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Famous Restaurant Recipes: Copycat Versions of America's Favorite Restaurant Dishes by Sallie Stone You are free to give this eBook to your friends, family or website visitors. You may also resell this eBook. Here is a link to the cover image: http://i !"#$i%h."pg For more recipes by Sallie Stone visit: Book Description: Have you ever craved restaurant fare late at night only to find out the restaurant has closed& 'ow you can make restaurant dishes at home anytime you like and ama(e your friends. )he author, a seasoned restaurant professional, recreates *+ items from restaurant menus across ,merica. -ake everything from ./0harley/s Black 1 Bleu to Benihana/s Banana )empura. Copyright !"# by Sallie Stone$ 2amous $ 1 ! is available on the ,ma(on 3indle, 'ook, 3obo and others.

%able of Contents $. .range 4ulius5 .range 4ulius5 !. Bill/s Barbecue 6imeade 7. ,pplebee/s5 Shirley )emple . Starbucks5 2rappuccino5 *. )he ,merican 0afe5 .range Spice )ea 8. 9ed 6obster5 0heddar Bay Biscuits :. )he ,merican 0afe5 Bread Service #. 0hili/s5 Skillet ;ueso <. Bennigan/s5 =rish Haystack $+. Black > eyed ?ea5 2ried 0orn $$. .utback Steakhouse5 Sauteed /Shrooms $!. Black > eyed ?ea5 @la(ed 0arrots $7. )he ,merican 0afe5 House Aside saladB $ . .live @arden5 )uscan ?otatoes $*. )he ,merican 0afe5 0alifornia Bleu $8. .utback Steakhouse5 9oasted @arlic -ashed ?otatoes $:. 9uby )uesday/s5 0oconut Shrimp $#. Steak and ,le5 9osemary 0hicken $<. 0hili/s5 @uiltless Black Bean Burger !+. 9ed 6obster5 @rilled 9ainbow )rout with 0itrus Butter !$. ./0harley/s5 Black 1 Bleu 0asear Salad !!. Bennigan/s5 9euben !7. Benihana5 Cegetable Delight A)sutsumi > YakiB ! . .live @arden5 ?ork 2ilettino !*. )he ,merican 0afe5 9oasted @arlic ,lfredo !8. .live @arden5 -ushroom ,lfredo !:. ,pplebee/s5 0rispy Buttermilk Shrimp !#. Houlihan/s5 0hcken B6) on 2ocaccia !<. ./0harley/s5 ?ecan 0hicken )ender Salad 7+. Burger 3ing5 0hicken 2ries 7$. 9ed 6obster5 0rab ,lfredo 7!. 0hili/s5 -argarita @rilled 0hicken 77. Steak and ,le5 @arlic Sirloin 7 . 9ed 9obin5 B6), 09.=SS,') 7*. Steak and ,le5 H,E,==,' 0H=03F' 78. 0ountry Store Sausage G 0heese Balls 7:. Steak and ,le5 3F'S='@).'5 06HB 7#. 9ed 9obin5 )HF B,'I,= BH9@F9J 7<. )he ,merican 0afe5 .riginal 'ew York ?asta ?ie5 +. .live @arden5 0apellini ?omodoro $. ,pplebee/s5 0lub House @rill !. .live @arden5 0hicken Cino Bianco 7. ,pplebee/s5 @rilled )ilapia with -ango Salsa 0opycat 9estaurant 9ecipe . .live @arden5 0hicken -arsala

merican 0afe5 ?eanut Butter =ce 0ream ?ie #. .*. Benihana5 Banana )empura :.utback Steakhouse5 Sydney/s Sinful Sundae5 . .verboard5 8.oey @ooey 0aramel ?ie *+. )he . 9ed 6obster5 2udge ./0harley/s5 . 'one Such ?lace 2rench Silk ?ie <.

$ Bill's Barbecue -imea+e Copycat Restaurant Recipe . A. servings Bill/s Barbecue is a small unit chain located in 9ichmond.dd more sugar to taste if desired.dd sugarM stir until well dissolved."$ &range 'ulius( &range 'ulius( Copycat Restaurant Recipe ) servings *ngre+ients: K of 8 ounce can A$/7 cupB fro(en orange "uice concentrate K cup evaporated milk K cup water L cup sugar K teaspoon vanilla 8 ice cubes . 0over and blend until smooth. Cirginia. @arnish with one lime slice for each glass.reparation: 0ombine lime "uice and water in a large pitcher. . -imea+e $ cup fresh lime "uice Aabout : limesB cups cold water $ cup sugar ice cubes lime slices A$ limeB mini "uicer . )$ Applebee's( Shirley %emple Copycat Restaurant Recipe " serving Shirley %emple # ounces Sprite5 $ tablespoon grenadine syrup maraschino cherry straw ice . ?our into glasses with ice cubes.reparation: .reparation: 0ombine all ingredients in a blender. .bout 7+ secondsB.

A?ectin is a thickener. 2ill with ice. ?our into a pitcher. that will make your drink creamier. Roy Rogers: 4ust substitute # ounces of 0oke5 for the # ounces of Sprite5 in the above recipe. sugar and pectin. Ehen making a 2rappucino5 add two ice cubes to ! ounces of eNpresso to make 7 ounces chilled eNpresso. . You can also make the vanilla variety by adding a little vanilla eNtract to taste. chilled A-edaglia D/. #$ Starbucks( Frappuccino( Copycat Restaurant Recipe servings )his recipe is for the bottled version of a Starbucks5 2rappuccino5.reparation: Brew 7 ounces eNpresso or make 7 ounces eNpresso made with instant eNpresso. ?our $ tablespoon AK ounceB chilled eNpresso into each compartment of an ice cube tray and free(e a day =nstant FNpresso 0offeeB $* ounces lowGfat milk O tablespoon dry pectin AoptionalB ! tablespoons P ! teaspoons sugar or sugar to taste . 0hill the coffee. . %ip: FNpresso ice cubes will save time in the above recipe. Stir.0ombine Sprite5 and grenadine in a glass.B Variations: )o make the mocha variety add a pinch of cocoa powder.r to make this version with less calories use a sugar substitute instead of sugar. ?lace a straw in the glass and garnish with a cherry. =t can be found in the canning section of your local supermarket. Stir well. 7 ounces instant eNpresso.$ %he American Cafe( &range Spice %ea Copycat Restaurant Recipe / servings &range Spice %ea package of 6ipton orange spice tea . add milk. Store ice cubes in resealable plastic bags till ready to use.

