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Alien 3 By Eric Red

NOTE: Internet enabled on November 20th, 2000. I corrected most o the s!ellin" errors # rom the scri!t that I $sed to ty!e rom% b$t there &ere so many I &asn't s$re i they &ere intentional. I le t (everythin") else intact, incl$din" "rammar errors and inconsistencies. In one area I co$ld not ma*e o$t the &ords so I !$t ++++++ #,$estion mar*s% &here this occ$rred. The .rt version o this scri!t has the correct !a"ination and s!acin" as on the scri!t I $sed to ty!e rom.

En-oy the readin".

Than*s to everyone &ho made this !ossible.


htt!://&&&.$cal" lande A1IEN 2ovies Reso$rce 3a"e

4A5E IN:

E6T. 73A8E Blac*, cold, em!ty. The stars blac*en... 7tars t&in*le.

E6T. BATT1E8R9I7ER ( 73A8E 1oo*in" li*e a cross bet&een a bayonete and an aircra t carrier, the massive s!aceshi! slo&ly slices thro$"h s!ace. It is all dar*ened, all r$sted and ,$iet. It has been there or many years. T:E 8A2ERA TRA8;7 over the armo$red e<terior o the "i"antic &arshi!. The T$rbines, bi" as a b$ildin", are o . There are no li"hts on the coc*!it. The "reat vessel -$st loats, li*e a "host shi!.

E6T. 73A8E The battlecr$iser loats. li"ht.

Blac*ness, and !in!oints o

E6T. RE789E 7:I3 ( 73A8E 4irst the stars... Then the tiny reco"ni=ance shi! c$ts thro$"h the void. insi"nia o the 9.7. 2ilitary on the side. It bears the &hite star a

The tiny Resc$e 7hi!, it's rear -ets !$lsin", heads to&ards the "reat ar* o >arshi! sittin" blac* and dead a"ainst the stars.

E6T. 791A8O >AR7:I3 7teerin" beneath the ootball ield si=ed "$ns and en"ines, the small s!acecra t navi"ates thro$"h the miles o s!ace scarred armo$r on the $nderbelly o the "host shi!, headin" or the loadin" bays.

INT. 1O8;ER7 ( RE789E 7:I3 T:E 3RE779RI?E5 :I77 o a s!ace helmet bein" sealed. BREAT:IN@ T:RO9@: A 4A8E 2A7;. T:E :O11O> 7ON5 O4

7A2 72IT: ad-$sts the o<y"en tan* on his s!aces$it. :is ace hovers in the acemas*. A clean)c$t, athletic loo*in" man o 2A, 7am is a 8a!tain in the 7!ecial 4orces, and he eyes his men as he s&itches on a camera mo$nted on his sho$lder !late &ith his "loves. :is eyes move over his men... 4IBE @REEN BERET7. 4ive helmets. 4ive s!aces$its resemblin" 7am$rai body armo$r. The men stra! their boots. They seal their helmets. T$rn on their o<y"en. TI@:T 81O7E 937 o the mechanical, hi"hly technical !roced$res. They have nameta"s on the s$its. 7im!son. Avery. Anderson. >ilson. 8assidy. The aces are ramed in the visors. The :O11O> RE73IRATION ills the room. 7am s&itches on a ta!e recorder on his chest !late that is attached to the camera on his sho$lder. They "rab $! lashli"hts. 7!a= .C2 a$tomatic shot"$ns &ith roc*et la$nchers han" on the &all. 7am loo*s at the ri les on the &all as 7im!son ma*es a "rab or one. :e sha*es his head. 7A2 It's -$st a recovery. Thro$"h the &indshield o the shi!, re lected in the domes o their helmet visors. . .The h$"e, bayonette battleshi! sha!e o the 7$laco >arshi! looms a"ainst the stars. The shi! is orebodin"ly ,$iet.

E6T. 791A8O >AR7:I3/RE789E 7:I3 The t&o shi!s doc*, loc*in" to"ether.

INT. 1AN5IN@ 3A5/1OA5IN@ BAD ( 791A8O >AR7:I3 The hatch !$lls o!en &ith a :I7777 o hydra$lics. 7ince all the battleshi!s li"hts are o , the &areho$se si=ed stora"e area or sh$ttle cra t is totally dar*. 7i< lashli"ht beams. 7i< boots 81AN; E8:OIN@1D on the corr$"ated steel loor. 7am 7mith holds his torch, his eyes behind his s!ace helmet shar!ly s$rveyin" the dar*ened interior o the shi!. The lashli"ht beams hit the loomin" mechanoid sha!e o the sh$ttlecra t, castin" it in shado&y relie . The ive 7oldiers are ramed behind dim, va"$ely seen machinery on the side o the shi!.

7im!son's boot s*ids on somethin" &et. :e alls lat on his bac*, his lashli"ht lyin" rom his "ri!. The lashli"ht rolls across the loor. The men -$m!, shinin" their lashli"hts on 7im!son. The loor is slic* &ith a moist &hite s$bstance. 7A2 Do$ alri"ht, 7im!son+

7I237ON I sli!!ed on...Ees$s... :e sees the &hite li,$id. ABERD 8a!tain... They all loo* &here the soldier !oints. The lashli"ht has sto!!ed rollin" and shines on the severed tr$n* o a man lyin" in a s!lashed s!latter o m$c*. They all stare. 7am moves over to it as 7im!son "ets to his eet. 7A2 It's !art o an android. 7I237ON 7ir, sho$ldn't &e "o bac* and "et armed+ 7A2 >hat or+ 4ollo&in" 7am, the ive 7oldiers move o$t. 7i< lashli"hts in the "loom. 1i"ht "lints o the bolted metal !lates o the &alls o the shi!. They reach the airloc* door to the hy!erslee! chamber. 7am !resses the b$tton. It slides o!en. They "o in.

INT. :D3ER71EE3 8:A2BER ( 791A8O >AR7:I3 Blac* as !itch. 7ha!es comin" o$t o the dar*ness are revealed to be o<y"en $nits. They !ass the sho$lder hi"h ban*s o com!$ters. 4lashli"ht "lint o the "a$"es and s&itches and electronic !anels on the &alls. 7omethin" dri!s. 4lashli"hts beam o the overhead "rid&or* o 7A2 beams and li e s$!!ort e,$i!ment.

There's the


:e shines his torch on them. Oh my @od. The 7A2

ree=ers have been smashed o!en.

Alien E""s, three eet hi"h and slimy &ith m$c*, rest in the hy!erslee! chambers &here the bodies o the !eo!le &here. 8ocoon s$bstance, li*e iron cob&eb strin"s rom loor to ceilin". Bones and shreds o $ni orms, are ,$ic*ly "lim!sed on the loor in the lashli"ht beams. 7am !ic*s $! a shorn o nameta" &ith the &ord FRi!leyG on it. >hat the 7A2 $c*...+ They loo* $!.

They hear a so$nd overhead.

The Alien, all armo$red, insectile i teen eet o it, s&in"s do&n rom the ra ters onto them. It's the irst set o metallic teeth o!enin", its -ac*hammer second set o -a&s trailin" blood saliva and !$nchin" into their s*$lls. 72A7: 89T TO E6T. NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD A small American to&n in the middle o the armlands. A si"n on the road reads, FNorth 7tar. 3o!. 2ACG. 7omebody has s!ray!ainted F7hitsvilleG across it. T:E 8RE5IT7 A33EAR over !ostcard shots o the d$sty, avera"e mid&estern to&n. 4armho$ses. 7ilos. >indmills. A 5rive)in. 4ields o >heat. 4ields o 8orn. An AH3. A 7chool. A @rocery 7tore. A I)CC.

E6T. 72IT: :O97E ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD A lone 4armho$se. a !en. In A tall &indmill slo&ly t$rns beside it. A B$nch o co&s in

."., a rooster cro&s.

INT. 7A27 ROO2 ( 72IT: :O97E ( 5AD

Bri"ht s$nli"ht shines thro$"h the c$rtains. 7am 7mith o!ens his eyes. :e raises his hand to r$b them. The s*in is r$bbery &hite. :e o!ens and closes his ri"ht hand, li tin" his arm. There isn't any Fs*inG on the -oint by his sho$lder, and hydra$lic and !ne$matic t$bin" on a mechanoid s*eleton is seen beneath. :is eyes &iden. :e ri!s the sheets o and he stares. 7am's ri"ht arm and sho$lder have been synthetically reconstr$cted. The s*in hasn't been "iven the lesh tone dye, so it is li*e !ale r$bber. :is chest and stomach are heavily stitched, scarred, and banda"ed. E6T. 72IT: :O97E ( 5AD The armho$se. loat across the armlands.

7ams 78REA27

INT. 7A27 ROO2 ( 72IT: :O97E ( 5AD 7am sits $! in bed, shiverin" in shoc*. @ENERA1 EO:N 72IT: r$shes to the door. :e is a career military o icer in his mid i ties, and he &atches in son in alarm and relie . :e h$rries to the bed and !$ts his arm aro$nd his boy. 2ARD 72IT:, 7am's mother, r$ns to the door, nearly b$rstin" into tears &hen she sees her son a&a*e. 7he comes over to him and h$"s him too. 7A2 5ad, 2om, &ha...+ At the door, his teena"e sister ;AREN 72IT:, and his little brother 2AR;, &atch a!!rehensively. 7am sees them. The amily remains there in the bri"ht, d$sty armland s$nli"ht blastin" thro$"h the &indo& c$rtains.

INT. ;IT8:EN ( 72IT: :O97E ( 5AD The amily sits at the table. 7am 7mith, his semi)arti icial sel , !o$rs himsel some 8orn 4la*es. Eohn 7mith sits across rom him, eyein" him closely. 2ary 7mith &atches her son, and her h$sband care $lly. ;aren 7mith sort o eyes her brother in sic* ascination. The little boy 2ar* is totally into the ne& android his bro has. 7am loo*s at his dad. 7A2

:o& lon" have I been...+ EO:N T&o &ee*s. 7A2 T&o &ee*s+ I can't believe this. 1oo* at me. I'm all reb$ilt. >here's my arm+ EO:N 7am, I'm...I'm sorry. B$t... Do$'re l$c*y to be alive. 7A2 >hat ha!!ened+

EO:N >hat do yo$ remember+ :e scratches the bac* o his ear. There is a small stitched incision, an inch &ide, in the rear o his s*$ll. 7am eels it and t&itches. Not m$ch. That 4ire+ 71O> ?OO2 in on Eohn. 7A2

EO:N ire s!read ,$ic*. 7A2 This is di ic$lt or him. :is &i e &atches him hard.

EO:N There &as some *ind o e,$i!ment 2al $nction in yo$r shi!s electrical 7ystem. >e're not s$re e<actly &hat. They never *ne& &hat hit them. 7A2 >hat are yo$ tal*in" abo$t+ EO:N The rest are dead. 7am stares into s!ace, shellshoc*ed. 7A2


Avery...2y mom...

EO:N I'm sorry son. EO:N 5o yo$ h$rt+ 7A2 No, not really. I eel *ind o alri"ht.

EO:N I'm not act$ally s$r!rised. They $sed the latest android 7ynthetic technolo"y on yo$. They say yo$ can't eel the di erence. >hen they inish $! Do$ really &on't see the di erence.

;AREN Deah, 7am. It ama=in". Do$r Arm and le", they loo* li*e real. >hy me+ 7A2 :o& did I ma*e it+

EO:N There ha!!ened to be another shi! in The area. It "ot there in time. They o$nd eno$"h o yo$ to !$t bac* To"ether. The rest &e...&e had to reconstr$ct. Oh boy. 7A2 Oh boy oh boy.

2ARD Oh 7am &e're so ha!!y to see Do$ $! and aro$nd. Are yo$ alri"ht+ >e didn't *no&... 7he starts to cry, then sto!s, dabbin" her eye. ;AREN Do$ &ere o$t or the lon"est time. >e $sed to sit $! ni"hts and &atch Do$, &aitin" or yo$ to &a*e $!. 2ar* is loo*in" at 7am's mechanical hand. 7am le<es the &hite r$bber in"ers. 7am "ri!s her hand and smiles.

2AR; That doesn't h$rt+ 7A2 No, it doesn't eel li*e anythin". B$t I can cr$sh yo$r ace beca$se I'm robot man. 8rac*in" a "rin, 7am closes his hand aro$nd 2ar*s ace. The little boy screams and -$m!s bac*. 7am smiles at him and r$ les his hair. :e raises his eyebro&s and loo*s at his dad. 7A2 7o no& &hat+ EO:N There's been a e& chan"es Aro$nd here &hile yo$ &ere o$t. >hen yo$'re eelin" $! to it, >e can ta*e a drive do&nstairs And I can brin" yo$ $! to date. Eohn #8ontd% >e need to "et the rest o yo$r s*in !$t on. Also, some o the brass &ants to tal* to yo$. 7A2 Abo$t &hat+ I don't remember anythin". EO:N 7tandard o!erational b$llshit. Basic debrie in". 7A2 7$re. 4ine. 2aybe it'll come bac* to me. A lash o an<iety across the aces o his mom and dad. 7am re"isters it.

EO:N 5on't !$sh yo$rsel too hard, son. Do$'ve been thro$"h a lot. 7A2 7$re.

E6T. 72IT: :O97E ( 5AD

The s$n b$rns hot. It doesn't loo* real. 7am and Eohn 7mith leave the ho$se. 7am is "ettin" the eel o &al*in" a"ain. :is dad hel!s him to the !ic*$! tr$c* !ar*ed by the mailbo< near the road. They climb in.

INT. 3I8;93 TR98; ( 5AD Eohn stic*s the *ey in the i"nition. :e t$rns it over. 7am sits beside him, starin" o$t o the &indo& at the rollin" armlands o North 7tar. They drive.

E6T. NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The little !ic*$! tr$c* tools alon" the main road to&ards to&n. :ere and there are scattered small armho$ses and silos. A tractor sits in the middle o an o!en ield. The hori=on is lat.

INT. 3I8;93 ( 5AD 7am rides alon" &ith his 7A2 7ame old to&n. EO:N 7ame old to&n. 7A2 1oo*s ,$iet. The yo$n" soldier loo*s o$t the &indo&, as the d$sty bree=e &hi!s his A armho$se and silo $nder constr$ction. 8onstr$ction has sto!!ed. 4armlands...Then, another armho$se. Boarded $!. 7A2 The 7im!son !lace. The EO:N amily le t. 7A2 EO:N ace. ather.

>here+ :ome.

:ome. They drive on.

7A2 I remember there.

E6T. NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The !ic*$! tools do&n the dirt road into to&n. loo*s di erent. The armlands roll. The s*y

INT. 3I8;93 ( 5AD A lash o !ain shoots across Eohn's EO:N I)I'm sorry, 7am 7A2 5on't &orry abo$t it 5idn't have anythin" to do &ith yo$, 5ad. Eohn sna!s o$t o it. :e loo*s at 7am and r$ les his hair. ace.

EO:N They've been as*in" abo$t yo$ in to&n. 7am !eers o$t the &indo&. :e &aves at some "irls.

E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD A street -$st li*e a tho$sand in middle America. A >ool&orths. An AH3. A 2c5onalds. T:REE @IR17 &ave at 7am as the !ic*$! !eels by. a !ole. A "rocery store. An American A ch$rch.

la" han"s lim! on

INT. 3I8;93 ( 5AD 7am "a=es distantly o$t the &indo&. :e to$ches his arti icial arm. :e s!ots another arm, also closed boarded $!. 7A2

There's Averys ho$se. 5ad, that's all closed $! too. >hat's "oin" on here+ EO:N They moved a&ay, 7am. 7A2 >hat's been ha!!enin" since I been "one+ EO:N >ell, there's been increased 2ilitary !resence recently. 7A2 >hat *ind o !resence+ EO:N Three shi!loads over the last month. 2an. 2aterial. 2a-or reconstr$ction do&nstairs. It's "ot to do &ith research. >ea!ons research. 2aintenance and constr$ction o North 7tar has "ro$nd to a halt. The $ndin" has been rea!!ro!riated. 7A2 North 7tar isn't a de ense installation. EO:N 5idn't $sed to be. 7A2 >hat's "oin" on+ EO:N There's been an increased military !resence, that's all. I'm -$st brin"in" yo$ $! to date. Eohn steers the tr$c* into a barn. :e !$shes several b$ttons on a electronic com!$ter on the inside roo !ic*$!. on the

E6T. BARN/E1EBATOR ( 5AD The inside o the barn is solid steel. A h$"e elevator. &indo&s on the side. The !ic*$! tr$c* !$lls in. There are "lass

INT. 3I;893 ( 5AD Eohn !resses a series o the !ic*$! tr$c*. b$ttons on the com!le< control !anel o the roo o

Thro$"h the &indshield...The elevator starts to descend. 7am &atches thro$"h the &indshield.

INT. E1EBATOR ( 791A8O 73A8E 7TATIION 7$ddenly thro$"h the &indo&s, irst the steel r$nners o the elevator sha t, then the s!ace station reveals itsel , all i ty stories o it... The !ic*$! Tr$c* sits on the elevator loor as the eye)!o!!in" technolo"ical accom!lishment o the i ty story s!ace station reveals itsel thro$"h the &indo&s. 2assive, hal a mile hi"h beams and "irders. 4loor a ter loor. @lass &indo&s o$tside the elevator starin" o$t on the !lanets and stars. :al com!leted sections till $nder constr$ction &ith $t$ristic constr$ction e,$i!ment, cranes and solderin" $nits, b$ild onto the miles &ide s!ace station in the ar reaches o s!ace. 4i ty story tall air tan*s and &ater tan*s lead into a s!ider&eb o !i!es and !l$mbin" eedin" $! to North 7tar.

E6T. 3I8;93 ( E1EBATOR ( 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION 7am &atches. 7A2 7ame old !lace. EO:N Not ,$ite. Do$'ll see. The elevator contin$es to lo&er the mechanoid h$m. It sto!s.

E6T. 4ORTD 4IR7T 1EBE1 ( 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION The elevator doors o!en. The 3ic*$! Tr$c* drives o$t. It alls into ste! &ith armies o marchin" 9.7. Army soldiers and 9.7. 2ilitary trans!ort tr$c*s and s$!!ort vehicles that move li*e an assembly line thro$"h the lon", elaborate corridor &ays.

INT. 3I8;93 7am loo*s at Eohn. Eohn loo*s !reocc$!ied. 7A2 >here &e "oin", 5ad+ EO:N 5ebrie in". Eohn !ar*s the vehicle.

INT. 8ORRI5OR ( 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION 7am and Eohn &al*. N$mero$s 2I1ITARD 3ER7ONNE1 &al* by, in "ro$!s o "rey s$its. 1ar"e, tan* li*e 2ilitary Trans!ort tr$c*s &ith 9.7. Army star insi"nia on the side move !ast do&n the corr$"ated steel loor o the m$lti)tiered section o the station. The @eneral cas$ally sal$tes a e& o the man. The men

7am notices they are bein" &atched by men in dar* s$its &ith shades. "ather to"ether and tal* ,$ietly, s!ea*in" into &al*ie)tal*ies. 7A2 >ho are those "$ys+ EO:N I told yo$ military !resence has increased.

7A2 Do$ &eren't shittin'. They ro$nd a corner. E6T. F7E8TOR 8G A h$"e hydra$lic door, i ty eet hi"h, by the &all. The !art o the s!ace station is clearly o recent constr$ction. T&o 2I1ITARD 7ENTRD7 stand holdin" ri les at the ready stand by the door. Nobody "ets it. As they &al* by, 7am loo*s at it. 7A2 Eohn seems tense.

5ad, &hen has 7ector F8G been closed o + EO:N Abo$t t&o &ee*s a"o, 7am. 7A2 Ri"ht aro$nd the same time as my accident. >hat's "oin" on in there+ EO:N It's classi ied, son. 7am seems a little &orried as they &al* on do&n the corridor. A 2ilitary Trans!ort tr$c* R92B1E7 $! and screeches to a halt. 7ER@EANT 8:ON@, a short, b$llet sha!ed Ea!anese o icer s&in"s o$t o the tr$c*. :e has a ca$li lo&er, riendly Asian ace and he !$ s a !i!e. 7am crac*s a bi" "rin &hen he seems him. 7er"eant 8hon" smile &ide, clas!in" 7am's sho$lder. 7A2 :ey 2i*e, ho& the hell are yo$+ 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ 7am, ho& the $c*in" hec* are ya+ Eee= it's "ood ta see ya $! and aro$nd. Eee=$s Eohn loo* at him, he's bac* in one !iece a"ain. I &as s&eatin' it there lemme tell ya. 7A2 2an, i it's !ossible I thin* yo$'ve "otten $"lier. Deah, I thin* so. 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ I'd *ic* yo$r ass, b$t I don't beat $! on !ara!le"ics, eh+ 7am "rins, thro&in" some ast !$nches &ith his "ood arm.

7A2 O*ay chin*. One hand. One hand behind my bac*. 8'mon. They s!ar in $n, then embrace.

7ER@EANT 8:ON@ :o& the $c* are ya+ Do$ loo* alri"ht.

7A2 @ood to be bac* on my


7ER@EANT 8:ON@ :o&s the ne& arm+ 7A2 It's "oin" to ta*e some "ettin" $sed to. 1east I've "ot one. 7A2 >e &ere "oin" to !$t some s*in on me. >hat are yo$ doin'+ The 7er"eant !$ts his arm aro$nd 7am. 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ Ta*in' the s*in o ya. :E si"nals the driver o the corridor. the tr$c* to move on. The three o them head o do&n

INT. :O73ITA1 ( 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION A scienti ic lab o!eration room set $!. >hite tile &alls and hi"hly s!eciali=ed e,$i!ment desi"ned or the constr$ction and re!air o androids. Arms, le"s, even s*inless mechanoid heads are on shelves and tables. 7am lies bare)chested on an o!eratin" table. An ANRO5I TE8:NI8IAN in a &hite smoc* !rostheticaly attaches the s*in to the ra& !art o his synthetic arm. Eohn and 7er"eant 8hon" loo*s on. The Technician seals the la! o r$bber lesh and the hydra$lic and !ne$matic t$be mechanoid s*eleton. :e !ats 7am on the sho$lder. AN5ROI5 TE8:NI8IAN That abo$t does it. >e'll do the colorin" ne<t &ee*, then yo$'ll be "ood as ne&. 7am re"ards his !ale &hite r$bber arm. 7A2 Not too bad.

