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Types of Directed Writing Types Break down


i. ii. iii. iv. v.

General Report * Newspaper Reports * Minutes of Meeting Police reports Book reports

Speech / Talk

i. ii. iii.

A Farewell Speech A Welcoming Speech General Speech *

Informal Letter

i. ii. iii.

A Letter of Apology A Letter to the newspaper A General Letter *

Formal Letter

i. ii. iii. iv.

A Letter of Complaint * A Letter to place an Order A letter of Enquiry * A Letter Application

Story Writing (Guided)


A Story on Moral Value


i. ii.

Describing Processes and Procedures Describing People *, Places * and Events

Dialogue / Interview

i. ii. iii.

An Informal Discussion An Interview A Telephone Conversation

* These parts will be zoomed in in this module.


Allocation of Marks for Language Grades / Descriptors

Marks B 16 - 18 Language entirely accurate, no gross errors Sentence structures - varied Vocabulary sophisticated and used with precision Punctuation - accurate Spelling - accurate Paragraphing unified and appropriately linked Tone and style appropriate Interest aroused and sustained throughout

A 19 - 20

Language - almost always accurate - minor or first draft slip Sentence structures some variations Vocabulary wide enough with some precision Punctuation almost always accurate Spelling almost accurate Paragraphing some unity; appropriately linked Tone and style almost appropriate Interest aroused and sustained almost throughout

C 13-15

Language - largely accurate Sentence structures - simple structures used without errors; mistakes occur in more sophisticated structures, tendency to repeat some sentence types creating monotony Vocabulary wide enough to convey meaning but lack precision Punctuation - generally accurate Spelling simple words spelt correctly; errors occur when sophisticated words are used Paragraphing some unity; inappropriate linkage Interest some aroused but not sustained

Grades / Marks


D 10-12

Language - sufficiently accurate, patches of clarity Sentence structures mostly simple structures Vocabulary adequate but not developed to precision Punctuation less accurate

E 7-9

Spelling some errors in the usage of simple words Paragraphing lack unity Interest - lacking

Language - meaning never in doubt , some Single Word Errors (SWE) which hamper reading Sentence structures unable to sustain accuracy Vocabulary limited Punctuation more errors Spelling more errors in the usage of simple words Paragraphing not well-arranged Interest distracted due to partial relevance to the topic

F 4-6

Language - meaning fairly clear, frequent SWEs which hamper reading Sentence structures - very few accurate sentences Vocabulary - inadequate Punctuation major errors Spelling mostly errors Paragraphing - may not have any paragraph Interest - barely Descriptors

Grades / Marks G 2-3

Language makes little sense, some Multiple Word Errors (MWE) which cause blurring Sentence structures - One or two accurate sentences

H 0-1

Language - impossible to recognise as English, makes no sense Wholesale copying of the rubric