cut into 8 slices for garnish ice sugar ice tea spoons water . # to $+ minutes. Drop from a spoon onto ungreased baking sheet and bake at *+ degrees 2 until golden brown.dd parsley to the garlic butter and stir. milk and cheese until a soft dough forms. then beat vigorously 7+ seconds. Brush garlic butter over hot biscuits and serve hot. )hen face the orange down and cut three slices from each half.reparation: Brew the tea according to package directions.reparation: Heat the bread.reparation: -elt butter over low heat. 2$ %he American Cafe( Brea+ Service Copycat Restaurant Recipe / servings loaf of =talian bread Boursin cheese ramekinAsB .dd minced garlic and saute the garlic or add garlic powder without sauteing. . add water and stir. miN together baking miN. melted $ garlic clove minced or L teaspoon garlic powder $ teaspoon parsley flakes . ?lace an ice tea spoon in each glass. 0ut the orange in half.$ orange. =n a miNing bowl. 0ut a L inch slit down the middle of each orange slice and place one on the middle rim of each glass filled with ice and tea. /$ Re+ -obster( Che++ar Bay Biscuits Copycat Restaurant Recipe 0akes a +o1en biscuits Che++ar Bay Biscuits ! cups Bis%uick5 !/7 cup milk K cup sharp or white cheddar cheese. 9emove from heat and set aside. 0ut the bread diagonally. ?our tea into a pitcher. shredded L cup butter. ?lace Boursin cheese in ramekinAsB . and place on a bread board. .

)hen stir in noGbean chili and heat through.R *rish 7aystack $ red onion 0huck Eagon5 . fried and seasoned to perfection. Serve with lightly heated tostada chips. and slice into thin onion rings. .ur appeti(ing cheese dip with seasoned beef.reparation: 9emove the skin from the onion. Bake chips for 7 minutes in a !*+ degree 2 oven in a large baking dish. 4$ Chili's( Skillet 5ueso Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G Q. 2ry. 2ollow the directions on the onion ring miN boN to prepare. "!$ Black 8 eye+ .fter the cheese is melted stir in chili powder. Served with warm tostada chips.nion 9ing miN ranch dressing .ea( Frie+ Corn Copycat Restaurant Recipe " servings . Serve with ranch dressing on the side.reparation: Heat cheese in a medium saucepan over medium heat. 3ote: You can find Boursin cheese in the gourmet cheese section of your local supermarket. 6$ Bennigan's( *rish 7aystack Copycat Restaurant Recipe ) servings -enu Description G Q)hinly sliced onions. Drain fried onion rings on paper towels.R Skillet 5ueso $ pound 3raft5 Celveeta5 0heese $ can Hormel5 'oGBean 0hili $ dash chili powder $ bag tostada chips . battered.and spread on bread slices at the table. 0reamy 9anch dressing served on the side.

servings .n eNcellent side dish to serve with your steak. Burgun+y 0ushrooms 7 A# ounce cans or "ars whole mushroomsB. Dip cornGonGtheGcob ears into cornmeal batter to coatM then roll in crushed cornflakes. -iN well. Drain on paper towels. ""$ &utback Steakhouse( Sautee+ 'Shrooms Copycat Restaurant Recipe / servings .ea( 9la1e+ Carrots Copycat Restaurant Recipe . chopped $ cup Burgundy wine .dapted from ?illsbury 2ruits and Cegetables 0ookbook. milk. flour. thawed $ cup cornflake crumbs or crushed corn flakes . oil and egg in a large bowl.reparation: Saute onions in butter for * minutes.dd Burgundy wine. . garlic and beef bouillon.reparation: =n a fryer or heavy saucepan. cook for !* minutes. heat oil to 7:* degrees 2.. Simmer !+ minutes. ?armesan cheese. . drained $ cup butter. Serve immediately. pepper. " $ Black 8 eye+ . Frie+ Corn oil for deep frying O cup corn meal K cup grated ?armesan cheese $/7 cup flour O teaspoon garlic salt O cup milk ! tablespoons oil $ egg ! packages @reen @iant5 2ro(en 0ornGonG theG0ob.dd mushrooms. 2ry in hot oil ! to 7 minutes or until lightly golden brown. 0ombine cornmeal. melted L teaspoon pepper K teaspoon garlic powder $ teaspoon bouillon K cup onion. garlic salt.

reparation: ?lace carrots in a medium saucepan. almonds and croutons. Stir in brown sugar. and cover with water. and pour orange "uice over them.otatoes Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings Serve this tasty side dish with your ?ork 2ilettino. and simmer over medium heat for about * minutes.otatoes $ K pounds russet potatoes tablespoons eNtra virgin olive oil # garlic cloves. %uscan . "#$ &live 9ar+en( %uscan . tomatoes. Copycat Restaurant Recipe " serving -enu Description G Q2resh salad greens. almonds and croutons. )op with diced tomatoes. minced . butter. 9la1e+ Carrots $ pound baby carrots L cup orange "uice 7 tablespoons brown sugar ! tablespoons butter pinch of salt . Heat until butter and sugar are melted.R Si+e Sala+ $ K cups miNed salad greens L 9oma tomato. Serve with salad dressing. Boil until tender.n eNcellent side dish to serve with a veggie platter and homemade cornbread or parker house rolls. cheeses. ")$ %he American Cafe( 7ouse :si+e sala+. and salt. "ack and cheddar cheeses. diced ! K tablespoons "ack and cheddar cheese $ K tablespoons sliced almonds to * croutons .. ?lace carrots back in pan. -iN. drain in colander.reparation: ?lace salad greens in a salad bowl.

reparation: -iN together above ingredients. ". )ransfer coated potatoes to a roasting pan. and cut them into wedges. sliced to * croutons Balsamic Cinaigrette . salt and pepper in a small bowl. rosemary. Dri((le balsamic vinaigrette over salad. =n a one %uart microwave safe glass measure. combine walnut halves. chopped $/# teaspoon salt $/# teaspoon pepper . or until sugar has carameli(ed.reparation: ?reheat oven to *+ degrees 2.$ %he American Cafe( California Bleu Copycat Restaurant Recipe " serving -enu Description G Q2resh miNed greens topped with Bleu 0heese crumbles. chopped ! strawberries. ?lace in a salad bowl. Eash and dry potatoes. ?our out onto prepared baking . Sprinkle additional salt and pepper lightly and evenly over potatoes if desired. Shake pan occasionally for even roasting. Served with Bleu cheese toast and Sweet Balsamic Cinaigrette dressing. 0heck the seasoning of salt and pepper to taste.R California Bleu $ K miNed greens ! teaspoons bleu cheese crumbles $ K tablespoons spicy sugared walnuts.! tablespoons fresh rosemary. sugar. )oss potatoes with oil and seasoning miNture. cinnamon and water. 9emove from oven. Stir several times during cooking. 0ombine oil garlic. 0ook in microwave oven on high setting for # to # K minutes. spicy sugared walnuts and fresh strawberries. Spicy Sugare+ <alnuts ! cups walnut halves O cup sugar L cup water $ teaspoon cinnamon AoptionalB .reparation: 6ightly grease a baking sheet. 0ook for !* to 7+ minutes.

