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Noun Quiz

The first noun quiz will be for students beginning to learn about nouns. It will cover the fact that a noun that is a person, place, thing, or idea. It will also cover the difference between common and proper nouns.

Noun Test- Level A
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A. Instructions: Circle the nouns in these sentences. Hint: there are 20. The cat and the dog were playing in the park. Misha plays the piano and the drums. David said to take the cake, cookies, and cups to the picnic. Danielle went to see the Avatar at the theater. Love and peace are better than hate and war. My family plays as a team. B. Instructions: Circle the proper nouns and underline the common nouns. To make cookies, Mother need eggs, flour, sugar, and butter. Jose read The Giving Tree last week. Every Tuesday in June, my team goes to Sonic. Spongebob is my favorite show on television. Disneyland is a fun place to be with my friends and parents.

A. cat, dog, park, Misha, piano, drums, David, cake, cookies, cups, picnic, Danielle, Avatar, theater, love, peace, hate, war, family, team. B. common nouns: cookies, eggs, flour, sugar, butter, week, team, show, television, place, friends, parents proper nouns: Mother, Jose, The Giving Tree, Tuesday, June, Sonic, Spongebob, Disneyland

Noun Test- Level B
A. Instructions: Circle the proper nouns and underline the collective nouns. HINT: There are 10 all together. Bob is on the faculty and is the head of his department. My family is going to Florida on vacation. I love August because school starts. The jury was picked on Monday. I want a puppy and a computer for Christmas. B. Instructions: In each sentence a noun is underlined. Put “A” if it is abstract, and “C” if it is concrete. ___ Democracy is the best kind of government.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


4. Study Sheet for Noun Test.2. and concrete. 7. U. Instructions: In each sentence a noun is underlined. and more. A. . Noun Study Sheet A noun names a person. 4. Common nouns are everything else and are not capitalized. uncountable. “U” if it is uncountable. These include days of the week. places. ___ The baby beluga whale was just born. Christmas collective: faculty. 4. C. like eight houses. magazines. ___ I have three final tests tomorrow. C. A. 5. 8. 10. 7. ___ The school needed new desks. ___ I really love chocolate! 2. 3. Just like the name. C Ads by Google Instant Grammar Checker Corrects All Grammar Errors! Check Your Writing For Free Now. months of the year. 5. as well as countable. ___ Patience is a virtue. 6.Level B Following is a study sheet for the noun quiz for level B. ___ The Chinese culture is ancient. ___ She has coffee every morning. Countable nouns can be shown with a number. 5. Monday. books. 9. A. place. Answers A: proper: Bob. 6. I saw a good movie. C C: 1. It covers common and proper nouns. collective. school. U. ___ You need to change the oil in the car.Grammarly. Florida. ___ Eat your vegetables to stay healthy. family. 8. 2. C. movies. 3. department. A. jury B: 1. ___ Trust is a two-way street. 1. 9. Proper nouns refer to a specific idea or living or non-living thing and are capitalized. C. August. abstract. ___ Yesterday. 5. A. Put “C” if it is a countable noun. Get your TESOL Degree Now MA in TESOL Degree at Virginia International Universitywww. ___ Curiosity killed the cat. or idea. 3. www. 4. thing. ___ My dog had five puppies. A. U. musical compositions. ___ There is nothing to fear but fear itself. 10.viu. C. they are a noun that is able to be counted.

family. Mary. furniture. They are ideas. Examples include: air. or hear them. touch. tyranny. and sadness. or collective. taste. love. They refer to something which has mass but can not be counted. Abstract nouns refer to things that are not physical. curiosity. traits. and school. and patience. nose. They can be common or proper. feet.Uncountable nouns are neither singular nor plural. . Collective nouns refer to a set of things. butter. Concrete nouns are physical and you can see. countable or uncountable. a unit. Examples include: sympathy. Examples are: bears. society. team. and army. You may think of it as a collection. smell. sugar. concepts etc. singular or plural. feelings. money. Some examples are: class. cars.