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The MIRACLE 6 Quick Guide to Understanding the Nature of (Ph sics and Mathe!atics" of #i$ine La% for Ph sica& Manifestation Through '(iritua& Matrices and # na!ic Intent

Introduction Music intimately affects your soul. It inspires creativity, moves emotions, and transforms physical matter by its pure power. In the beginning, The Book of Genesis reveals, there was only God and his word. The Supreme ne sang the universe into e!istence in si! days. The planets, spheres of sound, continue to vibrate in space"an electromagnetic matri! of the #reator$s %ivine physics and mathematics. They dance with colors that reflect their sacred origin. &ike the 'niversal (ather)Mother, ancient people used music and song as *soul food* to reach higher realms of thought and greater well"being. +salms were sung in a sacred scale, a special set of sounds, designed to nourish and uplift spirits to their Source. 'nfortunately, over the millennia, these tones were changed, and the spiritually uplifting impact of this %ivine music was suppressed. ,ow, with the Spiritual renaissance upon us, at our time of greatest need, these tones and their applications are being recovered. -verything in the physical universe, in fact, is crystalli.ed mathematics. God/s language is math. Theologies in most popular religions reflect one %ivine &aw of physics and mathematics. In other words, everything manifests through math. Spoken words and)or sacred geometric forms, known throughout the millennia to be associated with miraculous manifestations, are essentially mathematical formulas directing dynamic movement of energy inter"dimensionally. -ach of these mathematical formulas, be they spoken words, for e!ample, in prayer or affirmation, or geometric forms, relay spiritual energy. That is, these mathematical formulas create electromagnetic waves and subatomic particles that enter, and)or affect, according to scientists, at least nine dimensions. ur physical realities and universal substances merely reflect crystalli.ation of these wave)particles from several dimensions into 0ust three. There are many theories and proven facts that help e!plain this process of physical manifestation from spiritual realms. 1egardless of the one2s3 to which you may subscribe, one thing remains certain"miracles happen. They occur regardless of whether or not you

believe in science, religion, or spirituality. They manifest whether you believe in magic or not. 4ou/ve heard the saying, 5Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.6 The fact is there are Sacred &aws that govern everything"including making wishes come true. The MI17#&- 8 fre9uency delivery appliance, as you are about to discover, focuses on this wish"making as a truly %ivine, manifesting process. It begins with your heart"felt desires that reflect your clear intent and God/s will to produce positive outcomes and change. The MI17#&- 8, as you will increasingly learn, is an advancing technology that, because it works so well, must be used very :IS-&4. therwise, like the saying above predicts, your wishes coming true may not be supportive to your highest good. In fact, power or might, directed without wisdom, is often deadly. INITIAL WARNING: If you use the MIRACLE 6, you must sincerely and critically e amine your highest !alues and optimal good in an effort to "urify your e "ressed and directed intent# If you don$t, as many "eo"le %ith im"ure intentions ha!e learned usin& the MIRACLE 6, you %ill rea" 'i#e#, manifest( %hat you ha!e foolishly so%n# 7lternatively, 5where there is a will, there/s a way.6 The MI17#&- 8, wisely directed, will help you bring to fruition, usually very fast, the best things in life. )u""ressed *io+Electric Technolo&ies and Thera"ies This knowledge and technology has been royally suppressed for decades, at minimum. In the television series 5Star Trek,6 %r. 5Bones6 treated sick people with a little electrical device. Suddenly, seconds later, they were miraculously healed. Science fiction; ,o, it/s 9uite possible. In fact, it$s where medicine should be today, and would be if it wasn$t for the suppression of knowledge initially advanced during the late <=>>s by ,ikola Tesla and later his students, such as 1oyal 1. 1ife. (or those who have never heard of this possibility)technology, bioelectrics, like everything else, began when God created the 'niverse. #hristians marvel how the Messiah 4eshua healed so many people. Muslims and ?ews alike wonder how God heals people; :hen you go to sleep at night, you$re tired but when you wake up in the morning, you$re re0uvenated. @ow does that happen; It$s all through electromagnetics, that is, spiritual mathematics and physics. In fact, this is why o!ygenation therapies are so powerful in helping heal nerve damage. The o!ygen molecule carries a lot of the magnetic charges. @omeopathics work similarly because of electromagnetic fre9uencies stored in water molecules mostly composed of o!ygen attached to hydrogen. The water molecule actually forms a triangular structure that in three dimensions looks like a pyramid. 4ou/ve likely heard of 5pyramid power;6 In fact, that sacred geometric structure produces a si!"sided he!agonal 5Star"of"%avid6 appearing shape when two molecules combine as is often the case with 5clustered water.6 This type of water, scientists only recently learned, forms the supportive matri! of every %,7 strand in your body. This water is also responsible for more than A> percent of the active function of %,7.

@erbal remedies as well as essential oils work largely because they are mostly composed of electromagnetically charged particles, especially o!ygen. &ike essential oils, medicinal herbs have their own specific fre9uency signals. Much like spiritual, hands"on, healers these Godly creations relay spiritual messages, energy blessings, to essentially channel God/s love to miraculously heal people. -very bacteria, virus, fungus, or illness, likewise has its own fre9uency signature. The art and science of homeopathics is based on this premise. @ere, clinicians match the fre9uency of the homeopathic 2or nosode3 to the specific disease fre9uency to obtain healing. -very phenomenon above is best e!plained by current knowledge in physics and mathematics. ?ust like radio signals relay messages, and computers effect virus scans, electromagnetic memory, and systems repair, so too are miracles possible, if not probable, by intelligently applying our current knowledge.

*ioelectric Technolo&ies 7 good resource to understand this burgeoning field of electro"medicine is Healing Codes for the Biological 7pocalyps 2Tetrahedron +ublishing Group, <AAA. <"==="B>="CD=DE FhttpG))www.tetrahedron.orgH 3. In fact, many doctors have said this is must reading for any practitioner or consumer interested in the field of energy medicine. 7s e!plained therein, and in the book Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scriptures, Natural Medicine and Modern Science 2Tetrahedron +ublishing Group, I>>>3, a number of researchers have developed a wide array of healing machines. Some use sound, light, color, radionics, prayer, and even combinations thereof. 7ll of these applications are used by MIRACLE 6. bviously, sound can effectively destroy viruses that are largely crystalline in nature. -lla (it.gerald/s famous commercial in which she sang a high pitched note that shattered a crystal glass is a good e!ample. The effect of ultraviolet light is also a very well known e!ample. 7nother e!ample involves the healing power of sunlight. Most people know that sunlight cures 0aundice in infants, and that people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder are made well by full spectrum lighting or sunlight. 1adionics employs another deeper level of electromagnetic energy physics. The manner in which this works is similar to the phenomenon of dowsing. I was stunned the first time I ever witnessed dowsing, or divining rod usage. I needed to e!cavate a ditch for a water pipe to my orchard. I knew I would cross another metal water pipe, but did not know where this was. @itting it meant a large e!pensive problemJ (ortunately, the backhoe operator was a seasoned dowser. @e asked me to supply him with two coat hangers that he 9uickly transformed into two dowsing rods. I thought he was cra.y walking around my yard with his arms and these metal rods e!tended out parallel. Suddenly, and ama.ingly, those two metal rods converged and crossed. 5@ere it isJ6 he yelled.

