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What is the correct order for PDU encapsulation?

Frame Header-Network Header-Transport Header-Data-Frame Trailler

A PC is confi ured to o!tain an "P address automaticall# from network $%&'$()'$'*+&,' The network administrator issues the arp -a command and notices an entr# of $%&'$()'$'&-- ff-ff-ffff-ff-ff' Which statement descri!es this entr#?

This is a static map entr#

Which two notations are usea!le ni!!le !oundaries when su!nettin in "P.(? /Choose two'0
• •

+(, +()

What will a 1a#er & switch do when the destination 2AC address of a recei.ed frame is not in the 2AC ta!le?

"t forwards the frame out of all ports e3cept for the port at which the frame was recei.ed'

Which two statements correctl# descri!e a router memor# t#pe and its contents?
• •

4A2 is .olatile and stores the "P routin ta!le' 452 is non.olatile and contains !asic dia nostic software'

What is the auto-2D"6 feature on a switch?

the automatic confi uration of an interface for a strai ht-throu h or a 7thernet ca!le connection

What is the purpose of the routin process?

to select the paths that are used to direct traffic to destination networks

What is the purpose of "C2P messa es?

to pro.ide feed!ack of "P packet transmissions

it#' Perform the tasks in the acti.+&( Which su!net would include the address $%&'$()'$'$%& as a usa!le host address? • $%&'$()'$'$&)+&- An administrator uses the Ctrl-8hift-( ke# com!ination on a switch after issuin the pin command' What is the purpose of usin these ke#strokes? • to interrupt the pin process 4efer to the e3hi!it' A network administrator is confi urin access control to switch 8W$' "f the administrator uses Telnet to connect to the switch9 which password is needed to access user 767C mode? • line.5pen the PT instructions and then fill in the !lank' The* messa e is • Winner 4efer to the e3hi!it' Which "P addressin scheme should !e chan ed? • 8ite & Which su!net would include the address $%&'$()'$'%( as a usa!le host address? • $%&'$()'$'(.t#in 4efer to the e3hi!it' A network administrator is confi urin access control to switch 8W$' "f the administrator uses console port to connect to the switch9 which password is needed to access user 767C mode? • linecoin 4efer to the e3hi!it' What is the si nificance of the asterisk /:0 in the e3hi!ited output? • The asterisk desi nates which file s#stem is the default file s#stem' .

+&.within (* A compan# has a network address of $%&'$()'$'(.el#' Which two networks would achie. with a su!net mask of &--'&--'&--'$%&' The compan# wants to create two su!networks that would contain $* hosts and $) hosts respecti.( router 4efer to the e3hi!it' Consider the "P address confi uration shown from PC$' What is a description of the default atewa# address? • "t is the "P address of the 4outer$ interface that connects the PC$ 1AN to 4outer$' Which procedure is used to reduce the effect of crosstalk in copper ca!les? • twistin opposin circuit wire pairs to ether .e that? • • $%&'$()'$'(.( unicast-routin command on a router • to ena!le the router as an "P. packet header will t#picall# sta# the same durin its transmission? • Destination Address 4efer to the e3hi!it' The network administrator enters these commands into the 4$ router< R1# copy running-config tftp Address or name of remote host = >? When the router prompts for an address or remote host name9 what "P address should the administrator enter at the prompt? • $%&'$()'$$'&-& What is the effect of confi urin the ip. $%&'$()'$'%(+&) Which field in an "P.When applied to a router9 which command would help miti ate !rute-force password attacks a ainst the router? • lo in !lock-for (* attempts ..

er9 this is not supported in 1a#er & switches' .e audio conference with other corporate mana ers in !ranch offices' "f ?o8 is implemented on this network9 what will !e the priorities from hi hest to lowest of the different data t#pes?' • audio conference9 financial transactions9 we! pa e Which pu!licl# a.What happens when part of an "nternet radio transmission is not deli.iew a compan# we! pa e in order to read some announcements' The second emplo#ee accesses the corporate data!ase to perform some financial transactions' The third emplo#ee participates in an important li.e implementation details? • 4e@uest for Comments Which three "P addresses are pri. $*'$'$'$ $%&'$()'-'- What is the purpose of the network securit# accountin function? • to keep track of the actions of a user How does a 1a#er A switch differ from a 1a#er & switch? • An "P address can !e assi ned to a ph#sical port of a 1a#er A switch' Howe.en if the PC is mo.'.ered to the destination? • The transmission continues without the missin portion' Which address on a PC does not chan e9 e.aila!le resources descri!e protocols9 processes9 and technolo ies for the "nternet !ut do not i.ed to a different network? • 2AC address Three !ank emplo#ees are usin the corporate network' The first emplo#ee uses a we! !rowser to .ate ? /Choose three'0 • • • $.&'$('.

ices that the data is crossin A host PC has Bust !ooted and is attemptin to lease an address throu h DHCP' Which two messa es will the client t#picall# !roadcast on the network? /Choose two'0 • • DHCP47?U78T DHCPD"8C5C74 A host PC has Bust !ooted and is attemptin to lease an address throu h DHCP' Which messa e will the client !roadcast first on the network? • DHCPD"8C5C74 What are the three primar# functions pro.ided !# 1a#er & data encapsulation? /Choose three'0 • • • data link la#er addressin detection of errors throu h C4C calculations delimitin roups of !its into frames 4efer to the e3hi!it' An administrator wants to chan e the name of a !rand new switch9 usin the hostname command as shown /8witch/confi 0D hostname 2# 8witch0' What prompt will displa# after the command is issued? • 8witch/confi 0D Which t#pe of wireless securit# enerates d#namic encr#ption ke#s each time a client associates with an AP? .ides a secure C1" session with encr#ption to a Cisco switch? • an 88H connection A network en ineer is measurin the transfer of !its across the compan# !ack!one for a mission critical data!ase application' The en ineer notices that the network throu hput appears lower than the !andwidth e3pected' Which three factors could influence the differences in throu hput? /Choose three'0 • • • the amount of traffic that is currentl# crossin the network the t#pe of traffic that is crossin the network num!er of network de.Which connection pro.