E6T. RE7TARANT ( 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION 7am, Eohn, and 8hon" brin" their trays rom the ca eteria and sit at a table in the s!ace station eatin" area. 7!ecial trees and ve"etation in m$lti)leveled tiers. :$"e &indo&s loo* o$t onto an a&esome vie& o the side o the s!ace

station. It is still $nder constr$ction as massive cranes and s!acemen loatin" o$tside in s!ace assemble !re) ab !ieces o steel. Beyond, lie !lanets and stars. The resta$rant is rather nice, mi<in" stone and steel and "lass in a nice clean eatery. >hile they are sittin" there, 7am and Eohn loo* o$t the &indo&, si!!in" their co ee. 8hon" &atches 7am, hard emotion on the to$"h little 7er"eants ace. 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ I &as real sorry abo$t yo$r boys. 4rom &hat I hear it &as a rea* accident. >asn't nothin' yo$ co$ld do. Deah. 7A2

7ER@EANT 8:ON@ There &asn't. EO:N :ere they are. 3eo!le a!!roach. 7A2 >ho's this+ 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ The ne& *ids. The element that has moved into the nei"hborhood. 5R. A1I8E RAN5 comes $! to the table. 7he is a hi"hly intelli"ent loo*in" &oman in her late t&enties, &earin" a 7cience O icers $ni orm. 7he &ears thic* "lasses and radiates an a$ra o arro"ant !o&er. 7he ta*es a seat. 8O1ONE1 :ARO15 7IN@1AIR, a thin, cor!orate loo*in" military o icer is &ith her. Three 7$it and 7$n"lasses 2I1ITARD A@ENT7 are &ith them. They don't seem to smile m$ch. 5R. RAN5 :ello @eneral.

EO:N 5r. Alice Rand, this is my son, 7am 7mith. 8a!tain 7!ecial 4orces. 7A2 3leased to meet yo$. EO:N

8olonel 7inclair. 7am sha*es hands &ith him. 8olonel. 7A2

2y son 7am.

8O1ONE1 7IN81AIR @ood to meet yo$, 7am. I see the reconstr$ctive s$r"ery &ent &ell. The army did o$r best. >e bro$"ht in o$r inest reconstr$ctive s$r"eons. >e had several teams &or*in" on yo$ aro$nd the cloc*. 7A2 Than* yo$ sir. I really a!!reciate everythin" yo$'ve done. 8O1ONE1 7IN@1AIR >e &anted to as* yo$ a e& ,$estions. Des sir. 7A2

8O1ONE1 7IN81AIR Abo$t the accident. 7A2 I don't remember anythin" abo$t the accident sir. I'm a raid I have *ind o a blan*. 8O1ONE1 7IN81AIR Too bad abo$t yo$r men. 7A2 >hat ha!!ened to their amilies+

8O1ONE1 7IN81AIR They've been relocated.

7A2 I &o$ld li*e very m$ch to be able to s!ea* to them, sir. I *ne& them all !ersonally and it &o$ld mean a lot i I &as able to tal* to them.

8O1ONE1 7IN81AIR That &on't be necessary. 7A2 >hat do yo$ mean+ >hy &on't it be necessary+ 8O1ONE1 7IN81AIR >hat I'm sayin" is 7am &e've ta*en care o all that or yo$. 3robably the best thin" is -$st to leave it behind $s and move on. 7A2 >ith d$e res!ect, sir, they &ere my men and I do &ish to s!ea* to the amilies. 5r. Rand eyes 7am &ith somethin" !assin" or riendliness. 7he li"hts a ci"arette. Eohn eyes her &ith a !olitically restrained disre"ard. 7am !ic*s that $!. There is a $nny, a&*&ard moment o silence. 7o, 7am. 5R. RAN5 The accident.

7A2 I said I don't remember m$ch. 2$ch+ 5R. RAN5

7A2 The accident. 5R. RAN5 Do$ said Fm$chG. >hat e<actly do yo$ remember, 7am+ 7A2 E<c$se me. >ith d$e res!ect, ma'am. This debrie in" I believe, is a military !riority. Are yo$ military+ 7ort o . 5R. RAN5 8olonel...+

8O1ONE1 7IN81AIR 1et me -$m! in here. 7am, i I may. 5r. Rand here is one o the oremost minds in the area o scienti ic de ense

research and yo$ can eel com ortable and...lets say...con ident in tal*in" to her as &ell as $s. 5R. RAN5 7am &e need to *no& &hat yo$ remember abo$t...the accident. 7am loo*s at his ather. Eohn seems tense. :E *ee!s it in. J$ietly, eyein" the 5octor and the 8olonel, and the $ncom ortable 7er"eant, and the 7$its &ith a lo& *ey disre"ard, he s!ea*s so tly. EO:N >hat my son said is he doesn't remember anythin". 5R. RAN5 B$t let $s h)) EO:N :e doesn't remember anythin" 5octor. 5R. RAN5 Des @eneral. They all loo* at each other. An a&*&ard, $ncom ortable relie .

5R. RAN5 >ell...It's been "ood meetin" yo$ 7am. >e're "lad yo$'re &ell. >e'll see yo$, @eneral. 5r. Rand, 8olonel 7inclair, and the 7$its "et $! 8hon" remains at the table &ith 7am and Eohn. They &atch them &al* o . rom the table. 7er"eant

7ER@EANT 8:ON@ There "oes the nei"hborhood.

E6T. 7E8TOR F8G ( 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION 7am and Eohn 7mith ro$nd the corner. They stand and &atch the 7entrys o!en the hydra$lic "ate. The door rides $! and a lar"e 2ilitary Trans!ort tr$c* !$lls o$t. 7am li"hts a ci"arette and st$dies it.

7omethin" loo*s.

alls o

the bac* o

the tr$c*.

7oldiers move by.

7am &al*s $! and

A Blac* r$bber body ta" that ha ri!!ed o!en. 7everal totally sla$"htered and eviscerated androids have s!illed o$t. Their arms, aces, and torsos torn to shreds. 7am &atches as several 7oldiers come by and clean $! the mess, !$ttin" it into the ba" and thro&in" it in the bac* o the 2ilitary Trans!ort. The tr$c* is illed &ith blac* r$bber ba"s. his ci"arette. 7A2 >hat's "oin" on in there, dad+ EO:DN 1et's "et o$t o here, son. They move on. 7am &atches it !$ll o$t. :e !$ s

E6T. BAR ( NORT: 7TAR The !ic*$! !$lls $! to a small bar on the ed"e o to&n. A e& cars and station &a"ons !ar*ed o$tside. A neon FB$d&eiserG si"n in the &indo&. :ON;D TON; 297I8 aintly heard inside. 7am and Eohn 7mith !$sh thro$"h the door. A !o&er dynamo rises behind the bar, &eeds "ro&in" here and there.

INT. BAR ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The t&o soldiers !$sh thro$"h the ront door. They &al* $! to the bar.

The neon B$d&eiser si"n B977E7 on the &indo&. 4IBE TERRA 4AR2ER7 han" o$t by the bar, and by the !ool table. They are a bl$e collar b$nch, in denim -ac*ets and -eans, beards, lon" hair, and ca!s. 8i"arette smo*e han"s in the air a -$*ebo< in the corner !lays a co$ntry t$ne. BRI@@7 the bartender, rednec* li*e the rest, comes over to them. EO:N T&o 8oors. BRI@@7 O$ta 8oors. 7!ace shi!ment didn't come in last month. 7A2 T&o B$ds then. BRI@@7 7i< 5ollars.

EO:N :ello Bri""s. :o&'s the


The barman loo*s at him, $nmista*able ca$tion in his eyes. BRI@@7 They're alive, @eneral. I'd li*e to *ee! Kem that &ay. >hat's "oin" to do&nstairs, @eneral+ Nothin" EO:N or yo$ to &orry abo$t, Bri""s.

7am, sittin" at the bar, loo*s over his sho$lder. 4o$r o Terra 4armers are !layin" a slo&, sinister "ame o !ool They "lare at 7am and Eohn as they !$ll on their bears and *noc* the balls into the !oc*ets. Another co$ntry son" comes on the -$*ebo<. The bartender nervo$sly leans over the bar to Eohn. BRI@@7 @eneral, I si"ned on to this "od orsa*en bar"e in s!ace so I co$ld "et my amily o o earth to some!lace sa e. No& all I see are 2ilitary shi!s !$llin' in and o$t, and somethin"' bein b$ilt do&nstairs. I eel li*e me and m$h amily is bein set or somethin'. EO:N Bri""s. This is Eohn 7mith yo$'re tal*in" to and I'm tellin" yo$ not to &orry. This colony in s!ace isn't or de ense !$r!oses. 5o&n the other end o the bar, :ARRD A@AR, a bi" "$tted, bearded and dr$n* Terra 4armer sits h$ddled over a "lass. :e loo*s do&n his sho$lder at them. A@AR B$ll $c*in'shit. 7A2 Do$ "ot a !roblem+ A@AR Deah, I "ot a !roblem. These "$ys, they "ot a !roblem. Everybody lives on this "oddamn shithole to&n in s!ace "ot a !roblem, soldier boy. Do$'re the !roblem.

7A2 I don't *no& &hat yo$'re tal*in" abo$t, b$t I do *no& yo$'re tal*in" to 9.7. Army. A@AR :ey, soldier boy. I ain't no army a""ot. >hat are yo$ boys doin' do&n there, h$h+ 7i< h$ndred tho$sand miles o$t in s!ace+ >hat are yo$ b$ildin"+ @onna blo& $s $!, h$h+ Or maybe &orse. 7A2 >hy don't yo$ -$st rela<+ A@AR Rela<. Rela<, soldier boy+ 4amilies o yo$r "ot an moved o$t !retty ,$ic* a ter yo$ "ot Kem &asted. Those Army tr$c*s -$st !$lled ri"ht $! and those amilies and their ho$ses &as on the ne<t sh$ttle o$t. 1i*e they never e<isted. 7A2 I don't *no& abo$t that. EO:N They &anted to relocate, that's all. >I11IE RAD :A8;ETT, a yo$n" sine&y Terra 4armer at the !ool table drives the ball into a corner !oc*et. E raises his c$e and chal*s it, s!ittin" on the sa&d$st loor. >I11IE RAD I say yo$'re $ll o shit. All yo$ soldiers are $ll o shit. 2y @randad $sed to live o$t in Alamo"ordo bac* on earth. 2ilitary moved in. Told them everythin" &as o*ay and mean&hile &as doin' n$clear testin'. 2y @randaddy died by orty o cancer rom the radiation. Do$ thin* &e believe yo$r b$llshit abo$t nothin' "oin"' on do&n there+ >hat &e o$"hta do is -$st *ic* all yo$r army b$tts o this station.

7am slams do&n his bear.

:e "ets $! o

the stool.

7A2 >hat yo$ o$"hta do is try. Three other Terra 4armers move over ne<t to the one by the !ool table. "rab !ool c$es and stand in menacin" silho$ette, ready to $se them. >I11IE RAD This is o$r bar. The Bartender loo*s at Eohn, tired and $neasy. BARTEN5ER I don't' &ant any tro$ble, Eohn. @eneral 7mith loo*s at the Terra 4armers. EO:N 1et's "o. A@AR :ey, 7mith... 7A2 >hat+ A@AR Tal* to 7im!son lately+ 7A2 7im!son died. A@AR I seen him. 7A2 B$llshit. A@AR :e's aro$nd. :ey, 7mith. 4ill Ker $!. That's &hat he'll say &hen yo$ see him. 4ill Ker $!. :eh. :eh. 7A2 1et's "et the $c* o$ta here. Eohn his hand on 7am's sho$lder. 7am "oes &ith him o$t the door o


:e thro&s bac* his beer and "ets $!.

the bar.


7am and Eohn -$m! in their !ic*$!. They see the silho$ettes o the Terra 4armers standin" in the &indo& o the -oint, in the "lo& o the beer si"n.

INT. 3I8;93 ( NI@:T 7am and Eohn are drivin" bac*. The &indo&s are rolled do&n and in the li"ht o t&o moons, they see the small arms !ass by in the ields. 7A2 5ad, loo* at that. They loo*. Three 2ilitary Trans!ort tr$c*s are in the drive&ay o one o the arms. 7oldiers are loadin" cattle into the rear "ate. The headli"hts shine in the dar*. 7A2 That's the Eones !lace. 5ad, they're ta*in" his livestoc*. >hat the :ell is "oin" here+ Eohn drives, ti"ht li!!ed. EO:N I don't *no&. They drive on do&n the dar* co$ntry road. :eadli"ht !$nch them in the ace as three more 2ilitary Trans!ort tr$c*s once at them rom the other direction. The tr$c*s r$sh !ast, then are "one. 7A2 They're headin" or the elevator.

Eohn stares thro$"h the &indshield. EO:DN 1et's "et some slee!. :e !ats 7am on the le". EO:N It's been a lon" day. They drive on.

5I77O1BE TO:

E6T. 72IT: :O97E ( 5A>N 5o$ble s$nrise. The armho$se and &indmill in silho$ette a"ainst a INT. E1EBATOR ( 73A8E 7TATION The elevator lo&ers thro$"h the 7am is ridin" it. i ty loors. lamin" s*y.

INT. O44I8E ( :O1O@RA3:I8 :A11 O4 RE8OR7 ( 73A8E 7TATION 7am stands at the co$nter, s!ea*in" &ith the 2I1ITARD 81ER;. 7A2 ...On 4ebr$ary C2th this year, there &ere si< ta!es ta*en by the cre& o the resc$e sh$ttle T$lsa &hen they boarded the >arshi! 7$laco. They are !robably catalo"$ed $nder 76AC2. 7eries C thro$"h L. Des sir. 2I1ITARD 81ER; I'll "et them ri"ht a&ay.

The 8ler* "oes to a com!$ter screen &ith a *eyboard. :e !$nches in some di"its. 7tands and &aits. There is a BEEOIN@ on the screen. :e ret$rns to 7am. 2I1ITARD 81ER; Those ta!es are classi ied. 7orry i can't hel! yo$. 7A2 8lassi ied $nder &hose orders+ 2I1ITARD BOO;;EE3ER 5r. Rand, sir. 7am re"ards him. 7A2

Than*s, !rivate. :e leaves.

INT. 8ORRI5OR ( 73A8E 7TATION 7am &al*s thro$"h the corridor. s$n"lasses and &al*ie tal*ies. :e is bein" ollo&ed. 2en in s$its &ith 7er"eant 8hon" ch$c*s him

Then a 2ilitary Trans!ort Tr$c* !$lls $! beside him. a riendly "rin. :e &aves 7am in. INT. 8AB ( TRAN73ORT TR98; 7am rides alon" &ith 7er"eant 8hon". 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ 8'mon 7am, I'll "ive yo$ a li t bac* $!. They drive thro$"h the h$"e s!ace station hall&ay. The small em!ty li"ht on the $el "a$"e lashes on.

7ER@EANT 8:ON@ 7hit, b$c*et o bolts s$no abitch r$n o$ta "as on me a"ain. 4$c*in' thin" sho$ld be sold or scra! iron. Ride &ith me &hile I "et "as. 7A2 7$re. The s,$at, b$llet headed 7er"eant s!ins the bi" &heel in his hands.

INT. RA23 ( 73A8E 7TATION The tr$c* l$rches do&n the lon" ram!, dee! into the bo&els o the shi!.

INT. 8AB ( TRAN73ORT TR98; 7am loo*s aro$nd. 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ Nobody "ets bac* here e<ce!t the mechanics. The 7er"eant drives into a ootball ield si=ed re!air sho!. 7am &histles.

INT. RE3AIR AREA ( 73A8E 7TATION TITAN 8RANE 7:OT 5O>N ON... @i"antic cranes, Trans!ort and 2ilitary tr$c*s ta*en a!art, !iles o !arts and mechanical innards, lar"e robotic arms !ieces vehicles and constr$ction e,$i!ment bac* to"ether. The tr$c* dives into the titanic maintenance sho!. 4or*li ts hoist bro*en do&n vehicles. T>ENTD RE3AIR 2EN &or*s &ith blo&torches and !o&er drills. 7!ar*s ly. 3O9N5IN@ and 81AN@IN@ ill the air. 7mo*e and steam &reath the area, ma*in" lar"e mechanoid silho$ettes in the bac*lit di $sion. Overhead tractors li t !ieces o vehicles a h$ndred eet into the air, the mechanical clam!s travelin" across the area in one direction or the other on an elaborate roo monorail system. The Trans!ort Tr$c* drives thro$"h all the men and e,$i!ment to a small @as 5e!ot nestled in the bac* some&here.

INT. @A7 5E3OT ( RE3AIR AREA T:E 8A2ERA @1I5E7 5O>N &ith the trans!ort tr$c* as it !$lls $! to the !$m!s. @A72AN stands in "rimy overalls beside the !$m!s. :e &al*s $! to the side o the tr$c* and loo*s in 7am's &indo&. 7im!son. A

INT. 8AB ( TRAN73ORT TR98; ( @A7 5E3OT 7am does a do$ble ta*e. 7im!son re"ards 7am &ith a blan* e<!ression. 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ 4ill Ker $!. :i"h octane. 7A2 7im!son. 7I237ON E<c$se me+ 7A2 It's me. It's 7am. 5on't yo$ reco"ni=e me+ 7im!son doesn't. :e doesn't seem to re"ister m$ch. 7A2 :is eyes are d$ll.

7im!son... 7I237ON No sir, I'm sorry I don't. 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ 4ill it $!, 3rivate. I &ant to "et the $c* o$t o here. 7I237ON Ri"ht a&ay. :e leaves and "oes to the !$m!. 7am sits bac* in his seat, shell)shoc*ed. 1i*e a robot, 7im!son &al*s to the "as !$m!s and ta*es o the hose, stic*in" it in the tan* o the tr$c*. :e is near 7am's &indo&.

7ER@EANT 8:ON@ Do$ *no& him+ 7A2 2e+ No. There is a stitched incision in his 7am loo*s at the side o 7im!son's head. s*$ll, behind the ri"ht ear. 7am's eyes &iden.

:e to$ches his similar scar behind his ear.

INT. @A7 5E3OT ( RE3AIR AREA 7im!son ta*es the s!i"ot o$t o the tan* and ret$rns into the !$m!. the Trans!ort Tr$c* on. 7er"eant 8hon" drives o$t. :e &aves

INT. 8AB ( TRAN73ORT TR98; 7am, hidin" his horror, stares o$t the bac* &indshield as 7im!son, the lobotomi=ed soldier stands by the !$m!s, slo&ly obsc$red by the steam and smo*e o the Re!air Area as the tr$c* !$ll $rther a&ay rom him. The soldier sits bac* in his seat, starin" strai"ht ahead.

INT. O44I8E ( :O1O@RA3:I8 :A11 O4 RE8OR57 ( 73A8E 7TATION 7am smashes his &ay thro$"h the door and &al*s $! to the des*. 7A2

@et me those ta!es.

No&, !rivate.

2I1ITARD 81ER; I told yo$, those ta!es are $nder classM 7am "rabs the man by the throat and slams him $! a"ainst the &all. his 8olt .NA and stic*s it $! the man's nose. 2I1ITARD 81ER; I don't *no& anythin" abo$t this. 7A2 The ta!es. :e !$lls

INT. 7TA@E ( :O1O@RA3:I8 :A11 O4 RE8OR57 ( 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION A &ide, &areho$se)si=ed sta"e. 3ro-ectors !ointin" do&n rom the ceilin". >all o cassettes loor to ceilin". A h$"e consol. 7am &al*s s&i tly into the room. :e moves tot he consol and !$nches the date into the screen. :e stic*s the cassette into the slot and hits the b$tton. BBBB??????????????================tt. ceilin"... It's the Alien. A i teen oot hi"h, 3 5 laser recreation o the creat$re loomin" over 7am. 7am -$m!s bac*, starin" &ide)eyed $! at the "reen dimensional holo"ra!h o the creat$re, it's sno$t t$rnin" to him. 7am !$ts his hand thro$"h it. The soldier !$lls himsel to"ether and &al*s thro$"h the $lly li e)si=ed i"$res o his men and him in the holo"ra!hicaly recreated ree=er chamber o the &arshi!. :e sees himsel and h is soldiers, li*e laser "hosts, &hirl in horror, totally $narmed as the Alien s&in"s do&n rom the ra ters and hits them. 7am screams o$t as he sees the creat$res -ac*hammer -a&s !iledrive the recreation o him in the torso, ta*in" his arm and a "ood !art o his ribca"e &ith it. 7am is s!lattered &ith "reen holo"ra!hic blood. T:E 8A2ERA 397:E7 IN TO AN TI@:T 81O7E 93 O4 7A27 4A8E as his ace contorts in an"$ish he &atches the monster tear his men to !ieces, ri!!in" them limb rom limb in a "reenish sla$"hterho$se, their aces screamin" in total silence, &hich ma*es it &orse. 7am sta""ers to the consol and !$shes the sto! b$tton. BBB???=======tt. The lasers c$t o and the room is !l$n"ed into dar*ness. 7am stands alone in the em!ty holo"ra!hic chamber. :e !$ts his ace in his hands and &ee!s. A b$rst o "reen laser rom the


8ATT1E 3EN ( 72IT: :O97E ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T

7am stands alone by the cattle !en, starin" o alone into the rollin" armlands. The star t&in*le. T&o moons han" in the s*y, in the distant reaches o s!ace. A lonely &ind &hi!s $!, blo&in" 7am's clothes abo$t him as he stands "ra=in" into the ni"ht. The door to his ho$se and Eohn 7mith stands in silho$ette in b."., rames in the li"hts o the *itchen. :e comes $! behind his son. 7am -$st leans a"ainst the ence. Eohn 7mith is &earin" his @enerals $ni orm. EO:N >hat is it+ 7A2 >hy didn't yo$ tell me+ EO:N >hat do yo$ mean+ 7A2 >hat ha!!ened to it+

EO:N To &hat+ 7am aces his ather.

7A2 To that $c*in" thin" that ri!!ed me in hal and &asted my men. Eohn si"hs. :e leans a"ainst the ta*e his eyes o him. ence and li"hts a ci"arette. :is so doesn't

EO:N Do$ *no&, I don't al&ays a"ree &ith the military,*e &hat I sometimes have to do. I &anted North 7tar and this station to be a li e s$!!ort system in s!ace. I didn't &ant it to be a !lace &here &e &o$ld be...B$t I have a -ob 7am. I'm here to do my -ob. 5ad. 7A2 >hy didn't yo$ tell me+

EO:N To !rotect yo$.

