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ACP Demands GUPC To Resume Works on New Locks Project Panama City, Panama, February , !

"#$ % The ACP demanded today that Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC), the consortium in charge of the construction of the third set of locks, resume work on the project as re uired !y the contract" GUPC is formed !y the companies #acyr $allehermoso, #"A (#pain), %mpregilo, #"p"A" (%taly), &an de 'ul Group ((elgium) and Constructora Ur!ana, #"A" (CU#A) (Panama)" After two weeks of negotiations, which saw production le)els drop to *+,, almost all acti)ity has ceased" The Canal Administrator, &orge -uijano, stated that ACP continues to try to find a solution, !ut stressed that the contractor must resume normal acti)ity which is especially crucial during the dry season in Panama" .ACP continues to keep the door open for a reasona!le resolution within the contract,. -uijano reiterated" About t&e Panama Cana' Aut&ority (ACP) The ACP is the autonomous agency of the Go)ernment of Panama in charge of managing, operating and maintaining the Panama Canal" The operation of the ACP is !ased on its organic law and the regulations appro)ed !y its (oard of /irectors" Please refer to the ACP we!site0 http011www"pancanal"com1 or follow us on Twitter 2thepanamacanal" 333