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Prof. Joyce Madancy, Dept. of History Lippman 109, 388-6221 Office Hours: T/Th 11-12, Wed.

8:30-12 and by appointment

Drugs and Cultures
Scholars Program Research Seminar, SCH 150, Section 3 Winter 2014 (T/Th 9:00-10:45, Lippman 201) Required reading (the following should be purchased from the bookstore): Booth, Wayne C.; Colomb, Gregory G.; and Williams, Joseph H. The Craft of Research. Third Edition. Chicago: The Chicago Uni ersity !ress, "##$. %Note: This book can be used in the Reference Room, call no. Q18 .!!."# $%% if you do not &ish to purchase it& Co'rt(right, )a id T. Forces of Habit: Drugs and the Making of the Modern World. Cambridge, *+ and ,ondon: Har ard Uni ersity !ress, "##-. )e .'incey, Thomas. Confessions of an English Opium Eater. )o er !'blications, -//0. 12riginally p'blished in -$"-.3 'nd ()T* of other articles and materials on reser+e. COURSE GOALS: 4irt'ally e ery society has its 5a orite dr'gs. We all cons'me them 6 to alle iate aches and pains, to enhance pleas're and recreation, to alter mood, to (a7e 's 'p, to help 's sleep, and to mar7 important occasions, among other things 6 b't biological, c'lt'ral, economic, and political 5actors determine (hether those dr'gs are considered bene5icial or dangero's, are 5reely obtained or reg'lated, etc. 2'r goal here is to e8amine many di55erent dr'gs o er time and in partic'lar geographical, temporal, and c'lt'ral conte8ts to analy9e ho( and (hy those 5actors emerged, interacted, and a55ected pop'lar attit'des. We (ill also loo7 at the ethical rami5ications o5 dr'g ab'se and dr'g s'ppression, considering :'estions s'ch as ho( societies decide (hich dr'gs sho'ld be reg'lated or o'tla(ed, and ho( those decisions re5lect certain ass'mptions and socio;economic circ'mstances. This course is a Scholars Research Seminar, which is required of all students in the Scholars Program, to develop the process of learning research skills and to continue working on writing. Learning about the process of conceiving, researching, writing, and presenting a research paper are key components of this class. Thus, students will be expected to complete a fairly lengthy research paper on the topic of their choice (among other writing assignments). You will be expected to keep up with in-class readings and assignments while working on your research, so plan your time well!


0apers that arri+e after the be-innin.f there is any reason that you cannot turn in a paper on time. and on (hate er career path that yo' happen to choose. **NOTE: If. m'ch o5 it in so'rces yo' (ill locate yo'rsel5. you must inform me in ad+ance.-$ pages3. then you "#$T assume that I did not and you %ill receive the usual late penalty " .of class 1&hich means after 2: 3 on the due date &ill be knocked do&n one full letter -rade. . there is a lot o5 reading in this co'rse. A failure on your part to plan ahead is not an acceptable excuse for not doing the reading. Belie e it or not.class hando'ts. and @ am al(ays happy to loo7 at dra5ts and ma7e s'ggestions. No make5up or e6tra5credit &ork &ill be assi-ned.the assi-nment. and yo' (ill hone those s7ills in this class. (ate papers &ill be penali/ed.COURSE REQU RE!E"#S "O#E$ %ll &or' must (e com)leted in order to )ass this course* Reading.t stand in the &ay of completin. "ake sure to read or do&nload the articles ahead of time so that unforeseen computer problems don. and -rades &ill be reduced by another full letter -rade for each 4# hour period that passes after the deadline. so please plan ahead and try to gi e yo'rsel5 eno'gh time to read and comprehend the material. it is your responsibility to see that I receive it on time and in a readable form If you do not as! for and receive confirmation from me that I have received it and can read it. There (ill be no midterm or 5inal e8am. <es. =eadings (ill either come 5rom the boo7s yo' ha e p'rchased or can be accessed ia >e8's or in. for some reason. College st'dents sho'ld be able to comm'nicate comple8 analytical tho'ghts in (riting. Topics 5or the short papers and d'e dates 5or all assignments (ill be anno'nced as the term progresses. you find it necessary to turn in a paper via email. Each st'dent (ill be responsible 5or completing se eral short (riting and research assignments. along (ith a longer research paper 1-0. ?eel 5ree to tal7 to me abo't the progress o5 yo'r papers. learning to organi9e and digest large amo'nts o5 material is a s7ill that (ill ser e yo' (ell d'ring yo'r college years. +riting. NOTE: !lease ma7e s're that yo' let me 7no( immediately i5 yo' enco'nter any iss'es (ith the readings on >e8's.

