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RD Parent Empowerment Program A Kids Eat Right Project

RD Parent Empowerment Program: Opportunities for Future RDs

May 2013

San Francisco
San Francisco State University Cheryl Gregory Ana Leandro Jian Li
Brianna Liu Wai Tong Kong

Stephanie Vielman University of California-Davis Yunshi Dai
Carmen Kong
A few of the many students and dietetic interns assisting with the San Francisco RD Parent Empowerment Program (left to right): Choi-Wah Yu, Stephanie Vielman, (RD Workshop Facilitator, Ning Wan), WaiSze Tam, Yuki Yang, Yunshi Dai, Jian Li, and Cheryl Gregory.

The Academy of Nutrition Empowerment sites utilized and Dietetics Foundation’s students and interns, and the Registered Dietitian (RD) program in Johnson City, Parent Empowerment Tennessee was led by two Program is coming to a close dietetic interns. Thank you to in Chicago, San Francisco, our many volunteers, Tennessee, and Washington, students, and interns! DC. The four monthly Chicago interactive parent Volunteer Spanish Translator Nancy Rivera-Jimenez workshops featured Dominican University facilitated discussions about Cintya Patino nutrition and physical Sodexo Distance Dietetic activity between the RDs Internship Becky Williamson, MS and parents. The workshops provided an opportunity for nutrition students and dietetic interns to gain valuable experience. Eastern Tennessee State University dietetic interns (left to All of the RD right): Marion Stiles, Nicole Litwin, Logan Peters, Jordan Clark, Emily Stern, Jenny Schmidt, Samantha Taylor, and Jessica Parent

Yingwen Li WaiSze Tam Yuki Yang Choi-Wah Yu University of California-San Francisco Medical Center Jessica Beckmann Jazmin Rodriguez-Jordan Cara Simpson Marni Weinstock Volunteer
Alexandra Enteen

Washington, DC Institute for Integrative Nutrition Jessica Reinhart Howard University
Allison L. Latimore

Eastern Tennessee State University Jessica Bevens

Jordan Clark

Nicole Litwin Logan Peters Jenny Schmidt

Emily Stern

Marion Stiles Samantha Taylor

Spotlight on: Chicago
McCutcheon Parents (and Kids!) Dig In Parents and children participated in the RD Parent Empowerment program at McCutcheon Elementary . Registered Dietitian, Carolyn Tampe, led workshops helping parents learn to shop smart, cook healthy, and eat right. Parents and children especially enjoyed the hands -on cooking and tasting activities.

Mary Crane Head Start parents are empowered with the new skills they learned from Registered Dietitian, Soraya Valencia. As parents begin to make healthy changes in their own lifestyle, they are able to improve the family’s nutrition and physical activity lifestyle, and then can help empower their peers to do the same.

Thank you to our school and community sites and RD/ Intern Facilitators! Chicago, IL McCutcheon Elementary School Carolyn Tampe, MS, RD, LDN Mary Crane Head Start Soraya Valencia, RD, LDN San Francisco, CA Martin Luther King Middle School Ning Wan, MS, RD Chinatown Child Development Center Esther Qing Situ, MBA, RD Johnson City, TN Children First Head Start Jordan Clark, dietetic intern Emily Stern, dietetic intern Michelle Lee, PhD, RD, LDN Washington, DC Benning Elementary at DC Prep Sarah Waybright, MS, RD Mid County Community Center Livleen Gill, MBA, RD, LDN

Spotlight on: Tennessee
Dietetic Interns Lead Workshops at Children First Head Start Parents of children attending Children First Head Start in Johnson City, Tennessee, learn from dietetic interns, Jordan Clark and Emily Stern .

Eastern Tennessee State University dietetic interns, Jordan Clark and Emily Stern.