Andrew Dieck

Thank You, I Know My Way Out Andrew Dieck

Well Greased Press

Brooklyn, 2013



’   .WHAT IS A PRICE? A hoax-based ontological principle as entertainment-based adventure. It’s what makes the chowder ‘special.

HILARIOUS ABSOLUTE DAYBREAK I had none of those things either so there’s no story here four breaths then exhale then rotate when you arrive at the ordained place eye compensates for blind spot no so much in as on top of the sudden other thing to be responsible to it was early morning what just wants to die living inside a hint the devastation is aimless I think I might choke on this sheet draped over the real I equate art with the necessity of noncompliance so the instrument of knowledge plays only when the beloved’s head turns from passing to being I don’t want to tell you what to think I do I’d love you just the same if you didn’t talk whenever I feel fine I want to walk away from all of this   .

WE BUY GOLd/WE ARE REIMBURSEd in the apartment with the window wide open where what is ‘almost off ’ terraforms its relation to the gold subaltern thought in its removal or that I may be relieved when whatever it is that has caused me to think my life specific becomes habituated to a nodding out in the corridor making the sign for the shape of kindness but still literally asleep inside the lacuna of demands directed towards my assistant I have been horrible about forcing the arrival of an obligatory glottal stop in the mouths of those around me so much noise comes in from the adjoining room the warmth of the subject I communicate to myself as different parts of the body react to heat and light and ideas calling me all night to a history of solutions yet to be exposed to the heart condition the ersatz comfort of a personal shell game .

if drink and drive were just one letter with free samples of ordinance we buy gold/we are reimbursed with a bridge with a name on it and more just technique the world cannot contain enough sympathy as the chairwoman lifts up her hands ready to ready the orchestra of my watching the thing the one I love is doing I never want to make you feel that whatever I’m doing’s fine it doesn’t love you like I love you so flip me off in the spotlight of this all too rational gap in the chain of exchange acts I do not in any way want to ‘cope’ with the omission in the new enclosure as long as you repeat the word cake’s brute encouragement [Instrumental] in the antechamber in the clubhouse  .

SKULLS oh. I’ll trust anything she was telling me / about the collages how convinced I am the slow purposeful clapping after the rehearsal of everything that’s already happened   .

SwEET MOVIE cloudy public agent don’t over obey chemicals inside an oriel pretty soon the shield that greets you will be removed and the invitation to tell all won’t be and secreted away in the magic cave will be a word repeated waiting to be taken apart for a hidden name to which it cannot fail to respond who painted the heavy rose? how much of it do we need? life on earth is evil and us always in the wrong linguistic moment it’s a celebration I invite myself to a celebration I will invite myself to to keep the promise that this red flag will triumph over the misfortunes of virtue   .

WHAT DOES IT MATTER I was born with something in my mouth a kind of spreadable fat of the bad idea I’m about to do and the tendency in me towards party when even smoke sucked and tried not to want I’d argue but all I can manage is to return to the word ‘enthusiasm’ without real names only the understanding that it is a color a rainbow in the spatiotemporal electrochemical pattern seeing is belief pale as a kind of snow as a marvel a wonder of scars .

  and still there are truths you do not believe shifting in her niche while I was away to have stopped caring in ‘87 to have used my hands on the dull tongs when the convulsions subsided heaven is a place where we do what you want till day when you do your part to the delicate yes it’s not that I am not yet qualified to receive your fellowship it is simply that each year my application is not good enough .

THIS IS ALSO YOUR RETURN ENVELOpE the cinematography utilizes the setting night comes down moving naked over the wound we do not know who ‘they’ are amidst my language of consent presumably dark within the inner world it’s not possible to eat this again so gracefully they evade the half light .

