Who we are
Members of the Wildrose Party will hold their first Annual Assembly in Edmonton on October 26/27, 2007. There they will set specific policies for the coming provincial election, to make this new vision of Alberta a practical reality, and they’ll set a date to choose the party’s first leader. The Executive Committee of the Wildrose Party consists of individuals with substantial political and business experience, and proven commitment to Alberta. President: Rob James, Calgary (management consultant, former provincial Progressive Conservative southern campaign chair). Vice-president Membership: Sharon Maclise, Edmonton (real estate investor, owner/manager and developer). Vice-president Fundraising: Gordon Lang, Calgary (president Gordon B. Lang & Associates, a national firm of consulting actuaries, and a longtime activist for the Reform Party, the Canadian Alliance and the federal Conservative Party). Vice-president Communications: Don Weisbeck, (Mayor of the City of Brooks, active in the federal Reform, Alliance and Conservative parties). Vice-president Policy: Gordon Stamp, Edmonton (realtor, active in municipal and federal political campaigns).

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Treasurer: Eleanor Maroes, Edmonton (independent accounting practice, 1997 candidate for the Reform Party, Interim Leader of the Alberta Alliance 2005). Secretary, Marilyn Burns, Edmonton (lawyer in McCourt Law Offices, first runner-up for Alberta Alliance leader, 2005). Executive Director: Link Byfield, Morinville (Alberta Senator-Elect, constitutional advocate, and former editor/publisher of Alberta Report newsmagazine). ZONE DIRECTORS: SOUTH Rosemary Craig, Calgary (human resources and office management for a national firm, longtime Conservative activist). John Hilton-O’Brien, Calgary (professional in the health and social sector, previous service in the federal Reform Party and the Alberta Alliance). Don Gebauer, Calgary (a pharmacist and entrepreneur). NORTH Faye Engler, St. Albert (longtime Reform Party volunteer and property rights activist). Daniel Johnson, Edmonton (field manager for a private security firm and longtime political activist. Phil Gamache, Edmonton (businessman, former Alberta Alliance candidate and Edmonton regional president).

Wildrose Party of Alberta

A New Party for NEW TIMES
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Alberta is changing
The Wildrose Party is a new provincial party with a fresh vision of how Albertans should govern themselves. More and more Albertans are turning away from the traditional parties. Voter turnout keeps declining. All traditional parties want to spend more money instead of saving for Alberta’s future. Most Albertans know this is poor management. Without reform we’ll soon be back in a deficit. Meanwhile, Ottawa is taking more money out of Alberta than ever before. There are constitutional ways Albertans can reduce this federal outflow to a more sensible level. That’s what the Wildrose Party will do. Stand up to Ottawa, and govern according to the real values, needs and priorities of Albertans.

The Wildrose Party direction
Formed in June, 2007, the Wildrose Party is building on the common-sense principles enshrined in its constitution. Some of the ideas being brought forward for policy resolution aim at: • An Alberta which invests most of its present resource income for the future benefit of all Albertans. • An Alberta where the government focuses public spending on things that benefit all Albertans. • An Alberta in which there are real consequences for breaking the law, and the lowest crime rate in Canada. • An Alberta where the division of taxation and responsibility between provincial and local governments is clear, rational, nonpolitical and respected. • An Alberta which pays less money to federal transfer programs that don’t work. • An Alberta in which everyone has genuine freedom of speech, belief, and association.

“That’s what the Wildrose Party will do. Stand up to Ottawa, and govern according to the real values, needs and priorities of Albertans.”

• An Alberta where governments respect property rights, and pay fair compensation for taking or devaluing private property for public purposes. • An Alberta where environmental policies are based on sound science, not media hype. • An Alberta which bases its social programs on what actually works in the best interest of its people. • An Alberta which recognizes that social justice for the poor and disabled depends on prosperous, hard-working, caring individuals and communities.

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