personnel; o At least seven days prior the scheduled event the designated lot(s), shall have been identified and its location communicated in writing to the Director of Maryville Public Safety by the University Police.

Nuisance Party Ordinance
Summary: The proposed ordinance creates Section 215:085 to define and prohibit "nuisance parties" and provide law enforcement officers the ability to order disbursement thereof. Details:  Definitions. The following definitions apply to this Section:


NUISANCE PARTY: A social gathering of ten (10) or more people on residential property that results in any of the following occurring at the site of the gathering, on neighboring property or on an adjacent public street. 1. Unlawful sale, furnishing, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages; 2. Violation of any of the provisions of Sections 210.200 to 210.235 (Offenses concerning public peace); 3. Fighting; 4. Property damage; 5. Littering; 6. Outdoor urination or defecation in a place open to public view; 7. The standing or parking of vehicles in a manner that obstructs the free flow of traffic; 8. The standing or parking of vehicles on the residential property other than upon the paved portion of the driveway; or if no paved driveway exists, the standing or parking of vehicles in locations other than the travelled portion of the driveway and dirt or graveled designated parking spots, such as vegetation-covered areas on such property 9. Conduct that threatens injury to persons or damage to property; 10. Unlawful use or possession of marijuana or any drug or controlled substance; 11. Trespassing; 12. Indecent exposure;

PERMIT: To give permission to; or allow by silent consent, by not prohibiting, or by failing to exercise control.  Nuisance Parties Prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any persons having the right to possession of any residential premises, whether individually or jointly with others, to cause or permit a social gathering on the premises to become a nuisance party.

Mutual Aid Agreement - City & Northwest for Joint Law Enforcement Efforts
Summary: The proposed ordinance approves a Mutual Aid Agreement between the Maryville Public Safety Department and the Northwest Missouri State University Police Department for joint law enforcement efforts in areas directly adjacent to the University campus.

This information and more on the topic can be found at>>Government>>Codes and Ordinances>>Public Input or

Thank you for making an informed decision Bearcats. Dannen Merrill – Student Senates Liaison to the Maryville City Council