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DETAIL Practice Translucent Materials Glass Plastic Wi fevee lbs) Frank Kaltenbach ((=oh) Edition Detail Frank Kaltenbach 6 ‘Andrea Compagno 10 26 Joachim Achenbach Werner Sobek, Lucio Bandini ‘Werner Sobek, Frank Maier Jan Knippers, Stefan Peters Frank Kaltenbach 40 Karsten Moritz 68 Karsten Moritz, Rainer Barthel 70 Stofan Schéfer 0 100 102 108 110 DETAILPractice Translucent Materials Contents Translucency ~ Light made material Glass as a building material ‘The material - Types of glass ~ Properties of glass ~ ‘The glass facade ~ Glass panes - ‘Surface Treatments ~ Mulllayered glass ~ Insulating glass ‘Structural glass Glass skeleton construction ‘Structural gluing ‘Armoured laminated glass GAP-glass composite systems Prastic- Semi-finished sheet products ‘Manufacture ~ Materials and properties ~ ‘Standard semi-finished products ~ Individual design possiblities ~ ‘The dream of fre form ~ Everything possible inthe future? Membrane materials in structural engineering ‘Membrane materials - Surtace coatings ~ Requirements and applications ~ Material properties ~ Coated fabrics ~ Sheeting Building with ETFE sheeting Construction principles - Manufacture and processing ~ Mechanical properties ~ Building physics properties — Planning ~ Assembly - Approval for use ~ Assessment Diaphanous metals Diaphanous metal building envelopes - General points — Metallic materials ~ Alloys ~ Suriaces ~ Diaphanous semi-finished sheet products ~ Meta fabrics Standards List of manufacturers Glass Plastics ~ Membranes ~ Metal ‘Subject index Picture credits +...we Japanese fit adaitional canopies or vverandas outside rooms thatthe rays of the sun in any case penetrate only with ditficulty. This is to keep out even more light and ensure that only a difuse retlec- tion can steal in from the garden through the paper windows. So the aesthetic ele ‘ment in our rooms is nothing other that this indect, dim lighting effect.” ‘rom: “In Praise of Shadow" Tanizaki Jun‘chiro