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Personalization with the hybris Platform
Research shows that personalized content can add 20 % to average order size. And yet, few companies do personalization right. In a recent survey by ChoiceStream, 59 % of consumers indicated that they receive poor product recommendations when shopping online. Personalization can dramatically impact the effectiveness of eCommerce. But it must be done in a way that enhances the shopping experience by providing customers with the right offers and information at the right time. This is how merchants can significantly increase conversion rates and order sizes, reduce operating expenses, create customer loyalty and gain greater insight into online customer behavior.

“With hybris Commerce, we will be able to create an innovative and user friendly online store. We will offer customers a unique shopping experience by linking Adobe Flash content with product pages, carts and special landingpages. We are also looking to directly address customers by using targeted promotions and sending out personalized newsletters.” Vincent Stuhlen, Digital Marketing Director at Levi's

hybris Personalization White Paper


If both profile and context are known. the most viewed products or the best-selling products. landing page recommendations. giving customers the freedom to strategically implement different personalization tactics to optimize the customer experience. the customer’s context is established through mechanisms such as Google referrals. hybris Commerce supports all key personalization categories. hybris Commerce will usually offer the products with the highest margin. targeted promotions.Benefits of personalization Benefits for Companies Benefits for Customers →→ Increase conversion rates and order sizes →→ Lower operating expenses →→ Increased customer loyalty →→ Greater insight about online customer behavior →→ Address customers individually with special assortments. hybris Commerce will provide personalized recommendations. channel. including product recommendations. price. content. conditions and prizes →→ Receiving individual product offers →→ Unique shopping experience →→ Finding the right products quickly →→ Customer specific product catalogs →→ Appealing product presentation Comprehensive personalization capabilities with hybris Commerce Personalization Done Right hybris Commerce automatically segments customers so it can offer the most relevant personalized content possible. Advantages of hybris →→ Compare preferences with those of other customers →→ No maintenance effort involved in creating recommendations On-Target Product Recommendations Amazon. hybris B2C Commerce supports all major types of personalization. rendering personalized recommendations by automatically detecting and comparing customer behavior patterns. The algorithm is self-learning and uses every dimension that is important to the buying process (user. If the customer has a profile.) hybris Commerce takes product recommendations to a new level. hybris Commerce will provide context-based recommendations with profile information to give the customer the ultimate shopping experience. This dynamic segmentation enables hybris Commerce to optimize every customer interaction by making the best possible recommendations through a combination of automated algorithmic personalization and rules-based behavioral targeting. rules-based behavioral targeting. (The “customers who bought this book also bought these books” recommendation concept. Based on the context and profile of the customer. time). hybris Commerce will offer these customers context-based recommendations. Personalization with hybris Commerce makes your site more effective hybris delivers the personalization technology and expertise to enable double-digit increases in conversion rates. hybris Commerce makes this personalization possible by saving user profiles of all website visitors. hybris Commerce will offer one of four types of personalized offers: If nothing is known about the customer. hybris Personalization White Paper 2 →→ Condense huge quantities of profile data into a compact model →→ Suitable for systems with large numbers of products and customers .com pioneered the “wisdom of the masses” form of product recommendations. and uses the results to create recommendations for other products. It then compares the interaction profile of the current user with similar customer profiles. search trail or engagement patterns. If only a customer’s context is known. mobile commerce and B2B personalization. including their purchasing and browsing behavior.