7A2 That's a lot o


EO:N It &as or yo$r o&n "ood, 7am. There's a lot o thin"s on this station that have been ta*en o$t o my hands, b$t not my amily. 7A2 I'2 DO9R O>N 7ON, AN5 DO9 1IE5 TO 2E. EO:N T:ED >O915 :ABE ;I11E5 DO9, 7A2. OR T:ED >O915 :ABE 1OBOTO2I?E5 DO9 1I;E T:ED 5I5 T:AT 7I237ON BOD. :O> 8O915 I 39T DO9 AT T:AT RI7; BD TE11IN@ DO9. Do$'re my son, and I've done everythin" I co$ld to !rotect yo$. I co$ldn't tell yo$ &hat ha!!ened o$t there...beca$se I co$ldn't be s$re yo$'d be sa e then. :e !$ts his hand on his sons sho$lder. EO:N I ho!e yo$ can $nderstand. I ho!e yo$ don't -$d"e me too hard. I really ho!e that. Eohn 7mith, loo*in" h$nched and older, t$rns and &al*s bac* into the ho$se. Then the so$nd o the car in the drive&ay. 7am &atches as Eohn's car travels o do&n the dirt road to&ards to&n. 7am leans a"ainst the ence, loo*in" o$t at the cattle, loo*in" o$t at the rollin" armlands, &atchin" the distant, t&in*lin" li"hts o North 7tar a"ainst the stars in the s*y and the t&o moons. Then he sees the Trans!ort tr$c*. The vehicle l$mbers do&n the dirt road and !$lls into the drive&ay o the Bro&ns arm across the &ay. The bi" military tr$c* slams to a sto! by the !i" !en. 7am &atches, absently li"htin" a ci"arette as he sees the 2I1ITARD TR98; 5RIBER -$m! o$t and "o to the !en, &here thirty $"ly !i"s root abo$t. 9nder the cover o ni"ht, BRO>N comes o$t o his ho$se and starts hel!in" the Tr$c* 5river load i teen !i"s into the rear "ate. 7am stays o$t o si"ht, &atchin" care $lly. TR98; 5RIBER

Ne<t sto!, 7ector F8G. BRO>N The !a!ers are inside. The t&o men &al* inside the ho$se. 7am cra&ls thro$"h his ence. :E h$rries across the small ield to &here the Trans!ort Tr$c* is !ar*ed. :e clambers thro$"h the bac* "ate into the hold &here all the !i"s are sto&ed.

E6T. BRO>N :O97E ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The Trans!ort Tr$c*s headli"hts !$nch the ni"ht as it !$lls o$t o the drive&ay, l$mberin" o do&n the main road in clo$ds o d$sty dirt.

INT. BA8; @ATE ( TRAN73ORT TR98; ( NI@:T 7am is scr$nched bet&een i teen ilthy, noisy ho"s. :e &rin*les his nose and stays do&n. :e eels he tr$c* B923IN@ do&n the road.

E6T. E1EBATOR BARN ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The military vehicle drives $! to the electronic door o the barn. The li"hts o the to&n o North 7tar are in the distance. The electric door o!ens and the tr$c* drives in.

INT. E1EBATOR ( NI@:T 5escendin" &ith it's E1E8TRI8 :92. The Tr$c* inside.

INT. BA8; @ATE ( TRAN73ORT TR98; ( NI@:T 7am h$ddles &ith the ho"s, his eyes and ears alert. :e is covered &ith m$d and shit. :e eels the elevator sto!. :e eels the Tr$c* move.

INT. :D5RA91I8 @ATE ( F7E8TOR 8G ( NI@:T The t&o 7ENTRD7 stand d$ty, holdin" a$tomatic &ea!ons.

The Trans!ort Tr$c* !$lls $! to the "ate. The 7entrys &al* $! to the &indo&s. The Tr$c* 5rive hands them his a$thori=ation. 1ivestoc*. TR98; 5RIBER The

The soldiers tred to the rear "ate o the Tr$c*. They o!en the "ate. 7entrys shine lashli"hts into the hold &here the !i"s are sto&ed.

INT. BA8; @ATE ( TRAN73ORT TR98; ( NI@:T The lashli"ht lares o the 8A2ERA as the blac*ened sha!e o 7am h$ddles &ithin the silho$ettes o the !i"s as the lashli"ht !asses across them. The "ate to the Tr$c* is closed And he is a"ain in total dar*ness.

E6T. :D5RA91I8 @ATE ( F7E8TOR 8G ( NI@:T The soldiers loo* over the Tr$c*, hands on their &ea!ons. h$"e hydra$lic "ate. They &ave the tr$c* thro$"h. The 7entrys o!en the

The Trans!ort Tr$c* drives into 7ector F8G, ta*in" 7am &ith it.

INT. BA8; @ATE ( TRAN73ORT TR98; ( NI@:T 7am cro$ches do&n &ith the OIN;IN@ !i"s. :e hears the &heels o the tr$c* rollin" on a metal s$r ace. :e eels the vehicle ma*e several t$rns. It seems to drive orever. Then it sto!s. :e hears a 2E8:ANI8A1 5OOR O3ENIN@. :e eels the Tr$c* !$ll in. Then sto!. Then he eels the bac* "ate loor o the Trans!ort Tr$c* li tin" li*e the rear o a d$m! tr$c*. The bac* "ate o!ens into dar*ness. :e is slidin" &ith the terri ied, !anic)stric*en !i"s o$t o the tr$c*.

INT. 8:9TE ( F7E8TOR 8G ( NI@:T 7am t$mbles head over heels &ith i teen at, rollin" !i"s do&n a stained, stainless steel sha t in almost total dar*ness. They all slide to"ether.

INT. BREE5IN@ ROO2 ( F7E8TOR 8G ( NI@:T Blac* as hell. 7am hits somethin" so t. >e hear it... 7o do the !i"s. 7tra&. >e don't see anythin".

ANI2A1 78REA27. 5O@ :O>17. 8AT 7J9A117. 3I@ 7J9E17. The air is ri!!ed &ith the horri yin" din o h$ndreds o shrie*in" animals. And the 7O9N5 O4 RI33N@ 41E7:. 7am reaches into his !oc*et and brin"s o$t his li"hter. :e lic*s a lame.

In the li"ht o the lame, a oot rom him, a !i" &ith a 4ace :$""er on it, it's hooves sha*in" s!asmodically on the "ro$nd. 7am -$m!s in shoc*. :e dro!s his li"hter. The lame hits the stra&. 4ire lea!s. @limmerin" ireli"ht be"ins to reveal the room he is. There are animal ca"es every&here, stac*ed on the to! o each other. There are animal !ens here and there is a bi", steel beamed &areho$se s!ace. The loor is covered &ith stra& and &et &ith blood and "$ts. Near him, the belly o a !i" r$!t$res and chest b$rster smashes o$t in a sic*enin" s!ray o intestines. The 3i" Alien has the &ide torso, tiny head, and little le"s o a !i". 7am hears somethin" 789TT1E behind him. :e &hirls to see a 4ace :$""er r$nnin" or him. :e lea!s $! onto one o the ca"es -$st as the thin" lies thro$"h the air &ith a !$nch o its &hi!lash tail. It hits a !i" in the ace instead. 7am lands hand and eet on the bars o the ca"e and loo*s thro$"h the bars to see... A 3it B$ll do" str$""lin" on the "ro$nd as it's ribs e<!lode o$t its stomach and a 5o" Alien t$"s itsel o$t. The 5o" Alien lea!s ri"ht or 7am's ace and he -$m!s onto another ca"e -$st as the 3it B$ll)li*e -a&s loc* on the bars. No& ten or more 4ace :$""ers are scramblin" across the "ore)s!lattered stra& loor or 7am. They &ant his ass. 7am clambers onto another ca"e. The ires are no& cons$min" the stra& on the loor and the &hole !lace is becomin" revealed in the li"ht o the lames. It loo*s li*e somethin" strai"ht o$t o hell as the ire "lints o the metal &alls and the bars o the ca"es. >ithin, the 5o" Aliens, and 8at aliens, and 8hic*en Aliens scramble abo$t, hissin" and bitin" in $ry. The !i"s move abo$t in a ra& !anic as 4ace h$""ers lea! o$t o the dar* corners attach himsel to their aces, -ammin" tendrils in their sno$ts. 7am climbs $! the ca"es as 4ace :$""er lea!s $! at him. The overhead s!rin*lers come on. >ater s$r"es over the room in a bi" s!ray, do$sin" the Aliens in &ater. ires and bathin" the :e

7oa*in" &et, 7am climbs $! to one o the bi" air vents in the ceilin". !$lls the "ratin" o and clambers inside.


The soldier lies on his bac* in the &arm vent, "as!in" or air, recoverin" rom the horror. :e !$shes the "rate bac* on and loo*s do&n on the breedin" room as the s!rin*lers !$t the ire o$t. 7oon it is blac*. 7am hears 7O9N57 in the vent, rom other o!enin"s in and aro$nd the 7ector. :e hears voices. Tr$c*s. 3eo!le movin". 7am cra&ls on his belly across the metal sheetin", his hair blo&n in the &arm &ind. 7oon he comes to another "ratin". :e !eers thro$"h it. 7A27 3.O.B.: A loc*er room. A sho&er stall. >hite scienti ic smoc*s h$n" $! on the &all. 7terile clothin". R977 and 1A9REN, t&o scientists, are *issin" heavily and eelin" each other $!. :e has his hand $nder her bra. R977 8'mon baby, let's $se the anti)"ravity room. 1et's do it loatin" in s!ace. O*ay. 1A9REN 8'mon, lets "o.

:ands all over each other, they breathlessly move thro$"h another door, leavin" the room em!ty. 7am ,$ietly dislod"es the "rate. INT. 1O8;ER ROO2 ( F7E8TOR 8G 7am

7am -$m!s do&n. :e ,$ic*ly stri!s and h$rls his clothes into a trash bin. "ets in the sho&er and t$rns it on. E6T. 8ORRI5OR ( F7E8TOR 8G T:REE 78IEN8E 3ER7ONNE1 "o in the door to the loc*er room. as they &al* in, $lly dressed in a &hite smoc* and !ants. they nod to him.

7am &al*s o$t -$st :e nods to them and

T:E 8A2ERA TRA8;7 &ith 7am as he &al*s do&n the to! secret military sector. The &alls and loor are o hi"h density corr$"ated steel. 8ameras are mo$nted on the ceilin". Bi" military Tr$c*s R92B1E thro$"h the corridor. Ro&s o 2I1ITARD BRA77 and 73E8IA1 4OR8E7 7O15IER7 &al* !ast in lines o "rey. Their boots clan* on the "ro$nd. B$nches o 78IEN8E O44I8ER7 &al* thro$"h the corridor in a "rey line. 7omethin" is ha!!enin"... 7am sees a bi", c$bicles. loor to ceilin" &indo&. Inside, there are m$lti!le "lass

E6T. 1AB ( 7E8OTR F8G 7am &al*s $! to the &indo& loo*in" into other &indo&s in a series o c$bicles $nder the sterile, antise!tic "lare o lo$rescents. lab

Eohn 7mith sits on a cot &ith his shirt sleeve rolled $!. 5r. Rand stands in ront o a small army o scientists and military !eo!le. 5r. Rand administers him an in-ection rom a heavy)d$ty hy!odermic "$n.

Eohn 7mith nods, e<citement and real dread in his eyes. 7am cannot hear &hat they are sayin". They all "et $! and leave the room. 7ecretively, 7am sli!s intoM INT. 1AB ( 7E8TOR F8G The soldier loo*s aro$nd. Tables &ith microsco!es. Rac*s o test t$bes. 1ar"e blac*boards &ith com!le< "enetic $sion and "ene s!licin" orm$lations on them. 7am sees T>ENTD 78IEN8E 3ER7ONNE1 !eerin" thro$"h the microsco!es. The soldier &al*s $! and !eers thro$"h one o the microsco!es. 2I8RO78O3E 3.O.B.: It loo*s li*e &ar. Blac*, bitin" cells o some $n*no&n ori"in are che&in" a&ay and eatin" $! the red blood cells on the slide. It is an $nsettlin" si"ht. 7am moves a&ay lar"e n$mber o rom the microsco!e, really $neasy. :e loo*s $! and sees a 7cientists and 2ilitary ty!es millin" into a lect$re room.

INT. 1E8T9RE ROO2 ( F7E8TOR 8G 7am &atches orm behind the &indo&. There is a screen, and a !ro-ector. 5r. Rand is in ront o a blac*board. 7he is acin" 7mith and the 7cientists.

5R. RAN5 ...This or"anism, on a cell$lar, even a molec$lar level, is a !$rely and totally !redatory. >e have never enco$ntered an or"anism that had its characteristics... or its !otential. To s$rvive, this cell 5R. RAN5 #8ontd% attac*s, and assimilates the cells o &hatever it enco$nters. In this manner it ta*es on the orm o &hat it *ills. B$t this is &hat is most interestin"...@entlemen, I !$t to yo$ that this or"anism, this cell, can assimilate not only &ith or"anic matter, b$t &ith inor"anic matter. 3lease &atch... The li"hts dim. The !ro-ector rolls. One the screen, a solid, metallic molec$le. Also, the blac*, armo$red, alien cell. The Alien cell attac*s and absorbs the other molec$le, becomin" one, steely, armo$red thin". The li"hts come $!. 5r. Rand &ears a small smile.

5R. RAN5 That &as metal. A h$sh. 5R. RAN5 The 5NA str$ct$re here doesn't scre& aro$nd. @entlemen, do yo$ reali=e &hat &e have here+ 5o yo$ reali=e the !otential &e can $se it or+ Ima"ine a livin", or"anic -et i"hter, or an Alien tan*. 7am, sh$dderin", listens in. 5r. Rand loo*s at her &atch.

5R. RAN5 >e're all "oin" to be late. INT. 8ORRI5OR ( F7E8TOR 8G They &al* o$t into the corridor. A lar"e n$mber o 2ilitary 3ersonnel and 7cientists are millin" tho$"h the hall, into a lar"e door. 7am secretly ollo&s them inside. INT. ARENA ( F7E8TOR 8G 7am ollo&s Eohn into a bas*etball co$rt)si=ed room. The ceilin"s are i ty eet in hei"ht. 2etal corr$"ated &alls and a sheet steel loor. There are lar"e o!enin" doors b$ilt into the roo , no& closed. There are more than a h$ndred oldin" chairs on the loor and they are illed to ca!acity &ith 2I1ITARD BRA77 and 8IEN8E O44I8ER7. 29441E5 TA1; reverberates aro$nd the room. They all ta*e their seats. Eohn sees 7am. 7am s$c*s &ind. Eohn loo*s a&ay, hi ace e<!ressionless. The room ,$iets. 5r. Rand &al*s o$t onto the loor. 7he holds a micro!hone in her hands. The &oman doctor smiles o$t at the military establishment in the seats, her ace l$shed &ith !o&er and adrenaline. 7he s!ea*s con idently into the mi*e. 5R. RAN5 :ello, ladies and "entlemen. >hat yo$ are abo$t to see, is history. All o o$r &or* over the last three months, ten years o research as "one into &hat yo$ are abo$t to see no&. A ne& 7er"eant 8hon" is &ith him.

soldier, ladies and "entlemen, one that can be $lly controlled, and bred in a controlled environment. A livin" &ar machine $tterly violent and $tterly e ective. One that $ntil no&, co$ldn't be controlled. 9ntil no&. 5ro! it. There I a :92 in the ceilin" and all eyes t$rn $!. There are "as!s and m$ led cries o ri"ht orm the a$dience. 5r. Rand &atches the cro&d &ith a small, sm$" smile on her ace. The Alien is lo&ered on massive hydra$lic clam!s that !in it's arms and le"s to is insectile s*eletal torso. It's "reenish, blac* armo$r !lated chest is irmly restrained. It's !ron"ed, s!ineli*e tail I held in another clam!. The creat$re moves it's sno$t aro$nd, its' irst set o metallic teeth o!enin" and closin" and releasin" drools o vasaline)li*e saliva. Its blac*, li eless eyes st$dy the !eo!le do&n belo& as the hydra$lic clam! system lo&ers the Alien to the loor, its eet to$chin" steel. The !eo!le in the a$dience are !araly=ed. The airloc* doors are closed.

5R. RAN5 Rela< ladies and "entlemen. I ass$re yo$ the Alien is com!letely restrained. B$t yo$r concerns are valid. The alien is a *illin" machine, nearly indestr$ctible and totally !redatory. I &o$ldn't &ant to be yo$ i yo$ &ere R$ssians and &e released an army o the thin"s by airdro! into 2osco&. 7he la$"hs. The a$dience tries to la$"h. Nervo$sly.

5R. RAN5 >hich is, yo$ see, &hat the !otential is. B$t, &hat &e have done here is F7ector 8G is ta*en thin"s one ste! $rther. >e have trained it. 1adies and "entlemen, &e have trained this monster li*e it &as a domestic !et. It res!onds to commands. It does as it is told. It coo!erates. >hat yo$ are loo*in" at, ladies and "entlemen, is the soldier o the $t$re. Release it. :922222. 81I8;I8;. Then massive metal clam!s restrainin" the Alien !$ll a!art and retract into the ceilin". The Alien stands there.

The a$dience !anics. hand.

They almost leave their chairs.

5r. Rand !$ts o$t her

5R. RAN5 3lease stay in yo$r seats, ladies and "entlemen. I ass$re yo$ that yo$ have nothin" &hatsoever to ear. Observe. 5r. Rand holds the micro!hone in one hand and &al*s slo&ly, con idently, ste! by ste! $! to the Alien. The armo$red, insectile creat$re to&ers i teen eet, loomin" over her. 5rool dribbles rom its -a&s as it eyes her. 5r. Rand &al*s $! to it. 7he reaches $! her hand. 7he to$ches the Aliens sno$t and !ets it "ently. The Alien doesn't do anythin", it's head hardly moves. A "as! "oes $! rom the a$dience. >ith an arro"ant "rin, 5r. Rand t$rns to the a$dience. Alien. 5R. RAN5 7ee &hat I told yo$+ Tame as a *itten. The Aliens irst set o -a&s o!en, !iledriver -a&s -ac*hammerin" the bac* o 5r. Rands head, e<!loded it o her sho$lders in a sho&er o meat. :er deca!itated, s!$rtin" boy colla!ses to the loor. The Alien attac*s. The a$dience screams and r$ns or their lives. They hammer the airloc* b$ttons and the bi" doors hiss o!en as the beast &ades into the mob o !eo!le tram!lin" one another, tearin" them limb rom lim!. 4ire hydrant "eysers o blood. Red li"hts lash in the arena as the alarm starts "oin" o . :er bac* is to the

7ome o the soldiers dra& their &ea!ons, b$t they can't see the Alien thro$"h the cro&d. 7am and Eohn 7mith are se!arated as t&enty ive o the i ty !eo!le in the room s,$ee=e their &ay thro$"h the airloc* door. The door slides sh$t, tra!!in" thirty !eo!le inside the arena. INT. 2AIN AREA ( F7E8TOR 8G The t&enty ive soldiers and scientists try to ma*e it o$t the door in a h$man stam!ede. Red s&irlin" alarm li"hts on the roo !aint their aces in strobes o red. 7am !$shes thro$"h the cro&d as they r$n or their lives. :e is loo*in" or Eohn 7mith. 5A5. 5A5. 7A2 5A5.

:e reali=es 7am didn't ma*e it thro$"h the doors. :e t$rns !ale as he &al*s to the airloc* door and to$ches the thic* steel !lates. INT. ARENA ( F7E8TOR 8G 81O7E 93 o @eneral an airhose s!lashes 7hado&s !lay across ri!!in" h$man a ter alarm li"hts. This loor. 7mith s,$ee=ed a"ainst the airloc* door. Blood li*e rom his ace and $ni orm as he stares at somethin" o.s.. his ace and the &all. 4i teen oot shado&s o an Alien h$man limb rom limb, body !arts in shado& rom the red is :ell. Eohn 7mith covers his ace and sin*s to the

INT. 2AIN AREA ( F7E8TOR 8G 3andemoni$m in 7ector F8G. A1AR27 are "oin" o every&here. Red li"hts lash on and o . 7cientists and 1ab 3ersonnel are r$nnin" o$t o the labs and o ices into the main area to see &hat's "oin" on. A thirty man army o 7!ecial 4orces Troo!s drive into the area in a h$"e military carrier. 7am hel!s some o the !eo!le to their eet. Everybody is screamin" and cryin" and yellin". The yo$n" soldier !$lls his .NA o$t o his belt and 4IRE7 a e& ro$nds in the air. The @reen Berets come over to him. 73E8IA1 4OR8E7 OC >hat the hells "oin" on here+ 7A2 That monster yo$ "$ys have been *ee!in" "ot loose in there. There's at least thirty !eo!le that didn't ma*e it o$t. 2y ather is one o them. A yo$n" 7!ecial 4orces 7oldier &al*s $!, ace s&eatin".

73E8IA1 4OR8E7 O2 7ir, 8olonel >inner is in there. :e didn't ma*e it o$t &ith $s. 7A2 I'm 7am 7mith. 8a!tain 7!ecial 4orces. I thin* I'm the ran*in" o icer here. :e lashes the I.5. card in his &allet. The 7!ecial 4orces team s$rro$nds him.

7A2 I thin* it's !retty sim!le. >e have to *ill that monster and "et everybody

the $c* o$t. 4irst thin" is I &ant all non military !ersonnel do&n here evac$ated and sent $! to North 7tar. ;ee! thin"s ,$iet. 3$t them in the 2ilitary barrac*s. >e don't &ant !eo!le to !anic yet. 7everal o the 7!ecial 4orces men h$rry o and be"in she!arin" all o the 7cience 3ersonnel and non coms onto the bac* o trans!orts. Other trans!orts !$ll in the soldiers load the !eo!le on. 73E8IA1 4OR8E7 O3 :o& many are alive in there+ 7A2 I don't *no&. Thin"s ha!!ened ast. >e have to "et o$r hands on all the ire!o&er &e can and blo& that $c*er to "rease. Is there any video access to that room+ Des sir. 73E8IA1 4OR8E7 OC In sec$rity.

INT. 7E89RITD ROO2 ( F7E8TOR 8G 7am heaves a chair thro$"h the &indo& and it shatters in an e<!losion o the "lass. :e and the 7!ecial 4orces men climb thro$"h the &indo& into the room There is a ban* o video consols on the &alls, &ith camera covera"e o all the rooms. They all stare. There are three screens revealin" the arena. 7A2 Ees$s $c*in"christ. On the blac* and &hit screen, the Alien is &eavin" h$"e, s$s!ension brid"eli*e cocoon all over the &areho$se area. Thirty !eo!le, hal m$tilated or dead are s!$n into the cocoon. The i teen oot Alien loo*s li*e a &eave&oman &ith the tender care it ta*es in b$ildin" its nest. 7am o!erates a -oystic* on the controls. The TB camera =ooms in and !ans to reveal tort$red, slimed aces in the thic* tendrils o cocoon rom loor to ceilin". 7ome are already be"innin" to re orm... 7A2 Oh my "od, it's breedin" itsel . The bo&els o :ell.