e si nals' 2atch the phases to their correct sta e in the router setup process' /Not all options are used'0 • • • • 8ta e $ . computer' What command could the technician use to show an# cached DN8 entries for this we! pa e? • ipconfi +displa#dns What is an important function of the ph#sical la#er of the 58" model? /Chaptr .1ocate and load the Cisco "58 8ta e .ice pri.locate and load the confi uration file 2atch the description with the associated "58 mode' /Not all options are used'0 user 767C mode • • limited num!er of !asic monitorin commands the first entrance into the C1" of an "58 as a whole accessed !# enterin the confi ure terminal command 4efer to the e3hi!it' A TCP se ment from a ser. e3am0 • "t encodes frames into electrical9 optical9 or radio wa.ed? .er has !een captured !# Wireshark9 which is runnin on a host' What acknowled ement num!er will the host return for the TCP se ment that has !een recei.load the !ootstrap pro ram 8ta e A . .perform the post 8ta e & .• WPA A particular we!site does not appear to !e respondin on a Windows .ile ed 767C mode • • accessed !# enterin the ena!le command identified !# a prompt endin with the D character lo!al confi uration mode • • chan es made affect the opperation of the de.

< on a remote network' Which three functions are performed !# intermediar# network instructions and then answer the @uestion' Which "P.ices durin this con.FF<F7A(<-A&E and F7)*<<$ 2ulticast .ersation? /Choose three'0 • re eneratin data si nals .ided !# TCP? • detection of missin packets 5pen the PT Acti.( address is assi ned to the 8erial*+*+* interface on 4T&? • &**$<d!)<a!c<-<<$ A host is accessin a We! ser.( address t#pe' /Not all options are used'0 • • • 1ink-1ocal .F7)*<*-(EA<FF77<A*E.)<<$ What is a characteristic of the 11C su!la#er?' • "t places information in the frame that allows multiple 1a#er A protocols to use the same network interface and media' 5n which switch interface would an administrator confi ure an "P address so that the switch can !e mana ed remotel#? • C1AN $ Durin data communications9 a host ma# need to send a sin le messa e to a specific roup of destination hosts simultaneousl#' This messa e is in the form of a GGGGG messa e • multicast Which function is pro.FF*&<<& and FF*&<<$<FFAA<&-C% Flo!al Unicast .• A*( 2atch the "P.( address to the "' Perform the tasks in the acti.&DD$<D))<$*<<$& and &**$<DE)<A$<*E<C.

• • pro.ices when errors occur "n which default order will a router search for startup confi uration information? • NC4A29 TFTP9 setup mode What two preconfi ured settin s that affect securit# are found on most new wireless routers? /Choose two'0 • • !roadcast 88"D default administrator password What will happen if the default atewa# address is incorrectl# confi ured on a host? • The host cannot communicate with hosts in other networks' What is the purpose of a con.idin a channel ed network? • to reduce the cost of deplo#in and maintainin the communication infrastructure 4efer to the e3hi!it' Which area would most likel# !e an e3tranet for the compan# network that is shown? • area C After makin confi uration chan es9 a network administrator issues a cop# runnin -confi startup-confi command in a Cisco switch' What is the result of issuin this command? • The new confi uration will !e loaded if the switch is restarted' Which parameter does the router use to choose the path to the destination when there are multiple routes a.aila!le? • the lower metric .er which messa es tra.el notif#in other de.alue that is associated with the destination network .

ices to share one pu!lic "P address? • NAT A frame is transmitted from one networkin de.4efer to the e3hi!it /PC* and PC$ connected to 8$9 PC& and PCA connected to 8&9 8$ connected to 8&0' A pin to PCA is issued from PC*9 PC$9 and PC& in this e3act order' Which 2AC addresses will !e contained in the 8$ 2AC address ta!le that is associated with the Fa*+$ port /port connectin 8$ to 8&0? • Bust PC* and PC$ 2AC addresses Durin normal operation9 from which location do most Cisco switches and routers run the "58? • 4A2 Which two components are necessar# for a wireless client to !e installed on a W1AN? /Choose two'0 • • wireless N"C wireless client software A technician uses the pin $&.ice check the FC8 field in the frame? • to check the frame for possi!le transmission errors What method is used to mana e contention-!ased access on a wireless network? • C82A+CA Which three statements characteriHe the transport la#er protocols? /Choose three'0 • TCP and UDP port num!ers are used !# application la#er protocols' .in to another' Wh# does the recei. address depletion !# allowin multiple de..ides a solution to "P.'*'*'$ command' What is the technician testin ? • the TCP+"P stack on a network host Which technolo # pro.

er re ular phone lines' What "8P connection t#pe should !e used? • D81 .ide relia!le transfer of data' TCP is a connection-oriented protocol' UDP is a connectionless protocol' Copper ca!les • horiHontal ca!lin structure9 desktop PCs in an enterprise office Fi!er optic • !ack!one ca!lin in an enterprise9 lon -haul networks Wireless • • uest access in a coffee shop waitin rooms in a hospital A home user is lookin for an "8P connection that pro.• • TCP uses windowin and se@uencin to pro.ides hi h speed di ital transmission o.