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cpe proficiency gold word lists

a close thing

a complete disaster

unit 1

admirableadolescenceanticipateacqua inted with breakthroughbang you head against a brick wallbring me up to dateat a pinchacquire importance blaring musicat the earliest opportunity booming voice considerable oppositionbulkyclearmindedconstituteby far the largestbuild up dragdense forestconsolationdribble distinctly definedcost an arm and a legefforts were in vainevident disbeliefcrumbleelsewherefiercedeclin eestablish their identityflickercome into her thinkingcarry on face problemsflunkdevelop an interestcondemn feedbackglow enrich our livesfurther (v) self-interestill at easedisclosuredisclose have a tough timein floods of tearsfeel exasperatedhumdrumin horror/ despairfeel strandedimitatein search of = in the quest forexplicit meaningenduring look for new challengesindulge ingive chapter and verselose outirrespective ofgive up maintain family valuesit is rumoured to beflapfall off make a contributionlimelightimmeasurablymak e conversationlurkimprove by leaps and boundsmake out a noisemenacinglyin the depths of despairmoneygrabbersmisconceptionincensenurse (v)notoriousinciteon the blinkour thoughts turned tohigh achieverfly the nest persistentprowlkeep upportray/ demonstrate the best aspectsreciprocalkeep up a conversationpush back the frontiers of knowledgereminiscemade up of consisted ofput strain on himroam (v)initiallyhollow rest on his laurelsscreechmasteryreverberatesho w sb the ropesoutwardset off for new hori!onssnapownershipsettle backsparkleregale severely limitedstalkmaintainkeep to sparksto the detriment of sophisticationspectaculartrustworthyta ke ontake a deep breathtwilightrobustmaintain relationships the daily grindundergo a changethe full spectrumsacrifice turn your life aroundunnervingtremendousthrow a party undertake a challengeuse sparinglytruck ploughed into hertriumphs wealth creationwanderunjustwith his feet upwary of publicityvaguewithout hesitationwhimperunderestimateturn to

a grounding in bow out burnt to the ground carve a career completely out of the blue conversely affectionate attributed to confidante

exert control father (v) a child gain a considerable insight

floodlight glimmer impermeable

inconsiderate person

in their midst

major undertaking

keen interest





sole purpose

take the matter out of sb"s hand

take financial responsibility the workings of the language under examination vast majority

uncanny similarity / ability unfailingly unruly children wail

cpe proficiency gold word lists

streaming in education question (v) ideas self-motivated possess leadership skills empathy excel (v) without undue effort light upon (v) not to be snee!ed at # came to reali!e nudge (v) encounter (v) merge (v) thrust among people(v) assumptions (n) accustomed to smthg (adj) cultivate a set of attitudes contribute (v) acquire skills obliged to (adj) brought up-to-date bridge the gap between x & y work experience placements go over well with express my concern stretch the brain cells the basis of learning instinctive reaction skid (v) intricate (adj) contemplative meditative ill-defined problem make headway give these proposals due consideration articulate (v) lost the knack of doing it"s advantageous to test retain the information that is a valid point put strain on sb improve your grade a more focused goal to the best of her ability set smthg down business is slow dark rings around her eyes set your mind on doing something authoritarian (adj) clockwise direction put all thoughts of smthg out of your mind to his ama!ement simplify your language symboli!es the blood northwards accidental discovery disconnect your phone unaware of any changes sit in a semi-circle anti-social tendencies poverty honourable contribute economically face a life of backbreaking work die of preventable diseases subordination to a husband doomed life inefficient practices raise awareness mortality rate an unavoidable necessity overcome the difficultites provide them with an education the format of the examinations continuous assessment acknowledge an opinion narrow-minded attitude his strengths lie in % vital in today"s world make drastic/radical changes divert money into other areas set up links with local businesses develop effective life skills develop understanding

!ap through the channels

provide information/ qualifications/suggestions/experience give sb experience put forward the idea maintain its reputation besieged by the needs of students not conducive to the learning experience benchmark ill-equipped for real life tackle this problem ama!ingly $% came out of the blue pleasurable moment lamentably few stimulating enjoyment empowered to take control provided with clear feedback acquisition of knowledge universal transmit information achieve better results distinguish smthg from smthg reconsider /continue with your plans made me bad-tempered keep out of my affairs take a different tack a regrettable incident have similar upbringings his meanness with money the elasticity of this material low mileage on the car modernisation of facilities thrive (v) the urgent needs of %% clamouring for their attention may pass unnoticed disregarded by the teacher divulge the names of their informants meaningless activities cover breakages his refusal to accompany boredom sets in within the reassuring confines of home impressive/stunning achievement tremendous energy systematic/persistent approach mastered language skills devote time to smthg on a par with concentrate their energies in particular directions maximise the impact of their work excelled at everything cover breakages in search of a substantial number give him a special advantage time-consuming nature by all accounts extraordinary persistence their achievements are greeted with praise streadfastly refused remarkable powers perservre in the face of fatigue discouragement can wear down set him apart as a learner intellectual excellence had a limited income high-spirited children amply justified reach adolescence persistent efforts dauntingly / excruciatingly tedious reaped the rewards of his own efforts keep thorough notes acquire/develop effective habits relentless diet of computer games of the utmost/prime importance meticulously organised maximise your potential squandering your hours on trivia ultimately reflected in their performance cover all the points start well in advance concern has been expressed mental make-up

wry smile

unit 2
keep your wits about you at my wits end to the best of my knowledge its common knowledge I have it on the brain can I pick your brains ? Ive been racking my brains scared out of my wits think of a name think back to your childhood think up a story think through a plan foster anti-social behaviour expert opinion is shifting radically amplify powers of concentration highlight (v) reward success spur them on to further challenges a boon a leading researcher in a rapid and effective fashion apparaent facitlity to deal eith be of particular benefit exploit a particular feature perched on a tower of cushions nimbly gun-toting into the realms of %% bloodthirsty images have a stifling effect discourage the development of skills her views are shared by oithers look for greater challenges if they so desire such considerations pale into insignificance receve support deeply impressed low standrards prevail adapt to the environment tailored to their needs develop talents to a high degree find other points in their favour suffer enormous stress

shortcomings inherently

cpe proficiency gold word lists

impact on filmmaking

unit 3

gradual remote person directly involved objectionable programmes preside over the world summon a servant seduce chuckle apathy take refuge in ribald punters mutual respect squint applaing deceit inflict moral values on sb misleading information