Then 7am ,$ic*ly ad-$sts the camera. The screen sho&s Eohn 7mith h$ddlin" beneath a !ile o cor!ses. 7er"eant 8hon" is alive and hidin" $nder the sla$"htered bodies too, small and o$t o si"ht in the corner o the arena. 5ad. 7A2

7am ad-$sts the -oystic*. The screen is s$ddenly illed &ith the ace o the Alien. The creat$res irst set o -a&s o!en, illin" the bH& screen. The second !iledriver set hits the screen and the !ict$re "oes static. The yo$n" soldier &hirls to the others. 7A2 >e've "otta "et them o$t. 73E8IA1 4OR8E7 OC That door is heavily rein orced. >e'll have to "et one o the constr$ction tr$c*s and mash it do&n. That'll ta*e a little time. 7A2 They don't have m$ch time. @et some men do&n to 2aintenance and "et the tr$c*. I'm "oin" to "o in thro$"h the air sha t. That's ho& I "ot in the irst !lace. They move o$t o intoM the room. T:E :AN5:E15 8A2ERA h$rries &ith them as they head

INT. 2AIN AREA ( 7E8TOR F8G 73E8IA1 4OR8E7 OC Broderic* and :anson. @o do&n to 2aintenance. 73E8IA1 4OR8E7 OC and brin" bac* a &rec*er. The t&o 7!ecial 4orces soldiers h$rry o do&n the corridor. All aro$nd 7ector F8G red siren li"hts are lashin" and !eo!le r$n in every direction as the 7!ecial 4orces troo!s h$stle the 7cientists and non coms onto the bac* o lar"e Trans!ort tr$c*s. They all &al* $! to the massive airloc* door to the arena. 7A2 Is there any other &ay in or

o$t o

there e<ce!t thro$"h here 73E8IA1 4OR8E7 OC

No, sir.

7A2 >ell, at least &e're *ee!in" those thin"s in. Do$ and yo$. 8'mon. 7am "rabs t&o 7!ecial 4orces soldiers and they r$sh o &all. 73E8IA1 4OR8E7 OC :ey, 8a!tain. 7am sto!s. 73E8IA1 4OR8E7 OC Those thin"s bite. 7A2 I'll be bac*. 7am and disen"a"es the air vent "ratin". "rate, &ith the soldiers in to&. INT. ARENA ( F7E8TOR 8G The Alien sites li*e a dr$n*en "iant in the corner, slo&ly dyin", it's h$"e armo$red anatomy slo&ly dissi!atin". It's sno$t sin*s lo&er to its chest. The room is s!$n &ith cocoon. The $ll h$ndred yards s,$are and i ty oot hi"h room is lattice&or*ed &ith s$s!ension brid"es o other&orldly, &hite, iron hard s!$n. Then there are the bodies. 7ome alive, some dead, all m$tilated and in vario$s states o trans ormation. 4aces han" s$s!ended t&enty eet $!, contorted in the an"$ish o a birth !hase beyond ima"ination. Blood li*e a la*e covers the loor. The hideo$s screams and moans o the scientists and soldiers s!$n into the cocoons echoes eerily aro$nd the recesses o the chamber. The Alien is dyin". It's armo$r is dryin". Its teeth o!en and close. It's sno$t be"ins to all to&ards its chest. Eohn 7mith "as!s or breath. :e almost doesn't dare breathe. :e leans by the airloc* door s$rveyin" the scene o $ns!ea*able horror. :e is hidden rom the h$"e Aliens vie& by a brid"e o cocoon li*e cotton metal thro$"h the room. :e doesn't move a m$scle. 7er"eant 8hon" h$ddles &ith him, eyein" him. :o& the :e &his!ers. :e heaves himsel $! into the air to the air vent in the

7ER@EANT 8:ON@ $c* &e "onna "et o$ta this one,

Eohnnie+ INT. AIR BENT ( F7E8TOR 8G 7am cra&ls thro$"h the narro&, al$min$m sha t. :is ace is laced &ith s&eat. The 7!ecial 4orces soldiers cra&l behind him. They clin" to their ri les. They cra&l on their bellies thro$"h the air vent $ntil they hears the so$nds. Those so$nds... 7am !eers thro$"h the "ratin" and care $lly, care $lly dislod"es it. do&n at the horrible si"ht. 7A2 >e see yo$. INT. ARENA ( F7E8TOR 8G Eohn 7mith t$rns his head. RA8; 4O897 to sho& the o!en "rate o the air vent. :e sees his son. :e is "rey and clammy in color b$t he catches his breath. :e ta!s 7er"eant 8hon". They e<chan"e a "lance. And they be"in to move... The Alien is no& near dead, b$t it remains blood)s!lattered and ormidable as it h$l*s by the &all. It's sno$t slo&ly nods. The @eneral cra&ls care $lly on his hands and *nees belo& the hideo$s h$man remains &ra!!ed in the cocoons. Eohn 7mith &inces as he is s!latted &ith blood as an Alien le" er$!ts in bone and "$ts rom one o the cocooned scientists. :e moves, ri"id &ith horror, on. :e stares

INT. AIR BENT ( F7E8TOR 8G 7am stays do&n. :e sees his dad no&.

INT. ARENA ( F7E8TOR 8G Eohn 7mith nods slo&ly to his son. :e cra&ls on all !oolin" and coa"$latin" on the metal loor. RRRRRRRrrrrrriiIIIIIiii333!!. The @eneral t$rns his head. A si< oot tall, h$manoid Alien is tearin" its &ay o$t o one o the cocoons. It's armo$red, slimy sno$t sna!s at the air as it tries to e<tricate itsel rom the thic*, tendrily cocoon s$bstance. IT sees Eohn 7mith and lets o$t an $nearthly shrie*, ri!!in" $rio$sly at the cocoon to tear itsel loose. o$rs thro$"h the blood

7mith "ets to his eet and r$ns or it. The i teen oot Alien in the corner no& li ts it's head. It's irst set o teeth o!en and close. 5roo! dri!s. IT st$mbles to it's eet. 7mith reaches the &all &here the air vent is. 7am tries to reach do&n b$t he is $ll ive eet above his ather. The Alien in the cocoon has no& torn ree and come crashin" to the loor on its ace. It "ets $! ,$ic*ly and starts d$c*in" its &ay thro$"h the cocoons to "et to Eohn. INT. AIR BENT ( F7E8TOR 8G 7am reaches o$t o the vent. :e loo*s at one o the 7oldiers.

7A2 @RAB 2D 1E@7. The t&o 7oldiers lo&er him o$t by the le"s. 7A2 @rab my hand. INT. ARENA ( F7E8TOR 8G 7er"eant 8hon" boosts Eohn 7mith $!. I "ot yo$. :an" on. EO:N :$rry. 7A2 7ams hands reach his athers. :e reaches do&n or his ather.

7am starts !$llin" him $!. They &atch in terror as the bi" Alien ri!s the cocoons brid"e&or* as$nder as it l$mbers across the room to&ard them. 2ore cocoons are o!enin" and $lly ormed Aliens are str$""lin" their &ay o$t. 7am, clin"in" to his athers arms, !$lls him $! bac* into the air vent. The yo$n" soldier leans o$t a"ain and "rabs 7er"eant 8hon", dra""in" him into the vent. INT. AIR BENT ( 7E8TOR F8G 7am !$lls the man thro$"h the vent. 7econds later, the bi" Alien -ams it's sno$t thro$"h the "rate. 7am and Eohn d$c* o$t o the &ay as the h$"e ace !$shes thro$"h the "rate, "ettin" st$c*. It's !iledriver -a&s !$nch thro$"h its irst set o teeth and "o at them, sna!!in". They s,$ee=e sa ely a&ay.

7am "rabs a "renade

rom his belt.

:e bites o$t the !in.

7A2 Brea* ast o cham!ions :e ch$c*s the "renade into the Aliens mo$th. The creat$re s&allo&s it. ;RA;A);ABOOOOOOOOOO2. It "ets it's head blo&n o . INT. ARENA ( F7E8TOR 8G The headless Alien cor!se alls bac*&ards into the cocoon lattice&or*. thirty, orty Aliens are b$stin" orth rom their moltin" shells. INT. AIR BENT ( F7E8TOR 8G 7am and Eohn 7mith h$". Do$ o*ay+ I'm o*ay. 7A2 >e "otta "et o$t o 1ets "o boys. here. 7A2 EO:N No&

The 7!ecial 4orces team clamber bac* thro$"h the air vent. EO:N 2y @od. Those men and &omen. They're all dead and they died screamin". Their amilies. >hat have &e done+

5ad... I *no&.

7A2 EO:N

They loo* at each other in E6T. NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T Real ,$iet.


They all climb o$t o

the air vent.

The "ro$nd tremors. The li"hts o the small to&n "o o . The li"hts lic*er on a"ain.

E6T. E1EBATOR ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The barn doors slide o!en. 4o$r trans!ort tr$c*s loaded &ith noncoms $nder"ro$nd !$ll o$t, R92B1IN@ O44 do&n the dirt road. E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The tr$c*s &ith their headli"hts h$rtle thro$"h the 2ain 7treet. Terra 4armers on the side&al*s &atch the terri ied 7cientist aces in the bac* o the tr$c*s as they r$sh thro$"h to&n. The earth sha*es. The tra ic si"nal lashes red, then yello&, then "reen. Then red. Then "reen. Then red. The cars nearly collide at the intersection. The Terra 4arms "et o$t, Bri""s and :AN;7 5A>7ON, and they both have the same ear on their aces. :AN; >hat the hells "oin' on do&n there, Bri""s+ BRI@@7 I d$nno, :an*, b$t somethin' s$re is. The tr$c*s are "one. INT. ;IT8:EN ( 72IT: :O79E ( NI@:T The 7miths h$ddle at the table. The li"hts "o o . They come on a"ain. rom the

2ARD Do$ "$ys &ant to !lay chec*ers+ >e co$ld &atch TB. 2om. 2ommy. 2ARD Do$ &ant some cocoa+ ;AREN >here's 5addy+ ;AREN 2AR;

2AR; >here's 7am+ 4ear is &ritten on their eat$res. 2ary h$"s her children.

2ARD It's "oin" to be alri"ht. 3laster alls on table as the ho$se sha*es, then is still.

E6T. 2I1ITARD AN5 78IENTI4I8 8O23O9N5 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T 7ome&here o$t in the middle o the corn ields lies a lar"e ho$sin" com!le<... The o$r Tr$c*s drive do&n the road and !$ll $! to the "ate. INT. 2I1ITARD AN5 78IENTI4I8 8O23O9N5 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The Tr$c*s enter into the com!o$nd !ar*in" lot. The 7cientists scramble o the bac* o the vehicles. 78IEN8E 3ER7ONNE1 4A2I1D 2E2BER7, some o them hal ) dressed, leave their a!artments and r$n to their h$sbands and &ives, that are clamberin" o$t o the tr$c*s, not loo*in" too "ood. 397: IN 7:OT as the 348 8:AR1E7, &ho headed the tr$c* team &al*s $! to AR2D 8OR3 O4 EN@INNEER7 8A3TIAN >I1;E7, &ho is still in his robe. 8A3TAIN >I1;E7 >hat the hell is "oin" on+ 348 8:AR1E7 There's a !roblem in the $nder"ro$nd, sir. The 8a!tain loo*s $!. 8A3TIAN >I1;E7 1oo*s li*e there's a !roblem $! here, too. The 348 loo*s &here he is loo*in". E6T. 2I1ITARD AN5 78IENTI4I8 8O23O9N5 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T Ten 3ic*$! Tr$c*s and 4amily >a"ons have !$lled $! in ront o the ni"ht shro$ded com!o$nd. T&o do=en Terra 4armers, dressed in denims and boots are climbin" o$t. They &al* $! to the "ate. BRI@@7 >e &ant to *no& &hat the "oin" on do&n there. $c* is

8a!tain >il*es holds $! his o!en !alms.

8A3TAIN >I1;E7 >e're not s$re. The best thin" or all o to do is rela<. BRI@@7 Do$ @oddamn army boys been $c*in' &ith $s or the last time... >e)). That is &hen they eel the "ro$nd sha*e beneath their eet. It is a small tremor, b$t the li"hts "o o or a e& seconds, and &hen the com bac* on, everybodys ace is !ale. INT. 2AIN AREA ( 7E8TOR F8G The red li"hts and alarms are still "oin" o . The area has been cleared o non coms. The army o 7!ecial 4orces troo!s stands by the door. 7am, Eohn, and the t&o other 7oldiers climb o$t o the vent. They hear the EN@INE and they see the >rec*er. A T&enty oot tall, all !$r!ose constr$ction vehicle, &ith men)hi"h tires, and a b$lldo=er shovel drives in and !$lls $! by the door. 7A2 EBERDBO5D ON. >E'RE @OIN@ IN. 7:OOT ANDT:IN@ T:AT 2OBE7. Eohn 7mith "rabs a ri le too. T&enty ive @reen Berets climb $! into the cab, onto the bac*, or onto the to! o the tr$c*. INT. 8AB ( >RE8;ER 7am holds $! his ri le &ith its "renade la$ncher. Thro$"h the &indshield o the cab sits the door to the arena. The 7!ecial 4orces 7oldier behind the &heel loo*s at 7am. 7A2 1et's "o. The @reen Beret -ams his hydra$lic door. INT. AIR1O8; ( F7E8TOR 8G 4I12E5IN 71O> 2OTIN: The >rec*er batterin" rams the door, ri!!in" it as$nder into a h$l* o metal. The vehicle smashes on thro$"h into the Arena. The 7!ecial 4orces troo!s han" on. INT. ARENA ( 7E8TOR F8G oot do&n on the "as, drivin" strai"ht at the

The tr$c* sto!s. The t&enty ive @reen Berets hit the "ro$nd &ith their "$ns at ready. 7am 7mith hoists his machine "$n. :is s,$ad o 7!ecial 4orces holds their hi)tech &ea!onry at ready. 7&eat beadin" his eat$res, 7am loo*s at the soldiers as they ace... Nothin". No Aliens. The reminants o >hat the 7A2 $c*...+ the cocoons han" r$!t$red and em!ty.

The 7oldiers &al* thro$"h the han"in", dan"lin" shorn sections o &hite cocoon. Blood and slime dri!s o the ironli*e cotton s$bstance. There are !ieces o bones and sections o $ni orm here and there. 7am *ee!s his "$n by his ace. Then they see it. There is a massive hole in the &all. reali=ation melts his ace. 7A2 Oh no. INT. ?ERO @RABITD 8:A2BER ( 7E8TOR F8G A set o !anties loat in the air. 5O11D IN on 7am s the horri ied

T&o na*ed bodies, slic* &ith s&eat, loatin" and thr$stin" in the anti)"ravity room. R$ss massa"es Terrys breasts, in"erin" her hard ni!!les, her body &ra!!ed aro$nd his. As they loat in the room, he t$rns her over and !$ts his head bet&een her le"s. 7he &ra!s her so t thi"hs aro$nd his ace. O: DE7. 1A9REN

7he "oes do&n on him too, her head bobbin" bet&een his le"s. R977 8'2ON BABD O: EEE799)). :er le"s are &ra! aro$nd his bac* and !l$n"es into her, !ressin" her ace to his as their ton"$es meet, their t&o !ers!iration slic* bodies revolvin" $!side do&n, s$s!ended in =ero "ravity, stars and s!ace seen thro$"h the &indo& o the room. O:. 1A9REN 9:):9:.

:e slides o$t o her and t$rns her over in the &ei"htless s!ace, ta*in" her rom behind his hands s,$ee=in" her l$shed, -i""lin" tits at he slams into her, her &ide, so t b$ttoc*s sla!!in" his &aist. 1A9RIE BABD IT 4EE17 77OOO @OOO)). OOOO::::DDEEEEEE77777... R977 O: DEA: O:DEA:... R$ss t$rns her over as they both abo$t to come. 7he straddles him and they thr$st des!erately, revolvin" in the air, their bodies shiverin" in or"asm. :e sh$ts his eyes and "rits his teeth. 7he thro&s her head bac* and cries o$t. :e o!ens his eyes and his "$ts come o$t his mo$th. The h$"e, thic*, slimy teal ri!s thro$"h his torso and smashes o$t 1a$rens chest, ta*in" her ribca"e, intestines and le t tit &ith it. Their eyes are rolled $! in their soc*ets and the m$tilated cor!ses are l$n" o the tail. Three Aliens cra&l thro$"h the loatin" blood and "$ts to&ards the airloc* door. 2ore ollo&. An armo$red sle& o cra&lin" monsters. INT. ARENA ( 7E8TOR F8G 7am holds his machine "$n $!. aces in the &areho$se room. 7A2 1et's "et o$t o :e loo*s at all the other s&eaty, !ers!irin"


They be"in to retreat. >al*in" thro$"h the han"in" shreds o cocoon, they hear the 789TT1IN@ 7ON57 comin" rom belo& them, rom above them, rom either side o them. EO:N They're in the &alls. 7A2 Nice Kn easy. The thirty @reen Berets move thro$"h the The 7IREN bleats in their ears. 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ >hat do &e do, sir+ 7A2 >e "et the $c* o$t o here is &hat &e do. lashin" red li"ht o the Arena.


eet red thro$"h the "$ts and slime in !ools on the 8O1ONE1 7IN81AIR :)heeelll!! m)meee. 3)!lease...


7am and the rest t$rn to loo*. A horrible hal &ay trans ormed 8olonel 7inclair is all se&n $! in cocoon s$bstance, his arms and le"s molted mostly a&ay. :e reali=es he is t$rnin" into one o those thin"s. :is ace is torn as m$ch &ith terror as hideo$s a"ony. 8O1ONE1 7IN81AIR ;)***)))iiilll mmmmeeeee))) 2mmm$$$$hhhnnnneeerrr$$$ @"""""oooooo........ Eohn 7mith hits him &ith a do$se o lame rom the lamethro&er blo&torch. The charred cris!ed remains o the 8olonel slo&ly smolder in the blac*ened, b$rnin" cocoon. 7A2 1et's "et o$t o here. The @reen Berets move thro$"h the door.

The 789TT1IN@ 7O9N57 are every&here. INT. 2AIN AREA ( 7E8TOR F8G

The men move into the h$"e, evac$ated 7cience military area. TRA8;IN@ 7:OT as they !ass the "lass o ices and laboratories. They hold their lame thro&ers machine "$ns and "renade la$nchers. Their eyes move bac* and orth in the lo&, sinister lashin" red emer"ency li"ht. >here the 7A2 $c* are they+

88888RRRRRRAAAAAAA777777777::::::NNNNNNN;;;;;;... 9! rom the loor, they come.

Er$!ted thro$"h the loor "ratin"s li*e some armo$red ve"etation, the Aliens b$rst $!, their cla&s and sno$ts tearin" into the 7!ecial 4orces troo!s li*e red meat. 772222222222A77777777:::::.... Thro$"h the &alls and do&n rom the ceilin"s they dro!. 1i*e the room became alive &ith Aliens, the conta"ion attac*s the @reen Berets and starts tearin" them to !ieces. Blood s!rays every&here. 1imbs ly. 7oldiers O3EN 4IRE b$t the creat$res are every&here and it is di ic$lt to aim. Eohn "rabs 7am and they clamber thro$"h the airloc* into the ne<t airloc*. 7er"eant 8hon" holds

his machine "$n in one arm, 7:OOTIN@ the Aliens to smithereens as he hel!s the rest o his 7oldiers into the ne<t airloc*. They almost all "et thro$"h as the airloc* door :I77E7 sh$t. 7A2 2OBE IT... T:ERE'7 TOO 2AND... INTO T:E AIR1O8;... 2OBE.. INT. AIR1O8; O2 ( 7E8TOR F8G The soldiers are no& r$nnin" or it. They reach the ne<t airloc* door and *noc* it o!en. 7er"eant 8hon" chom!s his !i!e. :e !$shes Eohn and 7am thro$"h then shoves most o the men thro$"h a ter them. 8'2ON. Then they hear the 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ 8'2ON. @O. @O. irst boom.

The metal be"ins to b$c*le on the door. BOO2. BOOO2. BOOO2.

7er"eant 8hon" shoves Eohn, 7am, and the others thro$"h the airloc* door. The door hisses sh$t. The 7!ecial 4orces o icer hoists his machine "$n and "renade la$ncher and raises it at the door. The ten other @reen Berets h$n"er do&n, en"a"in" their "renade bolts, raisin" their machine "$ns and ri les and hi"h)caliber hand"$ns, some o them dro!!in" to one *nee. 8oc*in" the "renade en"a"e bolt on his ri le, the 7er"eant chom!s on his !i!e. 7ER@EANT 8:ON@ Alri"ht "irls, lets earn o$r !ay. BOOO2. BOOO2. BOOO2. BOO2.

The other airloc* door is cavin" in, bendin" in&ard. A h$"e hole tears in it. 4i teen armo$red Aliens come s,$ee=in", scramblin" thro$"h caved in door. The creat$res come sc$ttlin" at them thro$"h the dar*ness li*e a s$b&ay train. The Ea! 7ar"e !$lls the tri""er. All the soldiers do. tracers, and shot"$ns blasts strobe the hall&ay. @renades, machine "$n

BA;A;A;A;A;A;ABABABABABA;;;;;OOOOOOOOOOOOOO222222.... 73333RRRRAAAAAATTTTT????. The irst lan* o Aliens disinte"rates in a hideo$s insectile ROAR o a"ony, clo$ds o smo*e and er$!tions o acid. The soldiers $ncover their aces.

Then they see the 7I??1IN@ 72O;E o the acid s!latterin" the thic* metal &alls o the airloc*. It is eatin" its &ay thro$"h the &all in b$bblin" haste.

The !i!e dro!s

rom the 7er"eants mo$th. 7ER@EANT 8:ON@

:oly shit. The @reen Berets r$ns A red &arnin" si"n K:$ll BREA8:E5G. or the airloc* door. A ;1A6ON :ON;7. It reads,

lashes on a ceilin" monitor.

A h$"e hole melts in the &all.

7!ace blac* and em!ty thro$"h the hole.

The s!ecial 4orces team e<!lode in sho&ers o meat, blood, intestines, teeth, brains, and s*$ll tiss$e as their inside body !ress$re blo&s them to bits. 5O11D IN on the &indo& to the airloc*, dri!!in" &ith blood, as 7am, Eohn, and the other @reen Berets loo* a&ay. E6T. 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION Thro$"h the melted hole in the side o the s!ace station dri ts a visco$s slic* o h$man blood, bone, and entrails, loatin" li*e a river into s!ace. INT AIR1O8; O3 ( 7E8TOR F8G The !eo!le star thro$"h the &indo&, smeared and dri!!in" red. 7am. 7A2 3oor old 8hon". EO:N I)I ho!e that &as all o 7am s&allo&s them. Eohn t$rns to

:e !oints thro$"h the &indo&. 7A2 5ad...loo*. EO:N

5ad. They all loo*.

