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Heavy List portrayal of a

5-7th Century Byzantine Cataphract
(Late Roman Kataphraktoi) y !iome"es #e astianus
(!$ #e astian)

% Byzantine Roman of the &th Century servin' the Court of (ustinian ) an" *heo"ora in Constantinople$ % +Cataphract+ (or heavily armoure" horseman), ) am presently attache" to the %rmy of #yria un"er Belisarius, on its -ay to .'ypt to reclaim %le/an"ria as part of +Rome+$ 0y turn-on1s inclu"e re" -ine, -alks alon' the Bosphorus, an" cavalry char'es that crush the enemy1s flanks$ 0y turn-offs inclu"e schisms an" the pla'ue$

) elieve you shoul" not sacrifice lookin' 'oo" for protection$ ) elieve you can achieve oth$ )n that vein. greaves. the combination of helm.7th Century . ) have attempte" to portray the "ress armour of a &th Century 'uar" to the Court of Constantinople. an" still present a plausi le stylistic representation$ Though the similarities of Byzantine armours and styles throughout the centuries changes little in Iconic and other surviving artwork. an" still e contemporary for the perio"$ %s much of the evi"ence is a sent an" con2ectural. and shield tie the kit to the 5th . ) have "ra-n from art to inspire much of the armour$ ) feel this allo-s me to conform to #C% stan"ar"s. as it is elieve" some aspects of their armour -oul" have een influence" y the more classical Roman styles.

of lamelae (f$3). (f$5)$ *his is not universal. 6reece (f$5) 'am lin' sol"iers from an 33th century 'ol" an" enamel icon of the Crucifi/ion$ Hel" in 6ermany (f$4) 33th century carve" icon of #t *heo"ore .ach ro. an" lamellar plates$ 8ften. several types of armour -ere layere" to provi"e etter protection$ *he #yllo'e *acticorum an" Leo 7)1s *actica (Byzantine tactical manuals) oth refer to the use of mail corselets an" lamellar kil anions ein' -orn to'ether an" in"epen"ently$ . chain maille. yet still allo-s for plenty of fle/i ility$ (f$3) 33th century steatite icon of #t 6eor'e$ 7atope"i monastery. in fact it seems to e the e/ception$ ) prefer it this -ay as ) fin" that this makes the kil anion a it stiffer than -ithout. (f$4). pieces of scale.of my lamellar kil anion (or corsett) has a leather strip lace" et-een each ro.Byzantines in the 5th to 7th Century use" several types of armours inclu"in' pa""e" cotes.

=ork .possi ly ?ersian orro-e") an" a Herakles1 Knot (chest sash) e/emplify the early Byzantine look (f$3). 6reece (3>th-33th Cent) (f$5) #aint !emetrios from the monastery of Hosias Loukas. sho-s Kin' 6roz (%! 95: -.9) % +7aran'ian Bra+ (chest an" shoul"er straps . (f$&).(f$9) #aint *heo"ore *yro from the monastery of Hosias Loukas. 6reece (3>th-33th Cent) (f$&) 6ol" #assini" "ish. (f$3>). (f$9). <e. (f$34)$ (f$7) )con of #aint !emetriosca$ 33th cent$ 0etropolitan 0useum of %rt. (f$5).

(f$35)$ Raymon"1s @uiet ?ress cast ronze uckles secure the corset on the shiel" si"e$ % trauma-plate is lace" insi"e to protect the sternum (anachronistic)$ (f$35) #t <estor fresco in the Katholikon at the monastery of ?ana'ia 0avriotissa. f$3>7v. (f$9).). com ine" -ith short rass ptru'es ma"e from rass furniture terminals (mounte" on sole leather) (f$5).)0ar'inal from :th Cent Byzantine Bi le$ <at$.(f$. (f$. ?aris *he shoul"er cops are e"'e" -ith -hite 'arment leather an" rass "ecorative an" (ma"e from -all mounte" "rapery hol"er). (f$9). (f$5). Kastoria. 6reece "ate" 34&> . 0s$ 6r$ :45. (f$3>). (f$7). (f$7) (f$35)$ *hese short ptru'es also a"orn the ottom of the kil anion (f$5).