These are very important events. and he can be reached by email at connollbC'nion. which equals one-tenth of the term) will result in the dropping of your final grade by a full letter. +ny doc'mentation o5 the disability sho'ld be presented at that time. graduation. Missing a full week of class (2 class meetings. b't definitel b the end of the first full !eek of the term. and all drafts) Students &ith Disa(ilities* +ll st'dent disabilities (ill be accommodated and st'dent con5identiality (ill be strictly maintained. Try to come to class prepared to discuss the main themes of that day's topics/readings. We meet only twice a week. 2'r librarian is the ama9ing Br'ce Connolly. etc. Your questions and comments are not only welcomed. Please don’t do this!) If you have any questions during the term as to how you are doing in this regard. At'dents (ith disabilities m'st identi5y themsel es to the instr'ctor as soon as possible to ens're 5'll accommodation. or (e can arrange a m't'ally con enient time to meet in my o55ice.ibraryBs reso'rces 6 online and on site. but not excusable absences. D . each seminar has been assigned a librarian (ho (ill (or7 closely (ith o'r class thro'gho't the term. We (ill meet him the 5irst day o5 class and @ strongly enco'rage yo' to ta7e 5re:'ent ad antage o5 his considerable 7no(ledge and bo'ndless good nat're. make sure to take that into account when deciding whether or not to come to class. as are religious observances and family crises if I am notified as far in advance as possible.) or job/graduate school interviews will require an absence. E/aluation Your grade for this course will be determined in the following manner: Class participation 15% Short writing assignments 25% Poster & presentation 10% Research paper 50% (includes timely submission of topic. literature review and draft bibliography. Illness is excusable. Anyone with four unexcused absences (the equivalent of two weeks or one-fifth of the entire term) will automatically fail the course.Class Partici)ation. research questions. but also strongly encouraged. please come see me. You will be expected to attend class on a regular basis. Discussion is an integral part of this course. so more than one unexcused absence will affect your final grade.Em(edded -i(rarian. incl'ding the o5ten horri5ying recognition that all research cannot be done on o'r comp'ters. d'ring o55ice ho'rs. To aid 's in that tas7. We (ill be e8ploring o'r o(n Acha55er . =esearch Aeminars are designed to help st'dents de elop basic research s7ills. and to ask questions on areas that are unclear. At'dents can approach me be5ore or a5ter class. Our .ed'. If you know at the outset of the term that a family event (wedding.

citations. o5 co'rseE3.. collaboration. as7 a 5riend to n'dge yo'. please be considerate o5 yo'r classmates and pro5essors 6 stay home if you are sick and conta-iousE 1F'st ma7e s're to let me 7no( in ad ance so that the absence is not 'ne8c'sed3. "atriculation at the :olle-e is taken to si-nify implicit a-reement &ith the 'cademic <onor :ode..'nion.. or (ait 'ntil the mid. b't not limited to. a+ailable at honorcode. =esponsible participation in an academic comm'nity re:'ires respect 5or and ac7no(ledgement o5 the tho'ghts and (or7 o5 others. as &ell as on the final paper.N :('**. or bring yo'r 5a orite ca55einated be erage to class instead3 • !lease come prepared. • @5 yo' are inclined to do9e in class 6 please donBtE 1do calisthenics. @gnorance is not an e8c'se 5or breaching academic integrity. 7ach student in this class &ill be re=uired to si-n a shortened +ersion of the <onor :ode 'ffirmation on a form at the outset of the term. get a 5l' shot li7e me and my 5amilyE #HE HO"OR CODE Union College recogni9es the need to create an en ironment o5 m't'al tr'st as part o5 its ed'cational mission. @t is each st'dentGs responsibility to ens're that s'bmitted (or7 is his or her o(n and does not in ol e any 5orm o5 academic miscond'ct. Better yet. (hether e8pressed in the present or in some distant time and place.ed'. H .Classroom Eti0uette* Aome simple re:'ests to ma7e learning easier and more pleasant 5or all: • !lease be on time 5or class 1three late arri als (ill co'nt as an 'ne8c'sed absence3 • !lease ta7e care o5 all bathroom needs be5ore or a5ter class 1e8cept in an emergency.class brea7 • !lease t'rn o55 all cell phones and pagers 6 N) T78T. and plagiarism. At'dents are e8pected to as7 their co'rse instr'ctors 5or clari5ication regarding. so that disc'ssions are prod'cti e and enFoyable • +s the 5l' season approaches..N9 .

and .ML 1Th3 Topic: )r'gs and !o(er =eadings: Co'rt(right. D-. J2pi'm. b't it is a di55ic'lt read3 1Th3 Topic: 2pi'm and @ts *ost ?amo's English Cons'mer =eadings: )e.'incey 5or Th'rsday 1it loo7s short. Part $ %rguments. !art @@.and a broad theme must be emailed to me at madancyj@union.assi-nment on opium in 7n-land due in my office 1hard copies only3 by noon on Briday. Aanuary 44.-I"H 0 . Forces of Habit.-I-L 1T3 Topic: )r'gs and Commerce =eadings: Co'rt(right.egal Conte8t =eadings: Co'rt(right. pp.ibrary =eadings: !ollan. and Wal7ing To'r o5 Acha55er . 0 1on Ne6us3 and get started on )e. Confessions of an English Opium Eater 1entire book3 NN *hort &ritin. !art @@@ >>?our selection of a dru. and % 5ocus on O)ium Topic: 2pi'm in -/th Cent'ry England =eadings: Berridge.'incey. J@ntroK and Chapter D. 1T3 +ee' 3 O)ium in England -I"#. *ade EasyK 1on Ne6us3 Topic: Historical.. Opium and the "eople. Forces of Habit. Questions. Aanuary 4#. Forces of Habit. Acienti5ic.Course Outline Part $ 1ig #hemes and #o)ics 2 Drugs in +orld Histor3 +ee' 1 ntroduction to Course and #hemes -I0. by noon on @ednesday. J@ntrod'ctionK and !art @ +ee' 4 Drugs in +orld Histor3 -I-D. and The Craft of Research.-I-# 1T3 1Th3 Topic: @ntro to Co'rse =e:'irements and Themes.

