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Certified Program in SAS Business Analyst

A) Certificate course in SAS Analytics Programming

SAS Business Intelligence Studio • Business user applications in the platform for + SAS Business Analytics B) SAS Business Analyst • Create and exploit dynamic value selection • SAS Information Map Studio Analytics Theory • Advanced SAS BI Dashboard applications • Variables, Graphs & Frequency Distribution • Advanced stored processes able to create • Measures of Central Tendency dynamic data sources • Measures of Dispersion • Build, schedule, and distribute advanced • Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis reports • Probability • Consolidate information into a business • Probability distributions reporting application • Elementary sampling theory • Online analytical processing capabilities • Estimation available in the SAS platform • Testing Hypothesis – One Sample Tests & Two • SAS integration with JMP Sample Tests • Types of metadata created in the SAS • Chi Square Analysis platform. • Analysis of Variance • Simple Regression & Correlation C) SAS Global Certification • Multiple Regression SAS Certified Business Intelligence Developer • Logistic Regression

SAS Statistics: Introduction to ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression • Generate descriptive statistics and explore data with graphs • Perform analysis of variance and apply multiple Comparison techniques • Perform linear regression and assess the assumptions • Use regression model selection techniques to aid in the choice of predictor variables in multiple regression • Use diagnostic statistics to assess statistical Assumptions and identify potential outliers in multiple regression • Use chi-square statistics to detect associations Among categorical variables • Fit a multiple logistic regression model.