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Room 607, University Dormitory – South, Ateneo Residence Halls Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 0917-7210842, 19 years old Single August 4, 1994 Filipino Position Aspired For Education Central Board Member Bachelor of Science Major in Management (2015) Ateneo de Manila University Dean’s List, 2 semesters Owner, The Chicken Lodge (2013-2014) Applicant | Loyola Schools Office of Placement (2013-2014) Marketing Team | Entertainment Manager, A-Fair (2012) Volunteer | Ignatian Build (2011) Bazaar Co-Head | ARSAFEST: Back to Our Routes (2014) News Editor | ARSA BRIDGES (2013-2014) Finance Officer | ARSA IAC Party: Burnout (2013) Event Co-Head | ARSA OrSem: Unleashed: Venture Into the Wild (2013) Doc & Pub Head | ARSAFEST: Ticket to the Streets (2013) Creatives Co-Head | ARSA Christmas Party: Polaris (2012) Hero in Training (HIT) | ARSA OrSem (2012) Vice Chair for Internals | ARSA Committee on Culture and Arts (2012-2013) Doc & Pub Team: Photographer | CHINOY Magazine Celadon (2012) Event Co-Head | Seniors’ Send-Off: Take Flight to Greater Heights (2012) Batch Representative | ARSA (2011-2012) Facilitator | Blue Christmas (2011) TEDx ADMU (2013) IGNITE Christian Youth Camp (2013) ARSA PlanSem (2013) ARSA Planning and Evaluation Seminar, Casa San Pablo (2012) ARSA Planning and Evaluation Seminar (2011) Third Honors (3 of the Batch) | Highschool Graduation (2011) Silver Medal | Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT 2011) Best Cadette Officer | Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT 2011) Organizing and leading projects is personally one of the best responsibilities. I am experienced with many of them, from just organizing a batch outing to heading OrSem. I am familiar with the structure of ARSA and the roles of its leaders, having been active for the past 3 years. I can communicate and deal well with people from various backgrounds and have high respect for people around me. I am proficient with the use of MS Office. I manage my time fairly well. I am a very simple person who has developed a good sense of optimism that greatly helps others when times are rough. With regards to hobbies, I like swimming early morning and playing Badminton with fellow dormers. I also like listening to acoustic music, editing videos, and going on food trips.

Cagayan de Oro City 3.58 QPI Last Semester

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MAXIMIZE CAPABILITIES ARSA has been growing in excellence through its various projects and services rendered to the Residence Halls and even the Ateneo community in recent years. It has created pools of people to work on more specific jobs such as Aguhon for Social Responsibility, Communication and Information Arm (CIA) for Promotions and Documentation & Publication, and the ARSA magazine called BRIDGES for the Writers and Layout Editors. The people behind these groups are none other than the constituents of ARSA, however, they were only discovered recently. With more guidance and doors for active participation through the Central Board, ARSA will continue to soar and deliver work better. After all, ARSA is the largest student organization in the Ateneo, and I would like to grab that opportunity to MAXIMIZE what its people can do.  Reconnect with ARSAns: Focused Group Discussions & Online Forum Problem: Many of the ARSAns we see everyday are people that we do not even know of. Our hellos and goodbyes have just been glances, yet nobody is trying to make an effort to fix this problem. These people also have the capability to contribute to ARSA and lead if only their problems and needs were heard. Solution: Focused Group Discussions with ARSAns through the assistance of the Hall Board and the Council of Committees to help the Central Board recognize skills and talents in the dormitories. Aside from this, an active online forum can be made through the help of the Office of the Secretary-General so that those who are afraid to speak up can participate as well. By hearing out their issues and suggestions, the CB will be able to open more doors for active participation, find solutions, establish a better support system, and connect with ARSAns better.  Assign Clearer Roles: Evaluation Summary & A Guidebook Project Problem: More often than not, core team members from different events do not know many of the responsibilities under their committees. This results in pointing of fingers and inefficiency within the team. Solution: An Evaluation Summary will be made after every event and compiled through the help of the current Office of the Vice President for Human Resource and Organizational Development. This will be compiled and organized into a mini-Guidebook (in preparation for the Guidebook Project 2015) so that the leaders of the coming school year will have direction from it. The Guidebook Project will cover all the detailed responsibilities of every position under Special Projects in ARSA. Aside from the VP of HROD, this will be done through the help of the current Vice President for Special Projects. The Guidebook Project 2015 will contain both roles and pieces of advice from the heads of 2013 – 2014 and 2014 – 2015, just in time for the next VPSP to use and revise for the coming years.  Improve Information Dissemination: Standardized System Problem: Recently, major events of ARSA are getting high publicity but those that are open only to ARSAns have not been promoted well. ARSA Infoboard’s online posting is not enough to inform all ARSAns and posters are being put up but only in certain areas of the residence halls, depending on where the heads think is best. This method does not reach to many constituents and, as a result, well-planned events do not have as many participants. Solution: Create a standardized system for information dissemination and strictly implement requirements of approval for promotions. There should be a poster on all floors of Cervini, Eliazo, UD North, and UD South. The posters on the first floor should be placed on all bulletin boards present. Aside from that, online promotions through ARSA Infoboard should also be

