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Nanyang No.

1 High School
Monthly salary: 4500 - 6500 RMB / month (depending on experience) Free furnished accommodation on campus; one bedroom – one living room; utilities, wireless included; personal computer provided; Accident insurance; Flights to China refundable; Airport Pick-up; Working Visa & papers Send your resume to:

Job Qualification: Native, TESOL Certification preferred but not required; energetic, enthusiastic, teaching experience is a must; enjoy working with high school teenagers and should have a strong sense of responsibilities and education.

Nanyang N0.1 High School:
Originally founded in 1903. It is a key high school and a provincial model high school with a long history and a good reputation. It now has more than 4300 students and a staff of 320. In 1959, the school was identified as the provincial key high school. In 1978, it was again identified as the provincial key high school in Nanyang City, the only provincial key high school.

Job Description: 1. English As Second Language Teacher: oral and reading 2. Class hours per week: no more than 22 lessons (45 minutes per lesson)

Course Design:
Consist of two kinds of high school courses, namely, Chinese and American courses. The domestic high school courses as required by the Chinese Ministry of Education are taught by the teachers from Nanyang No.1 High School, while American courses by foreign teachers. This will let the students better understand the cultural and educational differences between China and United States.

allowance? How much and when? Contract period and dates? One Round air-tickets year (including two semesters and summer / winter holidays) Will the school provide the teachers Chinese Yes Z Working Visa documentation Will the school organize a friendly Bank Account? Special Requirements? Yes . airport pick up. flight fare? All Holiday provisions: Days of paid holiday Normal during contract? summer (2 months) and winter holidays (1 month) and Chinese national holidays Corner twice a week Special details? English Will the school provide teachers with a travel Yes.Nanyang No. 1 High School ABOUT THE JOB Type of Position ESL teacher: Oral & Reading English as Second Language Job Title English Average Class Size 30 Class age 16-18 How many class hours per week No more than 25 lessons (45 minutes per lesson) included Any other benefits.

1 High School ABOUT THE SCHOOL 学校信息 The name of school Nanyang School City Nanyang School location: city center/suburb/outside City city campus? NO.Nanyang No. Henan Province center school 133.ha.html .nyyz.1 High School .cn/index.300 square meters Type Of School Public School Size? About How many foreign English teachers on 2 average are on campus? Has the school employed foreign teachers before? Other School details Website Link: School link Yes http://www.

1 High School ABOUT ACCOMMODATION 外教公寓条件 School will assist foreign teacher find Will accommodation? provide accommodation to the teacher If allowance how much per month? 4500 Average rent per month? Is the accommodation: within school On onsite/ rented outside school? – 6500 per month. or two bedroom shared with other ESL teacher Self catering kitchen? Yes Facilities available Washing machine / Internet connection / Television / Hot water supply / Winter heating / Air conditioning / Microwave / Refrigerator / Accident Insurance . depending on working experience campus furnished Size of the teachers bedroom Fully Any living room/shared living room Either one bedroom – one living room.Nanyang No.