The Antidote so we know that some 1 person is chasing some 1 ahead friends belonging to us in a number of very important senses and in sharing our unpreparedness every day one rehearses what was once achieved by the most extreme exertion of thought knowing now that even with the most successful plant on our heart lung bypass I cannot make back enough to pay off the company store.IdENTITY WITHOUT THE PERSON But where longing is longer the wild persists and I am making a ‘safe space’ for violence… Jack Frost . satisfied with the list of written demands which was neither kindness nor a different kind of crime neither vocabulary used at the expense of the other the dramatic sound of breath through a tube’ll take a tranquilizer and sleep before impressed to ochre before this rehearsed critique of material status rolled in the sugar pukes like a girl only hoping that into the purple resource on the doorstop .

levitating I frankincense. suddenly.’ . I hot to the touch with the apparition in the crypt always already in the stress position’s un-repose treachery abounds & keys the addresses out of the shining wrappers bolted to the fire door of this high-velocity delivery system for privileged emotional knowledge actually waiting for absolute silence actually using the word practice with its vague commitment to your dowry ‘today for the first time in 15 years I woke up liberated from the silence of Mme.singing a little oppositional song meanwhile. and many sided but not designed for comfort or the maintenance of ‘real life’ as long as the curve of immediacy rests on a platform consumed in opposition people come by people come by people are coming by I am here to give you hope were I amethyst. the guests. as things that were not me. leave me and then the strange character of my gender falls out thought up outside of working hours and solved as quickly as possible fed into the ideal of an infinitely divisible stretch intelligible. seductive. I gold. amulet.

So where longing is longer the wild persists and I am making a ‘safe space’ for violence… in this picture of us doing us “how we do” where the problem is no longer my intention to still kill the messenger for access to the diamond shaped thing that constitutes your green zone but instead that a lack of privacy is boring that affinity isn’t comfortable that it is entirely possible to decide what to take and what to leave behind there is no need to feel better than another day whatever might quiver without the law forgetting is forgiving that the banjee realness of my heart was not “ready and waiting” in the ‘cylinder’   .please release me from this schema for an undisturbed capacity for enjoyment in the workings of the ‘device’ as every day I go in fear of fear and In love with you and her sociality at once as where this friend had been while alive in the world is a hole inside me now and it wants everything as all I do and did relates to knowing and loving him still.

STRATEgIC GRILL LOCATIONS we cannot know / from this data set alone / What happened in the parking lot its smeared black lace the symptom of the ghettoized disease of parquet courts his imitation lipstick pizzicato of glass moratorium to home the spirit only gets to talk if it doesn’t fit visiting the exile of the word / for what you / ask of me / your floodlights sitting in a cooler with a frame so loose it buzzes I would like to sell you this lithe dog in an eruption of mutual aid .

Which I consider solidarity. as though to protect the sequester it advertises.” I pretend to agree I pretend to work I am paid  .learning voodoo to ward off the surplus sure light the candles in the bathroom its fucked up that that animal is your companion this is time not happening even the best good deal is only good enough whatever is ‘you’ gets to go to the waterpark how is the creature to sleep? ‘cuz it’s just the wrong corpse purring the rich timbre and hearing the ‘swamp’ rise 100% All 100% Information Literary Success Gentlemen’s Agreements peak data recalcitrant cops “So that the last trials could be administered in an ambiance of relaxed understanding. Reading.

HOw WILL I KNOw WHEN THEY MAKE A MISTAKE? let’s hold that word in the air its sterilized syrup futuristic and enveloped in a synthetic expression emanating from the idea of a forest Its leaf of gold stands impassive in the hollow of a little alabaster column on a very black pedicel. to finally be let go but meanwhile actually understanding pretty well one’s way around the athenaeum I know when I’m not hunted rubbing the award against the surface of the public procedure of what I could call my white life   .

  . It was free.WHAT IS A PRICE? I took all I could.