softened butter.sheet.rrange on a serving plate and sprinkle with chopped parsley. or until topping is melted and bubbly.otatoes Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings Roaste+ 9arlic 0ashe+ . ?lace the garlic cloves in the baking dish.reparation: ?reheat the oven to ++ degrees 2. 6et cool completely. melted ounces crumbled bleu cheese L cup butter. Brush one side each of bread with melted butter. softened salt and pepper to taste K cup walnuts K cup fresh parsley. and separate into pieces. Sprinkle with the dried thyme. Boil in . Bake for : minutes. chopped . =n a bowl. or until tender and golden brown. Bake at 7*+ degrees 2 covered with tinfoil for !+ to 7+ minutes. combine the bleu cheese. or until lightly toasted.otatoes 7 large 9usset potatoes. "/$ &utback Steakhouse( Roaste+ 9arlic 0ashe+ . Dri((le with oil making sure to coat all the garlic. Bake for 8 minutes in the oven. Spread this miNture over the tops of the toasted bread slices. . cut into $/7 inch slices L cup butter. : servings Bleu Cheese <alnut %oast $ loaf 2rench baguette. salt and pepper. and place butter side up on a baking sheet. peeled and %uartered $ head of garlic ! tablespoons unsalted butter K cup milk L cup buttermilk ! tablespoons olive oil $ K teaspoons dried thyme salt and pepper to taste .reparation: ?eel the outer skin of the garlic leaving garlic cloves whole. ?eel and cut potatoes into four portions each. and sprinkle with chopped walnuts.

Ehen the potatoes are done drain and return them to the same pot.salted water for !+ to 7+ minutes. "2$ Ruby %ues+ay's( Coconut Shrimp Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G Q0rispy coconut shrimp with sweet and hot ginger dipping sauce. bread crumbs. Slowly add the milk and butter while mashing with a potato masher until desired consistency is achievedM add garlic to taste. 2ry the shrimp in batches until golden brown and cooked through. 'eNt. pressed . or until tender. and bread crumb miNture into 7 separate bowls.reparation: =n large bowl. Stir well. dip the shrimp thoroughly in the egg and rub against the side of the bowl to lightly remove eNcess. Dredge the shrimp in flour and shake off eNcess. buttermilk and butter in saucepan. Served with broccoli and brown rice pilaf topped with cheese and tomatoes. for frying . Drain on paper towels. Heat one inch of oil to 7*+ degrees 2. peeled and deGveined vegetable oil. -eanwhile heat the milk.R Frie+ Coconut Shrimp $ cup shredded sweetened coconut $ cup bread crumbs dash of salt dash of freshly ground pepper $ cup allGpurpose flour ! large eggs. S=eet an+ 7ot 9inger Dipping Sauce $ cup orange marmalade ! tablespoons orange "uice ! tablespoons lemon "uice $ teaspoon dry mustard ! teaspoons horseradish $ small piece ginger. 6ay out the shrimp on a plate until ready to fry. beaten 78 large shrimp. Season mashed potatoes with salt and pepper to taste. about 7 to minutes per batch. coat the shrimp thoroughly with the bread crumb miNture. ?lace flour. 2inally. miN coconut. eggs. salt and pepper.

salt and garlic. 9ub miNture evenly over both sides of chicken. @rill. pickle and onion.dapted from 0ooking 6ight -aga(ine . "4$ Steak an+ Ale( Rosemary Chicken Copycat Restaurant Recipe servings . chopped $ teaspoon olive oil cooking spray . "6$ Chili's( 9uiltless Black Bean Burger Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G Q.ur meatless black bean patty topped with low fat ranch. 0hill. 0over and marinate for 7 hours in the refrigerator. butterflied L teaspoon kosher salt Afirst stepB L teaspoon kosher salt Asecond stepB $ garlic clove. -iN in remaining ingredients. minced $/# teaspoon freshly ground pepper $ tablespoon fresh rosemary. tomato. 6ightly oil the grill plate.ugust !++*. 0ombine marmalade. -ay be stored in refrigerator for up to two weeks.reparation: ?ress the ginger in a garlic press. orange and lemon "uices in a food processor. Sprinkle both sides of chicken with pepper and an additional L teaspoon of kosher salt.. chopped $ tablespoon olive oil or vegetable oil . 9emove from the refrigerator. oil. rinsed and drained ! tablespoons chopped white onion L cup or tablespoons diced red bell pepper K teaspoon cayenne pepper about K of an egg about K cup breadcrumbs $ tablespoon fresh cilantro or parsley.R Black Bean Burger $ K cans black beans A$8 ounces each can with one can halved or ! ounces totalB. Rosemary Chicken ! chicken breast. shredded lettuce.reparation: 0ombine rosemary.

=f the miNture is not dry enough to shape. 3ote: 2resh not dried cilantro or parsley work best in this recipe. seasonal vegetables 1 your choice of side. egg. 2ry the patties ! > # minutes each side. bell pepper. low fat ranch dressing.rrange sandwich with patty. about $* to !+ minutes.R Citrus Butter K cup unsalted butter. red onion. . bread crumbs and cilantro or parsley in food processor and blend. !$ Re+ -obster( 9rille+ Rainbo= %rout =ith Citrus Butter Copycat Restaurant Recipe servings -enu Description G Q2lameGgrilled 1 topped with a citrus butter. 0aking Brea+ Crumbs %ip: 0ut fresh bread into cubes. 0ombine black beans. 2orm and shape into four patties. add more bread crumbs. Served with a side salad. cayenne. )he patty should be lightly golden brown and slightly crispy. onion.reparation: -iN one egg in a bowl.San+=ich gourmet wheat hamburger buns low fat ranch dressing shredded iceGberg lettuce tomato pickles red onion . melted teaspoons fresh lemon "uice teaspoons fresh orange "uice ! dashes of salt ! dashes of paprika %rout . Hse half of the miNture in the neNt step. Heat $ tablespoon olive oil in large frying pan over medium heat. ?rocess the cubes in a blender or food processor until finely ground. pickles and one slice of tomato for each sandwich. ?lace them on a baking sheet and bake at 7*+ degrees 2 until crisp. 2or best results make ! hours ahead and refrigerate so patties will set well.

