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To: Red Light Camera Agency Name 05/24/2013 Red Light Camera Agency Address

From: Yo r Name

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Re: Citation ! 564676746756

CC"d: # nici$a% &o%ice Agency Name

# nici$a% &o%ice Agency Address

Respondents Special Appearance & Demand Letter

To 'hom it #ay Concern(

)n or a*o t 05/01/2013 + recei,ed a %etter ,ia the -nited .tates &osta% .er,ice c%aiming to *e a /citation0 and stating that( either *y direct action or reason o1 o2nershi$( + had a%%eged%y committed some /,io%ation0 o1 a /red %ight camera en1orcement0 %a2 2ithin the City of Austin, Te as on the a%%eged date o1 !4"##"#!$%3 As $er the instr ctions therein( + am 2riting to in1orm yo o1 se,era% $oints regarding my consent and $artici$ation in any matter re%ating to this a%%egation and /citation(0 and a%so to ma4e s$eci1ic reser,ation o1 a%% my 1 ndamenta%%y $rotected rights( at a%% times( and 1or a%% $ r$oses( 2ai,ing none( e,er3 13 + 5) N)T C)N.6NT to ANY 1orm o1 non78 dicia% decision ma4ing in the 1irst instance re%ating to any ty$e o1 matter 2here + am to *e $ nished in/*y any method or manner( inc% ding( * t not %imited to( any ty$e o1 assessments( 1ines( or 1ees9 + do not consent to nor acce$t the a$$%ication o1 any stat tory or administrati,e $ nishment o1 any 4ind that co %d or 2o %d constit te a :i%% o1 Attainder/:i%% o1 &ains and &ena%ties( *oth o1 2hich ha,e *een o t%a2ed *y e,ery constit tion in e,ery Re$ *%ic o1 the nion( and 2hich /citations0 s ch as this one s re%y are9 + 2i%% not enter a $%ea to( consent to( or $artici$ate in( any case or matter 2here s ch acts 2o %d tend to ser,e as a 2ai,er o1 any o1 my 1 ndamenta%%y $rotected rights( inc% ding( * t not %imited to:



a3 my right to ha,e $ro$er Notice o1 the charges *eing made against me *y ser,ice o1 a ,a%id 2ritten( s2orn( and ,eri1ied com$%aint( and a $ro$er charging instr ment signed and 1i%ed *y the a$$ro$riate state o11icer in their o11icia% ca$acity9 *3 my right to remain si%ent and/or to assistance o1 co nse%9

