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AGNITAS OpenEMM Setup Guide for OpenEMM 6.0.1 Virtual Machine (for Windo !

and "inu#$
Ver!ion 1.%.& ' (010011) t *opene++.or,



.........................................s in propert.................................................Table of contents 1 How to run OpenEMM VMX 4 1...............................$ 2 Domain Name Service DNS! "onfi#uration $ 2.1 Installation of VMware Player......................4 1............................................#....$ 2..#* 2...4 1.............................2 'ounce (anage(ent..........................2 How to start the OpenEMM Virtual Machine........4 in! out your IP"#!!ress.....................................1 %e!irect ser&ices........................files an( M-S................................................/ ..........4 1.......3 Login the OpenEMM Virtual Machine...) % "onfi#uration "&an#es ' Sen(mail 4 *p(ate *+.... $ Start an( stop OpenEMM ) / 10 2 #*+I..................

-o(e perfor(ance"sensiti&e co!e is written in .. ollowing the !escription9 this !ocu(ent will gui!e you through so(e nessessary steps9 which are nee!e! to run OpenEMM s(oothly. OpenEMM e(ploys lea!ing e!ge :a&a fra(ewor5s li5e Hi4ernate9 -pring an! -truts. Tec&nical Overview of OpenEMM OpenEMM is feature"rich enterprise software for e"(ail (ar5eting an! (ainly written in :a&a an!!ucts8player8 #t least 2 *'yte of free storage on your har! !ri&e +etwor5 En&iron(ent9 running a 7H. It re3uires a 4asic 5nowle!ge of Linu6 -yste( a!(inistration an! 0in case you nee! it2 of 7o(ain +a(e -er&ices 07+-2. How to use t&is (ocument 'elow you will fin! a short !escription8o&er&iew of OpenEMM9 the first professional e"(ail (ar5eting solution release! as an Open -ource. +e1uirements VMware Player a&aila4le at http<88www. .he co((an!"line e6a(ples are 4ase! on %e! Hat Linu6. OpenEMM runs on top of a well pro&en Open -ource software stac5< Linu69 My-=L9 -en!(ail an! the we4 container li5e %esin 0inclu!e! in OpenEMM %PM an! tar4all2.his !ocu(ent is a gui!ance through the a!(inistration process of OpenEMM on a &irtual (achine 0VM12..&(ware.P ser&ice OpenEMM 3 .

1-VMX..0.&(ware... or e6a(ple into . Press the Power On 4utton to start the Virtual Machine.1 How to run OpenEMM VMX 121 3nstallation of VMware 4la-er >ou will fin! the (ost current &ersion 03.0.1"VM1.. If VMware Player as5s you at the first start whether you (o&e! or copie! the VM1 &ersion of OpenEMM choose the !efault answer CI copie! 0Linu62 or type OpenEMM-6.1"VM1.0.?ip file in a !e!icate! !irectory.o#in t&e OpenEMM Virtual Mac&ine #fter the OpenEMM VMware appliance was starte!9 log in as -uperuser root< Username Passwor! root openemm >ou re3uire this login for a couple of configuration changes9 which are !escri4e! 4elow.0.part* >> 0@in!ows2 Anpac5 the OpenEMM").1-VMX.. at the creation of this !ocu(ent2 of VMware Player at http<88www.1-VMX. Open a file 4rowser an! !ou4le clic5 the configuration file OpenEMM-6. .reate the VM1 ?ip file with cat OpenEMM-6.<BOpenEMM"). 122 How to start t&e OpenEMM Virtual Mac&ine .part* >> OpenEMM-6. 12% .vmx to start the VMware!ucts8player8 ollow the instructions on the we4site to install VMware Player.0.1.

somecompany. If you use port D. ..somecompany..D2.0 . It woul! loo5 li5e $ttp 33www. >ou can use that =7+ for the re!irection ser&ices9 pro&i!e! 4y OpenEMM...1.0.1).com 1010 since the re!irection ser&ices of OpenEMM usually uses port D.124 5in( out -our 34'6((ress #fter the start of the OpenEMM &irtual (achine9 you can fin! out its IP"#!!ress 4y logging into the &irtual (achine an! run the following co((an!< i"con"i# ..16.13. Mas& *. E6a(ple< >our (achines hostna(e is www.D. In that case9 OpenEMM can not recei&e e"(ails9 4ounces or resol&e re!irection lin5s o&er the networ5.*. If you nee! those features9 please consult your local syste( a!(inistrator for the setup. It Eust re3uires a si(ple =7+ 0 ully =ualifie! 7o(ain +a(e29 which is usually alrea!y (appe! to an a&aila4le IP" a!!ress 4y your I-P...9 !o not forget to inclu!e it in e6ternal lin5s pointing to OpenEMM 0li5e su4scri4e lin5s in for(s on your we4site2.1* 2cast 10*.he IP"#!!ress use! 4y the OpenEMM &irtual (achine is< 1/ In that case si(ply a!! that =7+9 as shown in the section FInitiali?e the My-=L 7ata4aseF 4elow.. 2 Domain Name Service DNS! "onfi#uration 0I+portant< If you si(ply want to test OpenEMM9 you can 4asically ignore the following section. /+ inet a!!r 10*.. @rite !own that a!!ress9 since you nee! it to connect to OpenEMM in -tep 4.D...16.2 221 +e(irect services 'asically9 OpenEMM runs out of the 4o6. Hint< >ou can (ap that port to another port " see #ppen!i6 for further !etails.his will result in an output li5e< et$0 %in& encap Et$ernet '(a!!r 00 0) *+ .*..*.