(f$. (f$3>). (f$33) a""e" usin' ronze$ %lthou'h the use of soli" 6reaves ha" fallen out of favor.mperor$ #ome research su''ests that it is not 2ust a color.mperor. or at least -ay out of perio"$ (f$33) Aourteenth century mural from a church in Cyprus *here is some controversy a out re" oots throu'hout Roman times$ )t is a'ree" that at "ifferent times. to'ether that -as re'ulate"$ #ome pieces of -ar"ro e -ere often outla-e" at the -him of the .6reave y *ruehearth -ith Raymon"1s @uiet ?ress cast ronze uckle$ Horizontal stripe theme (f$9). there is a plethora of evi"ence "epictin' their continue" use in art an" sculpture$ *here is also the elief that some +elite+ an" +para"e+ troops use" armour that ha" a more classical feel$ ) 2ustify the use of 'reaves -ith this kit. +re" shoes+ -ere reserve" for the .). it seems thou'h that this -as spora"ic an" not a s-eepin' "ecree that encompasse" all styles or laste" for the life of the . (f$5). ut often a C8L8R an" a #*=L.mpire$ *hese are com at oots covere" -ith 'arment leather$ *he oots tie normally$ *he covers hi"e the laces an" secure on the si"e -ith ma'netic purse claps$ Cosmetic uttons hi"e the clasps$ . as ) am a mem er of the 'uar" to the Court of Constantinople. an" -oul" e a com ination of 'uar" an" piece of "ecoration$ *he attache" knees are a convention of #C% com at an" anachronistic.

'ivin' an unencum ere" +'love+ look$ % rin' over the 'love hints at the opulence of the Byzantines$ .*he #yllo'e *acticorum an" Leo 7)1s *actica oth refer to the use of splinte" an" manica arm an" le' "efense$ *hese Cheiropsella (vam races) are flat stock over leather$ 6arment leather strap -ith R@? cast ronze uckle$ % "eerskin 'love pa""e" -ith 3B4 inch of plastic reinforce" close" cell foam protects the han" from transfer throu'h the asket hilt an" overlaps the vam race to protect the -rist.

. (f$35) (f$39) 9th Century Ri"'e Helm (f$35) 9th Century 'il"e" Roman helmet from Helenaveen (!eurne).<etherlan"s$ Currently preserve" in the Ri2ksmuseum voor 8u"he"en in Lei"en . an" a nasal -ere normally a""e"$ Both infantry an" cavalry use" the Ri"'e Helm$ (f$39).arly Byzantine Cavalry$ *he ri"'e helm. appeare" in Duantity in the 9th century %! an" -as seen late into the 7th$ Ese" in the 0i""le .urope an" Brittan.% Chite 0ountain %rmoury RomanB#assini" Ri"'e helmet in the style of Late RomanB. the most famous helm of this construction is the #utton Hoo$ *his helmet replace" the 6allic style helmets for the Romans$ )t consiste" of t-o curve" plates connecte" y a central ri"'e$ Cheek pieces. elieve" to e assimilate" from #assanian ?ersian mo"els.ast. a neck 'uar".

(f$5).#kutatoi -earin' 7aran'ian Bra over lamellar$ 7ictoria an" %l ert 0useum. the shiel" completes the kit$ 8val an" roun" shiel"s are prevalent in oth art an" statuary "urin' the perio"$ (f$9). (f$7).(ustice .Ainally. EK .(ustice .AaithG$ (f$3>) 3>th century Byzantine ivory chest . (f$3&) (f$3&) 9th-century silver relief (&$5 / &cm) "epictin' #t$ !emetrius an" #t$ 6eor'e 0y oval shiel"$ *he Latin translates to +) am not "ea". therefore ) am not "one+ an" the !uchy motto F*ruth . Lon"on.AaithG$ 0y roun" shiel" *he Latin translates to +0y conscience means more to me than all speech (Cicero)+ an" the !uchy motto F*ruth . (f$3>).

6$ *$ !ennis +*hree Byzantine 0ilitary *reatises+ (!um arton 8aks Research Li rary an" Collection 3:.9>439>.-3.)$ ?$ #tephenson +Romano-Byzantine )nfantry .C$ *rea"'ol" +Byzantium an" )t1s %rmy 4... Limite" 4>>&) )#B<-3>J >75494.<icolle K 0cBri"e +Romano-Byzantine %rmies 9th-:th Centuries+ (8sprey ?u lishin' 3::4) )#B<-3>J 3.!dditional "eading# .9-3>. )#B<-35J :7.9>39&:9L.&3.9>39&:95 .3+ (#tanfor" Eniv$ ?ress 3::5) )#B<J >-.&9 .Duipment+ (*empus ?u lishin'.9>439>7 . 3:.344-3774-3 .5) )#B<-3>J >. )#B<-35J :7.9) )#B<J >-..0ilitary #trate'y+ Htranslate" yI (Eniv$ of ?enn$ ?ress. )#B<-35J :7.-3...Calter K Calker +*he Carrior #aints in Byzantine %rt an" *ra"ition+ (%sh'ate ?u lishin' 4>>5) )#B<-3>J 3.->75494.->.55544494.>97-53&5-4 .5554449> $ore at my websites# 0atty"s$com Carriors8fHistory$com . )#B<-35J :7.

) hope ) have faithfully represente" the style of armour. in spite of the necessary anachronism1s necessary for fi'htin'$ Recently ) have retire" this kit$ Currently ) am in the process of completin' a 34 century representation of Byzantine armour$ .