Oh my @od. There are more Aliens, many, many more. They are cra&lin" thro$"h the melted hole in the airloc*, climbin" o$t onto the o$tside o the shi!. E6T. 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION

9! the i ty story side o the massive station in s!ace, ramed a"ainst the stars and !lanets in the bac* void, i teen Aliens climb o$t o the hole in the side o the shi!. They slo&ly clamber $! the metal !latin" in a steady lan*... 4or the "lass dome o North 7tar.

INT. >EA3ON7 ROO2 ( 7E8TOR F8G 7!aces$its, helmets, all orms o &ea!ons.

7am, Eohn, and thirty @reen Berets. They climb into the s!ace s$its. They scre& on the helmet. They "rab "ra!!lin" lines and climbin" e,$i!ment rom the constr$ction s$!!ly area. 8artrid"es are slammed into the ri le breeches. @renades are shoved in ba"s. :eavy combat *nives are slid into belts. 7am loo*s at the rest, 1et's "o. INT. AIR1O8; OC ( 7E8TOR F8G The 5OOR :I77E7 o!en. Thirty 7!ecial 4orces stand li*e an army o astrona$ts, holdin" their "$ns and "ra!!lin" hoo*s. 7!ace lo&s thro$"h the abattoir o a room. 7am leads the men, their s!ace boots ste!!in" thro$"h the !$ddles o h$man remains on the loor to the h$"e, melted breach in the h$ll. 7am climbs o$tside the shi!. The rest o the men ollo&, attachin" lines to each other. E6T. 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION ( 73A8E The massive $n inished str$ct$re o the s!ace station e<terior. 8ra&lin" alon" the !re ab s*in o the shi! are i teen Aliens, li*e h$"e, armo$red insects. The 7!ecial 4orces team in the s!ace s$its climb thro$"h the hole in the shi!. 1i*e mo$ntain climbers, they are all attached to a line. They o!en $! &ith their machine "$ns. One o the Aliens e<!lodes in loatin" streams o acids. shi!. One o the soldiers is hit by a dro! o the acid. b$rn thro$"h the s$it. There is a hole. The soldier e<!lodes in his s$it, his It loats o the :e doesn't see it aces s&eatin" inside clear helmet visors.


acemas* s!latterin" brains.

Another Alien "rabs a soldier, it's -ac*hammer -a&s !$nchin" the mans ace in thro$"h the helmet o his s!aces$it. Blood loats in s!ace. Another soldier t$rns his lame thro&er on the Alien and the creat$re loses its "ri! on the shi!, s!innin" a&ay in a torch o lame. T&enty ive 7!ecial 4orces clamber $! the s!ace scarred metal sheetin" o the shi!. The lan* o Aliens have no& t$rne3d, they attac* the @reen Berets, climbin" bac* do&n the side o the shi!. 7am lets loose &ith silent blasts o machine "$n ire, sendin" a "renade into the "$ts o one o the beasts. The Aliens all o the side o the shi! and "o loatin" aro$nd in s!ace. A e& o the s!ace s$ited 7oldiers sli! and many o the !eo!le in the to& line are no& loatin" o the side o the s!ace station. 1i*e a s!ace &al*, the 7oldiers han" in the void, machine "$nnin" and shot"$nnin" the loatin" Aliens. The creat$res e<!lode in loatin" seas o acid. 7am has to t$" the men on the line bac* to&ards the shi! be ore the acid loats to them. Roachli*e, the armo$red creat$res contin$e to climb to&ards the dome o North 7tar. 9sin" "ra!!lin" hoo*s, the @reen Berets *ee! climbin" the thirty stories $! the side o the shi!. A "reat !lanet ills one side o the s*y, it's do$ble moon castin" the scene in $nearthly li"ht. The Aliens cra&l thro$"h a vent at the to! o the shi!. One by one, ten o the creat$res s,$ee=e thro$"h the hole, lo&in" li*e an army o ants bac* into the shi!. 7am and Eohn loo* at each other, aces re"isterin" total terror thro$"h their acemas*s. They climb harder, the t&enty s!ace s$ited soldiers on the line carryin" some em!tied, bloodied s$its &ith them as they $se their "ra!!lin" hoo*s to ma*e it $! the side o the shi!. The Aliens are "one. E6T. NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T 7tars t&in*le. The small to&n slee!s. E6T. E1EBATOR ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T :eadli"hts $! the road. A 2ilitary Trans!ort loaded &ith 7O15IER7 rom the com!o$nd !$lls $! in ront o the elevator doors. The men climb o$t o the tr$c* and &ait by the li t. 8A3TAIN >I1;E7 1et's "et do&n there and ind o$t &hat the hells "oin" on.

The elevator door o!ens... The soldiers see the teeth. INT. BENT ( 73A8E 7TATION 7am, Eohn, and the t&enty s!ace s$ited @reen Berets cra&l on all o$rs thro$"h the vent. They hold their "$ns at ready, ollo&in" the trail o slime. The elevator sha t lies dead ahead. 7am re"ards his ather, ace soa*ed &ith s&eat in his helmet mas*. 7A2 They're $! there. EO:N 1et's h$rry. @od, lets h$rry. The 7!ecial 4orces team scrambles thro$"h the vent. E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T By the li"ht o the moons... ront o the @rocery 7tore and the

7hado&s, bi" and eerie, dart across the :ard&are store. Then nothin" moves. E6T. @RAIN E1EBATOR ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T

The h$"e ind$strial stora"e container in the dar*ness on the ed"e o 7ha!es shi t. E6T. 72IT: 4AR2 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The tiny armho$se and its' barn a"ainst the ni"ht s*y.


7ha!es movie... E6T. 8ORN 4IE15 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The h$s*s &ave in the bree=e. E6T. @A7 7TATION ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T O!en all ni"ht. O15 2AN 3ER;IN7 sittin" at the table, so tly !layin" on the radio. 7hado&s o$tside. eet $!. 8o$ntry son"

E6T. ;ENNE1 ( @A7 7TATION ( NI@:T The @erman 7he!herd in the *ennel ra!idly !aces. "ro&lin". INT. @A7 7TATION ( NI@:T The "ri==led old man li ts his head. :e loo*s o$t the &indo& at the road and the dar*ened corn ields. :e "et $! o$t o its chair. E6T. @A7 7TATION ( NI@:T Old 2an 3er*ins "oes o$tside. O15 2AN 3ER;IN7 >hat's &ron", 7ally+ :e loo*s o$t into the corn And "ets his shot"$n. INT. 8ORN 4IE157 ( NI@:T Old 2an 3er*ins &al*s into the corn ields holdin" his .C2 "a$"e do$ble barreled shot"$n. :is do" is on a leash. They !$sh thro$"h the &alls o h$s*s. The "ri==led old "as station attendant sto!s and listens. BREE?E 8RA8;1E7 thro$"h the h$s*s. 8orn ten eet hi"h all aro$nd them. The do"s hac*les "o $!. O15 2AN 3ER;IN7 :arrison, i this is yo$r co& r$n loose a"ain on m$h !ro!erty I'm "onna shoot him do&n li*e I *ee! tellin' y$h. :e holds $! his shot"$n. :is do" bolts into the h$s*s, BAR;IN@. The bar*in" abr$!tly sto!s &ith a 7O9N5 o Oh shit. O15 2AN 3ER;IN7 corn. RI33IN@ 41E7: and BONE. ields, ,$ietly &avin" in the dar*. It's teeth are bared,

The old man r$ns or it. :e !l$nders thro$"h the tall stal*s o :e r$ns ri"ht into the Alien... The -ac*hammer -a&s cr$sh his corn. ace.

7!latterin" brains all over the stal*s o

E6T. 8ORN 4IE157 ( NI@:T The h$s*s. E6T. I)CC ( NI@:T The star*, bri"ht lo$rescents inside the bi" &indo& &ith !osters or 7l$r!ees and Bi" @$l!s. A lonely ATTEN5ENT is a I)CC $ni orm mans the co$nter. INT. I)CC ( NI@:T The attendant snea*s a ci"arette as he lea s thro$"h a !orno ma"a=ine. :e loo*s $! to see some shado&s dart o$tside. :e hastily st$bs his ci"arette and hides the ma"a=ine. The shado&s are "one. :e starts lea in" thro$"h the ma"a=ine a"ain. The 7O9N5 o 789TT1IN@. The Attendant loo*s $! ,$ic*ly. 5ar*ness and em!ty road o$tside the &indo&s. 71O> 2OTION as ive Aliens come lea!in" thro$"h the bi" "lass &indo&s, armo$red, insectile, horned monsters in e<!losions o "lass and shatterin" lo$rescents. The Attendant screams as the creat$res come clamberin" over the rac*s o T&in*ies and Bee Eer*eys and ri! his ace o . E6T. I)CC ( NI@:T The tiny little store sits in the middle o the latlands, all ,$iet. l$mbers do&n the &ay. It !$lls $! in the !ar*in" lot. INT. TR98; ( I)CC ( NI@:T A Terra 4armer co$!le, 2R AN5 2R7 :AN7EN, c$t the en"ine. 2R :AN7EN 5o yo$ &ant anythin" 2R7 :AN7EN >e need e""s. 2R :AN7EN O*ay dear. 2r. :ansen leaves her in the tr$c*. 2rs :ansen &atches thro$"h the &indshield as her h$sband &al*s $! to the store. :e sees the bro*en &indo& o the !lace, and he "oes inside &ith sli"ht a!!rehension. 2rs. :ansen li"hts a ci"arette rom inside, dear+ A tr$c*

and t$rns on the radio. It so tly !lays a co$ntry station. 7he loo*s $! thro$"h the &indshield to the &indo& o the I)CC. 7he doesn't see her h$sband. 2R7. :AN7EN :arry...+ 7he "ets o$t o the tr$c*.

E6T. I)CC ( NI@:T 2rs. :ansen enters the store, bathed in the eerie INT. I)CC ( NI@:T 7he &al*s thro$"h the "lass door and she sees the e""s ri"ht a&ay. The loor, littered &ith ast ood !ac*a"es and alien m$c*, is illed &ith *nee hi"h Alien e""s, all thro$"h the aisles. Behind the co$nter is nothin" b$t bloody remains. 7he &al*s &ide eyed aro$nd the room. :arry...+ 2R7. :AN7EN :ARRD....+ l$orescent "lo&.

7$ddenly, The Attendant lea!s $! rom behind the co$nter, his ace contorted and his eyes bleedin". :is s*in is clammy !ale. :e loo*s at her, his eyes rollin" $! in their soc*ets, revealin" the &hites. ATTEN5ENT OOOOOhhhhhhhhmmmmmDDDDDD@@@@@@@)))) :is chest b$l"es, er$!tin" as sna*eli*e, slimy 8hest B$rster e<!lodes his $ni orm and shoots strai"ht or 2rs. :ansens throat. 7he screams beyond any *ind o horror she has *no&n, bac*in" $! as... 7omethin" "rabs her rom behind. 7he screams. :er h$sband :arry.

2R. :AN7EN 1ET7 @ET T:E 498; O9TA :ERE, 2ARD... They r$n thro$"h the aisles as three e""s !o! o!en and 4ace :$""ers !o! o$t. They sc$ttle li*e deran"ed crabs across the loor, &hi!li*e trails sna!!in", as the h$sband and &i e r$sh rom the store. E6T. I)CC ( NI@:T They brea* o$t the ront door, slammin" it sh$t as the 4ace :$""ers smash a"ainst the "lass. 2rs. :ansen screams $ncontrollably as her h$sband h$stles her across the dar* armland !ar*in" lot to&ards their tr$c*. The 4ace :$""ers, three in all, smash thro$"h the "lass door and come sc$ttlin" across the as!halt a ter them. The t&o !eo!le ma*e it into the car.

INT. TR98; ( I)CC ( NI@:T They loc* the doors. 2r. :ansen t$rns the *ey in the i"nition and "rabs his shot"$n rom the rac*. :e ste!s on the "as. E6T. >:EE1 ( TR98; ( NI@:T A 4ace :$""er en"$l the tire in its crab cla&s. The &heel r$ns it over, t&o tons o tr$c* s,$ashin" it. The s!l$r"e o acid e<!lodes the tire. The ra& &heel rim shoots o s!ar*s as it s*ids over the as!halt. INT. TR98; ( NI@:T A 4ace :$""er va$lts over the hood and hits the &indshield. 2rs. :ansen screams as her h$sband 7:OOT7 it &ith a $ll blast o b$c*shot thro$"h the "lass, blo&in" it o the car. They drive o$t onto the road. E6T. BA8; B923ER ( TR98; ( NI@:T The third 4ace :$""er h$rtles !ast the "as !$m!s on its crab le"s and $ses it's &hi!lash tail to !ro!el itsel at the recedin" tr$c*. The tail &ra!s aro$nd the b$m!er o the tr$c* and its h$rls itsel onto the roo . The le"s "ri! irmly as the tail 72A7:E7 thro$"h the drivers &indo&. INT. TR98; ( NI@:T 2r. :ansen "a"s as the tail &ra!s aro$nd his nec*, cr$shin" his throat. 2rs. :anson screams and "rabs the shot"$n. :e tries to steer as the Alien tail &ra!s ti"hter. 7he !resses the shot"$n a"ainst he roo and 4IRE7 in a clo$d o smo*e and lame. The 4ace :$""er is blo&n rom the roo . E6T. BA8; ROA5 ( NI@:T The vehicle s*ids ri"ht and le t on the road be ore re"ainin" traction and s!eedin" o , red tailli"hts recedin" in a clod o settlin" d$st.

E6T. TO>N :A11 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T 1i"hts are on in the to&n hall. There are a lot o cars !ar*ed aro$nd it.

INT. TO>N :A11 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T

A lar"e "atherin" hall. All o the to&ns!eo!le are there. metal chairs and there is a tan"ible ra"e in the air. Bri""s, the bartender t$rned leader o

They are seated in

the Terra 4armers, is at the !odi$m.

BRI@@7 This meetin" &ill come to order. A TERRA 4AR2ER -$m!s to his eet.

TERRA 4AR2ER OC >:AT'7 @OIN@ ON 5O>N T:ERE, T:AT'7 >:AT I >ANT TO ;NO>+... Another TERRA 4AR2ER 1ea!s $! and !$nches the air &ith his TERRA 4AR2ER O2 T:I7 1A7T 2ONT: T:E AR2D 8O2E BD IN TR98;7 T>I8E AN5 8ON4I78ATE5 2D 1IBE7TO8;. I 1O7T T:REE 8O>7 AN5 7I6 3I@7 A1REA5D T:I7 >EE;. TERRA 4AR2ER O3 I :A5 T:REE 8:I8;EN7 TA;EN AN5 TEN O4 T:E 5O@7 I >A7 BREE5IN'. I >ANT KE2 BA8; OR I >ANT T:E 2I1ITARD O44 T:I7 7TATION. T:I7 I7 2D 3RO3ERTD @O55A22IT. Bri""s raises his voice into the mi*e. EO:N 7IT 5O>N. 7it do&n all o yo$. This meetin" &ill come to order. >e've called it so's everybody "ets a chance to s!ea*., 2R7. 8REN7:A> stands $!. 2R7. 8REN7:A> I'm 7ally 8rensha& and I r$n the "rocery stone on 2ain 7treet. @eneral my electrical system has been "oin' on and o . 2$rm$rs aro$nd the room. 2rs. 8rensha& ta*es her seat. 8:AR1IE :O>AR5. 8harlie. BRI@@7 ist.

Bri""s !oints to

8:AR1IE :O>AR5 I thin* this is the basic sit$ation. >hen &e si"ned on here or this so)called

comm$nity in s!ace &e &as told that &e &o$ld have everythin" &e need here, in an atmos!here o sa ety. This ain't e<actly ma*in" "ood on that. The !eo!le sittin" in the seats loo* and m$rm$r amon"st each other. The tension in the room seems to thic*en. There are m$mbled so$nds o assent. The ront door is smashed o!en.

7am, Eohn, and the 7!ecial 4orces soldiers. The men have ta*en o their helmets b$t are still in their s!aces$its, and their astrona$t "ear is hi"hly incon"r$o$s amon" the Terra 4armers in their denim -ac*ets, boots, la$nchers and machine "$ns, and the room ,$iets ast. 7am &i!es s&eat rom his ace.

7A2 >e need yo$r hel!. E6T. 72IT: 4AR2 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The silho$ette o the The moon sits lo&. Then more sha!es.... INT. ;IT8:EN ( 72IT: :O97E ( NI@:T 2ary is cleanin" $! the dishes. 7he loo*s thro$"h the &indo&. The cattle in their !ens are sh$ lin". The mother closes the c$rtains and contin$es &ashin" the dishes. 7he !ee*s in the other room to see ;aren stretched o$t on the co$ch, ast aslee! on the co$ch. 2ary smiles and !$ts a&ay the dishes and leaves the room. INT. 7TAIR>AD ( 72IT: :O97E ( NI@:T 2ary &al*s $! the stairs. INT. :A11>AD ( 72IT: :O97E ( NI@:T 7he &al*s do&n the hall to 2ar*s room. INT. 2AR;7 ROO2 ( 72IT: :O97E ( NI@:T The Alien hovers hei"ht eet above the little boy, s$c*in" his th$mb $nder the covers. Its armo$red anatomy !resses a"ainst the model air!lanes han"in" rom 7he o!ens the door. armho$se and the &indmill a"ainst the hori=on.

the ceilin". It's sno$t t$rns to ace 2ary as it sho&s its teeth. It drools on the car!et. 2ary screams her head o , ma*in" a dive or bed and scoo!in" $! little 2ar* as the creat$re ma*es a l$n"e or her. 7he shoves her !anic stric*en &ay o$t the door and slams it sh$t. INT. :A11>AD ( 72IT: :O97E ( NI@:T 2ary r$ns screamin" do&n the hall. The Alien tears the door o its hin"es, ta*in" a bi" !iece o the !laster &all &ith it as into st$mbles into the hall. The &oman and her terri ied little boy h$rry do&n the stairs. The monster is &ay too bi" or the small hall&ay and its !$rs$it is cl$msy. INT. 1IBIN@ ROO2 ( 72IT: :O97E ( NI@:T ;aren sits bolt $!ri"ht on the co$ch. ;AREN 2o)om, &hat's "oin" oM 7he sees the beast hot on the heels o her mother and little brother. ;aren screams hysterically. 2ary r$ns into the room and ha$ls the old Remin"ton >inchester Re!eater o the mantel!iece. 7he stands her "ro$nd li*e a !ioneer &oman and raises the ri le to her eye. The creat$re comes crashin" do&n the stairs and li ts itsel $!. 2arys in"er closes on the tri""er. 7he 7:OOT7 it bet&een the eyes, sendin" the Alien sta""erin" bac*&ards s!e&in" acid rom its s*$ll. 2ary 39237 t&o more ro$nds into it's stomach or "ood meas$re. The Alien lies dead in the hall&ay loor. 2ary lo&ers the smo*in" ri le. 7he "rabs her *ids close to her. o$t the &indo&. 7he s&allo&s hard. ;AREN 2)mom... Their eyes all t$rn to the &indo&s. E6T. 72IT: :O97E ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The tall, s*eletal silho$ettes o ten Aliens slo&ly close in on the armho$se. ;aren loo*s

E6T. TO>N :A11 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The to&n hall sits, the only lit b$ildin" in the dar*ened to&n. Thin"s seem to be movin" in the dar*, b$t mi"ht be the shado&s o trees, or the shado& o the s&in"in" store ront si"n on the hard&are store. INT. TO>N :A11 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T

The 7!ecial 4orces team in the s!aces$its &ith their hard&are to$"h, hardened Terra 4armers. BRI@@7 7!ace monsters my ass. 7A2 There's lots o them. Believe it.

ace o


BRI@@7 >ell, s!ea*in" or the rest, &e don't. 7A2 :el! $s. >e need all the hel! &e can "et. >hen yo$r amilies start to bleed, &e'll have it any&ay. I &ant yo$r hel! be ore &e "et to that. >e need to assemble into $nits and "et everybody o$t o these arms and into some sa e !lace. 3lease hel!. BRI@@7 4$c* yo$. 7am loo*s o$t the hard, harsh aces o the Terra machine "$n and "est$res &ith a s!ace s$ited arm Berets to ollo& him. 7A2 1et's "et o$t o here. or the door. armers. :e hoists his or the rest o the @reen

Eohn 7mith and the 7!ecial 4orces team heads The door b$rsts o!en. 2r. and 2rs :ansen and they are sic*ly !ale. their eet, starin" at them. 2R. :AN7EN Th)theres some)))some*ind o o$t there. 7am loo*s at Bri""s.

The !eo!le in the room rise to


The Terra 4armers e<chan"e "lances. BRI@@7 >hat the hell have yo$ "otten $s into, soldier boy+

INT. FEO:N7 @9N7G ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T

The door to the small store is $nloc*ed. 7treet lam!s thro$"h the &indo&s "lint o rac*s and rac*s o ri les, !istols, and shot"$ns. There is a case $ll o bo<es o ammo. The ront door o!ens and i ty to&ns!eo!le stand in lon" shado&ed silho$ette.

E6T. TO>N :A11 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T A b$nch o Terra 4armers 79R@E on their bi", cho!!ed do&n :arley 5avidson motorcycles. They s!in closed the cylinders o .3AI ma"n$ms an shove them in their -ac*ets. They shove sa&ed)o shot"$ns into the cho!!er saddleba"s. 7am climbs o$t o his s!aces$it as he shoved more ro$nds into his machine "$n. :e &al*s !ast the Terra 4armers !$llin" the shot"$ns and ri les o the rear rac*s o their !ic*$!s and station &a"ons. 4i ty Terra 4armers and 7oldiers ill the !ar*in" lot. Eohn 7mith is in char"e o handin" o$t ri les, !istols, "renade la$nchers and ammo. :and a ter hand "rab the ri les. 4in"ers slam o!en the bolts and -am b$llets and shells into the breech. Rednec*s armed to the teeth ad-$st their 8at or 7T3 ca!s and shove more b$llets and shells into the -ean -ac*ets. They don't loo* a lot di erent rom the soldiers they stand &ith. Barbed &ire and sac*s o "rain are bein" set $! on 2ain 7treet 9.7.A. in s!ace as the Terra 4armers and 7oldiers &or* side by side to !re!are a barricade. A tr$c* &ith the b$m!er stic*er, FThey 8an :ave 2y @$ns >hen They 3ry It O$t O 2y 8old, 5ead 4in"ers.G T&o Terra 4armers !$ll shot"$ns o the rac* in the bac* &indshield. They "ive 7am crac*ed, bearded "rins. 7A2 Do$ "$ys need "$ns+ TERRA 4AR2ER Than*s boy, &e "ot $s o$r o&n. 7am &al*s $! to Bri""s. 7A2 I &ant someone on the !hone s&itchboard and call the ho$ses in the area. >e're "onna !$ll everybody o$t and brin" them bac* here. >e're in the o!en here, and it's a "ood !lace to stand o the $c*ers. BRI@@7 >e're &ay ahead o yo$, soldier boy.


