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An Introduction To Huna: The Discovery of Huna.

In the year 1917, Max Freedom Long, then a young man was in search of employment. He had recently graduated from what is now known as UCLA, it was then known as the Los Angeles Normal School. There was a program that provided teachers for the children of government employees sent to Hawaii. It also provided education to the native Hawaiians. As he was having difficulty finding a job, though his degree was in psychology, he was soon on his way to the then territory of Hawaii as a teacher. He discovered, much to his alarm, that magic was being practiced in the islands by the local priests. Spirits walked. Healings were being done. Weather was being controlled. There were practitioners who could call fish to the shore. Telepathic messages were being sent & received. The priests, called Kahunas, walked on lava flows just hardened enough to sustain their weight and still hot enough to cook meat. People were being prayed to death. Mr. Long, being a school teacher and scientifically educated, went to the head of the Bishop museum, Dr. William Tufts Brigham. Mr. Long requested that Dr. Brigham explain how these charlatans operated. First the head of the museum questioned Long about what he had studied, his reading and what he had observed about the Kahunas and their practices while in Hawaii. Then, much to his dismay, Dr. Brigham told him it was not trickery. When Mr. Long recovered from his shock, Dr. Brigham began his explanation. Dr. Brigham said he had been studying Hawaiian magic for forty years. He told him that it was true magic and that he, Brigham had participated in some of it; though he had never penetrated to the secret of what was really happening. He explained that Kahunas specialized like any profession in the Western world. Some Kahunas were specialists in canoe building. Some were specialists in navigating. Polynesians were probably the best navigators in the world prior to modern science. Certain Kahunas were specialists in spiritual matters and magic. There were the temple Kahunas, who did rituals for the people and the temple as well as magic. There were the fire walking Kahunas. Also there were the Ana Ana Kahunas who prayed people to death. There were healing Kahunas of varying specialties. Some used herbs. Some used manipulation and massage. Then there were also some relied more heavily on psychology. But they all used magic. Dr. Brigham told of a day when he had walked over a hot lava flow under the protection of three Kahunas. They watched the lava flow into an area and caused it to become a pool. Then they waited until it had cooled sufficiently so that it would hold the stones they threw upon it. When it was strong enough to hold a man's weight, they started their rituals. They did their chants and then placed the ritual ti leaves on their bare feet. The ti plant is native to Hawaii and often used in rituals. Dr. Brigham wrapped the ti

There was an instance when a Hawaiian man attending a party had gotten intoxicated and twisted his ankle and fell into a ditch. It was not a prayer. Long what to look for and what questions to ask. These were the ones who could pray people to death. He did not understand it thoroughly. A much feared local Kahuna had sent the curse upon a Hawaiian employee of Dr. A low self spirit was either inherited from an ancestor Kahuna or one he had trapped himself. She commenced her ritual. It was a form of spiritualism. Dr. The spirit sent to kill was called a Unihipili. Brigham. he hesitated. Brigham taught Max Freedom Long that a study of magic must encompass: . Finally they decided to offer his boots as a sacrifice. would have been in trouble himself. with the bone protruding through the skin. But his feet and the feet of the three Kahunas were totally unharmed. He asked Max to take up the study. Then he taught Mr. His boot soles burned off. he sent it back to the sender. When he finished.leaves over his hiking boots. It was sent to the victim to steal their vital forces and the victim died. and started teaching him all he knew up to that point. Brigham had discovered that what the Americans called the death prayer was something else. in his quest for the answers as to what was actually happening. Brigham's turn.A woman Kahuna attending the same party immediately covered the fracture with some ti leaves. He told story after story from his notes about the magic performed by the various Kahunas he had been able to study. The Kahunas informed him that the rituals and that chants only protected feet. He told of his experiences with the Ana'Ana Kahunas. Dr. When she took away the ti leaves. he told Mr. The term will be explained later. coupled with mesmerism. and feared he would never penetrate the veil of secrecy that shroudedthe actuality of what was happening. He could do this because it was one type of Kahuna magic he had enough limited knowledge to thwart. Also if the Kahuna had not been so sure no one could stop his power and had neglected to protect himself. He had been able to turn a death prayer back upon the Ana'Ana Kahuna who had sent it. Using his own natural powerful voice and persuasive abilities over some hours. Brigham's. When it came Dr. The twist caused a compound fracture. He brought out all of his notes and case histories. the leg was whole and uninjured. Long that he was growing old. They gave him a shove to get him started. His socks burned off. They could not guarantee his shoes or socks. The American's name for what they did was the death prayer. He ran as fast as he could to avoid falling or burning.

