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Events that work for everyone
National Events
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Introduce an all-inclusive price ticket for all Labour Students’ events Run a review of the ‘limited funding available’ scheme to ensure that it provides better support Continue to reduce the cost of events to our members Work to introduce communal transport to national events: Run Labour Students’ coaches Would reduce cost for members Nobody would have to travel alone; enabling members to attend

Better communication and transparency about national elections: Fully published programme of elections Inform early of delegacy elections

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Run training at events to ensure that we are an effective force in the 2015 General Election Produce a ‘Guide to…’ for all events to increase accessibility: Send out guide to all Clubs, new members, and publish on the website Increasing accessibility and break down the barriers or apprehensions that members have about attending national events

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Labour Party Campaigns Officer of Sheffield Labour Students Regularly run events with speakers and candidates at Sheffield Labour Students Youth Officer of Sheffield Central CLP Campaigning Coordinator for Crookes BLP Previously President of Richard Huish Politics Society Member of GMB

“Matthew has some great ideas for expanding Labour Students, making it a larger and more effective campaigning organisation that reaches out to all its members, leading up to the 2015 General Election ” - Caroline Hill, President of UCLU Labour

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Ensure all events inclusive Ensure non-drinkers are adequately catered for, even when the socials are informal Run a review of the ‘limited funding available’ scheme to ensure that it provides better support Ensure that we remember Labour Students is not just undergraduates but also FE: Support the setting up of FE Clubs Increase accessibility of national events for under-18s

Ensure the voices of all liberation groups are empowered through ample allotted time during events

Events that work for everyone
“I'm supporting Matthew because he has some fantastic ideas for making Labour Students more accessible and welcoming to new members. I think both these things are really important to Labour Students as an organisation, but also in the run up to the General Election”
- Caitlin O’Kelly, Chair of University of York Labour Club

Support Labour Clubs

Communication that works
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Introduce a regional touring events programme: Visit different cities and different Clubs with events on a regular basis Increasing the profile of Labour Clubs

Run a monthly Q&A Utilise the Labour Students website Ensure that there is proper notice given for events: Everyone should have the opportunity to play their part

Support Labour Clubs working with Regional Coordinators Run training sessions for Labour Clubs: Provide training sessions for Labour Clubs on how to run successful events Improve communication, accessibility, effectiveness Enable Clubs to grow

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Increase use of social media to publicise events Support communication between Regional Coordinators and Labour Clubs Advocate better democracy, transparency and accountability from within the Labour Students Committee

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