The 7>IT8:BOAR5 O3ERATOR, a terri ied blac* &oman, is o!eratin" the s&itchboard $sin" headsets. 7he rantically !l$"s the cords. 7>IT8:BOAR5 O3ERATOR ...That's ri"ht 2rs. 2orris, yo$ -$st ho! in the car and come ri"ht into to&n. :ello+ 2r. Eohnston+ This is 8oleen at the to&n s&itchboard. >e need yo$ to come to to&n ri"ht a&ay. E$st load $! the amily in the car and come to to&n, &e have an emer"ency... 7am, Eohn, and Bri""s b$rst in. 7he t$rns to them.

7>IT8:BOAR5 O3ERATOR I'm not "ettin" any ans&er o$t at the Army com!o$nd. The lines are dead. EO:N 5id yo$ call my ho$se+ 7>IT8:BOAR5 O3ERATOR No ans&er there either, 2r. 7mith. 7am and Eohn e<chan"e "lances. They r$sh rom the room.

E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5A>N The Terra 4armers are di""in" or a i"ht. 7am leads his 7!ecial 4orces team to&ards &here several 7tation >a"ons an 3ic*$!s are !ar*ed. :e tal*s to Eohn, &ho is s$!ervisin" the barricade. 7A2 5ad, they're not "ettin" ans&er o$t at the ho$se. I'm "onna ta*e a e& o the men and ind o$t &hat's "oin" on. >hy don't yo$ stay here and s$!ervise the barricade. The $neasy yo$n" 7oldier sees the an<iety in his sho$lder. @otta "o. 7A2 athers eyes. :e clas!s his

7am and @reen Berets -$m! into t&o station &a"ons. The vehicles !$ll o$t o 2ain 7treet as the to&ns!eo!le !re!are i"ht. E6T. 72IT: 4AR2 ( 5A>N

or the comin"

The ho$se and barn

ramed a"ainst the s$nrise.

The Aliens have the ho$se s$rro$nded. INT. 1IBIN@ ROO2 ( 72IT: :O97E ( 5A>N Aliens are smashin" thro$"h the doors and and the boo*case a"ainst the ront door. shoves it's arm and ace in, too lar"e to !ic*s $! the >inchester, coc*s the handle It cata!$lts bac*&ards o$t the &indo&. 2ARD 2AR; DO9 7TAD 5O>N... ;AREN... :E13 2E >IT: T:I7... The terri ied teena"er hel!s her mother shove a bi" chest o dra&ers in ront o the &indo&. They bloc* it over. The 7O9N57 o AI1EN7 72A7:IN@ a"ainst the side o the ho$se. 2ary hears somethin" $!stairs. 7he hoists the >inchester and chec*s the breech. 4o$r b$llets le t. 7he loo*s at hersel and her t&o *ids. 7he !oc*ets three b$llets and stic*s the last ro$nd in the breech. The boo*case s!ills over as An Alien be"ins !a&in" thro$"h the ront door o the ho$se. It s,$ee=es its armo$red body thro$"h the "a! in the door. 2O222D... ;AREN 2OO2222DDD... &indo&s. 2om is shovin" the table The &indo& shatters as an Alien s,$ee=e thro$"h the rame. 2ary and 7:OOT7 the monster in the ace.

2ARD @ET INTO T:E ;IT8:EN... 82ON... 2ary raises the ri le to her ace and !$ts a b$llet thro$"h the Aliens eye. That creat$re alls, b$t another ta*es it's !lace, s,$ee=in" thro$"h the door. 2ary "rabs her t&o children and ha$ls them &ith her into the *itchen. INT. ;IT8:EN ( 72IT: :O97E ( 5A>N 2ary slams the door sh$t. >ith the hel! o and the re ri"erator a"ainst the door. ;aren she shoves the *itchen table

772222AAAAA77777::::::.... An Alien crashes it's cla&s thro$"h the *itchen &indo& in a decimation o and &ood rame. It shoves its sno$t thro$"h. 2ARD


O*ay yo$ $"ly mother $c*er, s$c* on this. 7he "rabs a hand $l o *nives monsters ace. 1ots o acid. into the "arba"e dis!osal. 2ary rom the &all and thr$sts them inside the It ma*es a "rab or her b$t it's arm "oes do&n @@@@@@@@RERRRRR@@R@R@R@R@R@R2222....

lic*s the s&itch on the &all.

The creat$re loses it's arm belo& the elbo&. 2ary "rabs her *ids in her arms and t$"s them &ith her do&n the ste!s into the basement as the creat$re thrashes in a"ony &hile the sin* melts a&ay. INT. BA7E2ENT ( 72IT: :O97E ( 5A>N 2ary shoves her children &ith her do&n the ste!s into the basement. "rabs 2ar* and h$ddles a"ainst the side o the &all. ;aren

There is a !itch or* on the &all. The basement door is *noc*ed o!en. Three Aliens ramed in the dim li"ht o da&n. 2ary "rabs the !itch or* and holds it &ith !ron"s o$t&ards as the irst Alien attac*s. 2ary r$ns at it, im!alin" it &ith the three !ron"ed !itch or*. 7he !ins it to the &all. 2om bac*s o , releasin" the handle, as the creat$re str$""les a"ainst the !itch or* -ammed in its "$t. 7777777777777ssssssssssss. The !itch or* alls a&ay, the !ron"s melted by acid. 2om is in dee! shit. The Alien a!!roaches her &ith its cla&s e<tended. 2om sees the chainsa& on the Blac* and 5ec*er bench. 7he "rabs it $! and 39117 The ri!cord, REBBIN@ on the b$==sa&. 2om holds o$t the chainsa&, the bits shirrin" in the Aliens ace as she stands !rotectively in ront o her children. 2om s&in"s the b$==sa&, connectin" &ith the Alien ri"ht le", severin" it rom its soc*et in s!e&s o acid. IT sta""ers bac*. 2om moves in or the *ill, b$ryin" the chainsa& in the creat$res armo$red chest. The Alien sta""ers bac* &ith the chainsa& in it's chest, then dro!s dead. :$"e sha ts o mornin" li"ht b$rst thro$"h the &alls as the boars are *noc*ed a&ay and the silho$ettes o more o the monsters a!!ear. 2ary "rabs ;aren and 2ar* and h$ddles in the corner &ith them. 7he has three b$llets, on or each o them, le t in the >inchester.

7he 8O8;7 it. 3A3A3A3A;A;A;A;A;A;A;A;A333333O>>>>.... The Aliens e<!lode, t&istin", dro!!in" on the "ro$nd as they are str$c* by a barra"e o machine "$n, shot"$n, and "renade 4IRE. 2ary o!ens her eyes, $ncoverin" the aces o her children. 7ilho$etted a"ainst the risin" s$n are the sha!es o ei"ht 7!ecial 4orces 7oldiers, holdin" their

smo*in" &ea!onry. 7am r$shes over and !ic* her $! and they all embrace in the smashed basement room in the li"ht o da&n. 2ARD Oh my @od oh my @od. 7A2 Are yo$ o*ay, 2a+ 2ARD Des &e're o*ay. EO:N Do$ s$re yo$'re all alri"ht+ Oh, brother, ive seconds later and... It's over. 2ARD Tell me its over.

7A2 It isn't over, 2a. INT. 7TATION >A@ON ( 2AIN ROA5 ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5A>N 7am drives, 2om, ;aren, and 2ar* h$ddlin" &ith the 7!ecial 4orces troo!s in the bac*seat. They ri! o$t onto one o the bac* roads and drive !ast the ,$iet arms, silos, and ields o &heat and corn. In the distant hori=on, smo*e and ires rise. 7A2 >hat's "oin" on over there+ They h$rtle do&n the road. 7am s!ins the &heel and they drive do&n another street to&ards &here the 2ilitary 8om!o$nd lies. They t$rns another corner and they sto!. 2om !$ts her hand over her childrens eyes. 7am raises his ri le and "ets o$t o the car. Three @reen Berets "et o$t &ith him. E6T. 2I1ITARD AN5 78IENTI4I8 8O23O9N5 ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD 7am holds his ri le at ready. :e loo*s at the other three @reen Berets and they have t$rned the same color o mil* he has. 4or a $ll s,$are bloc*, the nondescri!t military trac* ho$ses have been t$rned into cocoons. The &alls and ceilin"s have been smashed in, and the tendrily, ironli*e s$bstance stretches li*e co$ntless brid"es across the ho$ses, in and o$t the &indo&s, and over the trees on the bloc*. Blood and Alien slime dri!s every&here. There are literally h$ndreds o cocoons.

All em!ty. The yo$n" 7!ecial 4orces commander en"a"es his ri le. 7A2 1et's "et bac* to to&n. 4ast.

7am and 7oldiers -$m! bac* in the car and it s!eeds o$t o there. As the vehicle recedes in the distance, the 8A2ERA 8RANE7 93, hi"h over a nearby corn ield, a mile or more &ide. A &all o blac*, armo$red Aliens, h$ndreds o monstro$s mass thro$"h the ield o corn. They are headin" or the b$ildin"s o them, move in an insectile,

North 7tar in the distance.

E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( NOT: 7TAR ( 5AD The s$ns are hot. The street is ,$iet and still. The >ool&orths and the AH3 sit in the clean, clear dayli"ht. There is nothin" in the !ar*in" lot o the mini mall. The hard&are store and the B$r"er ;in" are closed. In the middle o the street, i ty Terra 4armers and 7oldiers stand behind the ma*eshi t barricades. They chec* and rechec* their ri les and shot"$ns. They smo*e ci"arettes. They stare into the distance. There is nothin" to do b$t &ait. The tension is terri yin". Eohn 7mith doesn't loo* &ell. :is s*in is clammy. There is an e<tr$sion $nder his shirt sleeve. :e r$bs it. Eohn li"hts a ci"arette &ith a sha*in" hand. :e loo*s $!. In the distance on 2ain 7treet, somethin" is comin". 7mith raises his ri le. Then he lo&ers it. 7am his amily and the 7!ecial 4orces !$ll $! in the station &a"on. They -$m! o$t and "et behind the barricade. EO:N Than* @od. Eohn h$"s his &i e and children. EO:N D)yo$ have to "et to the to&n hall. Do$'ll b)be sa er there. 2ary nods and h$rries o &ith the *ids. ather.

7am s!ea*s ,$ietly &ith his EO:N The rest...+ 7am "ives him a small sha*e o

his head.

7A2 >e "ot real tro$ble. Theres at least a h$ndred more o them no&. EO:N >hat t)time is it+ 7am loo*s at his &atch. :i"h noon. The s$ns are hi"h. INT. AH3 ( 5AD 7i< Terra 4armers &ith ri les a shot"$ns are in !osition by the bi" "lass &indo&s o the s$!ermar*et. They loo* o$t on the em!ty !ar*in" lot. E6T. TO>N :A11 ( 5AD A contin"ent o Terra 4armers smo*e ci"arettes nervo$sly o$tside the b$ildin". They hold shot"$ns, ri les, !istols, and semi)a$tomatic &ea!ons. There is a small army o them, and they *ee! a shar! loo*o$t. There is !lenty o s&eat. INT. TO>N :A11 ( 5AD A h$ndred &omen and children h$ddle in the dimly lit room. 2others and sisters h$" their brothers and in ants. Nobody says anythin". They -$st &ait. 7ome &ee!. R97T1E o 81OT:IN@ is all that is heard. A 81O8; TI8;7 on the &all. 2ary sits &ith ;aren and 2ar*, ,$ietly eyein" the ri"htened, stron" aces o the North 7tar &omen and children. 7he mana"es a smile to one o them. 7he has her arms aro$nd her children and she *isses them. E6T. I5A:O 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD Em!ty. A soda can rolls. E6T. NEBRA7;A 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD 5esolate. A !i"eon. 7A2 :e loo*s at his ather and ch$c*les, emotionlessly.

E6T. >OO1>ORT:7 ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD 8losed. E6T. 2AIN 7TREET BARRI8A5E ( 5AD 7am !olishes his machine "$n. :e s,$ints do&n the street. "est$res or his men to arm $!. 7A2 :eads $!. They all li t their &ea!ons and "et into !osition. EO:N :oly mother o @od. It is li*e a blac* clo$d on the hori=on. E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( 5AD Aliens. :$ndreds. A sho$lder to sho$lder, armo$red, horned, slime s!ittin" &all o them movin" do&n the street. Their tails &hi!. Their teeth sna!. Baseline saliva s!ills rom their sno$ts. They are movin" ast. They are movin" very ast. E6T. 2AIN 7TREET BARRI8A5E ( 5AD 7am 7mith hoists his machine "$n. 4IRE... 7A2 :e stands and

4rom behind the sandba"s and $rnit$re, the 7!ecial 4orces and the Terra 4armers O3EN 4IRE in a blit=in" barra"e o b$llets, shells, and la$nched "renades. The Aliens r$sh at them &ith a terri yin", echoin", A1IEN ROAR. The clo$ds o b$llets ri! into them, !$nchin" holes and ta*in" !ieces o them in s!rays and s!lashes o aid that melt the streets, side&al*s and store ronts. The irst lan* o the creat$res dro!s b$t there is another ri"ht behind, and another, and another. They are still comin". E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD

A"ainst the small to&n America o the >ool&orths and the 2c5onalds, r$sh a scari yin" sea o Aliens, sc$ttlin", sta""erin", cra&lin" do&n the street on the bri"ht, s$nny day. There is no end o them. E6T. BARRI8A5E ( 2AIN 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The 7!ecial 4orces star at each other alarm. The Terra 4armers rantically reload. 7am s,$ee=es o ro$nd a ter ro$nd, as does his ather, b$t the massin" &all o Aliens is almost on to! o them. 7am sets the bi" bo< o men. dynamite in the middle o the barricade. :e "rabs his

7A2 4A11 BA8;... 4O11O> 2E... 7till 7:OOTIN@ h$ndreds o ro$nds a the beasts, the men bac* o$t o the orti ications and retreat o&n the street. A do=en o the Aliens "o clamberin" into the barricade, their cla&s o$tstretched or the men a h$ndred yards a&ay. 7am levels o a machine "$n B1A7T into the bo< o dynamite in the barricade. BABABABABABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO2222222222222.... The dynamite "oes o in a ri!!in", !erc$ssive E631O7ION that blo&s ten Aliens s*y hi"h. As smo*e ills the air, acid RAIN7 do&n on to! o the t&o o the 4armers. The s*in melts o their bones and they dro! in !iles o -elly. Thro$"h the smo*e comes the silho$ettes o t&enty ive more Aliens, and thirty more a ter them. 7am retreats &ith his men, B1A7TIN@ at them &ith all their ire!o&er on 2ain 7treet 9.7.A. in s!ace. E6T. B9I15IN@ ROO4TO3 ( BIR@INIA 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD Three Terra 4armers lob "renades o the roo do&n on the Aliens.

They don't see the t&o Aliens rise $! behind them. The irst set o -a&s !art and the -ac*hammer -a&s !$nch clean thro$"h the 4armers torsos, *noc*in" their s!ines thro$"h their chests. E6T. BIR@INIA 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ) 5AD 7am and Eohn s!lit $!. The yo$n" commander "est$res or the Terra 4armers and ten 7!ecial 4orces 7oldiers to s!lit o in "ro$!s do&n the di erent streets. 7am slams a resh cli! into his 2)CP as the men brea* o . 7mo*e han"s in the air on the &indless day. 7oldiers and Aliens are silho$ettes. 7am hears somethin" above him, already 4IRIN@ into the air as the Alien lea!s rom the roo or him. The irst one is dead be ore it hits the "ro$nd, b$t the second lands on its eet and stri*es 7am &ith it's tail. :e is thro&n t&enty yards and his "$n "oes lyin".

It s*ittles do&n the as!halt. The Alien bo$nds or him. 7am rolls $nder a !ar*ed car. The Alien snatches or him $nder the car, it's -ac*hammer -a&s !$nchin" inches rom his ace. The creat$re rolls the car o him. 7am scrambles to &here his machine "$n lies. :e "rabs it $!. The Alien "rabs him. 7am -ams the m$==le o the "$n in the beasts armo$red chest and B1O>7 its "$ts o$t its bac* in an acid sho&er. In &reathes o smo*e, 7am h$rries o do&n the street.

E6T. 285ONA157 ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The "olden arches in the "rim li"ht o day. Aliens l$rch aro$nd the bri"htly colored !re) ab b$ildin", their sno$ts rotatin" li*e tan* t$rrets, searchin" or !rey. They bare their teeth at the so$nd o the motorcycles.

The T>O BI;ER TERRA 4AR2ER7 ROAR their cho!!ers thro$"h the !ar*in" lot. They have their ri les and !istols at ready. The irst Alien in the middle o the lot. Bi*er 4armer OC dro!s do&n to third and !ic*s $! s!eed, dra&in" o$t his .NN 2a"n$m and B1A7TIN@ the beast t&ice in the head. It &hirls, dro!!in" as dies. The second and third Aliens lea! o$t. >ith a s&i!e o it's tail the creat$re hits the second Bi*er 4armer and sends his bi*e and him bo$ncin" over the !ar*in" lot. The motorcycle E631O5E7 in a ball o "asoline ire. The Bi*er 4armer br$ised and bloodied, rises to his eet, "rabbin" o$t his 2a"n$m. :e strai"htens his arm and !$lls the tri""er b$t no more b$llets. The Alien l$n"es or him. The second Bi*er 4armer s*ids his motorcycle in a hard h$ey and s!eeds strai"ht or the Alien. The creat$re &hirls, it's !iledriver -a&s o!enin". The motorcycle lea!s ten eet thro$"h the air. The Bi*er ha$ls o$t his shot"$n and &ith one arm B1O>7 the Aliens head o it's sho$lders. The Bi*er lands hard on the bac* &heels o his motorcycle. :e leans do&n to "rab his allen riend, heavin" him onto the bac* o the motorcycle and s!eedin" o$t o there. INT. AH3 ( 5AD Eohn &al*s thro$"h the aisles o ood &ith t&o 7!ecial 4orces 7oldiers. TRA8;IN@ 7:OT as they &al* do&n the aisles o !rod$ce and canned "oods. Eohn *ee!s his ri le at ready. The Alien lea!s at him rom the ro=en oods section. Eohn O3EN7 4IRE, s!latterin" it s!rit=es o acid. BI@ :A1, one o the @reen Berets, Bro&nin" machine "$n &ith a belt belts sl$n" over his sho$lder and :e t$rns to see three more Aliens &indo&s to the !ar*in" lot. is a massively b$ilt man &ho he ts a h$"e ood and a rotatin" dr$m m$==le. :e holds the &ra!!ed aro$nd his bice!s. stal*in" thro$"h the aisles by the bi" "lass

The bi" man hoists his Bro&nin". The cartrid"e belts loo!ed over his sho$lder &hirl and dr$m o his machine "$n 73IT7 b$llets at the three Aliens. The tall

&indo&s crystalli=e and colla!se as the three Aliens are blo&n clean o their eet bac* thro$"h them. The lyin" acid hits the cash re"isters and melts them do&n. The 7!ecial 4orces man doesn't see the o$rth Alien ste! o$t orm behind the tall !iles o soda. The 7!ecial 4orces man &hirls. :e is ca$"ht by the throat by the Alien &ho li ts him o his eet. Bi" :al !$lls o$t his serrated combat *ni e and stabs the monster in the ace. The s!ray o acid hits him in the ace, b$rnin" his s*in o , his eat$res allin" o his s*$ll li*e &et ra"s. They both all dead. Eohn "rabs the other 7!ecial 4orce men and they "et on o$t o E6T. TO>N :A11 ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The three do=en Terra 4armers *ee! their &ea!ons at ready. They :EAR the @9N4IRE and E631O7ION7 and 78REA27 rom all aro$nd the small to&n. Real ear on their aces. INT. TO>N :A11 ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The &omen and children h$ddle in ra& terror, aces stained &ith !ers!iration and tears. T:E 8A2ERA TRA8;7 !ast the aces as they react to the 29441E5 7O9N57 o BATT1E o$tside. E6T. TO>N :A11 ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The h$mans have been driven bac*. 7am, Eohn, The Terra 4armers and the 7!ecial 4orces come r$nnin" rom the di erent streets. They ta*e !osition in ront and on the sides o the To&n :all b$ildin". They hastily reload their &ea!ons, slammin" in resh cli!s and shovin" cartrid"es and shells into the breeches. 7am thro&s a s&eaty "lance to Eohn. 7A2 I thin* this is it. EO:N Oh lord, I !ray &e can hold them o . there.

7A2 2aybe &e sho$ld save a e& or the rest o $s, rather then let them *ill them. EO:N >e're not "on" to die. @oddammit, &e're not "oin" to.

9! 2ain 7treet comes the Alien horde. 7A2 They have a di erent idea, b$t $c* Kem.

Bri""s r$ns a&ay rom the rom his 8arbine. BRI@@7... 7A2

orti ication by the To&n :all.