Sala+ * cups romaine lettuce 8 slices 9oma tomato slices cooked bacon. 9emove from heat. Dri((le with .reparation: Dip steak into butter. "$ &'Charley's( Black > Bleu Casear Sala+ Copycat Restaurant Recipe servings -enu Description G QHearts of romaine topped with blackened sirloin. Fither rub blackened steak seasoning on each side of steak. )ossed with our 0asear dressing. $ tablespoon shredded ?armesan cheese. @rill steak to desired doneness. Brush remaining citrus butter over trout.R Blackene+ Sirloin ! A8 ounceB sirloin steaks. Serve hot. . and two teaspoons crumbled bleu cheese.dd two slices bacon crumbled. @rill. shredded croutons 0aesar dressing . )oss. 0ontinue to brush sauce over trout during grilling.reparation: 0ombine all ingredients eNcept trout in a small saucepan over low heat and cook until butter is melted.! trout fillets %ool $ basting brush for sauce . ?lace sirloin strips and three 9oma tomato slices on salad. cut into strips after cooking teaspoons blackened steak seasoning K cup butter. Set aside citrus butter in two ramekins. melted . crisp bacon and crumbled bleu cheese.reparation: ?lace ! K cups of romaine in a bowl. 9oma tomatoes. crumbled into two servings teaspoons crumbled bleu cheese ! tablespoons ?armesan cheese. or generously and evenly sprinkle seasoning on each side. )ransfer to a serving bowl.

corned beef on the other.R Reuben 8 thinly sliced slices corned beef ! tablespoons fresh sauerkraut. ?lace cheeses on one slice. )$ Benihana( Vegetable Delight :%sutsumi 8 ?aki.benihana. adding a little dressing at a time to taste. )oss again after adding toppings before placing steak. Set temperature to low heat. ?lace them butter side down in a frying pan.dapted from www. 4apanese noodles. warm corned Vegetable Delight $ ounce fresh boiled potato. Served on toasted potato rye bread with )housand =sland dressing. %ip: )o serve the salad the way the restaurant does. on the side . Copycat Restaurant Recipe " serving -enu Description G QServed with )eriyaki )ofu appeti(er.0asear dressing and garnish with croutons. $ Bennigan's( Reuben Copycat Restaurant Recipe " serving -enu Description G QDelicious. topped with drained sauerkraut. @rill the slices to golden brown. assorted vegetables with seasonings. 9emove from heat. toss the lettuce with 0aesar dressing. Do this before adding toppings. tomatoes and croutons on salad. thinly sliced and topped with fresh sauerkraut and white cheddar and Swiss cheeses. 9epeat. wrapped and cooked on the grill. ?lace the slice with corned beef and sauerkraut on a plate.reparation: Butter one side each slice of potato rye bread. ?lace the slice with cheese on top of the sauerkraut. drained thin slice white cheddar thin slice Swiss cheese ! slices potato rye bread or regular rye bread $ tablespoon butter or margarine thousand island dressing.R . diced . Serve with thousand island dressing on the side.

R . 0ook another three and half minutes on other side until paper eNpands. 0ombine remaining ingredients with ! teaspoons waterM place ingredients in rice paper and wrap tightly. Brush with miNture of olive oil. sliced $ ounce fresh snap beans. ?lace paper on plate and cut open with scissors. rosemary and garlic. 0ook three and half minutes in heated nonGstick skillet. sliced ! ounces sliced onion ! ounces fresh boiled broccoli 8 water chestnuts $ teaspoon white wine L lime $ teaspoon butter rice paper ?reparation: 0oat one side of s%uare foot of damp rice paper with oil and butter. 3ote: )he lime adds flavor through the steam. #$ &live 9ar+en( . .reparation: Sprinkle tenderloin with salt and pepper on all sides. boiled salt and pepper $ teaspoon oil $ ounce fresh cooked carrot. minced $ tablespoon fresh rosemary. Do not s%uee(e the lime to make "uice. Be careful: air inside paper is very hot.* slices mushroom $ ounce (ucchini.ork Filettino Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G Q@rilled pork tenderloin marinated in eNtraGvirgin olive oil and rosemary. Served with )uscan potatoes and bell peppers.ork Filettino $ pork tenderloin ! tablespoons eNtraGvirgin olive oil or rosemary infused olive oil without adding rosemary $ tablespoon fresh garlic. chopped $/# teaspoon salt $/# teaspoon black pepper L package prepared or "ar prepared veal demiG glace .

Slice K > inch of the pointed end of the garlic bulb. 0over and bake one hour or until cloves are browned at the eNposed end and soft throughout. Drain and rinse. dry $ K cup cream O cup ?armesan. Serve warm. Set aside. ?eel the outer skin of the garlic onlyM leave garlic bulb whole. @arnish with fresh rosemary if desired. crush garlic cloves with the flat of a knife. 0ook the pasta until "ust tender. Eait two minutes and then repeat with another K teaspoon of olive oil. Roaste+ 9arlic $ garlic head $ teaspoon eNtraGvirgin olive oil . Ehisk in the cheese and garlic. Heat the cream in a skillet over medium heat.R Roaste+ 9arlic Alfre+o K pound fettuccine. Heat demiGglace and pour over pork.$ %he American Cafe( Roaste+ 9arlic Alfre+o Copycat Restaurant Recipe serving -enu Description G Q2ettuccine tossed in a rich. )o puree. 9educe sauce slightly.reparation: ?reheat the oven to 7:* degrees 2. )oss in the cooked pasta.reparation: 2irst roast the garlic. 9emove from heat. 0heck seasonings. . grated ! tablespoons roasted garlic.R . . roasted garlic cream sauce with ?armesan 0heese. /$ &live 9ar+en( 0ushroom Alfre+o Copycat Restaurant Recipe ) servings Eebsite Description G Q. creamy alfredo sauce made with fresh mushrooms and a hint of garlic. 9emove cloves from heat as needed.-arinate for approNimately two hours. 9emove from oven. pureed salt and pepper to taste .llow garlic to cool. ?our K teaspoon olive oil over the top bulb and let it sink in between the cloves. @rill until internal temperature of pork reaches $8* degrees 2.

6inguine. whisking until blended. 2$ Applebee's( Crispy Buttermilk Shrimp Copycat Restaurant Recipe ) servings -enu Description G Q. ?our whipping cream into a medium saucepan while pasta is cooking in another pan.R Crispy Buttermilk Shrimp $ pound raw large shrimp. ?enne.ngel Hair. Ehisk in butter. 0ushroom Alfre+o O pound pasta ! cups whipping cream O cup ?armesan. Served with garlic mashed potatoes. 0ontinue beating until sauce thickens. deGveined $ cup flour $ cup cornflakes.reparation: -iN together cornflakes and buttermilk. Serve sauce hot over pasta with mushrooms on top. garlic toast and cocktail dipping sauce. Season with garlic powder. stirring well. Stir in mushrooms or reserve to divide among plates. 9emove from heat.reparation: Saute sliced mushrooms in one tablespoon of melted margarine over low heat until golden @arden5 'ever Fnding ?asta Bowls -enu. Season the entree with pepper at the table if desired. lightly breaded and fried to perfection. 0ook over medium heat. sliced $ tablespoon margarine . 2ettuccine. Dip shrimp . You can choose between seven different pastas for this particular menu: Ehole Eheat 6inguine. crushed $ cup buttermilk L teaspoon salt L teaspoon pepper oil . fresh seasonal vegetables. heaping platter of shrimp. Spaghetti. grated 7 tablespoons butter $ teaspoon garlic powder ! K cups mushrooms. 2arfalle and .)his dish is from the . Stir in cheese slowly.

