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14 Government Contracting Resolutions for 2014
1 Make Sequestration History (1) 1 Get Compliant Now (2) 2 Enter New Markets (3) 2 Learn Teaming Best Practices (4) 2 Get a Fresh Perspective (5) 3 Stay Compliant (6) 3 Manage Your Contract Lifecycle (7) 3 Build Your Pipeline (8) 3 Get to Know Federal IT Trends (9) 4 Shoot for the Top 20 (10) 4 Capture More Federal Business (11) 5 Spread the Knowledge (12) 5 Be More Social (13) 5 Make Better Decisions Faster (14) From shutdowns to changing contract types, the federal contracting market is evolving. Smart contractors will not only face down the changes, but will take advantage of them to increase revenue and expand their client base. In this white paper, we have boiled down the year’s expected changes into 14 resolutions you should consider as you pursue and win more business in 2014. While you may not be able to affect sequestration legislation, you can have an impact: • Ensure that you justify the work you are doing. • Clearly show progress on long-term contracts. • Help agencies show citizens what is being done with their money. Aiding your client agencies helps you in the long run. You can also prepare for and avoid sequestration effects by changing your capture strategy and recalibrating your company’s goals to reflect new contracting realities. Contractors should also look forward: Focus on winning new business, rather than relying on old money that may no longer exist. Smart business development strategies include finding new money in the federal budget. For example, the 2012 federal budget includes $81.2 billion in information technology spending, $25 billion of which is new money. Knowing how to leverage sources beyond FedBizOpps, such as GovWin IQ, allows you to take advantage of growing markets and be proactive on opportunities rather than waiting for information to come to you. Sign up today for a free trial of GovWin IQ.

Make Sequestration History (1)
The federal sequester and recent budget cuts— in addition to the 2013 shutdown—mean that federal spending is being scrutinized like never before, putting extra pressure on government contractors. Sequestration was initially put in place to pressure Congress into finding areas where agencies could cut back. Now it’s a set of mandatory budget cuts that would amount to $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years. The bulk of sequestration cuts hit defense agencies, many of which were also stung by tax cuts enacted during the George H. W. Bush administration and by the Budget Control Act (more commonly known as the debt ceiling debate).

“The recent government shutdown, which was not included in the company’s earnings report, cost Lockheed about $15 million to $20 million per week.”
»» Source: Washington Post,

Get Compliant Now (2)
In this environment, contractors must be keenly aware of compliance issues, particularly financial compliance. Contractors find themselves faced with more frequent, extensive data calls and audits. These demand significant time and effort, and they can put current and future contracts at risk.


White Paper

14 Government Contracting Resolutions for 2014

The DCAA performs contract auditing for the Department of Defense and certain other federal agencies. However, heightened compliance risks are not limited to defense contracts. There is greater scrutiny of contracts across federal and civilian agencies as the government works harder than ever to guard against fraud, waste and abuse. Deltek’s new white paper Understanding DCAA Compliance addresses some aspects of what’s known as DCAA compliance, and how you can reduce risk and avoid—and prepare for—audits.

dedicated team of state and local vertical market analysts who provide you with the valuable, focused intelligence will only benefit your business as you make contract-winning decisions in the largest vertical markets. Download our free white paper, The State and Local IT Market: A Refuge from Federal Upheaval, and learn key insights to help you make the most of FY 2014.

Learn Teaming Best Practices (4)
As the federal government gets serious about expanding opportunities for subcontractors and small businesses, primes are finding that teaming is now an essential component of a winning bid. Teaming is the best way to build a history and fill in that critical past performance section in every proposal. In 2014, you will need to approach every potential bid with a list of ways that teaming partners can enhance your offering and improve your performance on the contract once you have won. Many successful contractors already do this, and those who do not risk decreasing their bid evaluation scores. Listen to industry experts for an informative discussion on this topic in the free virtual roundtable Teaming Best Practices You Need to Know. Watch the roundtable now.

