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It’s more than a month since I left the company and still I haven’t got the relieving order

and the experience certificate. I request you to kindly look into the matter and send me one, treating this as an emergency.

Diary of Random thoughts of an Indian career woman turned homemaker
His Needs, Her Needs and Barbara and Alan Pease's Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps
. The most important person in your life is YOU. Not your kids, not your hubby, not your parents. You will have to take care of yourself first before taking care of others you love. I learnt this after I had my baby. I had no help and I was always taking care of the baby whenshe was awake and cooking and cleaning when she was asleep and was miserable as I had no,life to live. Slowly I started to cut myself some slack. Started doing things I like like reading, browsing, music instead of cleaning or cooking an elaborate dinner when my daughter was sleeping. I relaxed myself and when my daughter was up I was able to enjoy my time with her. Ofcourse the house was a mess but who cares ! 2. Never depend on anyone else to be happy. Never depend on anyone else to make you happy. Being happy is like a job. You have to do it. It is not optional. 3. Contrary to a lot of ideas you may have got from movies and novels accept the fact that you and your husband are really 2 individuals. Nothing bad about that. If you can accept that, then most of your problems will be solved by themselves. 4. He can have things that he likes, and you may not like them. Instead of forcing yourself do those things with him and ending up bitter, just happily let him do what he wants to and you do things you like. 5. Do not always expect him to do things to make you happy. You do things to make yourself happy. When you are happy you automatically will do things that will make him happy 6. If he us upset or depressed with something try to find out why. If he doesn't respond just let him be. Men are like that. They don't like to be talkative when they are upset. When he is better, once again let him know you are willing to listen about the problem, but if he still doens't want to talk about it, let it go! 75% of the time I don't know why my hubby was upset. I used obsess about it wondering what was wrong etc. Only made me miserable. Then finally I just let go. I let him wallow in his misery for some days and just wait for him to become normal. 7. Just because he is upset or angry doesn't mean that you have to have a long face and give him back the silent treatment. You be cheerful, doing the things you usually do! Talk to him about routine things around the house or jokes, stuff you normally talk about. Talk to freinds, play with your kids, go out for a walk, shopping etc. Use this as the time that you have for yourself ... which is a big treat for you. That way you won't be down because he is

upset and he can't be upset for a long time because you are cheerful around him. 8. Now what if you are upset. Do things you love to do. Music always cheers me up. Still upset. Talk about my problem to friends. Still upset. Have a good cry ( preferably alone )... cry your heart out without any inhibitions. 9. Still upset. If this is with your husband ... write to him ... seriously a letter will help. If you talk you may cry and not complete what you wanted to say or, yell and say things you never mean or, he may not be in a mood to listen to you. With a letter you will have control over your emotions and not write anything you regret. You will already feel like you are talking to him and told all your problems. Bythis time mostly you would have overcome your sadness and a solution will slowly start forming in you. Then you decide whether you want to give it to him. He will definitely read it. If not immediately maybe when he is cooled down. He cannot misinterpret what you have written because it is all there in paper. He will read it arleast twice or more and everytime he reads it he will get a better understanding. Still upset !!!! Go to the internet and read the news, look at pictures of a war going on, people killed in bombs, murdered, rape, child marriages, children kidnapped etc. You will feel grateful for what you have and realize how insignificant your problem is. 10. Times when you feel that you two are caught up in a routine and don't really spend time together just drop all your work and go and give him a big hug and a kiss. Don't wait for him. This is your happiness too. Go and do something about it. Then go back to your work. You make a practice of this you can see the difference. 11. Do not worry about what others say or think. Do what you feel is right for you without hurting others. You are the only person you have to answer to and also the only person who have to be better than.

12. Your child is your responisbility. Your kid shapes her thoughts, habits and beliefs of the world, about herself around you. So whatever your life maybe like portray a confident, brave, loving and cheerful parent before her. More than an expensive education or great savings your child needs to see her parents happy. That is the foundation for them. 13. If you feel that your husband is not taking care of the kids and you are overloaded just drop everything and 'become' sick for a day. You will be surprised how well your husbandcan take care of things around the house. They are just lazy and know that they have a choice. If they don't do it you will. But when you crash he will rise to the occasion. This is 100% true. Everything has to be learnt. Soon your kid may want dad for certain things and you will be more relieved I have written things that came to my mind. Not everyone will agree with me. But I am writing this because I am sure this will help lost of women out there. So be happy and confident and everyone around you will follow suit. Love.

