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How to make $100 a day using the contents found in this WSO...

ContentsStep 1. Choosing An Offer To Sell Step 2. Picking An Advertising Platform. Step 3. Creating Your anding Page Step !. Setup Tracking Step ". Picking #e$%ords and Targets Step &. 'egin Advertising ( Split Testing Step ). Profit and Scaling Your Campaign Summar$

Step 1. Choose an offer to sell...
et*s get started. Toda$ +*m going to %alk $ou through an e,ample of %hat it*s like to put together a paid advertising campaign. + %ill %alk $ou through step -$ step on %hat + do in order to create campaigns that make me over .1// a da$. The first step to creating a profita-le campaign -egins %ith picking an offer0 -ut first $ou %ant to think a-out the kind of niche $ou %ant to -e in. Some niches have -een around for a ver$ long time such as dating0 or %eight1loss offers. These are good niches to get into -ecause the$ aren*t going to disappear on $ou overnight. The$ ma$ -e more competitive0 -ut once $ou put in the %ork and -uild a %e-site

The offer + choose to run can -e found running to this da$.&. . 2ere are the top niches + %ould recommend. 3ating soft%are do%nloads make mone$ online %eight loss skin care 4or no% let*s focus on soft%are do%nloads for this guide..that*s profita-le0 $ou can sit -ack and let it run on auto1pilot for the most part. So let*s get going.t step. So this is a great offer to test.2" for ever$ person %ho do%nloads this soft%are. You can see a screen shot of the offer page here5 6o% this offer pa$s out . That*s a ver$ good pa$out for something that onl$ re7uires 3 input fields and a do%nload. +t*s called m$pc-ackup. 6o% that %e have our offer0 let*s move on to the ne....

You %ould -e in direct competition %ith companies that can afford to pa$ .. You don*t have that option0 -ecause $ou*re onl$ getting paid ...ample do ver$ %ell on face-ook.pensive0 -ut there*s another -ig issue %ith advertising on face-ook %ith this product. =ost people on 4ace-ook are there to %aste time.112.. 1. So PPC is out. 1.. The$ don*t care a-out doing an$thing other than looking at profiles or pla$ing games. +n most cases0 trademarked -idding is not allo%ed.. So $ou can*t -id on an$ ke$%ords related to <=$pc-ackup>. 3. Bames and dating for e.tremel$ hard to do. 2.. That makes $our profit margin %a$ to small. !. !ick an ad"ertising platform to sell on. So if $ou ever %ant to advertise on face-ook0 stick %ith products that provide entertainment value. 6ot impossi-le0 -ut %e %ant to make mone$ as eas$ as possi-le.Step .& a lead. Once $ou pick an offer0 it*s important to think a-out %here that offer %ould have the highest chance of success. PPC traffic 9google or -ing: 4ace-ook 3ispla$ advertising 9-anner ads: PP. 2. Betting an$one on face-ook to do%nload a preventive product like online storage %ould -e e. 2ere are 8ust a fe% of the places %e could choose to run this offer. An$ other ke$%ords relating to the offer such as <cloud storage0 online storage> have insane -id prices.. . + call it the Aom-ie state. advertising 9pa$ per vie% ( pop1up ads: 6o% most people %ould pro-a-l$ %ant to tr$ and advertise this product %ith PPC traffic0 -ut here*s %h$ that*s a -ad idea. ?hat a-out face-ook@ 4ace-ook is also ver$ e.