and handouts 5rom *'sto on +lcohol 1Th3 Topic: *ariF'ana in the UA 1*ore !rimary Ao'rces3 =eadings: e8cerpts 5rom Achlosser. and e8cerpts 5rom *'sto on Cannabis 1Ne6us or handouts3 >>(iterature Re+ie& and Draft $iblio-raphy due today in class. Chapters 0. and *'sto. JThe Atr'ggle o5 *an7ind against @ts )eadliest ?oeK 1on Ne6us3. +ar7are.. and US Societ3 -I"L."IL >>.class hando'ts.M. !art @@@ 1T3 Part $ +riting the Research Pa)er. pl's (ibrary @orkshop 1attendance is mandatory.3 =eadings: The Craft of Research. and Congressional Hearings# $fghanistan:Fi%e &ears $fter '())1on Ne6us 6 this is ery long. Topic: 2pi'm in China and the UA =eadings: )i7otter."I-H 1T3 Topic: )r'gs in the UAIWor7ing (ith !rimary Ao'rce )oc'ments =eadings: Apea7er.+ee' 6 Drugs.aamann.ndi+idual mt-s &ith prof this &eek about research =uestion. Aanuary 42 1tomorro&3. J2pi'm Amo7ing. JChina.Chinese +ttit'des. M . and Oho'. British @mperialism and the *yth o5 the P2pi'm !lag'e. -$0#. Ste) (3 Ste). J+ Brie5 History o5 +merican )r'g ControlK 1on Ne6us3 +ee' 5 O)ium in China and the US "ID. and the +merican *edical Comm'nity. +nti. 1Th3 Topic: .-$/#K 1both short and on Ne6us3 NN0rimary source assi-nment C online sources 1N& Times and 'arpers (ee!ly C due today. 1Th3 Topic: .@B=+=< W2=QAH2! 1mandatoryE3 6 meet in *chaffer lobby =eadings: The Craft of Research.iterat're =e ie( Wor7shop and 2 er ie( o5 )r'gs in the UA =eadings: @n. and a 5ocus on !ari8uana and Cocaine +ee' 9 Drugs in the US$ O/er/ie& and !ari8uana "I-#.-ID1T3 Topic: 2pi'm and +5ghanistan. Reefer Madness.BK and +hmad. so s7imEE3 NN ?our t&o draft research =uestions must be emailed to me by noon on @ednesday. .

Thursday."H$ +ee' > Poster Presentations DID. JThe +merican )rin7K and JThe Atarb'c7s E8perienceK 5rom . JChinaBs 2ther )r'gsK in +arcotic Culture 1all three are short and on Ne6us3 1Th3 Topic: Cocaine in the UA =eadings: e8cerpts 5rom *'sto on Cocaine 1handouts3 and disc'ssion o5 dra5ting papers in The Craft of Research. &e 1alon. Culture. al. "arch 11. Tuesday. JCo55ee )rin7ing: +n Emerging Aocial !roblemSK 1both on Ne6us3 >>Today.the common lunch hour.Class At'dent !oster !resentations =eadings: >one +ee' 10 Ca77eine. Co77ee. -LD..Class At'dent !oster !resentations =eadings: >one Topic: @n. and Conclusions DI-#. pp. This time and location may chan-e. 1Th3 Topic: Concl'sions and Brilliant @nsightsEEE =eadings: >one 1T3 L . JThe Ai7h Who Qilled the =e erendRK in Cannabis *ritannica. JThe 2ther P>arcoticsB: Cannabis and CocaineK in Opium and the "eople. and Briday3 1Th3 Topic: =e ising and @nstr'ctions 5or !2ATE=A =eadings: The Craft of Research.+ee' : !ari8uana .DI-H Topic: Co55ee and +merican C'lt're =eadings: !endergrast. in my office by noon."I"1T3 Topic: *ariF'ana in 2ther C'lt'resI)ra5ting a !aper =eadings: *ills. pp. and Troyer and *ar7le.&ith t&o other *R* classes3 &ill be e6hibitinour posters in the @old 'trium durin.)art 4< and Cocaine "I-L."I"$ 1T3 >o Class >>Birst Draft is due T)D'?.ncommon -rounds..DIL 1T3 1Th3 Topic: @n. "#H.. Berridge. 1*i-n up for indi+idual :onferences for this @ednesday. )i7otter et."#" +ee' = 5irst Dra7ts and Posters "I"H.