-ake 2ocaccia bread according to package directions. Cocktail Sauce $ cup ketchup ! teaspoons prepared horseradish K teaspoon Eorcestershire 7 drops red pepper sauce . -iN flour. ?lace shrimp on a plate to reserve for frying.reparation: -arinate the chicken breast in =talian dressing for $ hour by pouring dressing into a resealable plastic bag with chicken. . smoked bacon. 0hill.dd one teaspoon distilled white vinegar to one cup fresh milkM let sour for * minutes.llow bread to cool on a wire rack. @rill or bake chicken. 4$ 7oulihan's( Chcken B-% on Focaccia Copycat Restaurant Recipe " serving -enu Description G Q2reshly baked 2ocaccia bread with marinated chicken. )hen place 8 shrimp at a time in the flour miNture and shake gently. )hen cut two slices large enough to place chicken in between slices. 2ry until golden brown on each side in ++ degree 2 one inch hot oil.rrange the sandwich by placing chicken on the . )ransfer flour miNture to a resealable plastic bag. .into wet batter. salt and pepper together in a bowl. %ip: Homemade buttermilk is less eNpensive than store bought buttermilk and is easy to make.reparation: 0ombine all ingredients in a bowl. lettuce and tomato. . 9efrigerate.R Chcken B-% package of 2ocaccia =talian Herbs and 0heese or 9osemary bread bottle of =talian dressing $ chicken breast 7 strips of bacon. cooked and drained iceberg lettuce tomato slice mayonaise .

Served with our Balsamic Cinaigrette.ecan %en+ers vegetable oil. 0oat tenders in flour. Set out three dishes. ground $ tablespoon orange "uice . Drain on paper towels. )hen stir pecans and bake for 7 to * minutes more. place the flour. . for frying ! pounds chicken tenders salt and pepper $ cup flour ! eggs. beaten with a splash of milk $ cup plain bread crumbs $ cup pecans. then egg. nutmeg and orange "uice. in one layer in a shallow baking pan. =n the third dish. Eorking %uickly. Spread top slice of bread with mayonnaise if desired. Ehile the pecans are still warm separate them with a fork. crumbled bleu cheese. ground pecans. then add pecans. Stir together honey salt. tossing to coat well. lettuce then tomato. Bake for $* minutes. =n the second. Season chicken tenders with salt and pepper. =n the first dish. combine bread crumbs. transfer to waN paper sheet to cool.nce they are cool chop . dried cranberries and honey roasted @eorgia pecans.reparation: Heat one inch of oil over medium heat. bacon. ?lace tenders on a plate to reserve for frying. 6$ &'Charley's( .bottom slice.ecans L cup honey $ teaspoon salt ! cups pecans . 2ry in batches 7 to 7$/! minutes per side.ecan Chicken %en+er Sala+ Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G Q?ecanGencrusted chicken served warm on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce with mandarin oranges. Spread pecans.R . then pecan miNture. processed in food processor to finely chop K teaspoon nutmeg. 7oney Roaste+ .reparation: Heat oven to 7*+ degrees 2. eggs beaten with milk.

pecans if desired. shake off the eNcess. ! K tablespoons chopped honey roasted pecans and two mandarin orange slices cut in half.reparation: Butterfly the chicken breasts. )"$ Re+ -obster( Crab Alfre+o Copycat Restaurant Recipe . 2or every serving toss together ! K cups of lettuce. ! teaspoons crumbled bleu cheese.reparation: =n separate bowls miN together all ingredients eNcept tenders and dressing. ?ut flour and 2ish 2ri into separate resealable plastic bags. then shake in 2ish 2ri. ?lace each chicken fry on a plate to reserve for frying. shake off the eNcess. Dri((le dressing on salads at the table. Shake four chicken fries at a time in the flour. Sala+ romaine lettuce mandarin orange slices crumbled bleu cheese dried cranberries balsamic vinaigrette . )hen cut them down the middle to separate the breast halves. Drain chicken fries on paper towels and serve. Heat one inch of oil in a skillet to medium hot. )!$ Burger @ing( Chicken Fries Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings Chicken Fries $ package boneless skinless chicken breasts K cup flour K cup Iatarain/s5 Eonderful 2ishG2ri $ egg oil meat scissors barbecue or honey mustard dressing for dipping . 6ightly beat the egg with one tablespoon water. ! teaspoons dried cranberries. 2ry chicken fries in batches so they do not touch. dip in egg wash. until they are golden brow. 'eNt cut into the shape of chicken fries with meat scissors or a knife. ?lace tenders on top of salad. turning.

)his helps to loosen the meat from the shell. add one tablespoon of vinegar to the water.R Aasy Crab Alfre+o $ A< ounceB package prepared linguini $ A$+ ounceB package refrigerated . whisking until blended. shredded for topping . Season with nutmeg or garlic powder.lfredo sauce and shredded ?armesan. Stir in cheese slowly. Ehisk in butter. .reparation: ?our whipping cream into a medium saucepan.# servings -enu Description G QSweet crabmeat 1linguini with a creamy . )op pasta with . 9ourmet Crab Alfre+o Substitute crab leg meat from 8 or so boiled crab legs for the limp crabmeat. Serve hot over pasta. . grated ! tablespoons butter L teaspoon nutmeg or $ teaspoon garlic powder $! ounces lump crabmeat .reparation: Heat sauce and crabmeat in saucepan over medium heatM add pasta. 0ontinue beating until sauce thickens. 7omema+e Crab Alfre+o ! cups whipping cream O cup ?armesan. Divide among plates. 0ook over medium heat. Heat for additional 7 minutes while stirring occasionally. )op with ?armesan.lfredo Sauce # ounces fresh lump crabmeat L cup shredded ?armesan cheese . heat through.reparation: 0ook linguini according to package directions. %ip: Ehen boiling crab. Boil crab legs for 7 minutes only. Stir in lump crabmeat.asta $ pound linguini * tablespoons ?armesan. 9emove from heat.lfredo sauce.

