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Bardo Teaching & Training

The Six Bardos The word bardo itself means interval between two points. There are six bardos that are experienced in life. The “Natural Bardo” between birth and death is referred to as the waking state. The “Dream Bardo” refers to the state between sleeping and awakening. The Bardo of Meditation” refers to the state of Samadhi. The “Painful Bardo of Dying” refers to the exact moment of death. The Bardo of Luminosity refers to the state of last breath to traversing before manifestation in a state of dharmata (absolute nature). The final bardo is the “Bardo of Becoming” where often rebirth or Buddhahood is attained. Within the death process one element does not give rise to another, rather one diminishes and the next arises. The Three states and correlations to the three Buddha bodies. The death state correlates to the sleep state and the Dharmakaya (truth body) The intermediate state correlates to the dream state and the Sambhogakaya (enjoyment body) The state of rebirth correlates to the reawakening state and the Nirmanakaya (emanation body) The Spirit consists of the five spirits (shen) these are the Hun, Zhi, Shen, Yi and Po. They correspond to the five yin organs; Hun to Liver, Zhi to Kidneys, Shen to Heart, Yi to Spleen, and Po to lungs. Hun can be thought of as the Soul, there are three Hun spirits cultivated in Alchemy and parallel the relation to the body itself, these are the Yu (Supreme), Sheng (High) and Tai (Great). These correlate to the three aspects of the mind, emptiness, clarity and the capacity to manifest unimpeded. There are Seven Po spirits which correspond to the aggregates or perception of phenomena (desires, for sensory fulfillment, instinctual impulses, sexual etc).

The 8 Stages of Death Meditation Sadhana
Earth Element (Earth) The earth element is the first stage of the body dissolution. Corresponding to Earth are the flesh and bones physical characteristics as well as a sense of sinking heaviness. The primary color or light is yellow at this stage. The external sign of this dissolution is that the body becomes thinner and weaker, and the vision becomes unclear. The internal sign is a mirage-like appearance to the mind. Water Element (Water) The water element is the second stage of the body dissolution. Corresponding to water are the fluids of the body. The primary color is white at this stage. The external sign is that the mouth

Corresponding to wind is the breath. This is the black near attainment. The subtle mind perceives a very dark and completely empty sky. All signs of breathing stops. Coldness in the area around the navel. The external sign of this dissolution is reduced warmth of the body as the heat of the limbs travels to the core of the body. The Heart Drop (Thunder) The seventh stage is marked by the White and Red Drop encircling the indestructible drop at the Heart center. The mind perceiving this appearance is the last gross mind of death. This where the mind consciousness dissolves into the subtle mind consciousness. The White Drop Descends from the Crown (Mountain) The fifth stage the white drop descends from the crown to the heart. The subtle mind perceives the white appearance like a clear empty sky pervaded by moonlight. The very subtle mind mounted upon the very subtle wind leaves the body. Corresponding to Fire is the Warmth of the body. This is the clear light of death. and the liquids of the body. . The external sign is reduced power of movement due to the decreasing power of the winds that flow through the channels of the body and cause us to generate gross minds. and death occurs. The subtle mind perceives the red increase. The subtle mind perceives the Clear Light State. The primary color at this stage is red. blood. the centre of the body’s heat then occurs gradually. The respirations change as the inhalation becomes shorter and the exhalation longer. The perception of odors and smell ceases. Corresponding to Space is consciousness present in the next four.and tongue become very dry. Fire Element (Fire) The fire element is the third stage of the body dissolution. The internal sign is a candle-flame-like appearance. The Red drop Ascends from the Navel (Lake) The sixth stage the red drop ascends from the navel to the heart. The internal sign is a smoke-like appearance to the mind. Wind Element (Wind) The wind element is the fourth stage of body dissolution. Opening of the Indestructible drop (Heaven) At The final and eighth stage the sphere enclosing the indestructible drop opens. such as urine. The internal sign is a sparkling-fireflies-like appearance. lymph and sperm. decrease. like a clear empty sky pervaded by sunlight. The primary color of this stage is green. saliva. The perception of external sound ceases.

Concluding statement: “OM SHUNYATA JNANA VAJRA SVABHAVA ATMAKO AHAM” Om. This vajra nature of the wisdom of Emptiness is I .