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Innovative Technologies with a Future in Education

This session will focus on cutting edge technologies from Kickstarter, Apple, Google and other prominent technology companies and their implications for education. This is an inspirational and exciting talk about the possibilities currently available and coming soon to education, some at very little cost!

Derek Keenan! Rocky View Schools @mrdkeenan

iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton

The iWatch as ‘Futurism’

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There is a belief in the ‘destiny’ of technology Science Fiction has provided much of the ‘spark’ of innovation

The Horizon Report

Focuses on the adoption of new and relevant technologies in Education Since 2009, the Horizon Report has offered possible directions and timelines in educational technology Shall we take a look at the predictions?

The Horizon Report
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2009 1 year: Collaborative Environments, Online Communication Tools 2-3 years: Mobiles, Cloud Computing 4-5 years: Smart Objects, The Personal Web (the internet of things)

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The Horizon Report
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2010 1 year: Collaborative Environments, Cloud Computing 2-3 years: Mobiles, GameBased Learning 4-5 years: Augmented Reality, Flexible Displays

The Horizon Report
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2011 1 year: Mobiles, Cloud Computing 2-3 years: Game-Based Learning, Open Content 4-5 years: Learning Analytics, Personal Learning Environments

The Horizon Report
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2012 1 year: Mobile Devices and Apps, Tablet Computing 2-3 years: Game-Based Learning, Personal Learning Environments 4-5 years: Augmented Reality, Natural Learning Interfaces

The Horizon Report
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2013 1 year: Cloud Computing, Mobile Learning 2-3 years: Learning Analytics, Open Content 4-5 years: 3D Printing, Virtual and Remote Laboratories

Framing Technology for Education

Consider the sources and opportunities, but frame them educationally How might we make use of consumer items, and forprofit educational technologies?


National Education Technology Standards for Students
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How does emerging technology support these goals?

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy (from's+Digital+Taxonomy for full PDF document

Emerging Technology

Presenting technologies currently on the market, in production, and conceptual

One question to consider on each slide….

Bare Conductive Touch Board

With very simple instruction, what could our students create?

Emotiv Insight

Could this affect the future personalization of learning?

Occiptal Structure Sensor

What could this mean for online learning? Measurement?


How could this impact conceptual learning, modelling, authentic learning?

Virtuix Omni

What would you design if you could literally put your students inside a world?

Combining Technologies

Looking at the technologies we have seen today, consider what happens when they do become mainstream Create something physical, creative (3doodler), scan it (structure sensor) and place it into a physical world (Virtuix Omni) and then read and consider your interactions with it (Emotiv Insight)

The Implications

What are the implications of these emerging technologies? 1. Learning experiences are soon only going to be limited by our imagination and creativity 2. Preparation for learning will need to be broad and open to allow for individual expression