All that glitters is not gold Monopoly, Scrabble, Cat on the wall"""""" thought..foster children Anything that glitters is not gold Gold glitters too, aught cold :( 2. made brinjal fry topnotch? So men just want an hourglass wives? 3. had a fight at home etc etc. I find these statuses somehow very meaningless. I do not get the point actually.You are sick - why do u crave for sympathy from all ur friends tht too many are some miles far from u and they cant come and make atleast a cup.. dear husband,you rock ! ( this can be personally said to husband who lives in the same house) and husband giving 'likes' for that post.Hilarious. some pretend that they don't (sour grapes) simply because i dont get time . my husband and my work and my life takes up my time. what ever leisure time we have we spend it togther rather on fb. he did not have fb acc till he married me as being in computers and working with them for more than 10 hrs he does not want to see comp when he reaches home !!! but my friends most of them post and say and feel that i have become dormant. one concerned friend even called up to inquire if all is well and my husband loves me !! i was surprised ,i asked her what makes her feel im not , she said ur husband never comments on ur most beautiful pic also, he is not bothered. also she wanted to know do we go out as i never posted a pic of a outing !!! so my dear friend , fb can be deceptive. i find it funny why do u need to post on fb how much u love ur dh when u can very well tell him and say it while looking in his eyes !!!

Women’s Complaints about Men
1. They are not understanding enough. 2. They are not sensitive to feelings and needs. 3. They are not affectionate enough. 4. They tend to bypass sexual foreplay. 5. They do not communicate enough. They do not express their feelings and thoughts. 6. They do not pay enough attention to their partners. 7. They do not spend enough time at home with their children. 8. They do not help with order and cleanliness of the home. 9. They do not appreciate the work involved in keeping up the home or in bearing and bringing up children and do not compensate this contribution to family life. 10. They make decisions about work and life without regarding the woman’s or the family’s needs. 11. They create extramarital relationships.

Men’s Complaints about Women
In the same groups I have found that men have the following complaints about women. 1. Women complain, criticize and nag too much. 2. They try to control and suppress men. 3. They are seldom happy.

4. They tend to withhold sex as a punishment or blackmail. 5. They do not think logically, but emotionally. 6. Their emotions are not predictable but change quickly especially due to hormones, during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. 7. They tend to gossip. 8. They, too, create extramarital relationships. 9. They are not home enough (which for some men means - continuously) 10. They are not taking enough care of the home.

What Men Can Do to Help Their Relationship Partner's Feel Happier
(Most lessons are, of course, for both sexes.) Men can learn to: 1. Be more understanding and sensitive of her needs. 2. Be more affectionate, tender, affirming and loving. 3. Approach her consciously and sensuously allowing their mutual sexual energy to gradually develop. 4. To communicate more openly their thoughts, feelings and needs. 5. Spend more quality time with their children. 6. Help out with the cleanliness and order of the home. 7. Appreciate, and where necessary, financially reward their partners for work done in the home. 8. Include all the family in decision making. 9. Be monogamous. 10. Understand that her criticism is often a function of the fact that her needs are not being fulfilled. 11. Overcome the fear of being controlled and be true to themselves in each situation. 12. Understand that women perceive situations differently and respect that. 13. Understand that women are often the victims of their hormonal changes and that this is not easy. 14. Understand that women, too, need to get out of the house and engage in activities, which interest them.

What Women Can Do to Help Their Relationship Partner's Feel Happier
(Most lessons are, of course, for both sexes.) Women can learn to: 1. Express their needs directly without complaining or nagging. 2. Trust their partner and allow him to function freely. 3. Focus on how grateful they are to have what they have. 4. Analyze situations from an even more logical point of view, especially when they suspect hormones are affecting them. (Or avoid reacting at those times.) 5. Avoid gossiping. 6. Be monogamous. 7. Find a balance between taking care of the home and asking the others for help. 8. Feel equal - neither superior nor inferior to men. 9. Understand that men have difficulty with communicating feelings and not take this personally. 10. Realize that their partner loves them even when he cannot be affectionate or tender. 11. Guide the man with their preferences in their sexual contact. 12. Radiate feelings of equality and self-confidence without competitiveness. We need to transcend our differences and creating loving relationships.