)#$ Re+ Robin( B-%A CR&*SSA3% .R @arlic Sirloin K cup butter ! teaspoons garlic powder 8 garlic cloves. ?lace meat on grill. Set aside. Ehen done. =n a small saucepan.R 0argarita 9rille+ Chicken boneless chicken breasts ! K cups li%uid margarita miN . minced sirloin steaks salt and pepper to taste basting brush . minced. marinate it with our classic -argarita flavoring and grill it to perfection. -arinate in the refrigerator for # hours. and allow to rest for ! minutes before serving. @rill chicken breasts. ))$ Steak an+ Ale( 9arlic Sirloin Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G QSeasoned with garlic and topped with homemade garlic butter. tortilla strips 1 pico de gallo. ?lace chicken breasts in bag. 0ook for to * minutes per side or until desired doneness is achieved. Sprinkle both sides of each steak with salt and pepper.) $ Chili's( 0argarita 9rille+ Chicken Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G QEe start with tender.reparation: 6ightly oil the grill plate with cooking spray. Serve hot. Black beans.reparation: ?our margarita miN into a resealable plastic bag. "uicy chicken breast. Sprinkle one side of each steak with the two garlic cloves. 6ightly oil the grill plate with cooking spray. Served with rice. melt butter over low heat with garlic powder and cloves minced garlic. Brush tops liberally with garlic butter. transfer to warmed plates. ?reheat grill for high heat.

buttery croissant filled with sliced turkey breast. soy sauce and sherry wine.Copycat Restaurant Recipe " serving -enu Description G Q. grilled and served with rice pilaf. tomatoes 1 mayo. and place turkey on the bottom slice.reparation: 0ut open croissant. Spread mayo on the top slice of the croissant. 'eNt add cooked and drained bacon slices.R B-%A Croissant $ croissant ! thinly sliced deli style turkey breast slices hickory mapleGsmoked bacon one layer iceberg lettuce $ tomato slice ! slices avocado mayo . Heat in the oven if desired with aluminum foil wrapped around the sandwich.R Aasy 7a=aiian Chicken chicken breasts 6awry/s5 )eriyaki with pineapple "uice 7+ minute -arinade . -arinate for 7+ minutes in refrigerator. @rill. and add one layer of lettuce. ). tomato and one layer of avocado. . lettuce. 7a=aiian Chicken Recipe $8 ounces unsweetened pineapple "uice ! K ounces soy sauce ! ounces dry cooking sherry .reparation: ?our marinade in a large resealable plastic bag.dd chicken breasts to resealable bag.$ Steak an+ Ale( 7A<A**A3 C7*C@A3 Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G Q-arinated in pineapple "uice. Serve. 9emove from oven. Butterfly chicken breasts. fresh sliced avocado. hickory mapleGsmoked bacon. Served with our bottomless steak fries.

Bake for !+ minutes. )hey should be golden brown and sausage cooked through. -arinated in pineapple "uice. 9eserve K cup marinade for grilling. 9oll into one inch si(ed balls and place on a greased cookie sheet. )/$ Country Store Sausage B Cheese Balls Copycat Restaurant Recipe 0akes /! to 2! balls )his recipe is after an appeti(er sold in an old country store near my home. baking miN and cheese together in a big bowl and stir well or miN with your hands. ?lace meat on a plate and garnish with pineapple. sherry. Brush meat with canola oil in order to seal in the "uices.reparation: 0ombine pineapple "uice. )2$ Steak an+ Ale( @A3S*39%&3( C-CB Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description GR0ertified Black . soy sauce. Sausage 8 Cheese Balls $ pound 4immy Dean Hot Sausage $ pound grated sharp cheddar cheese 7 cups Bis%uick5 K cup water .O cup sugar K teaspoon granulated garlic $ can sliced pineapple chicken breasts . -arinate chicken in the refrigerator for # hours.ngus Sirloin. ?lace pineapple slices on the grill and cook approNimately $ minute on each side until lightly browned. ?lace sausage. soy sauce and sherry wine. =f miN is too dry. add K cup water.reparation: Heat oven to 7:* degrees 2. @rill and baste occasionally with remaining marinade. sugar and garlic. )hey are great for breakfast too.R Aasy 7a=aiian Steak sirloin steaks ! bottles 6awry/s5 )eriyaki with pineapple "uice 7+ .

lettuce. Serve. Dude.reparation: ?our marinade in two resealable plastic bags.dd two sirloins to each bag. ?lace pineapple slices on grill and cook approNimately $ minute on each side until lightly browned. ?lace meat on a plate and garnish with pineapple./ahu/s 'orth Shore after you chomp on thisSR 7a=aiian Burger %uarter pound hamburger patty 6awry/s5 )eriyaki with pineapple "uice 7+ -inute -arinade $ thin slice cheddar cheese lettuce $ tomato slice $ slice grilled pineapple mayo . -arinate steak in remaining marinade in the refrigerator for # hours. you/ll be like. -arinate for 7+ minutes in refrigerator.reparation: 0ombine pineapple "uice. sherry. @rill and baste with reserved marinade occasionally. . @rill. 0heddar 0heese. tomatoes and mayo. sugar and garlic.-inute -arinade . ready to ride the pipeline on . 9eserve K cup of marinade for grilling. Brush meat with canola oil in order to seal in the "uices. soy sauce. )4$ Re+ Robin( %7A BA3DA* BCR9ARE Copycat Restaurant Recipe " serving -enu Description G Q-arinated in teriyaki and topped with grilled pineapple. 7a=aiian Steak Recipe $8 ounces unsweetened pineapple "uice ! K ounces soy sauce ! ounces dry cooking sherry O cup sugar K teaspoon granulated garlic $ can sliced pineapple sirloin steaks .

. Drain in a colander. black olives.dd $ cup of marinara sauce. shredded for garnish . )ransfer to a large miNing bowl. 0over and place in the refrigerator for 7+ minutes to marinate. . =t/s up to you what toppings to include. A. ?lace patty on top of the dri((led Copycat Restaurant Recipe servings -enu Description G Q?enne pasta tossed with marinara sauce and baked with pepperoni. mushrooms.B =n the last stage of grilling place cheese on top of the burger and grill pineapple until warm and slightly browned. sliced and cut in half $! black olives $ teaspoon red bell pepper $ teaspoon green bell pepper $ cup P $ teaspoon mo((arella cheese < K inch round baking dish ?armesan cheese.r pan fry by placing salt in skillet first. Boil penne according to package directions..asta .r fry pineapple in pan sprayed with cooking spray on low heat. you/ll love this dish.asta .reparation: ?reheat oven to 7*+ degrees 2. )hen sprinkle $ cup of . tomato and grilled pineapple. =talian sausage.reparation: 2orm the hamburger into a patty. )hen dri((le teriyaki on top of the burger. 'eNt dri((le teriyaki in a baking dish. =n a < K inch round baking dish place marinara coated penne pasta.ssemble the burger with burger on top of bottom bun. lettuce. )he important step is to coat the penne with marinara before layering the ! cups cooked penne pasta $ cup marinara $! pepperoni slices $ tablespoon =talian sausage. . . 6ightly oil the grill plate and grill burger. chopped and cooked7 mushrooms.R =f you like pi((a and pasta. red and green peppers topped with mo((arella and ?armesan cheeses. Spread top bun with mayonnaise if desired. -iN well. )6$ %he American Cafe( &riginal 3e= ?ork .