This idea of the dominant culture assuming that dominance equated superiority. Max returned to the mainland. with each root sound having meaning. Also because the Hawaiians were of a spiritual and mental culture. Unihipili. A study of magic must include an understanding of the nature of Man. The medium or substance through which the force operates. physical and material being. Max remembered that all the Hawaiians knew the Kahunas taught that man had two souls or spirits.1. Max Freedom Long worked with Dr. After a total of sixteen years of trying to break the code of silence while living in the Hawaiian Islands. like all Polynesian tongues. before anything else. and when broken down revealed the subconscious mind. the European and North American cultures considered them savage and not worth listening to or believing. He continued to ponder the problem. that it would take an immense library to hold it. Brigham until his death and alone thereafter. The force involved in making the magic. All the people who had come to Hawaii from the mainland were either Christians or having been born into Christian culture. in Huna we call it mana. Long went to his Hawaiian-English Dictionary. So Mr. Man is a spiritual being. they were not literate. totally materialistic. We know there is a force involved. He realized that in order to pass on their lore. Preliterate is preferable. By this is meant the true psychology of Man. 2. It had all the attributes of the scientifically . Perhaps it would take more than one huge library. had accepted the Christian idea of 1 soul or spirit per person. The Polynesians had not invented writing. was one of the three spirits of man. The first word checked was Unihipili. until he finally had his insight. People have many explanations about what the consciousness is and some know something about the substances. They had never even entertained the possibility that the Hawaiians might know more than they did about the nature of mankind. But he is also an emotional. has lost us so much knowledge and wisdom down through history. and started checking out the root meanings for the Hawaiian words for different spirits. The consciousness causing the magic. It was accepted on such a basic level that no one even thought to consider an alternative explanation. These roots are placed together to make words. the priests had to use oral language. is made up of small root sounds. not the so-called study of Man that is totally mundane. The term illiterate is not correct as it implies a short coming. Hawaiian. because the Hawaiians were not literate. he soon discovered. Though they were a highly intelligent people. Science falls short on one side and religion on the other. 3.

For the history of Huna and the work of discovery which still goes on. how in 1932 he had been trying to sell his camera store in Honolulu. Max never claimed his wisdom was handed down from a mountain top. the caretaker of the physical body. He was having no success so went to consult a woman Kahuna of his acquaintance." Max lived in Vista California. He wrote in his bulletin that he hoped in his next incarnation there would be enough books about Huna around to help him in his spiritual growth. emotions. I wrote to Mr. I said if it was true there were more books. "The Introduction to Huna".delineated subconscious. He was less formal in the journal than in the books. The Kahuna told him he would write eight books. The prediction was valid. The price was whatever we contributed. praying and many others. and. His journal was named "The Huna Vista. The Secret Science Behind Miracles. "The Secret Science at Work". But I must relate what I found about Max's writings first. She consulted her God-self (Aumakua) and advised him correctly how to go about selling his store to his only competitor. I purchased the books available and the others as he wrote them. There were four more to complete to achieve the eight seen in the vision. the next four would go faster and easier. Long irregularly and tried my best to keep abreast of things Huna. So in a sense this book is written for Max in whatever incarnation he has or will reenter this plane. There are many things that could have prevented the writing of the full eight books. The prediction was valid though. gotten ill or simply quit writing. as well as for other readers. Max related in the book. Max Freedom Long had started a journal for those who were interested in enlarging our knowledge of Huna. . It is a proof of sorts also. memory. This would have invalidated the prediction. I will deal with what is the science of Huna as we go along. She could see no further. but these are the basic ones to start with. Max never claimed to be a great soul or a secret high initiate. Mr. Max wrote that at the time of writing the book I was reading it was 1947 and he had at that time written four books. saying he felt he needed at least one or more incarnations first. despite his obvious great wisdom. He was always humble and self depreciating. She said the first four would be difficult and take a long time to write. I told my friend the book made sense to me. There are more. He wanted to write. Max could have died. We went to check books in print and sure enough there were more books. Long did not even claim to be ready for graduation to the Aumakua level. He never claimed to be incarnated from advanced space people or anything outlandish. It was 1961 or 1962 when I was reading the prediction. "The Secret Science Behind Miracles". even stamps were acceptable. We studied and participated in experiments when possible. plus telepathy. Then he asked her to check his future as to another desire of his. we look to the three books by Max Freedom Long.

Mr. truth and wisdom were paramount. Long considered himself a student of advanced Huna lore who was passing things on as soon as he learned them. He could easily have claimed his family came from a long line of Kahunas. Who would have known? After all Max spent many years in Hawaii. To Max Freedom Long. He told the truth to the best of his ability. Long could have concocted almost any tale and have found people to believe him. The truth is that the study and work he did during his lifetime would have easily won him one in any recognized field. He seemed to feel that people who set themselves too high were in danger of letting their egotism get the best of them. standing in the way of their search for truth and wisdom. The only thing that stopped him was his innate honesty and modesty. The field of Metaphysics gains no recognition in the academic world. though since his death others seem to have conferred it on him. Then he stated the evidence that he had and suggest the readers should come to their own conclusions. Max could have claimed a secret initiation. It would have been so very easy for him to mislead people. Two things about Mr. Long I admired the most were his modesty and honesty. Long never claimed he had been initiated by Kahunas into their lore. He never claimed anything about himself that was not the truth. . He never claimed the title Doctor. Max was always ready to kid himself and not take himself too seriously. He felt he was obligated to probe for the truth as thoroughly as he possibly could and present it to the readers in the plainest way possible. He never claimed to be anointed by the Gods to impart the wisdom he had discovered. Others have done it.Mr. Mr.