:e is 73RADIN@ 4IRE

The Bartender ma*es it to the cab o a h$"e ei"hteen &heeler tr$c* sittin" on the street. :e has t&o "renades in his -ac*et. :e bites o$t the !in o one o them and heaves it at the onr$shin" Aliens. An earth)sha*in" E631O7ON and Aliens ly every&here. Bri""s heaves himsel into the cab. INT. 8AB ( EI@:TEEN >:EE1ER ( 5AD They *eys are in it. Bri""s t$rns them in the i"nition. :e shi ts the m$lti!le "ears and &ith a "renade in his other hand, he steers o$t into the street. E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The h$"e tr$c* "oes batterin" at to! s!eed into the &alls o advancin" Aliens. They are smashed li*e lies on the &indshield a"ainst the ront "rill and b$m!er. Acid b$rns a&ay lar"e areas o the ront o the tr$c*, tires e<!lodin". The bi" tractor trailer lattens ten creat$res as it s*ids do&n the street on the br$nt a&ay rims o it's &heels, sho&in" s!ar*s. One Alien is s!lattered as it lea!s a"ainst the ront o the tr$c*. It shatters the &indshield and "lass and acid ly inside. INT. 8AB ( EI@:TEEN >:EE1ER ( 5AD Bri""s screams his l$n"s o$t as his ri"ht arm acid blood and his bice! and orearm melt o :is !artially melted hand holdin" the "renade in a !$ddle on the seat. :is eyes rollin" $! the tr$c* thro$"h the advancin" Aliens. E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The tractor trailer cab l$rches side&ays, ta*in" do&n a e& more o the inal t&enty creat$res. 4i teen others scream in insectile, s*eletal ra"e and sta""er a ter the recedin" tr$c*. There is a "as station... INT. 8AB ( EI@:TEEN >:EE1ER ( 5AD Bri""s is s!ittin" $! blood. :is eyes hardly oc$s as he steers &ith one hand, the ra&, melted st$m! o his ri"ht arm restin" a"ainst the seat. and sho$lder are s!lashed &ith the bone li*e &a< rom a candle. rests in a blood and lesh so$! in their soc*ets, Bri""s steers

:e drives the bi" tr$c* strai"ht at the ;no< "as station. E6T. ;NO6 @A7 7TATION ( 2AIN 7TREET ( 5AD The bi" ei"hteen &heeler is !$rs$ed by i teen Aliens do&n the street. The tr$c* crashes thro$"h the "as !$m!s in an ra"in" "eyser o 7$!er 9nleaded the Re"$lar. It !iles into the o ice, disinte"ratin" the &indo&s, and comes to a dead sto!. The Aliens are over the tr$c* li*e a rash. INT. 2A8; TR98; ( 5AD Bri""s is do$sed in a s!lashin" rain o "asoline that soa*s the tr$c* and i teen Aliens that are brea*in" into the cab. :e reaches onto the seat beside him and !ic*s $! the "renade. :e bites the !in o$t as the nearest creat$re tears the ri"ht side o his ace a&ay. E6T. ;NO6 @A7 7TATION ( 2AIN 7TREET ( 5AD The "renade e<!lodes. The "as station is en"$l ed in a ireball hal a bloc* &ide as the !$m!s and the o ice and the tr$c* "o $!. Amid the boilin", billo&in" clo$ds o oran"e ire, the insectile, s*eletal silho$ettes o the incinerated Aliens toast and cris!, their 78REA27 illin" the air. E6T. TO>N :A11 ( NORT: 7TAR ) 5AD 7am and Eohn and the Terra 4armers bear do&n and raise their ri les on the last three Aliens char"in" the To&n :all. The 7:OT7 are short. The Aliens lie dead. The smo*e han"s in the air. 7am slo&ly rises to his eet. Eohn rises to his. The Terra 4armers "ets $! and &i!e and s&eat and "rime rom their aces. They all loo* at each other. The smiles are small. The losses have been severe. The to&n is in a shambles. 7mo*e and ires billo& rom t&enty di erent !laces. Bodies both h$man and Alien are every&here. The to&n has been lattened. Eohn 7mith stares o$t and starts to cry. EO:N It's all "one. 7am e-ects the em!ty, smo*in" cli! rom his &ea!on.

7A2 >e're still alive. Not all o EO:N $s...Not all o $s...

The ather &al*s o , h$nched, bro*en, sobbin" ,$ietly, do&n the remains o &hat &as once 2ain 7treet. 7am &atches him "o. :e t$rns a&ay, a harness in his eyes. The Terra 4armers thro& o!en the doors to the to&n hall. The &omen and children slo&ly come o$t. The 4armers h$" their amilies. Their amilies h$" them bac*. 2ary, ;aren, and Eohn Er. &al* o$t into the o!en air. 7am &al*s over and &earily !$ts his arms aro$nd them. >E 3911 BA8; to reveal: North 7tar, 7mall To&n 9.7.A. in s!ace, no& "one. 5I77O1BE TO: INT. RA5IO ROO2 ( TO>N :A11 ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The i ty to&ns!eo!le cro&ed in the bac* room o the do&n hoe hard&are store. It is !retty hi"hly technolo"ical, &ith a h$"e radio relay set$! &ith its o&n ener"y !ac*. Eohn 7mith sits behind the micro!hone, o!eratin" the controls. 7TATI8 7J9E18:. EO:N B.O. ...Re!eat, this is 2ayday. 2ayday. This is the 7$laco s!ace station radioin" o$t to any $nits on the o$ter !erimeter... The satellite dish is o$t bac*. The amily h$ddles. into the micro!hone o a h$"e radio transmitter. EO:N This is 2ayday 7am sits do&n by his ather. Eohn 7mith is s!ea*in"

EO:N This is 2ayday. Nothin". 7A2

EO:N The t&enty o$rth midline is a &ell traveled shi!!in" ro$te. They'll be rei"hters or military trans!ort shi!s on it !retty

re,$ently. They sit by the radio 7$ddenly...

>e'll "et someone soon.

RA5IO B.O. BBB===========tt. >e read yo$. Re!eatBBBB????????=====t. >e read yo$ 7$laco s!ace station. This is the 9.7. Army ri"ate Omaha. 8ome bac*. They all cheer. Eohn "ets on the micro!hone.

EO:N This is @eneral Eohn 7mith. >e have had an emer"ency on the station and o$r li e s$!!ort system is totally disabled. >e re,$ire $ll and com!lete evac$ation o the shi!. >e re,$est that the Army send a cr$iser to hel! $s evac$ate. Over. RA5IO B.O. Ro"er. Re,$est location s!ace station. Over. EO:N >e're on the o$ter !erimeter. 2N. 3P. A2. 2N. RA5IO B.O. Read yo$. >e &ill alter co$rse and !ic* yo$ $!. >e are t&o days rom the t&enty o$rth mid&ay. E<!ect $s to reach yo$ &ithin seventy t&o ho$rs. Are yo$ alri"ht+ Eohn "rins. EO:N I thin* &e'll be able to hold o$t $ntil then. Over and o$t.

RA5IO B.O. Over and o$t. The radio "oes dead.

Eohn stands $! and

aces the cro&d.

EO:N The best thin" or all o $s to do no& is -$st sit ti"ht. >e have on sh$ttle and a -et i"hter on the shi!. I s$""est &e evac$ate the &omen an children no& on the sh$ttle. >e'll set them on co$rse or the ri"ate. It is all &e'll have room or. That decision &ill be $! to the amily members. 2ean&hile, remain in to&n. Rest. >ait or the shi! to come !ic* $s $!. >e &ill be evac$atin" at the 5oc* n$mber N. >e'll see yo$ there. Everybody be"ins to move o$t. Eohn, 7am, 2ary, Eohn :r. enter another room. INT. IN4IR2ARD ( TO>N :A11 ( 5AD 1ots o sic*beds. 1ots o victims. 1ots o s$r"ical e,$i!ment and intraveno$s e,$i!ment all over the !lace. The e& 5O8TOR7 and n$rses seem &oe $lly inade,$ate. Amid the o<y"en tents and the !eriodic sheets over the bodies, s!lattered &ith blood, there are the s$rvivors. There have been many &o$nded. TRA8;IN@ 7:OT &ith 7am, Eohn, ;aren and the little boy Eohn Er. as they &al* !ast the sic*beds to &here 2ary lies, her relatively minor le" in-$ry seemin"ly healin" &ell. 7he mana"es a smile to them. 7A2 :o& ya doin' 2a+ 7milin" tensely, 2ary "ri!s her sons hand. 2ARD >e're all alive. I'm doin" ine. E$st ine. EO:N I've sent o$t a 2ayday. The shi! sho$ld have be here in t&o days. All &e have to do is sit ti"ht. 2ARD I)I'm not "oin" to miss this !lace too m$ch, I don't thin*. 7A2 Eohn to$ches his &i es ace.

Do$ sho$ld rest, 2a. >e're "oin" to "o bac* to the ho$se and !ac* $!. >e aren't "oin" to be able to ta*e a lot o thin"s. 5o yo$ &ant anythin" s!ecial+ 2ARD The !ict$res on the mantle. 7A2 7$re. 2ARD And the small chair. 7A2 That'll be alri"ht+ That'll be 2ARD ine.

EO:N >e'll be home. 2ARD I'll be here. The 7mith amily &al* o$t the door. &ith real, sad si"h. E6T. 7:9TT1E 7I1O ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD 1ate in the day. The hi)tech barn and heavily rein orced silo sittin" in the middle o the &heat ields. Thirty cars, station &a"ons, and !ic*$! tr$c*s are !ar*ed in the area. 4i ty !eo!le mill aro$nd as ne& cars !$ll $!. 4amilies are embracin", h$""in", and sayin" tem!orary are&ells and the &omen and children are bein" loaded aboard the sh$ttle. INT. 7:9TT1E 7I1O ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD A lar"e, missile sha!ed 9.7. Army roc*etshi! -et ins sits $!ri"ht in the silo chamber. The inside o the silo is charred and blac*ened rom n$mero$s la$nchin"s. The Terra 4armers h$" their &ives and *ids and hel! them thro$"h the door to the bi" s!acecra t. INT. 7:9TT1E8RA4T ( 5AD 2ary sh$ts her eyes and "oes to slee!,

8om ortable and roomy, &ith c$shioned seats and &indo&s. The Terra 4armer &ives b$c*le their children and themselves into the seats. They all loo* tired and relieved to be o the s!ace station. E6T. 7:9TT1E 7I1O ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The men o the North 7tar stand by their cars and tr$c*s in the &heat ield. The &atch the silo be"in to retract into the "ro$nd &ith a 1O> R92B1E. INT. 7:9TT1E 7I1O ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The sh$ttle on a h$"e hydra$lic system lo&ers $nder the "ro$nd. It slo&ly dro!s side&ays, the s!acecra t no& in !osition on the la$nchin" !ad. The -ets 79R@E in a rainsho&er o roc*et ire. E6T. 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION ( 73A8E The s!ace station, still only !artially com!leted, loats thro$"h the void. O$t a !ort in the side, belo& the dome, 7:OOT7 the sh$ttlecra t. E6T. 7:9TT1E 7I1O ( NORT: 7TAR ( 5AD The Terra 4armers stand small and aloe on the ield in s!ace. They &ave at the little sh$ttlecra t as it lies across the s*y, ta*in" their amilies sa ely a&ay. The men "et in their vehicles and drive o . 5$s* imminent. E6T. 72IT: 4AR2 ( 597; T&ili"ht a lo& b$rn on the hori=on. still. INT. ;IT8:EN ( 72IT: :O97E ( 5A>N 7am, Eohn, ;aren, and 2ar* sit aro$nd the *itchen table. 2a*eshi t dinner is on the table, dishes on the stove. The e& thin"s they are ta*in" &ith them are !ac*ed $! in bo<es. Eohn si!s his co ee as s$nli"ht ades thro$"h the &indo& c$rtains. EO:N 3ass the s$"ar+ The 7O9N5 o a 2O7J9ITO. The armho$se and &indmill ,$iet and

Eohn sla!s his le". EO:N

2issed. Eohn r$bs his eyes. :e scratches his arm. :e scratches it a"ain. There seems to be a e<tr$sion $nder his shirt. 7am loo*s at his ather. Eohn doesn't loo* &ell. 7A2 5ad, yo$ alri"ht+ EO:N Des, yes I'm... ine. Do$ s$re+ 5ad+ 7A2 >hat's &ron" &ith yo$r arm+ EO:N I had a shot. 7A2 Desterday in 7ector F8G. 5r. Rand "ave it to yo$. >hat *ind o shot+ Eohn s*in is t$rnin" ra!idly clammy and "rey. EO:N ER. 5addy, &hat's &ron"+ The ather mana"es a smile or everybody. :e r$ les the little boys hair b$t there is &orry in his eyes. 7am doesn't ta*e his eyes o his old man. EO:N It's been a lon" day. ;aren "ets $!. ;AREN I'm "oin" to say "ood by to Bessie. EO:N O*ay. The teena"ed "irl "ets $! and "oes o$t the bac* door. E6T. 72IT: :O97E ( 597; ;aren crosses the yard in the adin" ember o dayli"ht. 7he "oes into the barn. 7A2 ;AREN

INT. BARN ( 72IT: 4AR2 ( 597; BE77IE, a lar"e mil*in" co&, d$mbly che&s its c$d it the stall. It's tail s&ishes at b$"s. The teena"ed "irl &al*s over to it and h$"s it. 7adness in her eyes that she &on't see it anymore. INT. ;IT8:EN ( 72IT: :O97E ( 597; Eohns hand is sha*in". :is ist closes on the co ee c$! and it e<!lodes in his hand, blood see!in". 7am, his eyes &ide in alarm, "rabs his athers &rist. 7A2 5ad &hat &as in that shot+ EO:N 7am yo$ have to "o. and "et o$t o here. Do$ have to "o and ta*e yo$ brother and sister

7A2 >:AT >A7 IN T:E 7:OT T:ED @ABE DO9+ It &as. >hat+ Eohn 7mith is be"innin" to s!asmodically -er*. :e holds onto the table. A small, thin dro! o blood s!ills rom one o his tear d$cts. 7am !$lls his little brother to him. EO:N >e'd b)been e<!erimentin" &ith the Alien. 8o$ldn't t)train it. B)b$t &e isolated it's cell, i)it's "enetic code. 4) o$nd that on the "enetic level is &as a !$rely !redatory cell and t)tho$"ht i &e co$ld $se it &ith a h$man 5)5NA &e co$ld ma*e a stron"er, more resilient h)h$man. 7am, I didn't &ant to test it on anyone. I tested it on mysel . 7)7am they !$t the Alien cells in m)me. 7)somethin"s ha!!enin" to me yo$'ve "ot to "et o$t yo$'ve """"@@@@@@@@@@@OOOOOOOOOOOOEEET EO:N #8ontd% OOOOOO999999TTTTTT.... EO:N 7A2

Blood !o$rs o$t Eohns eyes. 9nder his s*in, his bones are resha!in", his m$scles strainin", his s*in becomin" hard and slimy. 7am "rabs 2ar*, &ho is screamin" and he reaches or his ather. Eohns head -er*s bac*. :is mo$th crac*s o!en and the -ac*hammer, an"ed -a&s !$nch o$t his mo$th, ta*in" his real teeth &ith them in s!rays o bloody "$ms as the Alien -a&s sna! an inch rom 7ams in"ers. 7ams ace is a mas* o terror as he bac*s $! &ith his brother as blood li*e a irehose ills the *itchen. The s!ine brea*s o$t o Eohn 7miths bac*, r$!t$rin" thro$"h his clothes and "ro&in" ten eet into a h$"e, armo$red !lates. Eohns head, ne&ly re ormin" a hal )h$man, hal Alien hybrid ri!s o his nec* as his ne& s!ine realters his anatomy. T&o ne&, tri!le -ointed, armo$red arms ri! thro$"h the sides o his torso, m$lti cla&ed. Eohns h$man arms remain attached to his sho$lders as they clench into ists in the thro&s o $nima"inable a"ony. Blood and Alien slime e<!lodes across the loor and ceilin". 7am is s!eechless, starin" on as the Alien :$man thin" that &as his ather s,$ee=es a"ainst the ceilin", $lly i teen eet in hei"ht, it's clothes han"in" rom it s*eletal, dri!!in" rame. 7omethin" ra& and h$man seethes n it's bl$e, tort$red eyes as it's an"ed, !incer li!s breath a &his!er. EO:N @)"et o$t. E6T. BARN ( 72IT: 4AR2 ( 597; The barn. The !ens. The armho$se. The 7O9N5 o meaner ty!e. It echoes eerily aro$nd the barn. INT. BARN ( 597; The co& sits in it's stall. It's tail s&i!es at the mos,$ito and the mos,$ito lies o . ;aren &al*s into the barn &ith her !ail. 7he sits by the co&, near it's $dders. 7he &i!es her hands and "rabs ahold o t&o $dders. The $dder s,$irts acid. The acid si==les thro$"h the bottom o the b$c*et. ;aren loo*s $! as the co& t$rns it's head to&ards her. It o!ens it's mo$th and a stran"e set o !iledriver, an"ed, -ac*hammer -a&s sna! at the "irls chest. 7he alls bac* as the animal emits an Alien, insectile mooo. 1e"s b$rst o$t the side o it's ribbed ca"e as it's s!ine -er*s and s!lits in sho&ers o blood and acid. IT rears $! on si< le"s, movin" to&ards ;aren as she clambers to her eet and r$ns screamin" hysterically o$t o there. The teena"ed "irl slams closed to door the barn. The Alien 8o& h$rls itsel a"ainst the door a"ain and a"ain. E6T. 72IT: 4AR2 ( 597; a 2O7J9ITO. B$t a bi""er,

;aren r$ns screamin" across the ield as 7am r$ns o$t o the ho$se &ith Eohn Er. :e "rabs his sister. The Alien 8o& batterin" rams the door, smashin" thro$"h it in a sho&er o boards. It "allo!s across the ield to&ards 7am, ;aren, and 2ar*. 7am heaves his siblin"s into the !ic*$! tr$c*. :e t$rns the the en"ine and ste! son the "as, ri!!in" o$t o the drive&ay onto the main road &ith the Alien 8o& char"in" a ter it. INT. 3I8;93 TR98; ( 597; 3eelin" o$t o the arm, losin" the Alien 8o&... ;aren is sobbin" hysterically.

7am steers, s!eedin" do&n the road. 8alm do&n. 7A2

;AREN >here's 5addy+ 7A2 :e's not 5addy anymore. ;AREN Oh my @od. EO:N ER. >hat are &e "oin" to do+ 7A2 >e're "oin" to "et hel!. 7am loo*s at his sister and his brother as the t&o s$ns dro!s belo& the hori=on and the s!ace station terrain is !l$n"ed in ni"ht. E6T. 8ATT1E 3EN 72IT: 4AR2 ( NI@:T The hal h$man/hal Alien Eohn 7mith, all i teen, m$tated eet o him, sta""ers aro$nd to the !en &here the cattle are stored. The co&s moo and lo&, bac*in" a&ay rom the monster. The beast o!ens it's distorted mo$th and the !$ncher -a&s come o$t, s!latterin" into the bac* o one o the cattle... E6T. 4AR21AN57 ( NI@:T BBBBB?????????????????????. over the area. E6T. A1IEN 2O7J9ITO ( NI@:T >hat so$nds li*e a ,$adra!honic chainsa& lies

The insect is re ormin" as it lies, becomin" hal Alien, hal 2os,$ito. It's stin"er is li*e a hac*sa&, it's armo$red, shin"led body &ith is !lated &in"s resemblin" a miniat$ri=ed 4)CN -et i"hter. It s!ots a Rooster do&n belo& on a E6T. 4EN8E ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The Rooster doesn't see the Alien 2os,$ito $ntil the !iledriver stin"er in !l$n"ed thro$"h its eathers. The Alien 2os,$ito latches it's armo$red hoo*s into the !oor bird, s$c*in" o$t a lot o it's blood, then yan*in" o$t it's dri!!in" stin"er and lyin" o . The Rooster shivers, er$!ts. 4eathers become scales. It's bea* becomes a an"ed tra! as it sta""ers o the ence. The Alien Rooster then tries to ly, b$t it resembles more a 3terodactyl no& and it is too heavy and anatomically a&*&ard. It crashlands into a body o belo& the s$r ace. &eather. 73E1A7:IN@, str$""lin", it slo&ly sin*s It reads, ence.

T:E 8A2ERA 39117 BA8; to reveal a si"n ne<t tot he bi" &ater !ool. FNorth 7tar Reservoir. No s&immin".G INT. TO>N :A11 IN4IR2ARD ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T A lar"e !itcher is illed &ith &ater rom the a$cet.

The N9R7E hoists the !itchers and moves thro$"h the medical area. The 8A2ERA 2OBE7 &ith her as she !o$rs a "lass o this !atient and that, in the di erent beds, handin" a "lass o &ater to...2ary 7mith, &ho &earily sha*es her head. The N$rse moves on, !o$rin" "lasses to &ater to nearly all the rest o the thirsty, !ers!irin" Terra 4armers &ho ill the area. Other N$rses are !o$rin" other !itchers o resh, clean &ater. E6T. AI1EN 2O7J9ITO ( NI@:T Tearin" thro$"h the ni"ht s*ies at 2ach C0. 2ore co&s ar belo& in another arm in a !en. The hal insect, hal Alien ad-$sts its armo$red &in"s and !l$n"es... E6T. 3I8;93 TR98; ( NI@:T 7am has the !edal to the metal. :e !$lls on the headli"hts b$tton. :is brother and sister h$ddle in the bac*seat as they !lo& thro$"h the ni"ht the dyin" ires o North 7tar in the distance. Then in the headli"hts... or

E6T. 2AIN ROA5 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T T:REE A1IEN 8ATT1E. Bloc*in" the road. 7i< le""ed monstrosities &ith do$ble sets o mettalicy -ac*hammer -a&s ri!!in" thro$"h their sno$ts and armo$red, tri!le -ointed le"s to&n o$t o their hooves and sides. The s*in and m$scle their old lesh han"s in blood)slimed ra"s, li*e birth debris. The three alien 8attle see the onr$shin" !ic*$! and lo& and moo in an eerily $nearthly so$nd. They "allo! strai"ht or the tr$c*, their -a&s cho!!in" and !$nchin" the air, trailin" saliva. INT. 3I8;93 ( NI@:T 7am levels his ri le o$t the drivers &indo&. :e tri""ers the roc*et la$ncher. E<!losions o s!ar*s and &hite ire as the la$ncher releases its missile at the Alien 8attle "allo!in" or the tr$c*. E6T. 2AIN ROA5 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The roc*et s!eeds rom the !ic*$!. It hits the irst creat$re bet&een the eyes. T:9N5ERO97 E361O7ION as the animal b$rst into lame and sho&ers o acid blood. 7ilho$etted in the na!alm ire, they sto! and !o$nd the "ro$nd &ith their hooves, their A1IEN 8RIE7 totally chillin". ROAR o the 3I8;93 EN@IN. 7am drives his tr$c* ri"ht into the beasts. They e<!lode an im!act in meaty, armo$red sho&er o debris. The beslimed tr$c* h$rtles o do&n the road. INT. 3I8;93 ( NI@:T 7am stares strai"ht ahead thro$"h the &indshield as he -ams the "as and s!eeds the !ic*$! into the North 7tar city limits. E6T. NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The smolderin" r$ins o 7mallto&n, 9.7.A. in s!ace.

Then the e<!losions start... The "ro$nd be"ins to er$!t in ri!!in" e<!losions that tear the s*in o the streets. Tho$"h this drives the small, o$tmanned !ic*$! tr$c*. The 2c5onalds disinte"rates in a minor m$shroom clo$d. The >ool&orth starts to sin* beneath the "ro$nd, cr$m!lin" li*e an accordion. The AH3 caves in, bein" s$c*ed belo& the s*in o the small to&n as the stran"e and $nholy "lo& be"ins to shine rom the bo&els o the s!ace station in the crac*s in the streets. >e can start to see the beams and "irders that rame the endos*eleton o North 7tar beneath the iss$res in the as!halt streets that the !ic*$! s!eed thro$"h.