. 3ispla$ advertising can literall$ make $ou rich overnight. Sta$ a%a$ from displa$ advertising until $ou kno%5 1. 2ave done split tests on doAens or even hundreds of different -anner ads and found one that %ill deliver consistent results..com0 the$ %ill get hit %ith a small pop1up %indo% %ith $our advertisement. 3ispla$ advertising is not for ne%-ies0 -ut once $ou nail the a-ove 2 re7uirements. You can literall$ go from . traffic@ This is the -est traffic source for our product. net%ork and -id on the ke$%ord face-ook.1/0///. ?h$ do $ou think most people get -ackup soft%are in the first place@ The$ %ant to store their files in case something -ad happens.pensive t$pe of advertising online.*s targeting to our advantage to sell this product@ . 3oesn*t sound ver$ promising right@ 'ut %ait.. +f $ou go on a and someone gets on their computer and goes to face-ook. This can -e the most e. 6o% most people might think pop1up traffic is terri-le and there*s no %a$ an$one could make mone$ advertising on pop1ups0 -ut there is something amaAing a-out pop1up traffic that if used correctl$0 can help $ou create the most po%erful advertising message possi-le. You can literall$ spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single da$0 -u$ing advertising spots on different %e-sites. like the$ get a virus on their computer that erases ever$thing. is pop1up traffic... 2. PP.. 6o% ho% can %e use PP.. ?hat a-out PP. that $ou created a %e-site that converts consistentl$ and $ou kno% the epc value of ever$ customer %ho visits $our site.1// a da$ profit to over ..?hat a-out displa$ advertising@ 3ispla$ advertising is onl$ recommended once $ou have a %inning campaign and $ou kno% %hat $ou*re doing.

. =a$-e the$*ve had a pro-lem in the past %here their %hole computer had to -e %iped clean -ecause of viruses. Creating your landing page. The$ don*t %ant that to happen again so %hat do the$ do@ The$ go to google and look up anti1virus soft%are.. Step #.. . 6o% like + mentioned in the last step0 %e %ere talking a-out %h$ people decide to get -ackup soft%are for their computer. =a$-e the$ are starting to think the$ have a virus or sp$%are 9the$ keep getting pop1upsC:.. The$ click on norton... =a$-e their computer is acting kind of sluggish. 6o% the$ kno% viruses and sp$%are are -ad. Some people like to -ackup their files to -e safe0 -ut most of the time it*s -ecause there is a pro-lem that has come up in their and the$ see this.You*re a-out to find out. traffic.. So %e decide to go %ith PP..

route. So if $ou are ne% to all of this0 + %ould suggest going the PP. Side note5 There are 3 ma8or elements $our landing page should have. +f $ou kno% %here $our customer is going0 %hat the$ %ant to do0 and %h$ the$ are doing it0 $ou can 8ump in -et%een them and the %e-site the$ %ere vie%ing and offer them a -etter deal or offer something to compliment the o-8ective the$ had going to that certain %e-site. Start %ith eadimpact or Trafficvance and if $ou %ant to see %hat*s currentl$ %orking for other people0 8ust simpl$ install the soft%are these t%o companies use to sho% popups. Then $ou can visit certain %e-sites and see %hat*s -eing advertised.You kno% the$ are having pro-lems %ith their computer0 -ecause the$ are on an anti1virus soft%are site. That %ill give $ou a good idea of %hats currentl$ %orking and $ou can improve upon it. ast -ut not least is a strong . Content in the middle that gives them a reason %h$ the$ should do %hat $ou %ant them to do. This is %h$ PP. A e$e catching headline %ith a strong hook. So ho% do $ou pla$ into that fear@ '$ offering them a solution to keep their files safe if things go -ad. traffic can -e so po%erful.

This campaign +*m sho%ing $ou is a perfect e. ?ithout tracking soft%are $ou are shooting -lind and $ou %on*t kno% %hat %e-site or ke$%ord gave $ou a conversion rate. 6o% for our e...t and video tutorials online that $ou can follo% to set ever$thing up. Step %. route0 al%a$s stick %ith ED -idding.. So it*s ver$ important that $ou setup tracking.ample of thinking outside the -o. + %on*t go into details a-out ho% to setup tracking here or %here to get it -ecause it*s -een e. This is easil$ the most important part a-out making all of this %ork. Step $.. +f $ou are going the PP. 'ut in this step -$ step process this is %hen $ou %ant to setup $our tracking and make sure it*s %orking -efore $ou advertise. ?here $ou think $our customers %ould -e hanging out.plained in the original guide. Side note5 +f $ou can*t afford to pa$ for tracking soft%are0 use prosper2/2. There are te.. Other times $ou gotta think outside the -o. !icking your keywords and targets. +t*s more accurate and easier to get an understanding of %here $our customers are going and %hat the$ are doing. ..0 %hich has -oth ke$%ords and ED s $ou can -id to action that can -e easil$ seen. So ho% do $ou come up %ith %ith a list of ED s to test@ A lot of it is common sense. Devert -ack to the original guide in this package for more information on %hat $our landing page should have..ample %e choose PP.. There*s a good chance $ou aren*t going to hit a home1run on $our first advertising run. Setting up tracking software.