)oss pasta with tomato miNture and basil. Stir constantly for about ! to 7 minutes. )hen add a layer of pepperoni.reparation: Heat olive oil and add garlic. minced $/7 cup eNtraGvirgin olive oil 7 ounces ?armesan on top of penne. .omo+oro Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G Q9oma tomatoes. Serve immediately and top with shredded ?armesan for best results. #"$ Applebee's( Club 7ouse 9rill Copycat Restaurant Recipe " serving -enu Description GRServed warm with sliced ham and ovenGroasted turkey. minced ! pounds 9oma tomatoes. lettuce and tomato. garlic. )ransfer hot cooked pasta to a large bowl.pplebee/s5 Signature Barbecue Sauce. . shredded $! ounces capellini pasta. savory bacon. 0heck the seasoning of salt and pepper to taste. Served on grilled sourdough with mayo and .dd toppings eNcept pepperoni.R Capellini . Bake for 7+ minutes until cheese is lightly browned and bubbly. pepper and salt and heat through. )opped with 4ack 1 cheddar cheeses.omo+oro ! garlic cloves.dd tomatoes. cooked $/# teaspoon pepper $/# teaspoon salt . @arnish with shredded ?armesan for best results.R Club 7ouse 9rill 7 thin deli ham slices 7 thin deli ovenGroasted turkey slices $ thin slice -onterey 4ack cheese $ thin slice cheddar cheese . 9emove from heat. fresh basil and eNtraGvirgin olive oil tossed with capellini. Sprinkle top layer of pepperoni with one teaspoon of mo((arella. Sautee garlic until it turns white. diced $ ounce fresh basil leaves. #!$ &live 9ar+en( Capellini .

0lose sandwich and cut in half. Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper. # $ &live 9ar+en( Chicken Vino Bianco Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G Q?anGseared chicken breasts with mushrooms. Sauce. Season with salt and pepper . Stir in mushrooms and cook until golden. -eanwhile. minced ! cups sliced mushrooms K cup white wine $ cup chopped canned tomatoes. ?lace deli meat and cheese on one slice each butter side down. Stir in onions and garlic in the same skillet and cook until tender. Spread mayo on the top slice of bread. lettuce and tomato on top of deli meat. Serve with barbecue sauce on the side. ?lace bacon. Stir in tomatoes and return to a simmer. tomatoes.reparation: Heat oil in non stick skillet over medium heat. onions and garlic in a white wine butter sauce over linguine. chopped # ounces linguine . ?lace it on top of the cheese. on the side for dipping .reparation: Butter both slices of bread.R Chicken Vino Bianco ! tablespoons olive oil boneless and skinless chicken breasts K cup finely chopped onion ! garlic cloves. Stir in wine and bring to simmer. drained L cup heavy cream ! tablespoons fresh parsley. )ransfer the meat. )hen grill both slices butter side down on low heat until golden brown and cheese melts. Brown chicken in hot oil and remove to a plate. cook linguine according to package directions.slices bacon. 9emove from heat. cooked and drained one layer iceberg lettuce $ or ! tomato slices $ tablespoon butter or margarine ! slices sourdough bread mayo Bull/sGFye5 BB.

Serve warm over linguine pasta. pitted and chopped ! cloves garlic. )ransfer to plates and top with homemade peach mango salsa or a "ar of store > bought peach mango salsa over a bed of rice pilaf. ##$ &live 9ar+en( Chicken 0arsala Copycat Restaurant Recipe . diced L cup fresh lime "uice . ginger and basil or cilantro. .dd the chilies and lime "uice to tasteM miN well. such as )ilapia $ teaspoon 0aribbean "erk seasoning package of rice pilaf cooking spray .reparation: =n a large bowl. minced ! tablespoons chopped fresh ginger root L cup fresh basil or cilantro. 0ango Salsa ! cups diced fresh mango ! cups fresh peaches. then divide among four plates. Delicately season both sides of each )ilapia with 0aribbean "erk seasoningM coat lightly with cooking spray. garlic.llow to chill ! hours before serving. this delicately seasoned grilled fish is topped with mango salsa and served over a bed of rice pilaf with steamed vegetables. 2inish sauce with cream and parsley. )ip: You can find prepared peach > mango salsa in the gourmet salsa section of your supermarket. 0ook over medium heat until sauce begins to thicken. #)$ Applebee's( 9rille+ %ilapia =ith 0ango Salsa Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description GR.R %ilapia white fish fillets.and return chicken to pan. . great catch. chopped ! Serrano chile peppers. peaches. miN together the mangoes.reparation: 0ook the rice pilaf according to package directions. @rill.

# servings -enu Description G QSauteed chicken breasts in a savory sauce of mushrooms.ecan Bro=nies $7 N < family si(e package of brownie miN egg Ause the fewest number of eggAsB as re%uired by package directions. 0over skilletM simmer chicken $+ minutes. ?lace chicken in the pan. and lightly brown. =n a large skillet. chopped AoptionalB . topped with chocolate sauce 1 whipped cream.reparation: 2ollow the directions of the brownie miN. melt butter in oil over medium heat. too many eggs make brownies that taste like cakeB oil according to package directions K cup chopped pecans . turning once.reparation: =n a bowl.R . Served with )uscan roasted potatoes and bell peppers. then add . and add mushrooms.$ Re+ -obster( Fu+ge &verboar+( Copycat Restaurant Recipe 4 servings -enu Description G Q. until no longer pink and "uices run clear. #. ?our in wine. pepper and oregano. Saute garlic clove. miN together the flour. salt. 0oat chicken pieces in flour miNture. warm chocolateGpecan brownie served with vanilla ice cream. garlic and marsala wine. boneless chicken breast halves tablespoons butter tablespoons olive oil $ cup sliced mushrooms K cup -arsala wine $ garlic clove.R Chicken 0arsala L cup allGpurpose flour K teaspoon salt L teaspoon black pepper K teaspoon dried oregano skinless. )urn over chicken pieces.