May you and your family be well.

Source: Holistic
coochie coochie on FB, stfucouples fan Life is full of ups and downs. Each succeeding day is the

scholar of that which went before it. Experience teaches slowly and at the cost of mistakes. When we experience only we know many things and learn to lead a better life. Everyone expects that the woman of the house should be patient in all ways. When health is there everything is there . One has to drink the bitter cup of pain, sorrow, hatred etc before attaining final happiness. I have experienced everythink in life . When we are children we think when we will grow up and be like others. After growing up and seeing the world think it was better to be a child without any problems. The grass is always greener on the other side. People who go to work think the ladies sitting at home are better off than them, they can do their work peacefully and they have less work. But the women sitting at home think the working women are happier than us thye have just to dress up nicely go to office and sit on the chair and work from morning to evening. They have no other worries. Here we have to cook for everyone ,take care of the children and do the other house work and no rest from morning to evening. It all depends on the state of our mind. If we are healthy and don’t expect anything from anyone and do our work with a smile on the face then everything goes smooth. But when we expect that others also should help us and if they don’t do we get disappointed and get angry. We should see something beautiful in every disagreeable surroundings. Any person needs the support of everyone and cant handle anything single though we think that we can do anything without the help of others. Odesk, wire transfer joann, michaels and hobby lobby half price books I will tell you what I learnt in my married life. First of all you have to see the basic difference in a woman and a man. A woman thinks Marriage is her life and a man thinks marriage is part of his life. In the early days of marriage he will give you importance but after that slowly it recedes. You have to think that you are from very different family background, school college friends and he is from different culture. He has different set of thoughts. He takes the same efforts and time to adjust with you and as you face some problems with him. Now some real things Expectations reduces joy I follow this. You do so many things for your loved one out of love and expect something in return at least appreciation but it does not work… you sacrifice many things for your home and you get no reward for that especially if you are career oriented it is difficult to balance both but take help of other facilities for your household work and don’t do too much of work.. Because in general case ladies take a lot of pains and then husbands hardly take your pains in the account and they get frustrated. So not to expect too much.

Accept the people as they are and love them

You don’t like some things about him. But you have to accept it. You have some fights then you keep on talking talking and you try to prove that you are right.. He will never accept that you are right so there is no point in argument you will realize this at some point of time and you will accept him as he is .. You know his weak points and you will get to know that what to say and what not to say to avoid fights…

Forget and forgive In fights you must have said some thing and he must have said something which has hurt you a lot but forgive and forget is the best medicine for this. It will also help you to end up the fight. You have to initiative in patch up …you will do Maska and jabardasti Smile. For this you will have to keep your ego aside because in such times nobody comes forward…everybody thinks I am right why I should apologize… if you can’t forget some things at least don’t mention it again…

Neglect There are so many things which will make you uneasy which I cannot describe you now but you will experience. You know that you can not change other person and you feel tired to tolerate it so neglect is the best thing. I had very bad patches in my married life that I wanted to go back but one thing our Guru said that is Commitment to keep your marriage and commitment to be happy and make others happy It is not like that X is always wrong and I am the wise one. I also made some mistakes but I realized from those mistakes I hope he has also learned something. It is not very horrible picture of married life I have kept in front of you but love is always there. Love and care and sharing always above everything and you get satisfaction from this. Person to person some experiences may change but you will find some similarities in them.. I think it is matter of time.. the more time you spend with your spouse you get to know how to handle this person in certain situations. It is your observation skills and your patience and your communication skills. Sometimes a small thing makes a big fight that you have to observe what is that point which makes you apart from each other.

See our Ego works on different levels. In certain situations it comes up without our notice and makes us realize its existence. Even we ourselves don’t know that. Think that other person has the same. He doesn’t know his Ego also. Sometimes we react without our notice. We don’t want to say that but we say. We have to observe all these things while communicating in delicate matters. We had and we have many fights what I found from that I will tell you. You always have to be peaceful while communicating. Pay attention to your tone. In argument you churn on the same point which is of no use… no out put.. no solutions.. so be alert at that time .. stop the conversation.. let him feel he is correct or whatever but more talking creates more harm.

