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NEW G/L CONCEPT : In New GL, how would you incorporate companies with different fiscal years if you wanted to assign

them to the same controlling area? Use the same fiscal year variant for all company codes and do a reversible close for the company codes that have different fiscal years. Use the same fiscal year variant for all company codes and set up parallel accounting for company codes that have different fiscal years. Create company codes with different fiscal year variants and assign them to the same group company for reporting purposes. Create company codes with the same fiscal year variant and assign the company codes that have a different fiscal year to non-leading ledgers with the appropriate fiscal year variant.

When parking a document, which of the following occurs in the system? The document number is assigned and transaction figures are updated. The document number is not assigned and transaction figures are not updated. The document number is assigned but transaction figures are not updated. The document number is not assigned but transaction figures are updated. Which are the necessary steps to create a validation? Prerequisite, check, update, control Check, update, message Check, control, message Prerequisite, check, message.

Your customer wants to add a new company code and asks you to make the configuration settings for document types and number ranges. What do you have to do? Allow all document types for the new company code. Define number ranges for the new company code Set a second number range for all document types. No additional settings are necessary.

Which object has to be used to avoid a change of the reconciliation account in the customer's master data? The field status of the customer account group. The field status of the posting key. The field status group of the reconciliation account. The field status of the activity. Which objects can be assigned to an asset master record? (There are 3 correct answers to this question.) Cost center. Internal order. Profit center. WBS element. Profitability segment. What is the purpose of account determination in the accrual engine? (There are 2 correct answers to this question.) To determine the document type To determine the CO object To determine debit and credit accounts. To determine the correct posting period.

For which scenario can you use the cash journal? To manage cash in local branches and offices. To make remittances to vendors. To post incoming and outgoing payments in any transaction currency. To record documents that will not be included in the general ledger.

Which of the following are interactive functions available in the SAP List Viewer? (There are 3 correct answers to this question.) Dual control Sorting Master data modification Summation Filters. What are the necessary elements required to create a customer-specific drilldown report for New General Ledger Accounting? (There are 2 correct answers to this question.) A form Characteristics Variables A report header.

The organizational units of Financial Accounting are used for external reporting purposes; that is, they fulfill requirements that your business is subject to from external parties (e.g. legal regulations). Which of the following Organizational units are Mandatory in an ERP system with FI? (There are 3 correct answers to this question.) Client Business Area Company Code Fiscal Year.

) Cross-company code transactions that MUST be processed in a controlling area. Identify the three .) Tax on sales & purchases Withholding Tax Top-Up Tax Additional Taxes. Multilevel Product Cost Management across company codes. Which are the correct series of steps in the payment program. streamlined approach to managing changes in the system landscapes: (SM001) True False. Which one of the following are TRUE Chart of Accounts? (There are 3 correct answers to this question. Every company code may define its own document types. Proposal run. Which of the following tax types does the SAP System support for calculating. You cannot calculate interest. Printing Payment Media. Execute a payment run Maintain parameters. Under what kind of a business scenario would you need to consider such a decision? (There are 2 correct answers to this question. Instead of the classic system monitoring of individual system components. Tax amounts of a Cross-Company code transaction are automatically distributed to the company codes in which the expenses/revenues occurred. Maintain parameters Proposal run. The RUN DATE is always the date when a certain dunning run is supposed to be started. Printing Payment Media. Maintain parameters. (Upgrade SAP Solutions) Link to Change Requests Monitor Service Desk Manage Change Requests Implement SAP Services. True False. True False. True Fales. Identify the benefits of SAP Solution Manager.) Operating chart of accounts Group chart of accounts Country-specific chart of accounts Plant-specific chart of accounts. (Manage Service Desk). as well as for tax reporting? (There are 3 correct answers to this question.which common usage scenario is missing from the list of usage scenarios below? (SM001) (Implement SAP Solutions). Printing Payment Media.You can configure different types of Chart of Accounts in the ERP system. Proposal run. Proposal run. with Solution Monitoring. posting. Printing Payment Media. entire business processes can be monitored as a whole across multiple components. Every company code may define its own document number ranges. SAP Solution Manager provides support throughout the life cycle of solutions . Execute a payment run. Execute a payment run Maintain parameters. Change Request Management provides a central. and correcting tax. Printing Payment Media. Execute a payment run. Representation of intercompany processes. You can configure the SAP system to calculate interest for customers or vendors that owe you money. whereby producing and delivering plant are the same. Execute a payment run. Identify the three main areas of the Implementation Roadmap from the items listed below: (SM001) Attachments area Roadmap structure Viewing / Text area IMG area Accelerator area. however. Proposal run. You need to assign more than one company code to one controlling area. (SM001) (There are 5 correct answers to this question) Reduced cost of operation Reduced ROI Reduced cost of implementation Faster ROI More leverage from IT investments More reliable IT solutions. True Fales. Maintain parameters. if you owe your business partner money. Identity the four main types of roadmaps: (SM001) Soultion Roadmap Upgrade Roadmap Solution Management Roadmap Global Template Roadmap Download Roadmap Implementation Roadmap. (Link to SAP Services). True Fales. (Monitor SAP Solutions). Standard ASAP (Accelerated SAP) roadmaps outline the activities involved in SAP solutions.

Identify the features of the service desk from the items listed below. Of the items listed below. 5. (SM001) True False. Final preparation. (SM001) (There are more than one correct answer to this question) Managing SAP Notes Customer solution database Message handling process Solution Manager diagnostics SAP Help Error handling. Business blueprint. 5. Go Live & Support 1. 4. The following activities are NOT part of the project management features of the SAP Solution Manager: (SM001) -Issues Management Plan -Scope Management Plan -Organization Change Management Plan False True. 2. The purpose of ASAP (Accelerated SAP) is to successfully implement SAP solutions across multiple industries and customer environments. 2. 5. Go Live & Support. Realization 1. 3. Go Live & Support. Go Live & Support. Identify the features of a Business Blueprint from the following list: (SM001) (There are more than one correct answer for this question) Business groups Blueprint structure Business scenarios Blueprint document Associated items Business process groups . Project preparation. Go Live & Support 1. 2. Final preparation.components that define the concept of Solution Monitoring: (SM001) Business Process Monitoring User Level management System Monitoring Component Solution Monitoring Service Level Management. Project preparation. 3. 4. Realization. Project preparation. Project preparation. Final preparation. 3. Please choose the correct order of the 5 Phases in the project implementation lifecycle: (SM001) 1. Business blueprint. Business blueprint. Business blueprint. 5. (SM001) False True. Realization 1. 4. Realization. SAP Solution Manager is a stand-alone system that communicates with the systems in various landscapes. It is not possible to use third-party software in your solution monitoring strategy when using Solution Manager. 2. 4. 5. which are NOT features of Configuration? (SM001) (There are more than one correct answer to this question) Generate Blueprint Project Documentation Configure IMG Objects Test Case Assignment Transport Change Requests. 2. ASAP (Accelerated SAP) Roadmap is aimed at providing step-by-step direction and guidance throughout the project implementation. Final preparation. Identify the steps in the ASAP (Accelerated SAP) Methodology. Realization. 3. (SM001) True False. 4. Final preparation. 3. (SM001) Project Preparation Business Blueprint Realization Final Preparation Go Live & Support Roll out. Business blueprint. Project preparation.