Still, I though he was nuts. 7 few minutes later I learned that I was the deluded oneJ @e dug precisely down where the dowsing rods had indicated. &o and behold there it was"the metal pipe we were looking forJ @e e!plained that very subtle energy vibrations and subatomic particles made their way up from the pipe and communicated with the dowsing rods making them shift to identify the pipe/s e!act location. I didn/t fully comprehend the truth in what he was saying until I began to study 9uantum physics and even radionic energy capabilities 7nother, even more startling proof of this phenomenon as applied to healing involved two friends"one a naturopathic doctor, and the other a Kirlian photographer. The doctor/s wife was ill when her Kirlian photograph was taken. The image was transferred digitally directly into the photographers laptop computer and then saved. That night he left ,orthern Idaho to return to Toronto, #anada. %uring the ne!t few days the doctor successfully treated his wife using a very advanced machine called the 5Luad Med6 that works very similarly to the MIRACLE 6. 7 few days later, the photographer decided to take another look at the woman/s image to study the energy blocks related to her illness, that he had noted and documented. To his shoc , they had suddenly disappearedJ :hat had occurred transcended the limitations of time and space"precisely the capabilities of energetic transmissions as determined by 9uantum physics and interdimensional mathematics. 7s the machine, which transmits subatomic radionic and scaler energies, affected the woman, her body energy field healed. The healing was reflected across the time)space continuum from the 'nited States into #anada, two days later, and across ,orth 7mericaJ


!"r#$er F#ci%it#tor&

This most and powerful consumer device, the MI17#&- 8 2the full name is (%7 'ltraMK MI17#&- 8. See 5#laims and %isclaimers6 below.3, is e9ually as powerful as the Luad Med at a fraction of the cost. (ive generational prototypes of the MI17#&- 8 were developed by a spiritually sensitive computer genius, physicist, and mathematician, -rnie Mega. :e combined our knowledge and efforts to develop this new, e!traordinary invention"the MI17#&- 8. The Bible often refers to prayer power that can be increased through repetition and multiplied by increased numbers 5gathered in @is name.6 The MI17#&- 8 helps to accomplish precisely this. Its computer"operated program will transform your desktop from a work place to a prayer space. The additional power provided with this machine amplifies your prayers 2and intent3 thousands of times through a mathematically formulated energy vorte! and field multipliers. &et me demystify this concept for you.

#ontrary to what some false fundamentalist dogmas portend against the use of 5supernatural6 forces to effect positive outcomes, God relays @is position in the Bible. In -.ekiel <N, for instance, @e chastises false prophets who prophesy 5out of their own thoughts6 2<NGI3 or egos. @e makes it clear that those who 5produce false divinations6 2<NG83, that is, use God/s supernatural forces falsely or for evil, will be harshly 0udged. -.ekiel 2<NGII"IN3 records, 5Because you have disheartened the righteous with your lies when I was not trying to cause them pain and have encouraged the wicked not to turn from their wicked ways and thus be saved, therefore you will have no more futile visions, and you will produce no more divinations. I will rescue my people from your clutches, and you will know that I am 7donai 27donai is the @ebrew word for God. This 9uote is from The Complete !ewish "ible available through the FhttpG))www.tetrahedron.orgH bookstore.3 -very religion agrees that 4ahMah is the Great #reator of everything, and the 57dversary6 creates nothing e!cept deception and destruction of God/s healthy, whole, and harmonic creations. #learly, there are false prophets and true prophets. @ere God counsels against the use of @is creations"visions"by egocentric false prophets. @e tells them @e will take away @is gift of divination, because they have used it for evil. -.ekiel e!plains that 4ahMah does not tolerate the misuse of @is 5supernatural6 inventions, that is, the misuse of @is spiritual)supernatural powers)technologies that should be used ,&4 ( 1 G %, and to B1I,G G % G& 14. 7s 4ahMah warns here, devil"doers who use @is technology falsely will be harshly 0udged. 7s mentioned previously, if you misuse the MI17#&- 8, it will backfire on you. This is added empirical proof that that MI17#&- 8 works, and is a profound blessing from God. 7nyone attempting to use this powerful machine falsely, or do harm with it, are one again warned about the 9uick and severe punishment they are likely to receive. That is simply the way it is because the MI17#&- 8 is e!pressly designed to follow and apply God/s &aws of mathematics and physics. Thus, this is virtually the only warning or 5contraindication6 concerning the MI17#&- 8/s use that you must be made aware.

Ho' (oe) the MIRACLE

Wor* to M#ni+e)t Mir#c%e)?

If you have ever e!perienced the miraculous power of prayer, then you will likely have less difficulty understanding the power of the MI17#&- 8 to produce miracles. God created the universe, records Genesis, in si! days using the spoken word. :ords, again, are sound. Sounds are acoustic)electromagnetic fre9uencies 2@ert. or cycles per second3. This reflects basic knowledge of math and physics. It also underlies creationism"which is, contrary to popular belief and pseudoscientific propaganda, a proven fact of nature as proven by the science of cymatics and as detailed in Healing Codes #or the "iological Apocal$pse and Healing Celebrations.