The best thing you can gift to your loved one is his or her FREEDOM…. I let X do what he feels… I go for my own solutions for that reason.. If he thinks he should stay in the office for 3-4 days I let him stay.. I tell him some health rules but I don’t dominate. If he thinks working

on laptop at home is better than going to movie with me I don’t say anything.. I go with my friends happily.. We never went out side Bangalore after marriage but I don’t tell him now.. I will go with my mom… I don’t consider him all the time with me or all the things or happiness should always be associated with him. Speak whatever you feel freely but considering his own space and let him express his feelings.. Obviously it is not as easy and simple all the time as I am writing this but we learn that. Life is complicated but not complex. I don’t interfere in his all matters as he also doesn’t do that… still you should have discrimination what to say and when you should say up to what extent.. Life is full of good and bad things as you know.. it will come in cycle.. You know that but not to expect too much from marriage take it as part of your life.. fights will happen but take it lightly as we accept our pains in periods we dont complain for it… don’t think too much.. I always say to myself after all this is Joda Hua relationship…Change is the only permanent thing in life.. Marriage is good also.. Sense of belongingness, security and social stability so I think marriage in necessary. One more thing I will tell you

Something common for both of you where you will have peace and happiness. See we have Guru in commom. We have Spiritual path in common. Guruji is above all where we find real peace and no arguments and no our own opinions. If Guru has said something we follow it without any question. Most of the people have sex in common and later child. They find a small child as their source of happiness. So find that thing common in you which will be beyond words and logic… search for that very thing.. I think it is essential…

1. I've learned - That you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them. I've learned - that no matter how much I care, some people just don't care back. I've learned - that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it. I've learned - that it's not what you have in your life but who you have in your life that counts. I've learned - that you can get by on charm for about fifteen minutes. After that, you'd better know something. I've learned - that it's not what happens to people that's important. It's what they do about it. I've learned - that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I've learned - that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I've learned - that either you control your attitude or it controls you.

I've learned - that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its place. I've learned - that learning to forgive takes practice. I've learned - that money is a lousy way of keeping score. I've learned - that sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel. I've learned - that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I've learned - that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many years you've lived. I've learned - that you should never tell a child their dreams are unlikely or outlandish. Few things are more humiliating, and what a tragedy it would be if they believed you. I've learned - that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I've learned - that it isn't always enough to be forgiven by others. Sometimes you have to learn to forgive yourself. I've learned - that no matter how bad your heart is broken the world doesn't stop for your grief. l've learned - that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other and just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do. I've learned - that sometimes you have to put the individual ahead of their actions. I've learned - that you shouldn't be so eager to find out a secret. It could change your life forever. I've learned - that no matter how you try to protect your children, they will eventually get hurt and you will hurt in the process. I've learned - that there are many ways of falling and staying in love. I've learned - that your life can be changed in a matter of hours by people who don't even know you. I've learned - that even when you think you have no more to give, when a friend cries out to you, you will find the strength to help. I've learned - that writing, as well as talking, can ease emotional pains. I've learned - that credentials on the wall do not make you a decent human being. I've learned - that the people you care most about in life are taken from you too soon. 2. 1. Volunteer – You don't have to view this as merely a “timepass” or half-hearted endeavour for want of something better to do. It is a noble form of work. Society may have taught us that any work one is not paid for is worthless, but the opposite is true. In its purest form, work for no material reward, simply for the betterment of

