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small monuments 2014
10 years SkulpturenLandschaft Hamburg 18 May to 20 June 2014 in Castle Hamburg-Bergedorf Call for artists. International exhibition of small sculptures. Please send your application with - CV (1 page) and list of exhibitions (1 page) - Significant pictures of 2 sculptures for the exhibition (A5-A4) - Catalogue, if available - Homepage or blog with further sculptures for viewing to: SkulpturenLandschaft e.V. Norbert Jäger Neuer Weg 42 21029 Hamburg Germany Jury: Svenja Bachert, M.A. Art Historian Ulf Müller, Gallery owner Dr. Melita Mucha, Gallery owner The chosen sculptures will be presented in two further exhibitions “small monuments” in 2014. It concerns sales exhibitions; the conditions have to be arranged with the individual exhibitors. - Galerie Müller & Petzinna, Lübeck - Galerie Mucha, Schwarzenbek The art pieces should be at least 20 cm and 50 cm at maximum. The application has to be handed in by the 5th of April per post mail. The application cannot be send back. The artist has to pay for the transport of the sculptures. The exhibitors are responsible for a professional presentation, invitation cards, presswork and the transport between the exhibitions in Germany.

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Project description
Sculpture landscape with artist workshop place in Hamburg.

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skulpturenlandschaft. that don’t take place in closed atmosphere or common art places like museums or galleries.Englisch http://www. Our aspect of a Sculpture Landscape is for local people to encounter art in nature consciously. An all-year exhibition with museal character. Open environment offers both. the political community. 21029 Hamburg. There is no fear of the “unknown” like entering a gallery. This idea hasn’t changed. Aplication: SkulpturenLandschaft Norbert Jäger Neuer Weg 42. When art is placed in an area of every-day-use. plastics an installations. which – so far – is non-existent in the state of Hamburg and beyond its borders in its kind. 2 di 2 02/02/2014 16:46 . This projects needs a sensible cooperation with local people . The state of Hamburg will be enriched by another significant and unique Sculpture Landscape and this will eventually be a benefit to everyone involved.” © Petra Jäger + Norbert Jäger The project: A Sculpture Landscape in the middle of Hamburg-Bergedorf. We are planning a creative and cultural workshop place with professional artists. A cultural excursion sight for tourists and art-interested people will develop in the next years. Both. The spectator can choose to take part or not. woods and landscapes in a changed form.html “In former projects we present contemporary art in public living environment to people in that area. The spectator finds familiar places. national and international artists to guarantee a large cultural attraction. By choosing those locations we create moments of encounter: “people : art”.de/html/englisch. Germany Fon + Fax: 0049 (0)40 7941 8624 info@skulpturenlandschaft. take their part and become one. This enables artists to present their large-sized sculptures. borders can be shifted (the stepping over borders becomes unnecessary). art and people. as well as a sale exhibition.