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Bulletin No 1582-543

Calculation-Type Digital Indicator

Absolute digital indicator with automatic calculation

Application Measurement Example Outside diameter Fixture examples Radius of curvature Groove width Inside diameter Hole diameter Chamfer hole diameter .With fixtures.Absolute Digimatic Indicato Quick Measurement – No Need to Convert! A conventional Digimatic indicator simply displays spindle displacement. The result: A dramatic improvement in measuring accuracy. measurements such as feeler. inside diameter and radius of curvature can easily be measured without the hassle of conversion tables or equivalents. but the Calculation-Type Digimatic indicator incorporates an internal calculation function in place of spindle displacement.

Maximum and minimum values can be held. For details.This allows the recording of measuring results and the configuration of a system that includes process control via the data processor. and C with a scientific calculator and then set the value you've determined. Data output The Absolute Digimatic indicator can also output data to a data processor. (Calculate arithmetic coefficients A. Large display LCD A large LCD makes it easy to read the settings of arithmetic coefficients. B. refer to the table below. without struggling for conversions. • Measuring accuracy is subject to fixture accuracy. Tolerance judgment H sets the upper/lower limits. Calculation examples of arithmetic coefficients Display hold The Display Hold function is useful when LCD viewing is difficult during measurement.This unique feature allows you to read your measurements directly. and produces a display of tolerance judgments. Additionally.or with Calculation Function Calculation function The Absolute Digimatic indicator performs internal calculations using the formula Ax+B+Cx-1 (assuming spindle displacement as x) while the coefficients A. . C can be set with respect to the purpose of measurement or dimensions of the fixtures.) Fixture Contact point Cone Ball Cone — — 2L — 2L Dimension X: Spindle displacement θ x H r θ d D D x θ x θ D R x r R x r R x Measurement item Calculation formula D= Diameter/Feeler/ Groove width H= Countersink depth D=Ax –2tan θ 2 1 D= Diameter/Feeler/ Groove width H= Countersink depth D=Ax+B –2tan θ 2 –tan θ 2 H=Ax+B D= Hole diameter/ Feeler/ Groove width D=Ax –2tan θ 2 d 2tan θ 2 0 2R=Outside diameter R=Ax sin θ 2 2R=Outside diameter R=Ax+B+Cx-1 1 2 2R=Inside diameter R=Ax+B+Cx-1 –1 2 A –1 – 1–sin θ 2 0 Arithmetic Coefficient B 0 2r cos θ 2 r sin θ 2 1 –1 – 0 –r L2 2 r –L 2 2 C 0 0 0 Origin setting position (the position when x=0) Contact point free Indicated value when origin setting (indicated value when x=0) 0 Value for coefficient B 0 0 (Overflow) (Overflow) • Various fixtures suited for individual workpieces can be used. arithmetic coefficients can be set from a personal computer rather than the indicator itself. as well as tolerance judgments and other aspects of the measuring process. B and. as well.

14" (54.52 –0.25" (6.2) No.0002mm to . 12 months under normal use Infinite (If spindle speed exceeds 10µm/sec.5 x 0. MI 48170 Phone: (734) 459-2810 Fax: (734) 459-0455 Illinois 965 Corporate Blvd.3" (7.6) 1. Aurora IL Indiana 9855 Crosspoint Blvd.5N or less Silver-oxide cell (SR-44) x 1 pc. .09" (27. Suite 148 Indianapolis.003mm) or less (Quantization error is not included. (160g) 3/8" DIA (ø9.65" (16.6) . IL 60504 Phone: (630) 978-5385 Fax: (630) 820-7403 California 16925 Gale Ave.83" (21. Aurora.5) ø2.5) .00001"/0. NC 28078 Phone: (704) 875-8332 Fax: (704) 875-9273 10A-12 • Printed in USA • December 2002 We reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice.2) .53mm) Optional Accessories Order No.13" (54) ø2.0" (50.) ø8mm 1.4) 1.) .4-48 thread 2.0002mm to 1mm (Twelve selectable stepped resolutions.09" (27.29" (7.00012" (0.6 ) 2.8" (46.05"/1mm (Twelve selectable stepped resolutions. it varies by arithmetic coefficient setting. IN 46256 Phone: (317) 577-6070 Fax: (317) 577-6080 North Carolina 11515 Vanstory Drive Suite 150 Huntersville. City of Industry.74" (44.95) Functions • • • • • • • Calculation Zero set Presetting Tolerance judgment Hold facility Output Switching ABS/ INC conversion Specifications Order No.3" (7.6) ø. MA 01886 Phone: (978) 692-8765 Fax: (978) 692-9729 © 2002 Mitutoyo America Corporation. correct peak value may not be displayed.03 3/8"DIA M2.95" (49.45 thread .5) 1. CA 91745 Phone: (626) 961-9661 Fax: (626) 333-8019 Metrology/Demonstration Centers Massachusetts 1 Park Drive Suite 11 Westford.4" (60.4" (10.05) .5) Unit: inch (mm) ø2.) 12mm 543-286B 543-287B .mitutoyo.) Electrostatic capacitance ABS (absolute) .5) ø2.35 Ibs. Michigan 45001 Five Mile Road Plymouth.5" / 12mm Measuring range Accuracy Stem diameter Measuring force Power supply Battery life Maximum response speed Positional sensor Mass of main unit 0.Dimensions / Specifications . Further.2) .3) .4" (60. Resolution 543-285B 0.56" (14.1" (54) 1. 543-286B Lifting-lever and screw set for 543-287B Connecting cable: 1m Connecting cable: 2m • All instruments in this series are of the flat-back type. 540774 902011 902794 905338 905409 Name Release cable Lifting-lever and screw set for 543-285B.35) 0 ø8 –0.79" (20.009 0 ø9.6) 1.