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COLUMNS NSTP Orientation The first session of NSTP is the Orientation. This serves as an intro to the course.

Attendance is a must and the student is required to wear their College uniform on the said orientation. It is usually scheduled every Sunday. Students are gathered per section with their respective room assignment. Time allotted is only one hour for each section. The session is started with a prayer and the facilitator introduces him/herself to the whole class. Powerpoint presentation is the usual media used to facilitate the entire session. During the Orientation, some reminders are pointed out and the students were encouraged to take note of some important part of the discussion. The background of NSTP (CWTS/LTS) is included in the discussion—of what is NSTP all about, why it is included in the College curriculum and why it is required to all Filipino citizens only)—so as to bring awareness to the students enrolled in the course. Orientation on second semester no longer needs a detailed introduction since, it was already discussed during the last first semester. Fieldwork is more highlighted during this semester. Thus, reminders were focused on the dates and places of the schedules per section. NSTP tshirt is the prescribed uniform for each student and they are reminded to choose and buy their own size NSTP shirt before the day of fieldwork. Lastly, as a tradition, the session is ended with the UST hymn.


FEATURE 1st semester fieldwork

“Make the Day Anew”
In our section, NSTP C-NUR1, the activity we had was tree-planting that was held on a community affiliation. Having a fieldwork is a lot more exciting. You travel. You make friends with other NSTP students in the college. You can even have a bond with your friends during the activity—making the activity fun and enjoyable and making your bonding productive and useful. You meet new people around the community. You learned new things. You do extraneous yet fun, activities. You get tired and can have a good rest right after. You are given an opportunity to serve the people. You help each other. And before the day ends, you became fulfilled. Before the day of tree-planting activity in Binayoyo, Rizal, we were reminded of the things needed to bring per group such as small shovel, garden gloves. We were also advised to bring our own packed lunch since we are going to a remote area which is a mile away from the town. As we arrived, the people of the community were on its way to welcome us and lead us to the cottage where we take our bathroom needs. We get ourselves prepared and we proceed to the area where we do the planting. It is a lot more exciting because we need to cross a river to get to the place and we were able to do so through the help of the people who assisted us. We, then, start planting trees as we get into the place. It was a fine day. The sun is at its ambiance good for planting trees. We take caution during the activity because the place was located on a hillside river and we have to finish filling up the holes dug before. Each of us was guided and secured safe by our facilitator and by the residents, as well. The whole activity was a good experience. It was not just an achievement of a requirement, but a fulfilment of becoming productive. It brought a profound effect to all of us. Tree-planting is a valuable thing a person can do to his/her environment. Since, as caregivers of the nature, we promote a green eco-system and maintain a clean surrounding. So, with the activity we made, I hope it will bring life not only to the people living beside it but also for the whole community. This is a long-term benefit to the people. When those seedlings grow into a tree, it will not only shed the people, it will also become a source of natural provisions by its fruits, leaves and even the twig and barks for many uses. You may become overwhelmed from the tasks given and it is normal. But once you have tried it you’ll find it worth doing and cost-effective. It gives you a chance to build your abilities and widened your capabilities. As with the Sunday routine, one will surely adjust to the effect of these changes. But rest assured, it will pay you back of good time management. You’ll even learn to do multi-tasking.