The protocol for using the MI17#&- 8 employs pra$er and the intent o# pra$er, translated into its fundamental math and physics in the following se9uenceG <3 4our heart felt prayer is typed into the intent window, I3 7 translation program 2mathematical formula3 deciphers and records the alphanumerics of your prayer, N3 ptionally, your prayer can be amplified with harmonious colored light, C3 4ou may also elect to amplify your prayer)intent by superimposing a sacred geometric form that additionally reflects your prayer)intent. (or instance, you may superimpose the the structure of a medicinal herb to reinforce the healing prayer, ,e!t, type the beneficiary2ies3 name2s3 into the beneficiary window which functions much like a receptor well of a radionic machine. B3 ptionally, superimpose another geometric form pertaining to the desired outcome over the beneficiary/s identification and location. 83 ,e!t, you 5Set6 the program)process by a click of the mouse during heart"felt prayer. The program then directs the #+' of the computer to emit a surveillance 2signature recogni.ance3 signal for N> feet in circumference around the #+'. :ithin this territory, any coherent electromagnetic mathematical fre9uency, that is, linear coherent signal as opposed to surrounding 5noise,6 is recorded. In other words, your heart"felt prayer emits a coherent electromagnetic fre9uency 2mathematical3 signal to 4ahMah, which is recorded by the computer program as well. The computer, 2as is obviously the case with God3 first identifies this mathematically coherent 2non" linear3 record of your heart/s intent 2prayer3. It does this by simply searching the environment for N> feet surrounding the #+' to identify a coherent harmonic non"linear resonance pattern consistent with your typed prayer)intent, as opposed to the chaotic, disharmonious, resonance patterns being emitted by everything else, 2i.e., background 5noise63. Stated another way, the signal resonance and harmonics of your heart"felt intent 5signature,6 is perceivably, mathematically, and recordably different from every other more chaotic signal available in your room at that time. D3 ,e!t, this coherent mathematical se9uence)signal is repeatedly sent out from the computer as soon as you 5start6 the program. In fact, your prayer signal goes out repeatedly thousands of times per second for as long as you like. This is accomplished through the use of a repeater module. This module pulses the coherent pattern out to an e!it point on a mathematically formulated energy vorte!. This proprietary mathematically formulated energy vorte! operates on what has been termed 5.ero"point energy6 so that it can continue to function optimally without robbing energy from your computer or you. 'sing this system, designed by God, your energy)prayer)intent typically returns very 9uickly and efficiently. 7lternatively, the key blocks to the hastened manifestation of your miracle2s3 become obvious. nce these are brought to awareness, and effectively dealt with by additional prayer if needed, God manifests your miracles.

Medical and )ystem ,ynamics Ad!isory: 4ou may be familiar with what is called the heimer Reaction#/ This is a commonly observed phenomenon following homeopathic or deto!ification therapies whereby diseased individuals e!perience a worsening of their symptoms for a brief period of time prior to complete symptom resolution and return to optimal health. This reflects God/s natural laws for healing. Thus, this reaction is often apparent with the MI17#&- 8 as well, and should be welcome as part of the healing process. 7gain, in the case of the MI17#&- 8, the 5@er!heimer 1eaction6 may occur in an effort to e!tinguish related energy blockages or eliminate disease inducing co"factors, that are commonly 2usually subconsciously3 influencing, if not effecting, disease outcomes. The @er!heimer reaction aside, you will find working with the MI17#&- 8 spiritually uplifting, fun, e!citing, fascinating, and highly rewarding. Its universal applications set it #ar apart from any other healing machine in the world today. Mirtually every problem re9uiring prayer would be benefited by using the MI17#&- 8. @ere are a couple of e!amplesG 1egarding the current anthra! and biological warfare problem with which we must contend, the MI17#&- 8 can help. By simply programming the MI17#&- 8 to guard a person or a family from 7nthra!, that spiritual)electromagnetic protection will be placed. @ow/s that for eliminating fear 2which is ungodly3J (urthermore, if a person is e!posed to anthra!, by programming the MI17#&- 8 to prevent infection or boost immunity, 5Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.6 Since there is no disease in heaven, and all miracles are possible, guess what; 4ou/re protected. If someone else gets sick with anthra!, the MI17#&- 8 can be programmed in several ways to help restore health. (irst, the crystalline structures of antibiotics 2including #I+1 3 are stored in the MI17#&- 8/s database. The resonance of these structures can be broadcast into the ailing person. This way, the person can be positively affected by the antibiotic/s harmonics without e!periencing any negative side effects. 2@ow/s that for stealing Satan/s thunder, and the pharmaceutical industry rewards for devil doingJ3 :ant to help resolve this global conflict, or 57merica/s ,ew :ar;6 The Bible teaches us to turn to urgent prayer. That/s why we have installed a MI17#&- 8 linked to our 57pocalypse +revention +ro0ect6 on the FhttpG))www.tetrahedron.orgH website. Simply pray for world peace, and then when your heart is set on this loving intent, click on the 5start6 function to send your prayer out to God, 0oining millions of others who are likewise praying for world peace at this critical time.

,ut there) +#r -ore $ou c#n do 'ith the MIRACLE .

<3 4ou can make clustered waterJ That/s right, instead of spending appro!imately OB> person, per month, by buying clustered water, the MI17#&- 8 has a pre"set clustered water production program. Simply take a gallon of steam distilled water in a glass 0ar, click the clustered water function on the MI17#&- 8, set the timer, click start, and within minutes you have a gallon of fresh powerful clustered water. I3 4ou can even re0uvenate your own %,7 within minutes by replenishing the clustered water within your own bodyJJ This will add a 5constitutional6 hedge against disease and premature death. N3 4ou can take and transmit energy imprints from virtually anything and send it anywhere and to anyone. (or e!ample, if you wish to e!tract the energy from an herb, vitamin, or essential oil, and use it locally or remotely for healing, the MI17#&- 8 makes this easy. The program includes photos of all the medicinal herbs, along with photomicrographs of the crystalline structures of most commonly used prescription drugs, vitamins, minerals, and much more. These photos transmit color, structural signatures, and radionic energy patterns that you can send yourself or others, locally or remotely, for protection and)or healing. Besides pre"set commonly used 1ife fre9uencies, the full nine recently rediscovered ancient Solfeggio sounds, and select harmonic combinations thereof, you can select any 1ife fre9uency you wish. The software includes a sound generator that allows you to play and direct your selected specific fre9uency radionically or locally through speakers and)or physical Melcro"band electrodes. (or more information and instructions regarding the MI17#&- 8, connect to the MI17#&- 8 file on the FhttpG))www.tetrahedron.orgH website. :e will be adding more information here, as time goes on, along with upgrade announcements, to keep you appraised of related developments.