e. users can add boundary rules so only certain products are shown (for example. These dimensions and attributes constitute a Cartesian system that makes it possible to calculate how to maximize sales per customer. content or promotions are shown to the relevant customer By comparing a user's interest profile with those of other users. time spent on certain sites. shopping history. and which products were actually bought most by users who searched for a certain term. products with a high margin). for mobile commerce it is even more important to show the customer only the relevant products. Merchants using behavioral targeting can define certain targeting rules that decide which products. which are triggered when the customer clicks on a personalized link in the newsletter. written product reviews. etc. number of performed orders. merchants can easily send out newsletters. etc. and enable granular access of profiles. “sunglasses Gucci polarized black metal”).Every dimension can then be given special attributes. Website visitors often use long search terms when looking for a certain product (i. if there is one specific product that can be recommended to a customer. Advantages of hybris →→ Real time sophisticated algorithms for automatic personalized recommendations →→ Automatic cross-selling recommendations based on purchase history →→ Individual targeting rules to define which products are shown to a customer →→ Search optimization to help customers find what they are looking for Rule-Based Behavioral Targeting One of the disadvantages of relying only on algorithmic personalization is that it needs time to collect the necessary data. hybris Commerce dynamically adds the right content to the landing page by determining which search terms matched well in the past. hybris Commerce uses data from the customer profile (i. In addition.e.) and compares it to the targeting rules. since screen size is so small. hybris lets you define targeting rules that decide which products. Also. content or promotions are shown to the relevant customer. personalization becomes a critical tool for any merchant seeking to take advantage of the mobile channel. And. gender. age. search terms. For example. price.) as well as from the session profile (i. full-spectrum personalization needs to be able to perform a detailed segmentation. Furthermore. and use targeted promotions. products/content viewed. country. Also.e. including integrated personalized offers. such as free gifts. A certain product can be characterized by the attribute type. hybris is able to give personalized cross-selling offers Increasing Sales with Landing Page recommendations. etc. This enables merchants with fast-changing inventory to benefit from personalization. rather than displaying many small product icons. a user can be characterized by age. The mechanism can easily be upgraded with new targeting parameters. prizes and catalog views →→ Personalized starting and landing pages →→ Integration with newsletters and promotions →→ Query recommendations in real time hybris Personalization White Paper 3 . hybris Commerce supports the use of behavioral and profile targeting to supplement the algorithmically generated results. taxonomy. Since it would be too complex to create that many landing pages and too expensive to add the keywords to a Google pay-per-click advertisement. it is best to display that product in full size on a mobile screen. entry and exit trails. Targeted Promotions and Mobile Commerce hybris Commerce uses the context with which a user visits the online store and automatically shows individual product recommendations on the landing page. Advantages of hybris →→ Enhanced B2B functionaltity with personalized assortments. When determining which products are actually shown. shopping cart. Therefore. etc.

. Metro.W. giving merchants of all sizes maximum flexibility. Additionally. 4 .specific terms. it is even possible to display personalized item numbers or customerspecific products. discounts and rebates. Both principal industry analyst firms rank hybris as a “leader” and list its commerce platform among the top two or three in the market. efficient to drive the best TCO. hybris Commerce provides specific functionality for the unique requirements of B2B personalization. Levi's. Nikon.hybris allows you to give your customers personalized product recommendations (e. www. About hybris. that is agile to support limitless innovation. The same software is available on-premise.") Personalization for B2B Commerce In addition to B2C personalization. Galeries Lafayette. hybris is the future of commerce™. open source Version: October 2013 Subject to change without prior notice © hybris Personalization White Paper hybris is a trademark of the hybris Group.g. on-demand and managed | sales@hybris. Personalization for Any Environment hybris leads the industry in platform support. and scalable and extensible to be the last commerce platform companies will ever need. This functionality enables B2B enterprises to display personalized product and service assortments with customer. channel and device. General Electric. Other brand names are trademarks and registered trademarkshybris of the respective companies. Our solutions offer maximum compatibility with various software environments. Migros. "you may also like. including global B2B sites W. products and orders. Rexel. In addition to the current environments offered by leading software manufacturers. Thomson Reuters and 3M as well as consumer brands Toys“R”Us. hybris' omni-channel software is built on a single platform. It also provides the option to add a customer-specific view for the product catalog. Nespresso and Lufthansa. hybris Commerce is compatible with the most popular software environments. hybris sets standards in terms of platform support. an SAP Company hybris helps businesses around the globe sell more goods. Bridgestone. prices. including those offered by leading vendors as well as open source solutions. we also support lower-cost. services and digital content through everytouchpoint. Over 500 companies have chosen hybris. hybris delivers OmniCommerce™: state-of-the-art master data management for commerce and unified commerce processes that give a business a single view of its customers.Grainger. based on open standards.hybris. Always the right fit.. and its customers a single view of the business.