Heartfelt Poems

On Valentine’s day, 2009, Sweetheart Al and I attended a Romantic Writing Workshop, which turned out to be quite interesting. (He says it turned out to be unsatisfactory). One of our exercises was to write a “romantic” poem. We’re sharing our results here. Would love to hear your responses to our attempt.

Copyright 2009 by Merikay McLeod All Rights Reserved First electronic printing, October 2009

To start with, our workshop director read us several articles about weddings and romance and love. We were supposed to write down words from one or more of the articles that really grabbed us, and then were told to write a poem using those words. Interestingly, both of us chose words from the same article – a story about butterflies being released during wedding ceremonies. Although we don’t pretend to be poets, it was fun working on our “romantic” poems…you may recognize shades of similarity in our two offerings.

The Long Wait Ends
By Al Lockwood

Breaking free from the chrysalis of singleness newlyweds celebrate their joining. Will they soar majestically off to another country of the soul Or descend to be devoured by predators? Stand by.

Painted Lady
By Sunny Lockwood

For years she traced the thin, familiar line Along her eyelids with an artist’s flourish And curled and thickly coated lashes fine Brushed cheeks with rosy minerals to nourish Her sense of allure. Her empty heart, so eager to attract Tossed laughter like confetti on the wind Like brittle, broken glass it blocked contact And like a butterfly securely pinned She waited… insecure. Until one day (and who can explain why) She ventured forth clear-eyed, bare faced and brave The desperate grasping calmed by something shy A tender reaching out to give and save Refreshed, filled up her heart. And as she sought to quench another’s thirst, To ease both growling stomach and pain-filled soul, And put the needs of others at the first, She found a sense of joy both free and whole And learned love’s secret art.

Painted Lady Butterfly (vanessa cardui)