c3 my right to tria% *y a 8 ry o1 my $eers and to ha,e the 1acts o1 the charge;s< heard *y that 8 ry in the 1irst instance o1 $resentation o1 e,idence and testimony( not on%y $on a$$ea%9 d3 my right to *e $res med innocent nti% $ro,en g i%ty in a co rt o1 %a2 *y a 8 ry o1 my $eers9 e3 my right to ha,e the Acc ser *ear the * rden o1 $roo1 rather than it *eing n%a21 %%y re,ersed so that the * rden is $on me( the Acc sed( to $ro,e my innocence9 13 my right to 1ace my acc ser in o$en co rt and e=amine into the 1acts o1 the a%%egations made *y said acc ser9 g3 my right to not *e $ nished n%ess and nti% + am act a%%y con,icted *y a 8 ry o1 my $eers *ased on%y $on 1act a% e,idence that + act a%%y committed or $artici$ated in the a%%eged o11ense and not sim$%y *y the 1act + ha$$en to o2n $ro$erty that 2as a%%eged%y sed to commit the a%%eged o11ense3 A%tho gh this o$tion to cha%%enge the /citation0 is said to res %t in this matter going to co rt9 it is my s ggestion that the charges sim$%y *e dro$$ed3 This s ggestion comes o t o1 res$ect 1or ta= $ayers( and my re> est that their hard earned money not *e 2asted in s ch $roceedings3 F rthermore( ho2 do yo intend to $ro,ide me 2ith a 1air and im$artia% tria%? @o2 2o %d it e,en *e $ossi*%e to cond ct either direct or cross7e=amination 2hen the on%y /2itness0 is an inanimate o*8ect 2hose /1acts0 and /testimony0 are com$%ete%y s *8ect to the inter$retations and conc% sions o1 m %ti$%e third $arties( a%% o1 2hom ha,e a ,ested 1inancia% interest in the 2ay the /1acts0 and /testimony0 are constr ed( es$ecia%%y 2hen that 1inancia% interest is entire%y de$endent on a g i%ty ,erdict? And( as there is no act a% eye72itness testimony to corro*orate any a%%eged e,idence o1 my direct or 4no2ing in,o%,ement or $artici$ation in this a%%eged /crime(0 or 2hate,er nat re or ty$e o1 o11ense or ,io%ation yo c%aim that it may *e( as 2e%% as the 1act that + am to *e denied in my 4th Amendment right to 1ace my /Acc ser0 ;i3e3 an inanimate o*8ect constr ed to *e a ty$e o1 /camera<(0 + can see no 2ay that any agency or go,ernmenta% entity co %d 1act a%%y $ro,e me $ersona%%y g i%ty *eyond a reasona*%e do *t3 And( as + do not reca%% i1 + 2as e,en $resent or tra,e%ing in my car on the date and time a%%eged( and( as + do not reca%% 2ho may or may not ha,e act a%%y *een in $ossession o1 my car on the date and time a%%eged( + cannot 2ith any %e,e% o1 certainty ma4e any 1act a% statements( g esses( or $res m$tions regarding the matter3

There1ore( + can see no %ega% re> irement 1or me to 1a%se%y im$%icate someone e%se in this $rocess as it is the acc ser"s * rden and res$onsi*i%ity to cond ct an in,estigation( gather e,idence( and $ro,e the g i%t o1 the acc sed( 8 st as it is my 5th Amendment right to remain si%ent on the matter i1 it in any 2ay co %d or 2o %d tend to incriminate or *e sed against me3 &f it is t'e (o)ernments decision to mo)e for*ard in t'is matter, t'en, t'is letter is to +e considered and construed as an open records"pu+lic information",-&A re.uest under all appropriate la*s for copies of t'e follo*in( documents, records, and related information/ any and a%% e,idence the $rosec tion may ha,e in their $ossession( regard%ess o1 their intent to ma4e se o1 s ch e,idence( es$ecia%%y any e,idence a%%eged%y $ro,ing my direct or 4no2ing in,o%,ement or $artici$ation in this a%%eged /crime(0 or 2hate,er nat re or ty$e o1 /o11ense0 or /,io%ation0 yo c%aim that it may *e9 any and a%% maintenance records 1or the camera;s< in,o%,ed9 any and a%% training and certi1ication records re%ating to the insta%%ation( se( maintenance( inter$retation( $rogramming( and com$ tationa% a%gorithms 1or these cameras re%ating to the technician;s< res$onsi*%e 1or that maintenance and/or e%ectronic generation o1 the /citation09 any and a%% training and certi1ication records re%ating to the insta%%ation( se( maintenance( inter$retation( $rogramming( and com$ tationa% a%gorithms 1or these cameras re%ating to the in7state o11icer;s< that 2i%% $res ma*%y testi1y as to any $art or $ortion o1 the contents o1 the a1orementioned /citation30

+1 any o1 this in1ormation cannot or 2i%% not *e $ro,ided as re> ested( then( + e=$ect and demand to *e noti1ied in 2riting as to 2hat in1ormation yo are re1 sing or n2i%%ing to $ro,ide and the 1acts and %a2 s $$orting yo r %ac4 o1 s ch records or the denia% 1or $rod ction( as a$$ro$riate3


#r3 Not &aying Aac47.hit 05/10/2013


Co$y o1 /Citation0

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