FREE TRIAL OFFER Better than your standard satisfaction guarantee, a 0REE 0I0TEEN '12( ,A3 TRIAL 40 the MIRACLE 6 is now available to you. I encourage you to start using the MI17#&- 8 immediatelyJ The purchase price the basic 0,A 5ltraM6 MIRACLE 6 unit is 4nly 7892. 27n optional electrode set with clustered water attachment may be purchased separately. In9uire for availability and pricing by calling @ealing #elebrations at 1+888+2:8+9;8;.3 The basic price of O=== includes three hours of personali.ed technical support and training. Though the basic operating functions are easily and 9uickly learned, you may desire this advanced training to master more advanced functions of the machine. Com"are the MIRACLE 6 "rice of 7888 to more than O<>,>>> for the Luad Med that re9uires far

more intensive training to operate, and is not as diverse in its applicationsE OI,B>> to O8,B>> for top shelf 1ife fre9uency or radionic devices that are e9ually e!pensive and far more limited. I am so convinced that you will be as e!cited as I am about having and using the MI17#&- 8 to help your family and friends that I am making a 0REE ,4WNL4A,A*LE ,EM4N)TRATI4N M4,EL available to you right now for 0I0TEEN '12( ,A3). That/s right, within minutes you can begin using our demo version of the MI17#&- 8. To download it, simply connect to httpG))"bin)store)agora.cgi;pageP>>CN.html FhttpG))www.healingcelebrations.comH in our store catalog. There in the 5-9uipment6 section you can download either the ('&&4 +-17TI ,7& M %-&, or our (1-- %-M ,ST17TI , M %-&. Soon you/ll have the MI17#&- 8 installed and operating on your desktop computer. By following a few simple instruction available on the MI17#&- 8/s 5@elp6 menu, and information below, you can begin to operate your unit to help make your prayers, even miraculous healings, come trueJ 7fter trying the (1-- %-M ,ST17TI , M %-& for fifteen days, if you wish to purchase the MI17#&- 8 ('&&4 +-17TI ,7& M %-&, simply return to httpG))"bin)store)agora.cgi;pageP>>CN.html FhttpG))www.healingcelebrations.comH and order it using your debit card or credit card.

/uic* St#rt +or M#ni+e)tin0 Mir#c%e) With The MIRACLE

The methods used to manifest miracles using the MI17#&- 8 are best described and carefully reviewed below. 7 9uick start can be affected by following this protocolG <3 Type in your prayer)desire)wish and)or intent into the widow marked 5Intent.6 I3 Type in the e!act person2s3, places, you wish to benefit in the window marked 5Beneficiary2ies3.6 N3 #hoose a color to place over your typed prayer)desire)wish. 2 ptional3 C3 Select a graphic to cover the color in the 5Intent6 window. 2 ptional3 B3 Select a graphic to cover the typed intended 5Benefactor2s3.6 2 ptional3 83 @ighlight the number to the right of the 5Minutes6 bar and type the number of minutes you wish to have the MI17#&- 8 transmit your intent 2<"B>> minutes3. Then click anywhere on the green font plate to activate your set time. 2The minutes should now be centered in the gray display window.3 D3 +lace your mouse cursor over the 5Set6 button, and then close your eyes, keeping your hand on the mouse. Meditate in spiritually focused silence for a minute on your heart"felt intention to have the beneficiary2ies3 be fully blessed by the miraculous healing or other positive manifestation2s3. 'se your imagination, if necessary, to gain a full e!perience of this beneficial outcome. Then, when you completely e!perience this in your heart, mind/s eye, emotions, and spirit, click the mouse and 5Set6 button. =3 1eposition the mouse cursor over the 5Start6 button. ,ow, follow the same

procedure as detailed in step QD aboveE clicking the 5Start6 button this time instead of the 5Set6 button.

The "o'er o+ Sound) #nd Word)

Based on the revelations advanced in the book Healing Codes #or the "iological Apocal$pse 2Tetrahedron +ublishing Group, <"==="B>="CD=D3, by %r. &eonard G. @orowit. and %r. ?oseph S. +uleo, language, and the alphanumerics underlying it, powerfully impacts the physics of creationism. Thus, all MI17#&- 8 applications begin by clearly typing your desire, or focused intent, into written language in the left window display. 7s e!plained in Healing Codes #or the "iological Apocal$pse, contrary to popular belief, the -nglish alphabet is mathematically, that is alphanumerically, related to the @ebrew alphabet. -nglish, therefore, according to scholars, is related to a sacred language. :hat makes @ebrew, and likewise Sanskrit, so sacred is the electromagnetic energy fre9uency generating power of its special letters and sounds. Spoken word is obviously sound. Sound is comprised of electromagnetic fre9uencies. This simply brings you back to mathematics and physics. 7s e!plained in Healing Codes #or the "iological Apocal$pse, and further in %r. @orowit./s Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scriptures, Natural Medicine and Modern Science 2Tetrahedron +ublishing Group, I>>>3, the -nglish language relays related fre9uencies and power. -very bonafide e!pert in social science and organi.ational management has e!plained that written goals 71- 7 M'ST to consistently achieve success in any field and every endeavor. 7cross the board, authorities e!plain there is something magical that happens when you write out your goals. -!perts recommend you focus on your desired outcome, and write it down on paper 7S I( T@- 'T# M- 4 ' :IS@ IS 7&1-7%4 +1-S-,T. They say this because they know it works. @ow; By the same manner in which prayer and the MI17#&- 8 works as you will increasingly learn. The MIRACLE 6 contains 'in its o"eratin& soft%are( mathematical formulas that e<uate your %ritten %ords and letters into s"ecific electroma&netic fre<uencies that relay your intent to creati!e !ortices im"actin& s"iritual dimensions# In this manner, the MIRACLE 6 mi&ht =e considered a "rayer am"lifier# )et on e tended function, the MIRACLE 6 =ecomes a -"rayer %arrior#/ #ultures have consistently adopted prayer because it consistently works. In essence, prayer, either silent or spoken, is simply a %ivine)human technology for enhanced creativity. 'sing the ?udeo"#hristian religions for e!amples, the Sacred ne"The Tetragrammaton, that is, God/s @ebrew name, 4od @ey Mau @ey, pronounced 4ahMah"created the universe in si! 283 days by spea ing 2or singing3 it into e!istence. 7gain, words contain syllables of sound, and sounds transmit electromagnetic fre9uencies intra and inter"dimensionally. 7ccording to these religions, as well as the Muslim and ,ative 7merican faiths, you were created by this Sacred ne as a holy and creative child.

