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No. of students
Date (Day)
Time (Duration)
Learning Outcomes


Teaching Aids
Values Integrated


4 Tirmizi
8th January 2014 (Wednesday)
9:00am – 10:20am (80 minutes)
People/Social Issues
Portrait of Young Person
At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
i. Make friends and keep friendships by taking part in conversations and



(5 minutes)

Step 1 - a
INM - a



1. Greet students
[Teacher writes “Students will be able to: (i) Make friends
and keep friendships by taking part in conversations and
2. Invites students to read the learning objective aloud.
Students read learning objective aloud with teacher
How to talk

1. [Teacher writes conversation scripting on whiteboard to aid
students in taking part in conversations and discussion/ The
scripted conversation involved “Student 1” and “Student 2”]

WHAT Keypoints

2. [Teacher invites one student to come to the front to
participate in class modelling activity. Teacher performs the
script of “Student 1”, invited student performs the script of
“Student 2”]
3. Thank you student. Let’s give him a round of applause for
being brave to try talking in English. Now, let me
demonstrate it for you one more time. This time, I will act as
both “Student 1” and “Student 2”.
[Teacher models the entire conversation, roleplaying as two
students of distinct personalities, so that students can
become familiar with sounds of English words.]

HOW Keypoints

4. I want you to look for another student to be your conversation
partner. I want you to talk to that student in English using the
script on the whiteboard.
5. [Teacher reads conversation bubbles with students]


Reflection: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Supervisor’s Comments: 2 . A quick recap of learning objectives. [Writes on whiteboard – Ask your friends what you did during your school holidays] 1. and mimic body language of people pictured in the textbook] [Teacher asks students to guess what vocal expression will be used in light of information provided in pictures] 6. (Rationale: The ability to discuss implies pre-requisite ability to have conversations) 1. I want you to sit in groups of 4 people. and I want to show you studying can be fun.STEPS CONTENT LEARNING AND TEACHING ACTIVITIES NOTES/VALUES/ TEACHING AIDS [Teacher points asks student to identify facial expression of people pictured in the textbook] [Teacher asks students to standup. Class. and how to achieve/accomplish said lesson objectives. Now class. You are only allowed to use English. What I’m teaching you is useful for your life. why did I ask you to do that? One. it is fun. Let me show you an example [Teacher writes Dean & Deluca Customer Service scripting on the whiteboard] [Teacher asks students to read the scripting on the whiteboard] [Teacher demonstrates Dean & Deluca Customer Service example with/without facial/vocal expression and body language] Step 2 Group Practice (20 minutes) Step 3 – a Independent Practice (0 minutes) Closing (5 minutes) WHY Keypoints 1. I want you to talk to each other about the topic on the whiteboard. But there is a more important reason. To be assessed in Step 3b.

pelajar akan dapat : i. 3 .___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ RANCANGAN PENGAJARAN HARIAN Mata Pelajaran Tingkatan Bilangan Pelajar Tarikh Masa Topik Subtopik Hasil Pembelajaran : : : : : : : : Prasyarat Bahan Bantu Mengajar Penerapan Nilai Murni : : : Pada akhir pembelajaran dan pengajaran.

1. Refleksi: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Ulasan Pensyarah Pembimbing: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________ 4 . 1.LANGKAH-LANGKAH PENGAJARAN LANGKAH Set Induksi ( minit) Langkah 1 ( minit) Langkah 2 ( minit) Penutup ( minit) ISI PELAJARAN AKTIVITI PEMBELAJARAN DAN PENGAJARAN CATATAN/NILAI MURNI/BBM 1. 1.