Increasing Risk of Audits for Contractors
As part of the 2013 Clarity GovCon Industry Study, Deltek asked government contractors to tell us which audits they have undergone over the past two years. More surprising than the types of audits firms had experienced, was the sheer number of audits. Three out of four contractors reported being audited by a federal agency during 2011 and 2012. Small businesses were equally as susceptible to audits as large businesses. Source: Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry Study, 2013

Enter New Markets (3)
It’s a time of uncertainty in federal government contracting. A slowdown in spending, coupled with sequestration and the 2013 government shutdown, means that federal contractors are looking at adjacent markets to shore up their revenue performance. The federal market may be slowing down, but the state and local market is heating up. It’s a perfect time to look at the state and local government market: After five years of economic downturn, the market is growing again. To be successful in the growing state and local market, you need to be involved early in the procurement lifecycle, understand your prospects’ challenges and goals, know the influencers and decision makers and establish winning teaming relationships. Access to a

Get a Fresh Perspective (5)
Your company is a well-established group of high-level performers who will stop at nothing to fulfill client needs. At least, that’s what you think. Getting a second opinion can be an eye-opening look into areas that need improvement—areas your competition and contracting officers may have already noticed. An outside perspective can help you assess your company’s standing for recompetes, evaluate your skills and open up new contracting areas to pursue. Outside perspectives can also help you solve problems like the one


White Paper

14 Government Contracting Resolutions for 2014

encountered by a Fortune 100 firm when it became overwhelmed with the time-consuming task of researching procurement practices and requirements in every U.S. state. Find out how this major company overcame its challenge. GovWin Consulting offers clients—ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies—highly customized analyses through a hands-on, tailored research approach aligned with client engagement and collaboration. As your trusted partner for government information, we help you make better, smarter business decisions. Sign up for a free consultation.

Deltek’ s Washington Management Group provides all the tools you need to increase revenue and reduce risk with a GSA or VA Schedule. WMG offers a tailored, hands-on approach to obtaining and maintaining your GSA and VA Schedule contract to help you win more government business. Take a closer look at Deltek’s Washington Management Group.

Manage Your Contract Lifecycle (7)
Today’s economic conditions demand that businesses do more with less, reduce their overhead rates and make faster decisions. Are you managing your contracts accordingly? Success in the federal industry requires compliance, cost reductions and data-driven decisions. By streamlining contracts management processes, smart organizations can address each factor head-on and benefit from valuable insights more readily integrated, accessed and shared. Download Deltek’s free demo of the contract management solution designed specifically for government contractors, Deltek Contract Lifecycle Management.

Stay Compliant (6)
One of the most important aspects of becoming a government contractor is complying with a welter of federal rules and regulations. From the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS), contractors are expected to know—and comply with—all of them. Keeping your company compliant with the government’s many rules and regulations— often complicated by the evolution of federal acquisition legislation—can be a difficult task. Noncompliance can levy heavy fees against your bottom line, or worse: Your company could lose its ability to contract with the federal government or even face criminal charges. Ensure that you’re in full compliance with the free white paper Grow Your Business and Stay Compliant through GSA Schedules. Hundreds of companies make millions of dollars every year by providing their services and products to the government through a General Services Administration (GSA) or Veterans Affairs (VA) multiple-award schedules contract. Some of these companies also lose millions of dollars every year because they do not follow the government rules and regulations that go along with their GSA Schedules contracts.

Build Your Pipeline (8)
Task order-based contracts are attracting an increasing share of government spending. Are you positioning your company for the right contract vehicles to support growth? Start assembling the tools you will need, and building an effective strategy to capitalize on available task order opportunities now. Deltek’s experts show you how with the on demand webinar Build & Manage Your Task Order Pipeline for FY 2014. Plus, you’ll gain keen insights on the outlook for task order-based contract vehicles and get the secrets for ramping up your response rate. Watch the on demand webinar.