#learly, you would not send your children far from home without protection and the power to create, thus bringing you continued pride and 0oy. +arents get very e!cited upon hearing their children speak intelligent words for the first time. This is because creative destinies rely on these fre9uency emissions, both socially and spiritually. %esiring you to be consistently creative and productive for paternal)material pride and 0oy, the @eavenly (ather)Mother gave you two lips and language to thusly create for your mutual satisfaction. -very technology has its limitations. +rayer too, silent, spoken or written, being a technology, has its limitations. 1eligious scholars and theologians submit that desired outcomes are facilitated and enhanced when more than one 5gather in @is name,6 and pray together for the same outcome. :ith this in mind, additional mathematical formulas have been integrated into the MI17#&- 8 to amplify the creative power of your written intentions. This amplification method works much like the sound of many voices your prayers to the Spirit of the @eavenly Kingdom"the @oly ne/s inter" dimensional space. Besides this, the MI17#&- 8 is most often used for e!tended periods by easily ad0usting the operating time function. This, again, multiplies the power and efficacy of your written prayer or intent to produce the desired result. ?ust remember that when you write out your prayer, desire, or intent, state it as if you were e!periencing the positive outcome already in the present. -nvision the desired outcome and put it to heart"felt words as a current state or reality. Since time and space are relative, the message is best carried into creative realms of inter"dimensional space in this manner. (or e!ample, if you are praying for renewed health, you might type into the intent window, 5I have overcome my cancer and now e!perience full health by the grace of 4ahMah 2in the name of blessed Messiah 4eshua3 to bring glory to my #reatorJ6

"er)on#% "r#$er "o'er 1er)u) "r#$er With The MIRACLE

4ou might think, 5:hy do I need a machine to help me pray. God is listening and will respond to me anywayJ6 4ou are absolutely correct. 4ou don/t need a machine to get to God, as much as you don/t need a car to get to work. 4ou can certainly walk to your place of business. In some cases, it may take you a few e!tra days rather than minutes. Much like having a car gets you to where you want to go more comfortably, with less effort, in a lot less time, so too does the MI17#&- 8. 4ou don/t really need it, but you can make great use of it. 4ou may, in fact, end up loving itJ 7lso, the Bible instructs us to pray often, and especially with others during times of

urgency or special need. 'nfortunately, in this technotronic era people have become more isolated than ever before in recorded history. -ven families spend very little time together, and far less time in prayer than once upon a time. Thus, the MI17#&- 8 can help respond to this deficiency. 'sing the MI17#&- 8 seems to help individuals in other ways as well. (or people who have given up on 5religion,6 or turned off to 5spirituality,6 the MI17#&- 8/s marriage of science, technology, and pure spirituality is refreshing, if not heart warming. 7nything that gets people putting more faith in God, and praying again, according to some, is a good idea. (inally, numerous people have reported an increase in their 5connection to God,6 or spirituality following their use of the MI17#&- 8. This too might be e!pected since everything the MI17#&- 8 does, positively serves God and his beloved children. ,#c*0round For Cr$)t#%%i2in0 Your Intent Some people go so far as to personali.e their prayers)desires)wishes into a 5sign6 or 5seal6 which can, likewise, effectively transmit prayerful intent into the inter"dimensional creative vorte! functioning in the MI17#&- 8 and beyond. %ebster&s 'ictionar$ defines the thirteenth century term 5sign6 as a 5token, image or sealE probably akin to & secare to cut"!ore at sa%. . . . signal . . . a motion or gesture by which a thought is e!pressed or a command or wish made known . . .a fundamental linguistic unit that designates an ob0ect or relations or has a purely syntactic function....6 In Healing Codes #or the "iological Apocal$pse, %r. ?oseph +uleo e!plained that ,oah :ebster was a high level (reemason and +ythagorean mystery school devotee. &ike the Bible, :ebster encoded his dictionary for the benefit of fellow (reemason/s and secret society members, effectively keeping an ancient Sacred arcana, that is, empowering knowledge, from the masses of 5commoners.6 Thus, the 5common people6 were perceived to be, and developed into, lower classes. By following :ebster/s century codes as he instructs in his dictionary, related definitions reveal much of this secret mystery school knowledge. The reference word for 5sign6 in %ebster&s 'ictionar$ is 5seal.6 This word, also from the thirteenth century, is defined as 5something that confirms, ratifies, or makes secure. . . a device with a cut or raised emblem, symbol, or word used to certi#$ a signature or authenticate a documentR.6 This definition goes further to include the use of a 5seal6 to provide 5an impression, device, or mark given the effect of a common"law seal by statute law, or by 7merican local custom, recogni.ed by 0udicial decision.6 'ltimately, there are man/s laws"referred to as common or statutory"and God/s &aws. :hich do you think came first; :hich are more powerful;

Thus, this word 5seal,6 or act of developing a personali.ed authentic 5sign6 of your intention, acknowledges the %ivine &aws of God/s universe, more than human laws. 7s you will 9uickly see when using the MI17#&- 8, which follows these laws, there is the most e!tensive power in knowing and applying 4ahMah/s %ivine &aws. :ebster refers his readers to the word 5saw6 from the word 5sign.6 The word saw obviously means 5to cut6 into something, making an indelible mark or impression. Most interesting, before the twelve hundreds, this word was related to a legal 5ma!im or proverb,6 or sometimes to the spoken word in a tale or saga. (rom here :ebster refers investigators to the word 5say.6 ,ow we come back to the power of language"the written and spoken word. :ords, written or spoken, clearly hold the ability to 5cut6 into spiritual dimensions for creative intentions following certain laws. That how prayer worksJ Is that clear enough; 7ncient mystery school investigators determined, and passed on, the spiritual significance of creating a personali.ed word to cut your authentic signature of intent into the cosmic legal record. &ater, in the fourteenth century, the word 5seal6 was adopted to mean, 5to confirm or make secure by or as if by a seal.6 Much later, in <8<>, the term was adopted for use in the burgeoning occult with the term"5sigil.6 %ebster&s 'ictionar$ defines 5sigil6 as a 5seal, signet . . . a sign, word, or device of supposed occult power in astrology or magic.6 2,otice :ebster says 5supposed,6 implying 5not really.6 @e obviously knew the deeper truth about the sub0ect.3 7fter this e9uation with occult science, through religious indoctrinations, many people were simply turned off to this knowledge. Thus, fear, and the forces of evil, widely con9uered truth and %ivinely empowering knowledge. (or the record, especially for devoted #hristians, 4ahMah is the creator of everything. -vil forces create nothing e!cept disharmony, destruction and confusion. (or a more detailed e!planation of this fact, see FhttpG))www.healingcelebrations.comH. @ere %r. @orowit. provides special counsel to religious fundamentalists regarding this matter of deception and distorted belief systems. 'ltimately, to be 5saved6 physically and spiritually, you are encouraged to recover your true spiritual identity by discovering The ne Truth of your relationship to the #reative (orce in the universe, the supreme director"4ahMah. therwise, the @eavenly (ather)Mother cannot gain optimal pride and 0oy from @is human creations.