posted. A whiteboard must be at the UD lobby for that event and posters must be posted at least a week before its date. The core team can think of many creative ways to promote the event but these requirements must first be followed. This can be done through the help of the Office of the Secretary-General. With this system, ARSAns will be more informed and given more chances to cooperate and participate in ARSA. ELEVATE GOALS I believe that it is time for ARSA to expand its public relations and connect with the people outside of the organization. Aside from being ARSAns, we are also Ateneans and we have to promote the values of Ateneo, such as being men and women for others. The goals of ARSA are currently centered on the organization itself; however, its potential can go beyond it. Aside from this, I would also like to bring back ARSA’s MAFIA as an arm of assistance with Marketing and Financial concerns for every event. Through the efforts of the Central Board, ARSA can kick-start community-centered projects and bring back MAFIA to support these plans, which in turn will ELEVATE the organization’s goals.  Events For a Cause - Head an ARSA Charity Work or Tree Planting. This will be one of the major events to be spearheaded by the VP of Special Projects, or possibly the whole Central Board, in partnership with Aguhon. This project will require intensive planning, as it will be the first of many events of ARSA that is centered on others. - Events of ARSA shall be associated with sector-based organizations and give a portion of its profits from the event to that organization as an act of giving back to the community. - Arrange an ARSA RUN for the SPFW Committee to head. Instead of multiple jogging nights, one big ARSA Run for the benefit of a sector-based organization / ARSA’s charity work event could be a better idea as it promotes both health and social responsibility. Go GREEN! - Invest in ways that ARSA could go green with the help of Aguhon. There could be a semester-end paper drive wherein a one or two Balikbayan boxes will be placed at the lobbies of Cervini, Eliazo, and UD. - Encourage the use of Baunan for Cervini Caf and Zekaf takeouts by providing an ARSA Baunan to all constituents if the budget is sufficient. - Post inexpensive and easy “Go Green!” facts and tips every now and then through ARSA Infoboard or Aguhon’s page for constituents to know and follow. Open an ARSA Store - Open an ARSA Store for 1 week every 2 months (or so) through the initiative of the Office of the Vice President for Finance. ARSA currently needs a consistent fund-raising activity for the organization’s necessities. A portion of the store’s funds will be for the Central Board to be able to give out small freebies from time to time and another portion of the earnings will serve as an emergency fund for ARSA in case of immediate financial needs. Bring back an Active MAFIA - The Marketing and Finance Arm (MAFIA) of ARSA used to be an active group under the VP for Finance, which helps call sponsors and handle finances in every ARSA event. However, recently, its members have not been as involved as before. I believe that it is time to emphasize its usefulness and bring back an active MAFIA. Starting this coming school year, instead of appointing Marketing and Finance Heads in every event, MAFIA will be the one to provide these people. In addition to that we should tap more sponsors for the ARSA Card to promote resourcefulness, and distribute it earlier to maximize its usefulness.

What does ARSA mean to you? What is your vision for the dorm community and what are some skills and attributes you possess that will help you in reaching this vision? What will ARSA lose if you do not achieve this vision? ARSA is:  HOME: Freshmen year taught me that ARSA is a place where I could easily run home to, a place where I can find people who could help me adjust with college life, and a place where I could be myself the most.  CONNECTION: By sophomore year, I was trying to expand my connections by getting to know more upperclassmen, freshmen, RA’s, maintenance, and even the cafeteria ladies. As I learned to love people from around me, ARSA became a source of friendship, an inspiration for excellence, and a support system I couldn’t find anywhere else.  OBLIGATION: This school year, ARSA called me to always give back for the growth I achieved because of it. I can see how it has transformed the way I work and communicate with other people. After long, the responsibilities from ARSA have become more worth it, and the sleepless nights more bearable; giving back to ARSA has become a habit. Three years in this FAMILY and it is now my turn to lead and return the favor. My vision for the dorm community is that its constituents will discover their potential to lead. With a community that engages activities wherein these people can have an outlet for their skills and talents, ARSA will be able to maximize possibilities and achieve greatness. Aside from this, I also envision ARSA to be an organization of people who give back. The activities of ARSA should not only be focused on unity but also be directed toward connecting with the people around it. By opening new paths to offer help, ARSA will become a reliable arm of assistance in the future. Lastly, I envision ARSA to be an organization wherein no insistence of help, care, and participation is required due to the abundance of love and care residents have for the organization. To fulfill these visions, my knowledge and experience as both a follower and a leader in ARSA is an advantage that is difficult to find. I will share this knowledge, motivate, and influence ARSAns to step up, and assist them in their pursuit of excellence. Without this vision, ARSA will lose its opportunity of discovering the potential of its people. Without channels to be able to give back, it will create a community of self-centeredness. What makes ARSA different from other dormitories is exactly the work it does and the community of close relationship and support system it creates. Creating a lasting impact on ARSAns is essential because the heart of ARSA is composed of its members. Without the vision, ARSA will become a home without love and respect, which creates an environment not any different from other dormitories.


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Central Board Member Jilliane Rae L. Ramos Jilliane Ramos 113247 3 BS Management 3.58 09177210842


I, Jilliane Rae L. Ramos, a bona fide member of the Ateneo Resident Students Association, officially declare my intent to run for the position of Central Board Member for school year 2014-2015. I hereby certify that all the information in all documents required by the ARSA Commission on Elections are genuine. I am fully aware that any information misrepresented in any of these documents shall be sufficient grounds for my disqualifications. I hereby swear to abide by the electoral guidelines and rules of conduct and election prescribed by the ARSA Commission on Elections. I am fully aware of my responsibilities as a candidate in this election, and that my failure to comply with any of the said rules will result to appropriate sanctions. I hereby promise to promote a free, honest, and clean election.

Jilliane Rae L. Ramos ___________________________________ Signature of Candidate over Printed Name

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