others, can be most gratifying (as all religions teach). Treat your volunteer work as a real job, and in addition to being a productive member of society, you will feel fulfilled personally. Other perks of volunteering are meeting new people (almost all volunteers, in my experience, are generally kindhearted and friendly), learning new skills, and very importantly, integrating into your new environment. Check online volunteer job postings, local animal shelters, libraries, and hospitals. 2. Improve your English or learn a new language - If you've moved to the US and feel your English could do with some improvement, look for formal or informal opportunities to brush up on your language skills. Some libraries/universities offer these classes (some for free) to English Second language speakers. Alternatively, you may make friends who are prepared to help you with your English in more informal, social ways. Otherwise, you could take a Business English course, to improve your written and spoken language skills in the workplace (in preparation for when you get that H1-B visa!). The other option is to learn a new language. This can be done online, or depending on where you are, in some kind of community class (Spanish is a useful language to know in the US). Not many people have the luxury of enough free time to brush up on language skills or learn a new one. Your H4 visa gives you this advantage. 3. Run your home like a business - Running a home is not an easy feat, especially if you are as meticulous and efficient in carrying out your household duties as you are in your "real" job. Cooking, cleaning, and childcare can all be quite fulfilling if you tackle these tasks with the mindset that you're going to do them to the best of your ability. This may mean figuring out the best way to run your kitchen, being creative and adventurous with your cooking, researching childcare issues so you can supplement your natural mothering instinct with help and advice from experts, etc. If these aspects of being a homemaker don't interest you, how about assuming more responsibility in the more non-traditional (that is, those things normally done by the man) aspects of running a home? For example, you can learn enough about car maintenance to assume full responsiblity for the care of the cars in your household (your husband may appreciate this being taken off his plate!). If you like accounting and numbers, you can do your household taxes, budget for household expenses, and pay bills. Home DIY is another exciting way to occupy yourself (painting, stripping and re-varnishing furniture, putting up wallpaper, taking care of minor household plumbing and electrical issues, etc.). With a wealth of free information online and very affordable DIY supplies here in the States, you may discover skills you never knew you had! 4. Develop a new hobby - You may have always wanted to learn how to draw, or play the guitar, or embroider. Not all hobbies are expensive or difficult to start. With all this extra time on your hands, this is the best time to indulge in artistic or other pursuits. You can get cheap supplies at hobby stores, join clubs in your community, or go online to talk with other people who can advise you as you explore a new interest. If you don't think of yourself as artistic, there are intellectual (blogging, book clubs, Rotary Club, Toastmasters) or physical (join a gym, a running or cycling club) activities you can consider. Often, whatever you learn or do may make you a more interesting or broad-minded person (for example, you can display your art or embroidery in your home, or use your musical skills to entertain others). Many people would love to have unlimited time to devote to their hobbies or interests. Don't waste this opportunity you have - it may not come along again soon! 5. Be a people person - It can be easy to succumb to the H4 blues; you wake up late, watch a lot of TV, don't change out of your pyjamas, eat junk food, and pester your husband when he gets home! It's important to maintain a regular routine that helps you avoid this trap. Make healthy food choices, exercise your mind and body, and most importantly, don't withdraw from the world. Devote time and attention to your family. Think consciously about how you can be a better mother and wife, and work on improving those aspects of yourself. Make an effort to communicate with friends and relatives who are far away. Since you have the time, you can act as a sort of co-ordinator that keeps the channels of communication open between people scattered all over the world. Perhaps you can start writing and emailing a family newsletter to keep everyone apprised of extended family developments. When you write or mail or call someone, honestly give them your full attention. Explore your new environment. There are few things more exciting than moving to a new country. Don't close yourself off from people who are not like you. Be open to friendships with people outside of your particular community. After all, you've made a choice to live in a foreign country - you won't learn anything new if you avoid

any significant social contact with all "foreigners"! It's been my experience that non-Indian Americans have been generally very friendly and interested in learning about other cultures (this may differ, depending on where you live). Being here on an H4 visa doesn't have to be the end of the world. In fact, it may be the start of a new and exciting life. You can cast off any inhibitions or restrictions that may have held you back before, and discover aspects of yourself that will bring great rewards in the future. It really has a lot to do with your attitude - if you can adjust your way of thinking, you will appreciate how lucky you are to have this time to yourself. Enjoy it! 3.