(e3e%o4in0 Your "er)on#%i2ed !Si0n5Se#%&

Given this background, in beginning to work with the MI17#&- 8, you may wish to write a present tense positive affirmation, wish, or prayer. (or e!ample, rather than writing your intent as 5I %-SI1- , T T B- SI#K,6 type, 5I 7M , : T T7&&4 @-7&T@4.6

2It is suggested that you use the same prefi! for each sign or prayer you construct, like 5I 7M,6 5I %-SI1-,6 5I :I&&,6 or 5G % @-&+ M- T . . . ,6 etc.3 ,e!t, some people elect to make a single word 5sign6 or 5seal6 from their lengthy written intention. Take this affirmation"5I 7M , : T T7&&4 @-7&T@46 "and remove the vowels to get back to basics. This is similar to God/s True ,ame"4ahMah"which all religions say is @oly and should never be forgotten. 4et, the Greeks and 1omans added letters and vowels. These sounds and electromagnetic fre9uencies, when added, distorted the name we were warned never to forget. God/s new name became 5?ehovah.6 Going back to the basic signature or voiceprint, eliminate the vowels in forming your word 5seal.6 In this way, 5I 7M , : T T7&&4 @-7&T@46 becomes 5M,:TT&&4@&T@4.6 This sounds like a foreign tongue when spoken, but carries a similar, and more personali.ed, electromagnetic fre9uency signature. Some people further elect to eliminate repeating letters in this prayer signature. Thus, 5M,:TT&&4@&T@46 becomes 5M,:T&4@.6 In -astern philosophies, such as Sen Buddhism, meditation on a desired result is recommended. Scientists have shown that rela!ation, combined with focused intention, and)or inner vision, helps reduce stress and positively affects body physiology"including benefits to the immune system for enhanced health and healing. In ancient Sen practices, that predate ?udeo"#hristian and Muslim scripture and prayer practices, focus on personali.ed mandalas and)or mantras to effect desirable results is rituali.ed. (ollowing this tradition, you may elect to modify your prayer signature into a mantra that you can also use during creative meditation to facilitate healing or optimal health. (or instance, the 5seal6 5M,:T&4@6 can be broken up into at least three syllables for use as a mantra"5M, :T &4@6 If the resulting mantra seems a bit cumbersome, pronunciation can be determined by substituting the sound of the @ebrew letter e9uivalents 2in this case 5Mem",un"Tau"&am" 4od"@e63, or simply using vowel sounds that feel right to you. Transforming your full prayer into such a small, personali.ed, and concentrated 5seal6 to cut into the Kingdom of @eaven from which all blessings flow, is optional. The MI17#&8 will work 9uickly regardless of your doing these things simply because God reads your heart, and the mathematical formulas included in the system have been designed for this purpose. 4ou are, however, encouraged to investigate such methods when working with the MI17#&- 8. This knowledge is being provided so you can gain a broader appreciation for the science, theories, and practices upon which this effective, uplifting, and e!citing new technology is based.

Co%or, S#cred 6eo-etr$, #nd Cre#tioni)There is obviously e!traordinary healing power in color and certain sacred geometric

forms. (or instance, 2as mentioned above3 medical doctors know that by taking a 0aundiced infant into the sunlight, or by e!posing them to full"spectrum lighting, the liver dysfunction resolves and the 0aundiced infant heals. &ikewise, with seasonal affective disorder 2S7%3 there is great curative power in sunlight, which delivers a full color spectrum of electromagnetic fre9uencies. 7s the MI17#&- 8 is being introduced in an age of biological warfare and bioterrorism, it is wise to recall that ultraviolet light is routinely used to kill infectious pathogenic bacteria and certain viruses as well. 7ll of these facts relay the certainty that colored fre9uency signals can relay uni9ue properties for healing as well as other physical manifestations. &ikewise, certain geometric forms can relay electromagnetic fre9uency signals that can not only impact the physical body, but also the spiritual dimensions as well. (or instance, the Star"of"%avid, more accurately called 5Solomon/s Seal6 is defined in %ebster&s 'ictionar$ as 5an amulet especially against fever6 or infectious diseases. Similarly, ,oah :ebster added that 5Solomon/s Seal6 is also 5any of a genus 2(ol$gonatum3 of perennial herbs of the lily family with gnarled rhi.omes.6 The flower, like 5Solomon/s Seal6 has si! outcroppings. The sacred structure of flowers, as with all life forms, did not occur by accident or serendipity. (lower forms follow more than function. They follow spiritual fre9uency absorption and transmission, mediated and e!pressed uni9uely through individuali.ed genes of %,7. 1egarding the manifestation of sacred sounds into living 2i.e., organic3 geometric forms, numerous authorities have written on the science called c$matics in which those relationships, and the essence of creationism, are largely e!plained. (lowers, in fact, are the most prevalent colorful creations that e!hibit a marvelous array of sacred geometric forms. 7nd, as mentioned above in the case of the lily family of perennial herbs, the fields of naturopathy and homeopathy are based largely on the electromagnetic essences of flowers, herbs, their color vibrations and the spiritual like. In the definitive te!tbook on )lectromagnetic *ields and +i#e 2+lenum +ress, <AD>3, by 1ussia/s top biophysicist, %r. 7.S. +ressman, the works of numerous scientists investigating electromagnetic fre9uencies and genetic functions are discussed. +ressman e!plained the 5comple! network of possible interactions in organisms6 between %,7 and up"regulation of the entire organism by way of electromagnetic transmissions. Genetic electromagnetic signals, he e!plained, communicate regulatory messages from the gene and chromosome through the nucleus, cell cytoplasm, body tissues, and ultimately to the entire organism and its environment. This signaling can also occur in reverse, that is, from the environment, or the @oly Spirit, to the gene core of every cell in your body. This, in fact, is the precise manner in which the MI17#&- 8 is believed to work. To summari>e this =ac?&round into color, sacred &eometry, and creationism, includin& the creation of miraculous healin&s '=esides the al"hanumerics of the %ritten or s"o?en %ord as e "lained "re!iously(, color as %ell as s"ecial 'sacred( &eometric forms, =oth relay electroma&netic and@or =ioacoustic fre<uency si&nals that underlie the !ast maAority of intra and intercellular "rocesses u"on %hich life de"ends# This