$ost. In our e6a(ple the regular hostna(e is GhostH an! the sen!er hostna(e for OpenEMM will 4e GnewsH.e+ent. # 4ounce (essage is an error (essage9 which will 4e sen! fro( a (ailser&er of the recipient to the sen!er auto(atically9 if an E"Mail is not !eli&era4le.he first line assigns the IP a!!ress for opene((. an! the secon! line !efines the regular hostna(e. .he 4ounce (anage(ent go&erns the en!uring an! passing E"Mails which are un!eli&era4le. 16400 16400 16400 56 56 56 56 / / / MX 0 10 10 10 1..1.entry loo5s li5e this< """7o(ain< opene((.222 7ounce mana#ement What i! the -ounce +ana. 1. -en!(ail nee!s the new 0&irtual2 host as a !estination9 to forwar! all inco(ing response to9 for further processing 4y OpenEMM. -etting up the 4ounce (anage(ent of OpenEMM is not necessary9 since 4ounce (anage(ent for 4ounces recei&e! !uring the sen! process 0instant 4ounces2 wor5s out of the 4o6. .**0.4.e+ent for dela/ed -ounce! If you want to use the 4ounce (anage(ent for !elaye! 4ounces you nee! to !efine a !e!icate! sen!er hostna(e for OpenEMM which is !ifferent fro( the e6isting host na(e of the ser&er an! you ha&e to set up a # recor! an! a M1 0Mail E6changer2 recor! in your 7o(ain +a(e -er&er 07+-2 for the sen!er hostna(e.openemm.he 0a44re&iate!2 7+.**""" 16400 $ost news news. .he M1 recor! is use! to route (ail for a !o(ain to one or (ore IP a!!""" . 'ut if OpenEMM shoul! e&en process 4ounces 0an! autorespon!er (ails2 which are recei&e! hours or e&en !ays later 0which is 3uite often the case2 you ha&e to !o so(e setup. It also filters the error (essages an! autorespon!er (ails.he thir! an! fourth line !efine the # recor! an! the M1 recor! for sen!er hostna(e GnewsH9 (eaning that host GhostH accepts e"(ails sent to host GnewsH. .**0.1.1..he 4ounce (anage(ent pro&i!es you with the capa4ility to 5eep your (ailinglists clean an! up"to"!ate auto(atically. 1. . up -ounce +ana.or#.1.4. """7o(ain< opene((. .or#.1.

ac& a!!ress 0.$ Ase whate&er a!!ress you li5e.conf"local.or# @hen you sen! e"(ails an! want to ta5e a!&antage of the 4ounce (anage(ent for !elaye! 4ounces there are two possi4ilities for the for(at of the sen!er a!!ress< A.org2.o forwar! responses to a &ali! e"(ail a!!ress you ha&e to !efine a 4ounce filter with an e"(ail fee!4ac5 a!!ress of your choice.openemm.he forwar! a!!ress generate! 4y the 4ounce filter 0in our e6a(ple e6tI1Jnews.org2 -ince no real e"(ail a!!resses e6ist for the sen!er hostna(e9 nor(ally it woul! not 4e possi4le to reply to an e"(ail with this en!er a!!ress. I(ple(ent a forwar! (echanis( to forwar! inco(ing (ail sent 4ac5 to the sen!er a!!ress to the forwar! a!!ress generate! 4y the 4ounce filter 0in our e6a(ple e6tI1Jnews.conf"local"""" news=news. .o:nces< -> "ee!.openemm.or# $ost 7a $ost. .or#a8ias ext>1=news.opene((. Our e6a(ple< """ ile< 8ho(e8opene((8conf84a&84a&.Vali!ate your correct setup 4y using a tool li5e GhostH or G!igH9 for e6a(ple $ost 7a openemm.av.opene((.ac& a!!ress .con"-8oca8 -> "i8ter-#enerate! "orwar! a!!ress -> "ee!.he flow for responses of your e"(ails wor5s li5e this< sen!er a!!ress -> .openemm.openemm.conf"local """" . . -et up a 4ounce filter in OpenEMM 0see user (anual2 to fowar! the filtere! response to a fee!4ac5 e"(ail a!!ress of your choice 0!ifferent fro( the sen!er a!!ress9 of course2.$ Ase an e"(ail a!!ress with the sen!er hostna(e 0in our e6a(ple newsJnews.org2 has to 4e !efine! as an alias in !irectory 8ho(e8opene((8conf84a& in a new file na(e! 4a&.or# $ost 7a news.or# """ ile< 8ho(e8opene((8conf84a&84a&.he flow for responses of your e"(ails wor5s li5e this< sen!er a!!ress -> "i8ter-#enerate! "orwar! a!!ress 9to "i8ter o:t .opene((.