. when I say I believe that women have a soul and that its sub- I understand that the obvious goal of this spiritual journey is to make health illegal there are lots of different meanings to the word ‘collateral’ one is ‘you were not the one I was thinking of ’ or ‘we are here we are comfortable we are listening’ I no longer have any excuse for envy of the séance or any place built like a glove to fit the hand of the that which holds me in its gaze and in its hand while remaining inaccessible to me a gift too simple to be despised in the eyes of everyone I meet in the half dome stance contains two carbon rings the picture in the foreground makes it difficult to find its application back where corridors get lost in ritual sacrifice and hidden bleeding.These Surfaces for Rent It is difficult to say exactly what constitutes a habitable country happiness lacks texture So.

as love and thinking turn up the same in uninvited waiting for a brittle summer panic hidden underneath the impossible demands of a nationalist tent the fungibility of people and services twelve million people in airplanes the food on the flight historicity remains a secret at least as long as time lets these nouns out into the whole of organizational disciplinary systems amplifies the bells into a putative sculpture garden where ideas presuppose us then extend into what appears to be time and then it is unclear that it is us who we are truly watching .just enough claustrophobic but not enough ‘surprised by its own violence’ more or less a lot of [ ] with [ ] while somewhere else empathy is ‘becoming rent’ Secrecy is the last word of the gift which is the last word of the secret.

it is all too obvious that it cannot be experienced entirely in good later on in the garage the conceit masquerades as protection against the conspiracy of the real first in one direction then opposite the anticipatory movement in the superstructure forestalled with goodies for the king we collect ourselves and describe as ‘flamenco’ I have been so closed and fearful of people touching me because I don’t know how to do it. while somone overused the phrase ‘the light caught the edge of the blade’ the light caught the edge of the blade what do you mean when you say a thing ‘has’ music? . crippled things flapping in a deep nest. a cage. the birds of the hands. without embarrassment and shame –oh. there’s only this strong desire to touch. But yesterday I put my hand on my doctor’s arm… the entire pile of antiques goes white beside the absurd persistence of domination confidence tricks dissociatives of varying weight and texture blue incandescent guillotines cosmetics in the present tense to ‘get away with’ is a site specific pearl they tend to from grace note to heimlich with its individual trade parts in a lucky dream so Despite the faint air of nostalgia that still surrounds the feast day.

‘The Majority’ are those who have passed away from us cold calling the subject and I know because of who I am I cannot employ my ‘little girl voice’ to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind you are an example of the glowing circle around the sun polydactyl and gregarious face full of celebration because to have a ‘voice’ is altogether too much as news is the person and love the shape of his compulsion in the musical phrase it’s a pity this life comes with so many opportunities for stunt work on the side we who have guessed a section of the password correctly we who ‘know more than we believe’ as whatever gate comes down over whomever’s small husband just being in front of you forces the minor threat of coherence holding oneself completely horizontal a behavior so direct it flirts with terror we love everyone who loves us without exception all of them turning to the same structural problem / that the outside is bigger but strategically no more visible than the inside / that there’s a little darkness to any square deal / that I can only give the rest to whom I would like to give all / that .

the features of the human face are unsure and aleatory always in the process of being undone and erased like those of a transitory being: ‘who knows’ who arrives like hospitality outside the behavior called ‘help’ inhale / breathe deeply and there is the mountain of the interior of relational capacities and a whole bunch of ‘free labor’ why should enjoyment be discursive? as if by silent we mean ‘prostitute’ in the past tense it’s scary to gorge like that / on the ‘temporary nothing’ within which life slides on in cosmogenic agency and embarrassing that everyone lived when for example technically the ‘societal’ is a straw man whose meaning lies in a methodical predicting of unforeseen circumstances technically it’s a grain silo and the more the trees are exquisitely ‘palm’ the more it is so so wrong to look .

I looked away when it was cowardly to look away I inspected forbidden areas I lit the candles with my own personal hand Even if one supposes that it does not take away with one hand what it gives with the other… Civilization does not of itself exist/there is no such thing as society while waiting for the dice roll feature of the security system the accuser is always wrong / I miss you when you’re around and I’m sorry that I feel like I’m choking you but I feel like that’s the point so hold on while I take this creepy breath people don’t go to heaven when they die they’re taken to a special room and burned there will be a party and then an after party and it’s my responsibility to forget everything .

Thank You. NY April. I Know My Way Out was printed in Brooklyn. 2013 in an edition of 100 of which this is ____ Work remains free of copyright. .

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