White Paper

14 Government Contracting Resolutions for 2014

Get to Know Federal IT Trends (9)
Against a backdrop of tightening agency budgets, workforce gaps and policy initiatives is an emphasis on making the federal government more efficient and effective. Agencies have seized on cloud computing and storage as a way to achieve these goals. Deltek forecasts that federal demand for vendor-furnished IT hardware, software, professional and outsourcing services and communications and network services will decline from $112 billion in fiscal 2013 to $102 billion in fiscal 2018 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of -1.9%. Get the free summary and learn key trends and forecasted federal spending in the four main IT market segments and their sub-segments over the next five years. Winning federal IT bids requires methodical analysis of labor rates. For successful government contractors, the research time involved to obtain and manage the right data is substantial. Streamline the pricing process and gain more government business with GovWin IQ’s Federal Labor Pricing. Federal Labor Pricing answers critical questions: • How can I ensure my labor rates are competitive with industry standards? • How can I save valuable time strategizing and analyzing labor rate data? • How can I quickly capture and export pricing information to a centralized location? Take a closer look at GovWin IQ’s Federal Labor Pricing.

Shoot for the Top 20 (10)
Which federal opportunities are sitting on top? We’ve identified the top 20 highest-profile procurements for fiscal 2014. Enter the new fiscal year with industry-leading data and analysis on 20 high-profile procurements totaling more than $160.7 billion in business. Deltek’s free report Top 20 Federal Opportunities for FY 2014 details the $65.5 billion increase in total contract value from fiscal 2013, plus key trends and patterns in anticipated spending, how they compare to prior years and insights on the agencies and industry segments seeking the business. Get the full free report.

If 2014 is the year you make federal contracting a significant percentage of the business you plan to pursue, you will need a free copy of Capturing Federal Business for Dummies.

Capture More Federal Business (11)
Solid capture management can make the difference between frustration and victory. If you knew that the client loved your work, but would be facing steep budget cuts by the next request for proposal (RFP), would you change your pricing structure? How would the knowledge that your biggest competitor just purchased your most reliable small business partner change how you approach your response? It takes time and effort to build a well-oiled capture organization, but your company will not thrive in the business of government contracting without it. Without really knowing your customer, you will be flying blind. If 2014 is the year you make federal contracting a significant percentage of the business you plan to pursue, you will need a free copy of Capturing Federal Business for Dummies.


White Paper

14 Government Contracting Resolutions for 2014

Spread the Knowledge (12)
Government contracting professionals are not born—they’re created. Instead of hoping that your employees learn government contracting through osmosis, develop a way to refresh their knowledge of how contracting works, both generally and in ways specific to your company and market. Deltek’s Government Contracting Resource Center is your best bet for teaching your employees about contracting, as well as expanding your own knowledge. This free portal features: • Contracting 101, which covers contracting concepts in jargon-free plain English • Informational pieces that offer both immediate and long-term insights • Information about prime and subcontracting opportunities and contract awards • Tools to help build and manage your sales pipeline • Purpose-built platforms designed specifically to help you find and win more business.

Make Better Decisions Faster (14)
How you are going to position your company to win more federal business? If sequestration affects your revenue stream, how will you fill the gap? Get a free trial of GovWin IQ, designed to help you make better decisions faster. The benefits of GovWin IQ include: • Comprehensive database of early-stage opportunities to fill your pipeline • Faster access to data on upcoming opportunities to get ahead of your competition • Analysis and visualization tools to quickly make informed decisions • Real-time access to GovWin IQ through your mobile device Get a jump on the competition and start filling your pipeline with a free trial of GovWin IQ.

Be More Social (13)
Social business—or the blending of social technologies and business—is a relatively new concept, but it’s changing the way companies collaborate and compete to win more business. Tools like SharePoint and Yammer focus on enterprise collaboration, but today’s social business techniques require giving both internal and external stakeholders the ability to collaborate on a specific purpose or pursuit, project, task or proposal. Download the free on demand webinar 5 Social Business Techniques that Win More Business and learn how you can utilize social and collaboration tools to increase efficiency and win rates.


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