?no%led&e hel"s to e "lain ho% and %hy flo%ers of !arious colors, for instance, are formed from the su=tle ener&ies crossin& the matrices of inter+dimensional s"aceB ho% their mere si&ht and smell relays si&nals of rela ation and more, ho% and %hy essential oils and li<uid e tracts from these "lants and flo%ers relay the essence of s"irituality for healin&, and %hy the naturo"athic and homeo"athic arts and sciences ha!e "ro!en the test of time and human !alue# (or all of these reasons, the MI17#&- 8 contains and applies this knowledge, the spectrum of colors, an array of sacred geometric forms, and advanced electro medical applications in physics and mathematics re9uired to operate effectively and serve optimally. M#*in0 C%u)tered W#ter With The MIRACLE Much of the mystery of creationism, including miraculous healings, was e!plained with recent advances in the fields of genetics and water science. In Healing Codes #or the "iological Apocal$pse, and in greater detail in Healing Celebrations, %r. @orowit. reviewed the impressive research provided by a number of authorities in these fields including ,ikola Tesla, 1oyal 1aymond 1ife, 1ussian investigators 7.G. Gurvich and M.(. Ka.nachayev, and genetic hydration e!perts including 'niversity of #alifornia at Berkeley, #hemistry %epartment #hairman, 1on Saykally et al. Saykally et al,, largely proved that %,7/s electromagnetic status, and subse9uent intracellular 5up regulation6 of structural integrity and metabolic functions, is critically dependent on a form of water that e!hibits sacred geometry at the molecular level. It is called clustered water. Simply put, three of five ,obel +ri.e winners in medicine during the <AA>s won their awards based on the discovery that %,7/s primary function, is not as a template for 1,7 and protein synthesis, but as an electromagnetic receiver and transmitter of 5biospiritual6 energy. In fact, authorities determined that only >.<"I percent of %,7 functions as genetic material. The vast ma0ority of the helical strand not involved in coding for protein synthesis is believed to function electro"magnetically. Approximately ninety-three (93) percent of the function of !A is "photon#phonon emissions for intra- and intercellular communications$- +hoton is light and phonon is sound. Both are part of the electromagnetic spectrum of energy resonating with, or potentially damaging, the bioelectric and bioacoustic properties and functions of cells. In Healing Celebrations 2Tetrahedron +ublishing Group, I>>>3 %r. @orowit. e!plained that harmonic fre9uencies of electromagnetic radiation could transform water molecules into these he!agonal ring"shaped clustered water molecules, (lash fro.en, these si!"sided molecular structures resemble beautiful crystalline snowflakes as seen in the graphics available for use with the MI17#&- 8. These are recommended symbols for use in the development of clustered water. 'sing the MI17#&- 8 in this way is based largely on the work of the ?apanese researcher, %r. Masaru -moto, and 7merican investigator %r. &ee &oren.en. These scientists discovered that these he.agonal"shaped clustered water molecules can be developed through loving prayer and nurturing sounds 2including classical music3 to re0uvenate the hydrated matri. supporting healthy %,7. This type of

5structured water6 is formed miraculously 2i.e., spiritually3 in mother/s breast milk, and naturally in select water springs around the world. ,ow it can be produced with the help of the MI17#&- 8. It is believed that clustered water rings form as a result of the li9uid flowing through a vorte! between crystalli.ed and magneti.ed rocks and metals. Much of the healing power attributed to this type of water is generally believed to be associated with the sacred geometry of the structure, which facilitates critical electromagnetic energy fre9uency signaling throughout every cell, tissue, and body organ. Studies show that during aging and into!ication, these %,7"supportive water clusters are depleted. This compromises the electrical potential, integrity, reception, and signaling capacity of your %,7. This, %r. &oren.en and others believe, is the primary process underlying premature aging. 7ccording to biochemist and author Steve #hemiske, these he!agonal shaped water rings supporting the %,7 double heli!, 5vibrate at specific resonant fre9uencies and these fre9uencies can help restore homeostasis to cell structures in the body through signal transduction . . . the process by which one form of energy is converted to another. :hen clustered water is consumed, high fre9uency information is transmitted to proteins . . . TandU this wave of information is carried throughout the body like a Vwake"up call/ to restore normal function.6 %r. (ranco Bistolfi, a bioelectronics e!pert, theori.ed that intercellular communications, instantaneously affecting cells throughout the body, occurs 5by means of pie.oelectric interactions and photon)phonon transduction of electromagnetic signals of both endogenous and e!ogenous origin.6 In other words, tiny imperceptible electromagnetic signals, both man"made and natural, harmonic or disharmonic, profoundly influence the o!ygen and water molecules supporting %,7, health status, or alternatively, the pathogenic processes in volved in virtually every disease. In light of this advancing research in %,7 and clustered water/s electromagnetic properties, it is e!traordinary that in the Bible, The Book of 1evelation predicted that the Messianic 7 ge, and great 5healing of the nations,6 would be accompanied by 5crystal clear water6 flowing through the 5rivers and streams.6 These 5rivers and streams,6 1evelation revealed, are 5the people.6 7s seen in medical logos, it is remarkable that the structure upholding the 5tree of life6"%,7"is not a snake but, in reality, pure water clusters. In its healthy state, the crystal cluster supported double heli! acts as an electromagnetic energy receiver and transmitter of virtually 4ahMah/s love. Moreover, the structure of more than C,>>> en.ymes that regulate virtually every body function largely depends on these same Star"of"%avid"shaped water clusters. #lustered water can be made in"vivo and in"vitro using the MI17#&- 8. 2In"vivo means in the live host or cell culture while in"vitro means outside a living system.3 By clicking on

the 5#lustered :ater6 bar on the lower right of the MI17#&- 8 control panel, a related intent statement, colored overlay, and photomicrograph of clustered water enters the 5Intent6 window. To direct clustered water formation in your own body, type a description of yourself, your date of birth, and current residence in the 5Beneficiary2ies36 window, and then select your desired graphic overlay. 7 photograph of yourself would not be improper. (or in"vitro clustered water production, overlay your 5Beneficiary2ies36 description with a graphic of the 5MI17#&- 8 #lustered :ater 7ccessory.6 +lug this optional attachment to the audio output)headphones 0ack typically found on your computer speaker2s3. +lace a glass gallon 0ar atop the accessory plate. (i! the tone fre9uency delivery2ies3 as desired. 2BI= @ert. is recommended.3 Then set and start the MI17#&- 8 with prayer as you were instructed previously.

Non7He#%in0 Cre#ti3e M#ni+e)t#tion)

Though the MI17#&- 8 must be considered among the world/s most effective and advanced healing instruments, it is potentially far more. #reationism refers to more than healing. It applies to every miraculous manifestation including physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, and even spiritual blessings. (or instance, you may need or desire an automobile in order to get to work. If you haven/t the money to purchase one, have no fear, 4ahMah 5works in mysterious ways.6 There are other legal ways to manifest a car, including a gifting. That/s what prayer is for, and therefore, that/s an additional utility of the MI17#&- 8. #onsidering more macrocosmic manifestations, clearly, world peace deserves some prayer power, and is high on many people/s wish list these days. The MI17#&- 8 can be used for this purpose as well. %uring these types of creative endeavors, rather than typing a lengthy description into the 5Intent6 window of the MI17#&- 8, you may simply scan a photograph of a car, or world peace symbol, save it as a .?+G file, drop it into your graphics file, then import it into your 5Intent6 window to serve as a personal sign)creative stimulus.