so(eco(pany.av3.8e """ ile< 8etc8(ail8(ailerta4le""" .o a!! a host li5e > 3etc3mai83re8ay-!omains """ ile< 8etc8(ail8relay"!o(ains""" """ ile< 8etc8(ail8(ailerta4le""" #lso run the following co((an! 0in one line2< ec$o ?news.soc5 is (issing9 since this file will 4e pro&i!e! with the ne6t step.rc? > run the following co((an!< ec$o ?news.o acti&ate the -en!(ail changes9 run the following co((an!s< c! 3etc3mai8 ma&e an! restart the -en!(ail ser&ice 4y< 3etc3init.% "onfi#uration "&an#es ' Sen(mail 0run as superuser2 .!3sen!mai8 restart >ou (ay ignore the warning that 8ho(e8opene((8&ar8run84a&.com procmai8 3$ome3openemm3con"3. .somecompany.av.somecompany.o use the 4ounce (anage(ent syste( of OpenEMM for !elaye! 4ounces9 so(e (o!ifications are re3uire! 4y the superuser< """ ile< 8etc8(ail8relay"!o(ains""" .

D. %un the following co((an!s< mys@8 7: root openemm :p!ate company> in file Ce((.propertiesC an! property Cc(s.8 set mai88oop>!omainA? for re!irection purposes.somecompany.propertiesC 04oth in !irectory C8ho(e8opene((8we4apps8core8@E'I+ 8classesC2 (ust 4e set to the A%L of your OpenEMM installation9 which is usually i!entical with your re!irection A%L li5e $ttp 33www.urlC in file Cc(s. or e6a(ple9 you want to use the sen!er hostna(e Knews.8 set r!ir>!omainA?$ttp %un the following co((an!s< mys@8 7: root openemm :p!ate company>t.ccr.somecompany.urlC an! Cecs.4 *p(ate *+.he re!irect A%L shoul! a!!ress the ser&er OpenEMM is running on 0for local tests http<88localhost< 1010 .he sen!er hostna(e will 4e use! as !o(ain na(e for the forwar! a!!resses generate! 4y the 4ounce filter. . is sufficient2.s in propert.files an( M-S. 0run as superuser2 Properties Csyste(.com?B @:it 1010?B @:it If you plan to use the 4ounce (anage(ent for !elaye! 4ounces9 you ha&e to enter the sen!er hostna(e 0see 4ounce (anage(ent section2 into the !ata4ase.o use &ali! re!irect A%Ls9 you nee! to e!it a para(eter in the OpenEMM !ata4ase. or e6a(ple9 you want to use the A%L Chttp<88www. .ser&er..

O4&iously9 your first step shoul! 4e to change the passwor! Gopene((H in the -ettings (enu to a new passwor!. %etype your passwor! twice 0passwor! an! confir( fiel!2 an! press the -a&e 4utton. .com 1010 0insert your own . -elect user Ka!(inL an! change the language fiel! fro( English to *er(an.4 a4o&e. OpenEMM !etects the language setting of your we44rowser an! shows the appropiate login page.s$ stop Point your we44rowser to $ttp 33www.$ Start an( stop OpenEMM 0run as superuser2 'eco(e the user Fopene((F 4y running s: 7 openemm . >ou ha&e to log out an! in again to acti&ate the change of the user language.s$ start .onsole A%L here2 an! log into OpenEMM as Username a!min Passwor! openemm Instea! of a host na(e9 you can also use the IP"#!!ress fro( step 1. .o stop OpenEMM OpenEMM.o start the OpenEMM en&iro(ent9 run OpenEMM.somecompany. 'y !efault9 the (enus of OpenEMM are shown in English.o change to *er(an language9 clic5 on (enu K-ettingsL an! choose su4(enu KAserL.