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Everything is dark, suddenly, Steve Rogers wakes up, lets out a roar (of shock) and bolts upright, restrained by handcuffs on either hand. He's in a hospital, t wo men, both dressed in suits are sitting in chairs to his right, one is laid ba ck in his chair (and smirking); the other is bolt upright, almost put off by the situation.

SMIRKING AGENT: Good morning, I was getting worried you'd never join us.

STEVE (PANTING): Where am I?

SMIRKING AGENT: DC, you took a pretty big knock, you were out for a while.

[Steve lies back, still confused]

SMIRKING AGENT: Captain, I'm Agent Fury, [Indicating the second agent] this is m y partner, Agent Coulson. We're with SHIELD.[Pauses] We want to get you back in the field.

[A computer, monitoring Steve's vitals, catches his attention]

STEVE (CAUTIOUSLY): What am I hooked up to?

FURY: A computer, there weren't many around in your time.


COULSON (STEPPING IN): Things have changed, Captain...

STEVE: What? The war ended?

FURY (TRYING TO LIGHTEN THE MOOD): Yeah, along with four or five others.

[Steve looks from one man to the other, incredibly confused]

COULSON (SLOWLY): Steve, you were in a coma for seventy years...

[Steve lies back. He's slowly losing his mind. Everything he loved, everything h e cared for is gone]

FURY: Steve, I understand that this can't be easy, but we need you more than eve r.

[Fury and Coulson exchange a grim look and leave the room into the corridor. Fur y is a few strides ahead of Coulson] COULSON: This was a bad idea Nick (SARCASTICALLY) and may I complement you on ho w well you ruined Steve Rogers' life.

[Fury stops and the Coulson ends up beside him]

COULSON (ANNOYED): The heroes, the team... Your best shot at success is lying in a hospital bed, trying to figure out where seventy years of his life went. The only other guy who could help, you won't look in the eye and everyone at SHIELD thinks you belong on the Raft.

FURY: I just need a chance...

COULSON (EXASPERATED): To do what? You want to start an organisation for superhe roes in a world that doesn't have any!

FURY (ANGRILY): You know what? Ever since...

[The argument is interrupted by a voice from behind the two men]

VOICE: Gentlemen...

[The two turn to see Steve Rogers standing in the hallway in a hospital gown wit h a leather jacket overtop]

STEVE: I believe these are yours (HANDING TWO PAIRS OF SMASHED HANDCUFFS). Let's get to work. [Fury and Coulson share an amazed look, too confused to have anything to say]


FRANK BRILLO, a huge man with dark hair, dressed in a dark leather jacket and bl ack jeans, strolls through a crowded Shopping centre. He turns back and fiddles with a plant, trying to for it. He looks up and sees a mother and child leaving a shop.

BRILLO: Sorry kid...

[He pulls out a phone and taps the screen]

Six storefronts explode, showering glass on the shoppers while smoke and fire be gin blocking exits. FRANK BRILLO walks out unchallenged.

[Jump forward one hour]

Groups of men in overalls are sifting through ash, a few men in suits are gather ed in a group speaking to each other. NICK FURY and PHIL COULSON enter through w hat was once a window, filled by a trailing (and now properly dressed) STEVE ROG ERS.

FURY (ANXIOUS): Wilson, give us the facts.

SAM WILSON, a 23 year old, African American agent, turns to face the group.

WILSON: Smoke destroyed most of our evidence but eight eye witnesses put Brillo on the scene.

COULSON: The weapon? WILSON: Not much was left but I still got a look over it, no tag so Frank's supp liers are still a mystery. Stark won't pick up so I did the examination, whoever they are, they're smart.

FURY: How smart?

WILSON: Think Stark Tech on steroids, huge blast radius, nuclear fission-grade t emperatures and no visible energy source, meaning energy is being brought in ext ernally.

COULSON: Aside from Stark only 6 people on earth know that type of technology.

WILSON (SARCASTICALLY): Well then, I'll take Hank Pym and Reed Richards into cus tody. [TURNING TO STEVE] I don't think we've met.


WILSON: [SUDDENLY STARSTRUCK] Well, it isn't everyday you meet Project Rebirth's only success.