6ormall$ people %ould rush to -id on -ackup soft%are ke$%ords and %e-sites0 -ut guess %hat..deal23. 'egin ad"ertising ( Split testing. +t*s not time to setup $our advertising campaign. Another good %a$ to come up %ith a list of ED S to target is to do%nload a scraper tool. and figure out clever %a$s to find $our target customer.ample + could put <Anti1virus> into the scrapper and it %ill gather up 1/// urls that pop1up for that ke$%ord search. So for e. =ost of them cost mone$0 -ut there are free tools out there like5 http5((googlescraper. et*s move on. You aren*t going to make mone$ -$ fighting %ith ever$one over o-vious ED targets. ... You gotta think outside the -o. 3on*t 8ust create $our campaign and dump hundreds of dollars into it right a%a$. That*s thinking outside the -o. campaign %ere the top 1/ anti1virus compan$ %e-sites. +f $ou can do that0 $ou %ill not onl$ -e ver$ profita-le0 -ut $our campaign %ill last a lot longer.. The most important thing here is setting up a dail$ -udget. .. That*s ho% $ou -egin to scale and make higher profits0 -ut that*s going to -e e.plained in another step. -ecause no-od$ %ould reall$ thinks a-out -ackup soft%are %hen $ou %ant anti1virus soft%are0 -ut it makes perfect sense to have -ackup soft%are if $our computer is at a risk of losing ever$thing0 -ut people aren*t thinking a-out that until $ou -ring it to their$ useful tool in com-ination %ith tracking soft%are. 6o% that $our %e-site is setup0 tracking is installed0 and $ou have $our ke$ This simple soft%are %ill harvest ED s for $ou -ased on the ke$%ords $ou put into it.=$ ke$%ords for this PP. Step &.. So is ever$one else. +t*s like thro%ing spaghetti at the %all and finding the noodles that stick to the %all. You %ant to setup a dail$ -udget and advertise on each da$ of the %eek for t%o reasons.

+=PODTA6T 6OTGC. This gives $ou -etter <data> to %ork %ith and decide if $our landing page reall$ is %orking or not. You need to pull up a chair and el-o% $our %a$ in and fight for some food 9data:.ample $ou*re not going to do so %ell selling life insurance at 12am at night %hen $our target customer is pro-a-l$ "/F $ears old and is alread$ in -ed. Dun at a . So keep this in mind %hen $ou*re setting up $our campaign. That*s %hat creating a successful campaign is all a-out. You 8ust need to make sure $our advertisements are running during the hours $our customers are on the computer. This should -e prett$ o-vious right@ ?ell most people don*t setup da$ parting. 'id on the top position and start gathering data for $our %e-site. Bathering up testing data and then testing ne% things until $ou are profita-le. Once $ou do that0 $ou simpl$ load up $our ke$%ords or urls into the campaign and set the -ids. +f $ou have an offer that pa$s out ... 3on*t fight for top position if the -ids are unrealistic for $ou.. +f $ou leave $our campaign active %ithout turning it off0 $our dail$ -udget resets ever$da$ at midnight. +t gives $ou an idea of %hich da$s are more profita-le. So do the num-ers and find out %hat price point $ou need to -e at in order to -reak even and profit. Gven more if $ou %anted to profit. You al%a$s %ant to -e top positionC +f $ou are serious a-out making this %ork0 no%*s not the time to get scared and sit under the ta-le like a dog and hope food scraps fall on the ground so $ou can eat.& and people are -idding "/ cents a click0 $ou %ould need a landing page that converted 1 out of ever$ 12 people for $ou to even -reak even. 4or e. So $ou could -e spending all of $our mone$ during the earl$ morning hours and -e %ondering %h$ $our not making an$ mone$. 2.1.. 6o% setting up the advertising campaign is prett$ straight for%ard so + %on*t get into the details a-out actuall$ creating the campaign. +f $ou don*t kno% that num-er0 $ou*re going to have to get $our hands dirt$ and 8ump in. 9Some campaigns %ork -etter on %eekda$s than the$ do on the %eekends and vice versa:. Al%a$s aim for top position -ecause that*s %here the -est traffic 7ualit$ is0 'ET.