Cre#ti3e 1i)u#%i2#tion) #nd 6r#4hic For-#tion)

It is said, 5God created man in @is image.6 That can be interpreted at least two ways" literally and figuratively. In the literal sense, humans were created to reflect the attributes of the paternal)maternal Supreme #reator. Since the %ivine ne is believed to have 5spoken6 the world into e!istence using @is lips, @is children likewise inherited two lips to be used as creative instruments. This, once again, refers to the need to integrate spoken and written language into creative processes as discussed above. (iguratively, if 5God created man in @is image,6 this may mean that 4ahMah used @is

Supreme Imagination in sculpting the human being. @ere again, if this is so, you might e!pect your imagination to be a powerful resource for personal productivity and creativity. Indeed, this is surely the case. Think about it. -verything you have in your life at the present time, and everything you are doing, evolved first from your imagination. Think about the car you are driving. :hen you first saw it, didn/t you first imagine how you might look and feel behind the wheel driving this future ac9uisition; :hat about the house or apartment in which you live; :hen you first approached or entered it, didn/t you use your imagination to consider how you might en0oy the place; If it was empty when you got there, didn/t you use your imagination to consider where you might place your furnishings; 7dvertising agencies understand the creative strength, and 5purchasing power,6 behind the human imagination. Sports psychologists, likewise, train top athletes using their imaginations to rehearse every step or stroke along the way to winningJ (ar less used than the above MI17#&- 8 options, you can use your imagination to develop personali.ed power images"pictures that tell more than a thousand words to help create miraculous manifestations. 4ou can simply draw these images, scan them, and like any other photograph, you can create a .?+G and place it in your graphics file for use in either the 5Intent6 or 5Beneficiary2ies36 window. 4ou can draw these images with, or without, meditating first to derive inspiration. The former method begins by simply rela!ing, focusing 2i.e., clearing your mind of distractions3, and contemplating the word2s3 or idea2s3 you want to use corresponding to your heart felt intent. Simply draw as many symbols that you think or feel embodies the word2s3)idea2s3 describing your intent. Then, refine your final symbol2s3 until you draw a graphic that satisfies your soul. 4our resulting creation is a highly personali.ed geometric 5seal6 e!pressing your intent. #apture this on a scanner, and follow the same directions above for importing it into the MI17#&- 8. The meditation"based process also begins by rela!ing and clearing your mind of any thoughts. 4ou can use one of many forms of meditation. If you usually pray as a ?ewish person to the @eavenly (ather, 4ahMahE as a #hristian person to the (ather and)or Messiah 4eshuaE as a Muslim person to 7llahE or as a ,ative 7merican to The Great Spirit, then ask these %ivine Sources to present an image in your mind/s eye that precisely reflects your intent. nce you receive this blessed vision, draw it 2and even color it3 on a piece of paper and following the same directions provided above for importing this image into the MI17#&- 8 graphics file.

(ecor#tin0 Your Si0n8)9

Many people decorate their personal graphics to make them more pleasing. %raw whatever feels right to you. Then enclose your finished graphic in a border, such as a circle, s9uare, star, or whatever seems appropriate. This can help you concentrate the embodied desire,

representationally prevent its energy from 5leaking6 or escaping, and, at the same time, make the sign2s3 more personali.ed. This may also be useful if you intend to develop your personal sign into a routinely used talisman.

E:4eri-ent#tion i) Reco--ended
(eel free to e!periment liberally with any combination of the above guidelines for your intent. 7cross the board e!perimentation will help determine which method2s3 work best for you personally. (or e!ample, some people have constructed signs for fre9uently used words, or groups of words, such as the phrase, 5T@IS M4 %-SI1-.6 In this way, the completed 5seal6 could be a string of 5signs.6 Im"ortant Note: 7 strenuous process of refining your special 5sign2s36 is not recommended and is really unnecessary. The MI17#&- 8 is designed to make your life easier, not harder. It contains various failsafe mathematical formulas so that you can rest assured benefits will rapidly accrue by following the simplest directions. More advanced users may naturally wish to e!periment with e!panding MI17#&- 8 accessories, settings, and options. But this is like icing on the basic cake that tastes great plain. So rela!, and try to have fun during your entire MI17#&- 8 e!perience. In other words, don/t sweat over the details. Keep it simple. If you were 4ahMah, would you make things easy or hard; The correct answer is obvious. So let it beJ

#laims and %isclaimer

<3 :e claim that this 0re<uency ,eli!ery A""liance '0,A( was named with due respect for the '.S. (ood and %rug 7dministration thatG a3 puts on the fast track for testing and approval costly and to!ic 7I%S and cancer drugs, < b3 helped develop the vaccine that according to published scientific evidence likely triggered the 7I%S pandemic, I and c3 turned a blind eye to monkey cancer virus contaminated polio vaccines for decades that were correctly predicted to cause epidemics of cancer plaguing the world todayE N yet persecutes esteemed and sincere health professionals who clinically and e!perimentally advance resonance intervention e9uipment such as the Miracle 8.C I3 :e claim this device was also named in tribute to the #I7/s top secret mind control and population control program called M6:5LTRA during which thousands of 7mericans were insidiously e!perimented upon with into!icating and often lethal drugs, electromagnetic, and radiological e9uipment to induce altered states of consciousness, disease, and even death, B and finally N3 :e claim that the 5MIRACLE 66 name on this (%7 derives from the British Secret Service/s chief division, MI8, that took its name from the sacred esoteric knowledge encoded in the Book of ,umbers, #hapter D, verses <I"=N, which relay the tones of the ancient musical scale, including the third tone"5MI6"fre9uency BI=, associated with 5MI"ra gestorum6 2in &atin3 or 5Miracles6 2in -nglish3.8 This sacred hidden knowledge demystifies the fundamentals of miraculous spiritual healings,D and is reconciled by the most advanced scientific discoveries in the fields of physics, water science, and genetics. (urthermore, while this fre9uency 5BI=6 2which deciphers to 586 in

+ythagorean mathematics3 is known for its ability to repair damaged %,7, not coincidentally this appears to be the chief eugenics ob0ective of the MI8. That is, the MI8 serves the 1oyal (amily of -ngland, and their globally allied military and intelligence colonialistic agencies, to facilitate the elimination of certain blood lines and targeted populations considered 5dysgenic.6 This sacred arcana, therefore, is used to affect, if not kill, masses of people from whom this potentially useful wisdom and related technology is actively withheld. ,isclaimer"The information contained in this report is intended for educational and spiritual healing purposes only. It is not provided in order to diagnose or treat any medical condition 2physical or psychological3 since the entire medical field is rife with fraud and based on arbitrary, if not totally unscientific, tenets that neglect the most powerful source of balance and %ivine regulation"God and @is (re9uency %elivery 7lgorithms.=