Passion Is the key To Success

Kumar aditya prakash 11mmcc06

Either we can go back to sleep again and see those dreams or get up and chase those dreams. $f we want to be good at something.iktor -rankel and thousands of others survive the horrors of the concentration camp. As a child. And passion kept Thomas Edison on task when he failed over '.cad/cam Passion is the key to success “When we wake up early in the morning we have two simple choices. which we are passionate about. !ometimes we do things or make our carrier in those fields which seems to be more promising or lucrative. but we en&oy doing that and we do it with more efficiency.enus Williams coming back to the game on the days when their knees and muscles scream for time off. what is that. she often wrote fiction stories. There can be several reasons behind this. +owling well known author of the book “2arry #otter” had the passion of writing from her early days. . as it was all fun. #assion is what keeps !achin Tendulkar or . *ulia +oberts and "arbara !treisand from the millions of us who only dream of success on stage. With passion our work doesn%t seems to be burden any longer. which she would usually then read to her sister. but one of the most important reason is lack of eal or passion./ times in his 0uest to create electric light. #assion is what helped . *. $t is the force which keeps us get going when all our ways seems to be closed. "ut we often fail to ask ourselves. #assion is what separates "ill )ates.1.” All of us want to do well in our life but only few succeed. $t was passion that drove Thomas Edison to work for '( hours a day and yet he would say that he didn%t work in his life. we have to do it with passion. #assion is a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. on the silver screen or in business.

ne such person is Akio Morita who became Sony’s Chairman. Aly"ue Padamsee# the former chairman of $intas has written a book called %&he double life'. $t would not be out of place to mention an $ndian story. $n that he describes how he used to do advertisements for money which used to fund his real passion which was theatre. 2owever young 2enri%s heart was with the motor engine and similar things with which he tinkered.$n '33/. 5orita%s interest lay in electronics which is where he went and created one of the world’s biggest companies in partnership. After furious arguments with his father. while she was on a four4hour4delayed train trip from 5anchester to 6ondon. 8uring this period +owling was diagnosed with clinical depression. . as soon after a year of her marriage. and contemplated suicide. a *apanese drink. +owling9s mother died. The best e<ample in recent times one of the richest man in the world. They did not had enough to eat. +owling saw herself as the biggest failure. 2er marriage had failed: she was &obless. 2er marriage was a disaster. Bill ates who left his 2arvard studies midway to follow his heart and that is what made him the richest man in the world. in 8ecember of that year. Another e<ample is Michael !ell who had a passion for selling computers and competing with $"5 which led to the formation of 8ell corporation while he was only '3. she got divorced. he was e<pected to take over the family business of brewing sake. 2owever. "ut that is not always the case with some people. the idea for a story of a young boy attending a school of wi ardry 7came fully formed7 into her mind. 2owever. !ome of us think that one is lucky if one is born in a business family so that after graduating one can straightaway take over the family business. "ut driven by her passion she kept on writing and today she is a well known face all across the world and a source of inspiration. he left to chart his own course to create history by becoming one of the world%s richest entrepreneurs. !even years after graduating from university. Henri -ord%s father was a farmer who wanted his son to follow him in his own footsteps. with a dependent child. . Mr. after her ten4year battle with multiple sclerosis. "eing the eldest in the family. who driven by their passion created history.

"ut if we are passionate towards our goal. -eel what you want to do and driven by your passion break the shackles of your weaknesses and create your own destiny. . There will be phases when our goal seems to be impossible. There will be time when things don%t work for us. “*ump out the window if you are the ob&ect of passion.” There will be hurdles in our life. then nothing can stop us.These e<amples clearly shows that passion is that force or a fire within oneself to accomplish our dream.

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