<Click here to protect $our computer>0 or <Click here to reserve $our seat>. ?ord length and %e-site siAe1 3o $ou reall$ need "0/// %ords to sell a . So don*t -e afraid to lose mone$ at the start. ".plains %hat*s going to happen %hen the$ click that -utton. So al%a$s test $our images GSPGC+A Y in $our ads.. 2ang in there and al%a$s -e.JI of them drop out and get scared. Call to action 9CTA:1 This is the -ig -utton or te.. You don*t even have to create entirel$ ne% %e-sites.HI of the people doing this lose mone$ at the -eginning and HH. Ese a lot of su-1headlines and -ullet points to get $our point across clearl$. You must al%a$s -e split testing $our %e-site and ads to create something -etter. This %ill give $ou valua-le information a-out $our %e-site and %hat needs to -e improved in order to compete at that level.loss for a couple of da$s if $ou have to. +t*s almost as important as the headline. 6o%*s not the time to -e scared. You %ant a call to action that e.. !.. Split )esting. You need to -e that /. This is %here the most of $our testing should -e done. You %ill have da$s %here $ou lose mone$0 -ut it*s onl$ a -ad thing if $ou don*t use that data $ou gained to create a -etter %e-site. 3... +f $our customer doesn*t read the headline0 the$ %on*t read an$thing else on $our %e-site. So don*t think $ou need a ne% %e-site ever$ time. +t catches the customers attention and +t sets the tone for ever$thing that follo%s. There are a lot of varia-les that come %ith testing images. Content1 +f the content isn*t interesting and it doesn*t flo%0 the customer %on*t read it. HH.t $ou %ill have on the page that gets the person to take action./1I if $ou %ant to survive. There %ere a lot of times in m$ advertising career %here 1 or 2 %ords made the difference -et%een profit and losing mone$. 2. There are some cases %here stock images %ork fine0 -ut for e. This is the ke$ to success. =ost of the time $ou %ant to sta$ a%a$ from using <stock> images of people.. 2ere are the " most important things $ou should -e testing on $our %e-site5 1. 2eadline1 This is the most important thing on $our %e-site.. So $ou al%a$s %ant to use onl$ as man$ %ords as it . So make sure $ou got the -est damn headline possi-le.ample in dating0 stock images %ill kill $our conversion rates0 -ecause people don*t -elieve them. +mages1 You*d -e surprised ho% often images pla$ a role in conversion rates.2 product@ Pro-a-l$ not. You don*t %ant a call to action that sa$s <'u$ no%> or <Click here>.

!rofit and scaling your campaign. et*s sa$ $our running on ever$ PP.. So let*s sa$ $our doing PP.1/// a da$. This is %here $ou gather up thousands of ke$%ords.1// a da$0 $ou*re doing .. 6othing more0 nothing less. The ne.. 'ut %hat if $ou*re not satisfied %ith that. limit. So no% $ou*ve tested ever$thing and no% $ou*re profita-le0 -ut there*s a pro-lem.3// a da$..pand -e$ond that@ '$ taking $our campaign to the ultimate pla$ground. +t*s going to take some time to find that s%eet spot0 -ut this is something that $ou test over time %hen $ou %ant to perfect $our alread$ profita-le %e-site..3// a da$. 3ispla$ advertising 9-anner .1// campaign on eadimpact. and $ou got a . 6o% instead of doing . Thro% them at the %all and see %hich ones -ecome profita-le for $ou. Simpl$ cop$ $our campaign and take ever$thing $ou*ve gained and simpl$ transfer it over to this ne% net%ork. You*d -e surprised at %hat kind of ke$%ords %ill -ecome profita-le for $ou. ?hat can $ou do to make . You are onl$ making .t@ ?ell no% that $ou*ve spent all that time split testing and -uilding $our landing page to -ecome the -est possi-le sales ad for $our product. ?hat*s ne. +f $ou follo% these " simple split testing rules0 $ou %ill -e profita-le in no time0 -ut %hat do $ou do %hen $ou -ecome profita-le@ Step *. 2o% do $ou e.1// a da$. 6o% all $ou have to do is the spaghetti test... Still not satisfied@ ?ell no% $ou*ve hit $our PP. You have 1// converting ke$%ords making $ou ...10/// a da$@ '$ scaling $our success and testing ne% advertising platforms. After testing for so long0 $ou kno% $our %e-site converts..takes to get the sell. net%ork that is %orth running on.t step for scaling $our profits %ould -e to head over to Trafficvance %here there is more traffic. So no% instead of having 1/ converting ke$%ords that -ring $ou . You can no% afford to test thousands and thousands of ne% ke$%ords.