4. Never judge your strength by comparison, because there is always going to be someone who is
more experienced than you. Judge by your dedication to what you do, and your ability to make progress. And even if there is someone better than you, use that as motivation, and strive to become betterbecause that's what they did. Aaron DeCamp quotes | added by: lunastixaaron 5. “Jealousy is Born out of comparison” Osho. And we have been taught to compare, we have been conditioned to compare, always compare. Somebody else has a better house, somebody else has a more beautiful body, somebody else has more money, somebody else has a more charismatic personality. Compare, go on comparing yourself with everybody else you pass by, and great jealousy will be the outcome; it is the by-product of the conditioning for comparison. beanieIf we can observe closely there are many bright spots for H4 visa.being On H4 gives a life time chance to learn many things until we get work permit other wise which we don't have chance to learn if we are working at some company 1. The first thing we as Indian women have to do after coming to USA is getting out of our self built cocoon or well.Our parents have brought us up with out knowing the reality of life.try to lose all Ur inhibitions which will make you smart confident energetic matured Indian girl from shy Indian girl.try to get ur self comfortable with western wear as here there are no body to tease u. Dont be like religious psycho(Our Hinduism is the only religion in the world having 3 crore gods and many festivals per month though ours is not the oldest religion Zoroastrianism is the oldest religion. Hinduism hasn't changed according to times. so today most of the world is ruled by Christianity or Islam though they are the youngest).Success is more about optimum utilization of time for productive purposes.Always stop discussing about others and invest most of ur time and energy on yourself and Ur family.I heard many saying bad American culture etc. in the world there is nothing like bad or good .admire beauty of American culture.American culture makes you an Independent human being with out depending on anybody.Here every body cares who u are, nobody cares who ur father is unlike india.And also stop bothering,gossiping or commenting about other peoples habits( Like she is a drinker or she is having multiple relationships).Its their personal choice. We never know how powerful she/he might be either by power of position or by power of association. Because of recession many people say its end of America. Not yet, America will be powerful America for at least for next 50 years.Even for the most powerful roman empire it took 140 years to get crashing. 2. In USA networking plays an Important role than talent to find right opportunity.Dont miss any opportunity if u get a chance to meet new people they

might be of help to u to find future opportunities when u get work permit or H1 visa and you will be in a better position to understand American people and American culture from them . Not only Indians try to meet different American people. 3. try to go for jogging or join Gym where u will get to know some useful contacts (Especially many Americans as they are fitness freaks) and also it helps u to maintain fitness.I cant deny the fact that In today's corporate world pleasing personality plays an Imp role for women as well as men. 4. learn or play tennis or Snooker good for health 5. If u are high ambitious girl try to learn Golf, the best networking sport in the world.You might be aware of the fact that many business deals don't end in boardroom, they end at Golf course or top restaurant or some strip club.(Its fact) 6. you can learn 2 or 4 wheeler driving if haven't yet learned. 7. Try to improve your English or public speaking skills by joining, public speaking clubs in ur area.try to get English DVDs watch as many american movies as u can so that u can improve ur listening skills .Plz forget about Bollywood and dont subscribe to any indian channels until u are good at english. 8.Try to improve ur soft skills and etiquette. the higher u go up the corporate ladder the more imp it is. at higher level success is about 30% talent & 70% soft skills. For different types of etiquette chk 9.go to the library and try to get business books about various great companies like Google,Microsoft etc and also abt great CEOs u can find many. (the size of Indian businesses or indian companies are no match for American business. India is not abt innovation we are just body shoppers.We never invented any technology of our own) to understand the magnitude of business in USa take for eg cash reserves of Apple $39.8 billion in cash (Its not turnover its only cash in hand) google $30 billion in cash So u can imagine how small our Indian companies and how small India is we generally think that USA means Microsoft,google,GE etc but USA is more about small and medium scale enterprises these are which made USA a powerful economy. another most important thing is many Indians here work in Software.Its nothing but a donkey work or back end please dont boast as if u r ruling the world.the world is mostly ruled by people working in Investment banks(Goldman Sachs & Co, The Blackstone Group,J.P. Morgan Investment Bank,Credit Suisse etc ), hedge funds( George Soros‘ Quantum Endowment Fund, Renaissance Medallion Fund , Paulson & Co, Moore Capital etc) Private Equity(Texas Pacific Group,Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR),The Carlyle Group etc) ,Venture capitalists,Sovereign wealth funds, political lobbyists,arms dealers,mafia and top consulting firms(McKinsey &