>ater mails b$rst, "eyserin" h$"e loods o @as mains E631O5E in a& $l clo$ds o ire. his brother and sister. INT. 3I8;93 ( NI@:T

&ater in a h$ndred di erent !lace. Thro$"h the mayhem drives 7am and

7am, ;aren, and Eohn Er. stare in horror, and not a little &onder, at their s$rro$ndin"s. 7am screams over the NOI7E to his siblin"s. 7A2 >E @OTTA @ET 2O2 AN5 @ET O44 T:I7 73A8E 7TATION... >E @OTTA @ET ON T:E EET 4I@:TER AN5 @ET O44 T:I7 31A8E I7 @OIN@ TO @O 93... The h$"e, &ide eyes o his brother sister sho& they "ive him no ar"$ment as 7am &hirls the steerin" &heel, s!eedin" aro$nd a corner. :e slams on the bra*es. They see her. E6T. >DO2IN@ 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The lone silho$ette o a &oman, bac*lit by "as ires and s!rayin" &ater, r$nnin" or her li e thro$"h the sin*in" b$ildin"s...2ary 7mith. 2ARD 777AAAAAAA222222.... 7A2 22222OOOOOO222222.... OBER :EEEERE... 7am s*ids the !ic*$! tr$c* aro$nd and 78REE8:E7 thro$"h the ,$a*in" street her. The hard&are store to!!les in a !ile o bric*s &here the tr$c* &as seconds be ore. INT. 3I8;93 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T 2om r$ns $! to the tr$c*. :er children h$" her and hel! her in. ro=en in a silent, s!eechless scream, her eyes &ide. 7A2 2om &hat is it+ 7he can't mo$th the &ords to describe &hat she has seen. 7am sha*es her. are all lit by the "lo& o the ires. Then a shado& It alls over them. They slo&ly t$rn their heads. They :er ace is or

ills an entire bloc*.

E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T 4i ty h$mans have been t$rned into an Alien Thin". They have $sed to"ether into one...thin". It is a t&o story, movin", m$rdero$s ass o armo$r and lesh, eyeballs, and ton"$es, screamin" mo$ths and -ac*hammer -a&s in a h$"e, anamor!ho$s blob o arms, le"s, talons, hoo*s, sno$ts, and teeth. There are the teeth... The Alien :$man Thin" is advancin" do&n the bloc*. INT. 3I8;93 ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T 7am doesn't re"ister any emotion. 7A2 4$c* this. :e stom!s on the "as. E6T. 2AIN 7TREET ( NORT: 7TAR ( NI@:T The tr$c* s!eeds o$t o the North 7tar city limits as the to&n dro!s belo& the "ro$nd into the de!ths o the s!ace station. The roadsi"n readin" FNorth 7tar. INT. 3I8;93 ( 2AIN ROA5 ( NI@:T The 7mith amily h$ddles in the tr$c* as it th$nders across the 7am h$"s his mother, &ho is &ee!in". 2ARD DO9R 4AT:ER+... 7am loo*s at her and slo&ly sha*es his head, h$""in" her ti"hter. ills the air, 7O9N57 o 731ITTIN@ 7TEE1 and TORT9RE5 2ETA1>OR;. 7A2 >E :ABE TO @ET TO T:E 7:I3... T:I7 >:O1E 31A8E I7 @OIN@ TO @O 93... T:ERE'7 T:AT ONE 7:9TT1E O9T ON T:E E5@E O4 TO>N... They all h$ddle and stare in absol$te terror at &hat is aro$nd them. E6T. 4AR21AN57 ( NI@:T ROARIN@ armlands. 3o!. 2AC.G 7in*s beneath the "ro$nd.

The little tr$c* -o$nces thro$"h a startlin" landsca!e...The s*in is !eelin" o North 7tar. The armlands and hills are b$rnin" a&ay, revealin" the metal endos*eleton o the s!ace station that lies beneath, charred and blac*ened beneath the smolderin" s*in o the armlands. The small !ic*$! s!eeds across a road that is si==lin" o the h$"e steel "irder str$ct$re o the 7$laco station. Belo& the beams can be seen the $ll i ty stories o the s!ace station, dro!!in" a&ay into the hellish in inity. The &hole rame &or* is sha*in" and shi tin", the beams ri!!in" loose and dro!!in" miles do&n into the bo&els o the shi!. @reat ires b$rn i ty stories do&n. Boilin", billo&in" clo$ds o ire and debris are s$r"in" $!&ards rom the bottom o the s!ace station. INT. 3I8;93 ( NI@:T 7am, 2ary, ;aren and Eohn hold onto each other or dear li e as their tiny tr$c* is roc*ed and heaved bac* an orth on its terri yin" -o$rney across the disinte"ratin" s!ace station. 4lashes e<!lode across their aces. They stare o$t thro$"h the &indshield as titanic steel "irders come er$!tin" thro$"h the roastin" armlands, li*e cla&s. 7am steers rantically. E6T. BEA2 ( 4AR21AN57 ( NI@:T The !ic*$! tr$c* l$rches in the red $scia "lo& rom the $nder"ro$nd. The road the tr$c* is travelin" on has b$rnt o . The vehicle rides across a mechanoid rame&or* o a brid"e i ty stories above the bla=in" &rec*a"e o the military installations, heatin" and &ater $nits, and o ices belo&. The "irder is sha*in" violently bac* and orth as the beams re becomin" dislod"ed. The !ic*$! tools treachero$sly across it, s*iddin" side&ays. Beams and sections o the armlands endos*eletal str$ct$re are dro!!in" o into the abyss. INT. 3I8;93 ( BEA2 ( 4AR21AN57 ( NI@:T 7am eels the tr$c* be"in to dro! as the beam belo& the &heels tears 7A2 :::::AAAAANNNNN@@@ OOOONNNN... :e -ams the "as and -$m!s the tr$c*. E6T. 4AR21AN57 ( NI@:T The tiny, $scia bathed !ic*$! lea!s o the beam. It becomes airborne over the i ty story dro! into the "$ts o the shi! as the "irder alls into the ires and e<!losions. The tr$c* &heels s!in in dead air. It's ront tires land on another steel s$!!ort section a h$ndred yards a&ay. The tr$c* starts to s*id bac*&ards on the red hot metal. INT. 3I8;93 ( NI@:T ree.

7am "rits his teeth and

loors the "as !edal.


amily screams.

E6T. 7TEE1 7933ORT 7TR98T9RE ( 4AR21AN57 ( NI@:T The tr$c* -$st barely "ains traction on the s&ayin" s$!!ort str$ct$re. It roars o across it. A hal mile a&ay...

The sh$ttle silo, shi tin" and s&ayin". The s!acecra t is cast in the boilin" "lo& o the iery hell. 7am and his amily race the !ic*$! across an erector set ni"htmare o s!ace station steel mechanoid str$ct$ral beams. The armlands have no& entirely b$rnt o and there is nothin" b$t the ra!idly colla!sin" s!ace station. The tr$c* ma*es it to a three h$ndred yards a&ay Then it sto!s. INT. 3I8;93 ( 7TEE1 7933ORT 7T9R8T9RE ( NI@:T 7&eatin" and and t$rns o amily. l$shed rom the scaldin" heat, 7am thro&s on the emer"ency bra*e the en"ine. :e thro&s o!en the side doors and screams to his rom the silo.

7A2 >E'RE O9TA :ERE... They s,$ee=e o$t o the vehicle and the "ro$nd shi ts beneath them.

E6T. 7TEE1 7933ORT 7TR98T9RE ( NI@:T :e metal belo& their eet is movin". 7am hel!s 2ary, ;aren, and 2ar* onto the ne<t section o "irder. They try not to loo* at the i ty story dro! into staccato e<!losions and $!s$r"in" debris. 7$ddenly, the "irder they &ere on !$lls ree, d$m!in" the !ic*$! into oblivion as it to!!les loose. In the h$"e sha*e, 2ar* sli!s o the beam. :e alls. 7am "rabs his hand -$st in time, b$t he is !$lled o too. :an"in" on &ith one hand to the shiverin", s&ayin" "irder, he clin"s to his brother &ith his other hand. >ee!in" in terror and stress, his mother and sister ma*e their &ay on all o$rs across the beam to &here 7am han"s on by all his in"ers. They "et to him. :e dro!s. They "rab his arm and heave him bac* onto the beam, all o red $scia li"ht an the s*in !eelin" heat. them bathed in the

The o$r sole s$rvivors o the s!ace station 7$laco &al* the silo. They are at the door to the silo and s!aceshi!. Eohn 7mith ste!s o$t rom behind the silo.


eet to the

2arys and ;arens eyes !o! o$t o their heads and his i teen oot hal man, hal Alien a!!arition, b$t hey only stare. 7am aces him, "a=in" $! at the m$tation that bloc*s their &ay in to the silo. Eohn rears hi"h above them, his o$r armo$red arms reachin" or them, his -ac*hammer -a&s !$nchin" in and o$t o the ra""ed &o$nd that &as his h$man mo$th. :is eyes alone remain $lly h$man. They s&ell &ith emotion, then they t$rn m$rdero$s and Alien, then the emotion ret$rns as his h$man nat$re i"hts his Alien nat$re. 7am stands in Eohn. ront o his brother, sister, and mother, :e sha*es his head at

7A2 55555AAAAAAA555555.... 1ET 97 BD... >E'11 5IIIEEEE... The distorted, slimed, recon i"$red ace o his ather shi ts above the arm o$r !lated s!ine that -$ts o$t o his an"led bac*. Blood dri!s orm the torn r$in o this throat. :is eyes re"ard them. They are all !erched on the led"e o the steel s$!!ort str$ct$re, the s!ace station t$rnin" in on itsel i ty stories do&n. :$"e $l"$rations o ire s$r"e $! rom the bottom o the shi!. 7A2 5555AAAAAAA5555.... >E :ABE TO @O NO>.... Eohn 7mith, the hair on his domed orehead sin"in" o , re"ards them.

8888RRRREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA;;;;;;;;;;..... An ear)s!littin" so$nd o tort$red steel. The silo shears o rom it's o$ndation, dro!!in" a thirty eet. It han"s s$s!ended, the s!aceshi! restin" !recario$sly above the bottom o the s!ace station, all ire and e<!losions. The la$nchin" ad has been cr$shed, and the sh$ttlecra t no lon"er has its esca!e hatch. The 7mith amily cannot reach it no&. 7A2 NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... It is thirty eet rom them, belo&.

A h$man tear s!ills rom Eohn 7miths eye. :e reaches o$t and !ic*s $! 7am &ith one hand. :e li ts him o his eet. >ith the $ll e<tension o his h$man Alien anatomy, Eohn reaches across the o!en e<!anse bet&een the s$!!ort str$ct$re and the silo, and sets 7am do&n by the s!acecra t. :is son &atches in st$nned ama=ement as Eohn 7mith, &ith the last dro!s o h$manity in him, hel!s irst his &i e, then his da$"hter across to the silo.

:e reaches o$t his hand and !ic*s $! 2ar*. The little boys ace is soa*ed &ith tears. Real tears !o$r rom Eohn 7miths ace as he holds the child near his m$tated eat$res. :e loo*s at him one last time, then !laces him do&n &ith the rest o his amily. EO:N 72IT: 7)sssssssssss)sorry. A s$dden violent sh$dder in the s!ace station. The silo sli!s a"ain as the station endos*eleton is violently roc*ed. Eohn 7mith is se!arated rom his amily, st$c* on the steel s$!!ort section. 7am, 2ary, ;aren, and 2ar* "ives him an emotion rac*ed inal &ave, then des!erately clamber into the silo. INT. 7I1O ( NI@:T The s!aceshi!. 7am hel!s his amily into the cra t as the seams s!lit in the silo.

INT. 7:9TT1E8RA4T ( NI@:T They all b$c*le into the seats. 7am s&i tly, s*ill $lly mans the controls. The 29441E5 7O9N57 o the E631O5IN@ 73A8E 7TATIN o$tside the shi!. :e loo*s at his mother, sister, and brother. 7A2 This son o a bitch came o the la$nchin" !ad. I'm "onna have to ly it thro$"h the dome. :an" on beca$se this is "oin" to be ro$"h. :e thro&s some s&itches. The dashboard li"hts $!. :e lic*s some overhead to""les. The EN@INE be"ins to ROAR. They are l$n" bac* in their seats as the s!aceshi! s$r"es or&ards. INT. 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION ( NI@:T The s!aceshi! li ts o o$t o the silo in an e<!losion o -et ire, steerin" thro$"h the allin" beams and "irders. It heaves $!&ards at three h$ndred 23: or the ten mile &ide, ive mile hi"h clear dome that covers North 7tar. The shi! brea*s thro$"h it in a mon$mental shatterin" o dome crystalli=es. "lass as the &hole


They are terribly -olted as the s!aceshi! hits the "lass. E6T. 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION ( 73A8E The small sh$ttlecra t E631O5E7 thro$"h the dome in a s!ectac$lar comb$stion o "lass. It soars o$t into the stars. INT. 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION ( NI@:T The s!ace station beams, "irders, machinery $!heave thro$"h the "iant hole in the dome, s$c*ed o$t into s!ace. Eohn 7mith han"s onto the steel s$!!ort str$ct$re, his ace and body &hi!!ed in the torrential &inds as the !ress$re inside the shi! ad-$st to the vac$$m o s!ace. :e loo*s o$t across the b$rnin" r$ins o the endos*eleton Thin", the mass o i ty !eo!le, is no& meshed &ith Alien :orses and many *inds o Alien Animals. And more...It is beams and "irders o the s!ace station, all becomin" one, absorbin" Alien. Eohn 7mith eels himsel and he sees the Alien 8attle and Alien meldin" to the steel livin", movin", it, too.

!$lled, and he *no&s he &ill become !art o

E6T. 7:9TT1E8RA4T ( 73A8E The small esca!e cra t blasts into the starsca!e in a s$r"in" b$rst o t$rbo -et. Behind it the 7$laco s!ace station alls $rther and $rther bac*. B$t somethin" is ha!!enin".... The s!ace station is re ormin", metal and Alien and h$man lesh are $sin" and reconstr$ctin" into a livin" biomechanoid blob, li*e a ten mile &ide octo!$s as it's beams and "irders b$rst thro$"h the sides o the s!ace station li*e "i"antic tentacles o steel and slimy blac* armo$r and lesh. The Alien thin" loats in s!ace... The s!aceshi! roc*ets tens o s!ec* o li"ht. INT. 7:9TT1E8RA4T ( 73A8E The 7mith amily stand by the hy!erslee! chambers. brother 2ar* into his ree=er. 7A2 >hen yo$ &a*e $! &e'll be there, 7am hel!s his little miles into the stars. 7oon it is a !in!oint

little b$ddy. 7ee yo$. 2AR; :e stands ne<t to his mother an sister as

7am closes the ree=er &indshield. they climb into their chambers. In yo$ "o. 7A2

2ARD Is everythin" "oin" to be o*ay+ 7A2 This resc$e shi! "ot called ten a"o. They'll be in this sector ne<t t&enty o$r. >e -$st need rest, and &ait or them to !ic* ;AREN 7ee yo$ 7am. :e *isses his mother. :e !$shes closed their hy!erslee! chamber &indshields. 7he smiles at him. :er ree=er &indo& closes. 7am &al*s over to the controls o the shi!. :e li"hts a ci"arette and !$nches a e& b$ttons, li!!in" a e& to""les. :e starts the ta!e recorder and !$ts the micro!hone to his li!s. 7A2 This is the s!ace sh$ttle 7$laco. >e are the sole s$rvivors o the s!ace station. >e are 8a!tain 7am 7mith, 9.7. Air 4orce. 2ary 7mith, my mother. ;aren 7mith, my sister, and Eohn smith Er. my brother. >e are lyin" o$t o the 2Lth 7ector and are headed or the t&enty o$rth mid&ay. The Resc$e shi! &e radioed or sho$ld ind $s &ithin the day. Over and o$t. 7am !$ts do&n the mi*e. The small interior o the sh$ttle cra t is dar* and ,$iet. 7tarli"ht "lints aintly o the ban*s o com!$ter consols and overhead electronic "rid&or*. 7t$bbin" his ci"arette, he ret$rns to his ree=er and climbs do&n into it. :e sh$ts his eye and !resses the b$tton. The &indshield slo&ly closes &ith a ,$iet :92. In the dar*ness, somethin" moves. In the silence, everythin" is movin". The com!$ter consols are breathin". They be"in to bleed blac* m$ch. The "rids and beams o the roo start to bend and 8REA; leshily. They re orm into ho$rs in the to $s $!.

armo$red scales. The loor !$c*ers and t$rns into biomechanical mo$ths. -et i"hter is becomin" alive, and be"ins to snarl. INT. 7A27 4REE?ER ( 7:9TT1E8RA4T


7am o!ens his eyes. :e hears somethin". :e sees thro$"h the tinted "lass somethin" movin" and mechanically ch$rnin" in the dar*ened roo overhead. 731AT. 731AT. 731AT. 2echanoid, bloody m$ch dri!s on the "lass. The blood be"ins to &al* li*e a h$ndred tiny s!iders. 7am screams and !$shes the b$ttons to o!en his hy!erslee! chamber. The !ads o his seat be"in to move and the metal sides o the ree=er be"in to move, closin" over him. 71O> 2OTION: 7creamin" his l$n"s o$t, and $sin" all his stren"th, 7am smashes $!!er body thro$"h the "lass &indshield in an er$!tion o "lass, brea*in" o$t. INT. 7:9TT1E8RA4T 7am lands on the loor. The metal is ri!!in" o!en in shar!, armored mo$ths and the loor tries to bit him. A beam brea*s o o the ceilin" and tries to "rab him li*e a tentacle. The electrical systems are shortin" o$t and electrical lashes ill$minate the $nima"inable horror o the sh$ttlecra t in bl$ish, crac*in" bolts o tesla coil li"htnin". 7am s&in"s his ists, smashin" the "lass &indshield o the hy!erslee! chambers. :e ha$ls his mother, his sister, and his brother o$t o the ree=ers as the hy!erslee! chambers t$rn into shar!, "lass ed"ed metal -a&s sna!!in" at its h$man !rey. :e !$lls them o$t on the loor. One o the hy!erslee! va$lts sna!s li*e a bear tra! on his ri"ht arm, severin" the synthetic limb at the elbo&. 7am alls bac* holdin" the bro*en hydra$lics and !ne$matic t$bin" o his arti icial st$m!. ;aren is screamin" and screamin". alone *ee!s her head. 7A2 @ET IN T:E 73A8E79IT7. @ETTIN@ O9T O4 :ERE. 2ar*'s eyes are &ide &ith terror. 2ary


2ary !$lls her children to&ards the rac* &ith the han"in" s!aces$its. The &alls er$!t li*e esterin" armo$r, e<!losions o blac*ish m$ch s!latterin" them all. The com!$ter ban*s breath and bend. 7am "rabs a ri le o the &all. :e aims it at the com!$ter command center on the &all and ires a "renade into it. The com!$ter consols e<!lode in sho&ers o s!ar*s and biomechanical debris. The sh$ttlecra t screams and shivers. It's been &o$nded.

2ary hel!s her children into the s$its, scre&in" the helmets on them.

Their aces are &hite &ith terror thro$"h the helmet visors. s!aces$its and starts to !$t his on.

7am r$shes to the

The beams and "irders on the ceilin" are !$llin" ree li*e an Alien ribca"e. The shi! is re ormin" li*e the linin" o a stomach. 7am and his amily are all in their s!aces$its no&. They all loo* thro$"h the &indshield. Thro$"h it, they see the s!ace station. 1i*e an anamor!ho$s blob o tentacles and h$"e armo$red mo$ths made o metal and lesh, $lly ten miles &ide, it is "ettin" closer. E6T. 791A8O 73A8E 7TATION/7:9TT1E8RA4T ( 73A8E The s!ace station o!ens li*e a antastically h$"e mo$th. It is s$c*in" the sh$ttlecra t bac* to&ards it, tryin" to reclaim !art o its sel . INT. 7:9TT1E8RA4T 7am sees the s!ace station "ro&in" closer thro$"h the &indshield. :e h$"s his amily to him &ith one arm and one arms the shot"$n "renade la$ncher &ith the other, B1A7TIN@ !ieces o the biomechanical sh$ttlecra t as he moves them to&ards the hatch. 7am !$nches a series o b$ttons. 7am stares strai"ht ahead thro$"h the &indshield. :e sees the ive mile &ide "a!in" ma& o the $nima"inable s!ace monster strai"ht ahead as their shi! is s$c*ed to&ards it. :e thro&s one s&itch. E6T. BO2B BAD 5OOR7 ( 7:9TT1E8RA4T ( 73A8E The doors o!en. 4o$r le"s e<tend armed &ith INT. 7:9TT1E8RA4T 7am hits a e& more s&itches. The s!ace station ills the &indshield. E6T. EET7 ( 7:9TT1E8RA4T ( 73A8E The -ets blast on in an e<!losion o ire. The sh$ttle &ith its &arheads $nderneath roc*ets &ith -et !o&er or the s!ace station. INT. 7:9TTE18RA4T 7am hits the last s&itch. $ll si=e n$clear missiles.

The s!acehatch e<!lodes o!en. The inside o the s!ace sh$ttle becomes a vac$$m and a h$"e &indstorm ri!s thro$"h the shi!. 7am and his amily in their s!aces$its are -ettisoned rom the sh$ttle in a h$rricane orce &indstorm, ta*in" !ieces o the sh$ttlecra ts biomechanical innards &ith it. E6T. 73A8E :oldin" onto each other, the o$r s!aces$ited i"$res s!in and s$mmersa$lt thro$"h s!ace as the sh$ttlecra t roc*ets o strai"ht or the s!ace station. E6T. 7:9TT1E8RA4T/791A8O 73A8E 7TATION ( 73A8E The sh$ttle ires it's o$r n$clear missiles into the mo$th o the s!ace station. The tiny shi! ollo&s its strea*in" missiles into the mo$th There is dayli"ht in s!ace. E6T. 73A8E The o$r s!aces$ited i"$res see the boilin", billo&in" m$shroom clo$d in s!ace. The s!ace station seems to scream as it is en"$l ed in the e<!andin", &hite hot con la"ration. 7am, 2ary, ;aren, and 2ar* are s!$n miles and miles into s!ace in the shoc*&ave. They eel the heat. 7am has his eyes h$t, e<!ectin" incineration. Then the r$mble ades and he o!ens his eyes. Their s!aces$its are charred, b$t the n$clear e<!losion has !assed and there is nothin" b$t blac* em!tiness and stars. 4o$r s!aces$ited They loat. i"$res loat in the middle reaches o s!ace.

The +++++++ see the &hite star insi"nia o the 9.7. Army resc$e shi!. 7am h$"s his amily to him t$rnin" their helmeted heads to see it. The resc$e shi! t$rns on a s!otli"ht and shines it. They are ca$"ht in the beam. The o$r s!ace s$its han", loatin", as the resc$e shi! starts or them.

4A5E O9T.

The End