+*m giving $ou the -lueprint to success right here. . Summary. And if $ou are one of those people."0/// a month doing 1" minutes of %ork per da$.... +*ll give $ou a mone$ making tip right no%. +f $ou are one of those people that -elieve that $ou can -ecome rich online -$ doing nothing0 then + %ish $ou the -est of luck -ecause $ou %ill never -ecome successful. +t is simple to do0 -ut most people don*t %ant to do it0 -ecause. 2opefull$ this guide gave $ou a good understanding of %hat it takes to create $our first .1// da$ and go -e$ond that point..G6 +4 T2G ?OD# +S6*T G..10/// da$s are easier to attain than it %as to go from .1// a da$ and sitting on $our -utt doing nothing else once $ou reach that point..1// The$ think the ke$ to success is a super high tech push -utton soft%are0 or some hidden guru secret that %ill tell $ou ho% to make . ?hat a-out .G6 2AD3 TO 3OC People are 8ust laA$../ to .. + learned ever$thing + kno% on m$ o%n0 -ut $ou don*t have to go through J $ears of hell like me to get %here +*m at.. You %ill -ecome an internet millionaire %ithin a $ear if $ou follo% these steps... So can $ou.. +f $ou get to . 3on*t -e one of those people.10/// a da$ %as a lot.. Bet off the computer0 save $ourself the time0 and go find a 8o-. That*s %h$ this guide isn*t 8ust a-out making . There are no hidden secrets that + kept from $ou. ?ell..1// a da$0 .. You thought . Some of $ou might think this can*t possi-l$ %ork -ecause it seems like it*s too simple.1//0///@ Once $ou get to that point %here $our %e-site sells on cold traffic 9un1targeted: and $ou*re making a profit. There is no special soft%are + used to make m$ mone$. So if $ou follo% these J steps0 $ou %ill hit $our first .. This is %here millionaires are -orn overnight.1// campaign. Kust $ou and $our %its. And none of it involved some special guru soft%are or some private elite communit$ to %ork %ith.. + didn*t go to school to learn ho% to design or code %e-sites. Sk$*s the limit to ho% much mone$ $ou can make. People don*t %ant to hear that $ou have to %ork for $our success0 G. +f a high school drop out can do it. At $our finger tips $ou have the a-ilit$ to -u$ advertising spots that %ill -e seen -$ millions of people ever$da$.. The ke$ to success %ith paid advertising is in the package + gave to $ou toda$..

To those of $ou %ho %ill take this advice and kno%ledge and use it to $our advantage + %ish $ou the -est of luck and + guarantee $ou that $ou %ill succeed.cuse as to %h$ $ou can*t do it.ooster- . ?ell all + can sa$ is.+t*s up to $ou %hether or not $ou %ant to follo% it or make an e. 6o% that ma$ -e harsh0 -ut + have Aero tolerance for laA$ people.. 'est of luck to $ou.. + like m$ -urger %ithout pickles.. Bet in the game or go home.. +f $ou ever need m$ help feel free to P= me and +*ll ans%er an$ 7uestions $ou have0 -'ill +)hesales... There is onl$ one %a$ $ou*re going to -ecome successful online and it starts %ith getting into the game. You can*t -e a %inner -$ %atching from the sidelines. To those %ho are too laA$ to even attempt this and all $ou %ere doing %as looking some <hidden> secret that %as going to make $ou rich over night. + hope $ou make the right decision.