Company,The Boston Consulting Group,Bain & Company etc) We are always pawns in the hands of politicians and above stop boasting. " The business of politician is business, the business of business is manging politicians" 10.Try to volunteer in some business related NGOs or Non Profit Organizations likeBusiness Chambers of commerce so that these contacts might be of help to u in the future. for eg 11.Enroll for some full time or part time MS/MBA or any other course of ur interest either long term or short term 12. IF u have a chance and talent try to work as faculty free of cost at some college or school. 13.Women or girls who are crazy and adventurous they can learn exotic dance taught by women for women.many housewives do attend this type of classes to make their relationship romantic. for eg chk Top Striptease Songs to those crazy women.U can search for these videos on youtube. 1. "Cream" by Prince 2. "Justify My Love" by Madonna 3. "Hot In Here" by Nelly 4. "Sex (I’m a)" by Lovage 5. "She's Always In My Hair" by D'Angelo 6. "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails 7. "Buttons" by Pussycat Dolls 8. "I'm a Slave 4 U" by Britney Spears 9. "Eyes Without a Face" by Billy Idol 10. "Pony" by Ginuwine

14.learn swimming or fishing or kickboxing or horse riding or orienteering or pursue any outdoor activity or any adventure sport. 15 .try to learn Gourmet cooking, preparing Various types of coffee,Non veg dishes, cooking in OTG or Microwave , Italian or Chinese cuisine ,etc.If ur DH likes drinking

then u better learn preparing some cocktails.

16.Try to spend ur time on learning new hobby or skill set or on practicing existing hobby(It may be some musical instrument,learning a foreign language 18 .If money is not an issue travel to different places. or You can learn how to pilot Micro light aircraft or "Light-sport aircraft" .In India it use to cost 4 lakhs for 3 months to get Ultralight/microlight air craft Pilot's license.

19. God: its a controversial topic to touch . But my take this. From thousands of years people are getting fooled in the name of religion,God, country and many more. As i said earlier Dont be like religious psycho(Our Hinduism is the only religion in the world having 3 crore gods and many festivals per month though ours is not the oldest religion. Zoroastrianism is the oldest religion. Hinduism hasn't changed according to times. so today most of the world is ruled by Christianity or Islam though they are the youngest).reality is all this gods are actually kings.they were portrayed as gods or some extraordinary people with super natural powers by vipras who work under kings who praise them.I pray to only one god i.e Lord shiva( I keep only one photo frame of lord Shiva and my mother in prayer room at home .Though i am atheist at heart , i rarely go for temples & i celebrate only one festival i.e Maha Sivaratri at home in entire year. I Dont bother abt any other rituals, customs,festivals or gods etc If at all there is any god in the world it will be our responsible parents .) I dont want my children getting confused or fooled by this many gods and this many festivals so neither i bother abt all other gods nor i celebrate other festivals.Always see 3 things in life before doing any thing 1. Does that make u and ur family happy or not 2. Is it healthy or not to u 3. Is it legal or not Atheism as Religion.... Atheism as Religion.... for eg Do u know that Makara Jyothi in keralas ayappa swamy temple is man-made. 20. Reg Children : Its the time to spend valuable time with children when u r on H4 visa.Once u start working u wont have time to spend with them.Dont forcefully dump Indian culture or Ramayana or Mahabharata on this innocent take is among all religious scripts like Qua ran,Bible, Ramayana etc i fee only Iliad(greeks ancient script) comes close to reality.Some times i feel its better not to know abt them.I never teach unnecessary customs,religion or rituals to my children.I always teach them principles of nature like survival for fittest,respecting others likes or other opinions,others culture, others religion ,respecting the law of land, healthy habits,optimum utilization of time for productive purposes like learning new skillsets , value of money, and the most imp political ethics ( Principles of Chanakya, Sun Tzu,Clausewitz( he is the person who proposed The survival of the fittest theory even before Darwin) & Machiavelli etc).In this world there is nothing like maya or mantra so everything or anything has to be achieved only with the ability of humans.make children understand this. 22.Never bother too much about ur relatives (Hope u remember the popular quote more success more relatives less success less relatives).Always give impotence to urself, ur Dh and ur children first and foremost.Never be a mommy's girl. The earlier u detach from ur parents the better ur relationship with ur DH will be.The thing that most DH hate is sharing or telling the things to our mothers wht our DH has told us.So try to understand what to & what not to tell to our mothers or parents. Even after coming to usa dont be like a dumb indian house wife. plz try to change ur attitude ,the way u dress(Say bye bye to indian wear except for special occasions try to experiment with different types of western wear (remember the popular quote ―if you were in Rome, live in the Roman way; if you are elsewhere, live as they do there ".), spend some time on urself & on ur fitness to appear smart ,beautiful etc( no need to maintain 30-18-30) .If ur DH is after another girl then it might not be his fault completely.We might be part responsible for that fault..remember the popular quote of chanakya "A good wife is one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night."Try to detach ur behavior & actions from the opinion of others.The earlier u do the more happier u will be.Use your assertive skillets to say NO.Plz try to invest most of ur time and energy on urself and ur family.

