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Positive active bad beautiful big

Comparative more active worse more beautiful bigger

Superlative the most active the worst the most beautiful the biggest

black bright clean clever confused cruel dark difficult dirty fascinating famous far fast

blacker brighter cleaner cleverer more confused crueler darker more difficult dirtier more fascinating more famous farther/further faster

the blackest the brightest the cleanest the cleverest the most confused the cruellest the darkest the most difficult the dirtiest the most fascinating the most famous the farthest/furthest the fastest

fat fierce generous good graceful great handsome hard-working happy heavy important kind late light little long

fatter fiercer more generous better more graceful greater more handsome more hard-working happier heavier more important kinder later lighter less longer

the fattest the fiercest the most generous the best the most graceful the greatest the most handsome the most hard-working the happiest the heaviest the most important the kindest the latest the lightest the least the longest

old poor proud quiet responsible rich older poorer prouder quieter more responsible richer the oldest the poorest the proudest the quietest the most responsible the richest sad sharp short simple slow small sadder sharper shorter more simple slower smaller the saddest the sharpest the shortest the most simple the slowest the smallest strange strong stranger stronger the strangest the strongest tall thin ugly weak wise young taller thinner uglier weaker wiser younger the tallest the thinnest the ugliest the weakest the wisest the youngest .

lovingly bravely. concisely. jubilantly. respectfully. quietly. thoughtfully hastily. haltingly. carefully badly. suddenly anxiously. sparingly clearly. cruelly. sportingly angrily. joyfully. softly. suddenly awkwardly. tauntingly foolishly. indistinctly deeply. loudly plainly. impudently. haltingly. tartly greedily. strongly. distinctly. visibly patiently. desperately. stealthily carefully. silently. desperately. hungrily. recklessly. gamely angrily. drunkenly. tunefully brightly. . profusely. warily correctly. frightfully.Verbs acted answered ate bled bowed caressed charged chuckled crept decided explained fell flogged fought frowned injured left listened lost mumbled pondered pulled ran remembered sang shone shouted slept smiled sneered spent spoke sprang staggered strove stuttered trembled waited walked Adverbs quickly. softly. manfully excitedly. rapidly. earnestly. brilliantly. distinctly. lightly soundly broadly. heavily. slightly loudly. worriedly accidentally. slowly hurriedly. painfully fearfully. vigorously hurriedly. weakly bravely. clearly. furiously artfully. stiffly fondly. eventually. slowly freely. suddenly. freely. seriously. sweetly insolently. unmercifully bravely. slightly humbly. ruefully. dimly frantically. gleefully. fatally. lightly. quickly. attentively. furiously. happily quietly. suddenly fitfully. sulkily. quickly. faintly. loudly. gently. quickly. inaudibly. quickly. immediately briefly. seriously. quickly. slightly hurriedly. happily. vaguely heavily. clearly. immediately. anxiously clumsily. slowly clearly. suddenly brutally. sweetly.

slowly. Here are two rules for use in such comparison: 1. biggest. shortest.wept whispered yielded slouchingly. softly stubbornly. willingly As you know adjectives are used to describe the nouns and here I wish to show you that they are also used to compare two or more different objects while describing them. Positive big far fast gay great high late long old small smart tall thin Comparative bigger farther faster gayer greater higher later longer older smaller smarter taller thinner Superlative biggest farthest fastest gayest greatest highest latest longest oldest smallest smartest tallest thinnest The following are exceptions to the rule which you will have to learn by heart. short.g. The Comparative is used when comparing two objects and is formed by adding “-er” to the Positive. quietly. . eg. distractedly. Comparative & Superlative The Positive is used when speaking of or describing an object. Positive Comparative Superlative bad worse worst good better best little less least many more most much more most Examples:    Peter is shorter than his brother by almost a head. touchingly audibly. big. smartly bitterly.g. I am older than you by 5 years. He is the least surprised over the news compared to the others. weakly. The Superlative is used when speaking of more than two objects and is formed by adding “est” to the Positive e. bigger. e. shorter. sadly. Positive.

g. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Kelly is the most brilliant kid in the whole classroom. 2. and “most” is used superlatively. most careful. more careful. Using “More” & “Most” for adjectives with two or more syllables Generally for adjectives of two or more syllables “more” is used comparatively. e. careful. . Uncle Sam is the most generous among the members of this big family. Sally is more beautiful now compared to herself before the makeover. Positive Comparative Superlative beautiful more beautiful most beautiful brilliant more brilliant most brilliant cautious more cautious most cautious comfortable more comfortable most comfortable generous more generous most generous gracious more gracious most gracious handsome more handsome most handsome ignorant more ignorant most ignorant Examples:     This sofa is the most comfortable among all displayed in the showroom.