23. always think that world runs based on political ethics & based on constitution not on dharma and neither is run by god.In this ruthless corporate world the ability to make money for the company is regraded as the most valuable skill set irrespective of how u do it or what u do. Always balance sheet matters not mark sheets. remember the popular quote from lord of war movie "I had a flair for languages. But I soon discovered that what talks best is dollars, dinars, drachmas, rubles, rupees and pounds ****ing sterling. " Politics or favors either by money or women are norm in corporate world.In an ideal world, talent and hard work are all that’s needed to rapidly ascend the career ladder. In the real world, like it or not,

moving up means aligning yourself with the organizational power brokers. The trick is to intuitively make smart political decisions so that you’re moving up and making friends in all the right places at the same time. That’s never easy to pull off. Politics is the Tool of Cooperation . If you expect to get ahead, you must understand and respect the power of organizational politics. There is no escaping it. Fiercely competitive industries, such as IT, are rife with politics. Refusing to play organizational politics can be career suicide. ( No place for wht our parents taught us do good,be good and see good).Politics -- the business of high-stake schmoozing and winning people over – aren’t for everyone. But, the measure of success -- how far you go on the career scale -- is directly correlated to your stomach for politics.There is no such thing as a nonpolitical career.Politics are a part of life.At their worst, organizational politics means favoritism, secrecy, resentment and deceit. At their best, they’re a game with their own special rules – very much like chess – requiring tact, diplomacy, intelligence, street smarts and cunning. The healthiest way to deal with corporate politics is to first acknowledge that they exist, and second, learn to cope with them in an ethical and professional manner. The tough part is finding a way to use politics to enhance your career so no one gets hurt in the process. Regardless of endeavor, the power brokers of the world have learned to be masterful politicians. If you’re new to an organization, you ought to find out who they are. Who are the leaders and followers? Where are the conservative, liberal and radical forces? If you’re determined to move up the ladder, being identified with the wrong political faction is the equivalent of being sentenced to organizational purgatory. You may deny fact but even beauty plays an imp role at top level .for example There positive correlation between abnormal physical attractiveness and sales jobs in investment banks before. Now, the hypothesis that beauty and female bankers are natural companions is leant further credence by the news that one top investment bank has employed a top model in this summer’s sales and trading intern class. Named Xenia Tchoumitcheva, she’s from Switzerland, was runner-up to Miss Switzerland in 2006 and has been awarded ‘Best bikini body award. Xenia lives in Chelsea and is at top Investment bank in London right now. chk her stunning pics below

24. But not the least don't get frustrated for minor problems. remember that we are from a third world country named India (Plz dont say developing country ) where there's no value for human life and talent.Some times i laugh a lot when some body compares India to china(Economy $10 trillion dollars) and USA(Economy $14.6 trillion dollars ). 21 st century belongs to china unless some drastic things happen.Of the recorded Hindu history of around 2,300 years, Bharat was under the jackboots of slavery for some 1300 years—a dubious record.We as a nation lack the killer instinct. We lack the ruthlessness, the cunning, the immorality needed to become a true world power. We are lot lucky enough to get a chance to be in USA.No other country

has welcomed immigrants like USA did. Many immigrants achieved their Dreams, some times even with out a single dollar in their pocket.Its time for you to get going to achieve your American dream. "The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement." We may deny, but the fact is that we are taking over the the jobs of many Americans.We are able to provide good standard of living to our family because of the opportunities provided by this country. As every country has haves & have nots so is USA(42% of children live in low-income families.Research is clear that poverty is the single greatest threat to children’s well-being.) Dont bother much about american politicians but if possible please do something or contribute some thing for the welfare of destitute children of this beautiful country.

Plz Download this useful doc which contains list of immigrants who made big in USA. Wishing you success.... 6.