$ cup at a time. ?lace a scoop of ice cream over brownie after micro waving. stirring constantly. 2inish by topping with whipped cream. Beat egg in . Dri((le hot chocolate sauce over ice cream. ?our miNture into pan.reparation: -elt chocolate and butter in a large. ?eel the bananas.reparation: Heat oil to 7:* degrees 2 in fryer. 0ut bananas into $ inch pieces. heavy saucepan over low heat.K cup chopped pecans. Stir in salt. Heat honey in saucepan or microwave until li%uid and hot.dd sugar. Bake according to package directions. alternately with evaporated milk. nothing helps to cleanse the pallet like a banana tempuraSR Banana %empura $ egg $ cup ice water ! cups flour. divided vegetable oil bananas scoops vanilla or strawberry ice cream K cup honey AoptionalB .fter a hearty )eppanyaki meal. . beginning and ending with sugarM stir constantly over medium heat * minutes or until smooth. #/$ Benihana( Banana %empura Copycat Restaurant Recipe # servings -enu Description G Q. <hippe+ Cream $ can 9eddi whip5 whipped cream ?reparation: You can microwave the brownie and chocolate sauce in separate dishes to make it hot for your dessert. Chocolate Sauce unsweetened chocolate s%uares ABaker/s5B K cup butter 7 cups sugar $ can A$! ounceB evaporated milk A0arnation5B K teaspoon salt .

B ?eriodically pat down with spoon or spatula. )hen cook shrimp at 7*+ degrees 2 until brown. soy sauce or plum sauce.eanut Butter *ce Cream . %ip: You can make vegetable and shrimp tempura with the batter and cooking instructions above.ur signature peanut butter ice cream pie chockGfull of 9eese/s5 peanut butter crumbles in a graham cracker crust with chocolate syrup. 0ook vegetables first at 7 + degrees 2 until brown.a bowl. lightly dip banana pieces in batter.eanut Butter *ce Cream . )hen sprinkle chopped 9eese/s5 crumbles over the pie evenly.R .ie Copycat Restaurant Recipe 6 servings -enu Description G Q. . Scoop iceGcream with a large spoon into pie shell. ?ick it up by the tail and dip body into the batter.dd one cup flour to the bowl and miN very lightly.reparation: 2irst chop 8 9eese/s5 peanut butter cupsJ into Breyers5 9FFSF/S5 ?eanut Butter 0upsJ =ce 0ream $* 9eese/s5 ?eanut Butter 0upsJ <R @raham 0racker ?ie Shell Hershey/s 0hocolate Syrup . Dredge banana pieces in flourM shake off eNcess. A=f iceGcream is fro(en. Serve with a tempura dipping sauce. smooth the top of the pie with a spatula to give it a smooth appearance. )o prepare shrimp make a couple incisions on stomach side of each shrimp so it will stay straight. 0arefully. turning as they cook. #2$ %he American Cafe( . about ! minutes. Drain on a rack or paper towels. . Ehen you are finished filling the pie shell with iceGcream. ?lace one cup flour on a plate. 'eNt. ?repare vegetables by cutting into O of an inch thickness. let it set out for $+ minutes or microwave it for # seconds in its container. )hen wedge < whole 9eese/s5 peanut butter cupsJ into the edge of the pie leaving about a half . place in the hot oil and fry until golden.dd ice water to the bowl. ?lace banana pieces in dishesM dri((le with heated honey and serve with your choice of ice cream.

2ree(e.dd $ egg and beat * minutes at medium speed in miNer.reparation: ?reheat the oven to 7*+ degrees 2. softened O cup white sugar ! s%uares Bakers5 unsweetened Copycat Restaurant Recipe 6 servings -enu Description GR. baked .lace French Silk .dd melted chocolate and vanilla. .ie K cup butter. combine caramels.dd second egg. melted $ teaspoon vanilla ! eggs $ A< inchB pastry pie shell. #4$ 3one Such .ie Copycat Restaurant Recipe / servings 'one Such ?lace is an upscale restaurant located in 9ichmond.reparation: 0ream butter and sugar in a bowl for miNer. Beat another * minutes. Serve immediately.inch of space between each one. chocolate chips and pecans. 9emove from .R Caramel . .ur specialtyS @raham cracker crust filled with creamy caramel and topped with whipped topping. French Silk . 0over with saran wrap and place in pie container. Cirginia. Do not stir with a plastic spoon. #6$ &'Charley's( &oey 9ooey Caramel . .ie $+ inch graham cracker pie shell 78 individually wrapped caramels. 0ut a slice. butter and milk. unwrapped L cup butterflied$/ cup milk O cup brown sugar 7 eggs K teaspoon vanilla eNtract L teaspoon salt . ?our into a cooled baked pie shell and refrigerate. =n a medium saucepan. 0ook over low heat. place on a plate and dri((le with Hershey/s5 syrup. Stir fre%uently until miNture is smooth.

!$ &utback Steakhouse( Sy+ney's Sinful Sun+ae( Copycat Restaurant Recipe " serving -enu Description G Q. ?lacing whipped topping on the pie before serving time will result in the whipped topping melting before it is needed. )o toast coconut. 9emove from oven.reparation: ?lace each topping in separate bowls. Stir well. combine sugar. 2ollow neNt two steps right before serving slices. @radually add the caramel miNture. Bake for * minutes.heat. 9efrigerate. Hse this techni%ue to prevent an eNtra golden brown go at it. eggs. Canilla ice cream rolled in toasted coconut. %oppings ! tablespoons mini chocolate chips ! tablespoons pecan chips . and salt.R Sun+ae $ cup shredded sweetened coconut. =n a large bowl. covered in chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream.reparation: ?lace a single layer of 9eddi whip5 topping over each pie slice when it is served. vanilla. wrap strips of aluminum foil around the edge of the pie. <hippe+ %opping : ounce 9eddi whip5 . Sprinkle each topping over whipped topping evenly and sparingly. )oast coconut. spread on shallow . ?our miNture into pie crust. cream and beaters that you will be using to make whipped cream. %ip: )o slow down the burning of a pie during baking.reparation: 0hill bowl. . toasted large scoop vanilla ice cream ! tablespoons chocolate sauce ! strawberries whipped cream .

dd sugar and vanillaM beat until cream holds peaks. -ake whipped cream from recipe below when ready to use. cream and beaters before starting. -ake chocolate sauce from the 9ed 6obster5 2udge .cookie sheet and toast in 7!* degree 2 oven for # to $+ minutes or until lightly browned. %ip:Dollops of whipped cream can be fro(en on waNed paper. . Do not over whip. ?lace a strawberry on top of dessert. 2orm a large ice cream scoop with an ice cream scooper. )hen roll ice cream scoop in toasted coconut. stored in a container. ?lace a large portion of whipped cream over ice cream using an ice cream scooper. -ake whipped cream using a miNer on high speed. Ehip cream until almost stiff. 2ree(e coconut > ice cream scoop till ready to use. . )haw dollops before using. 2ree(e ice cream scoopAsB for $* minutes if needed. ?lace in an ice cream dish.reparation: 0hill the bowl. <hippe+ Cream $ cup heavy cream L cup sugar $ teaspoon vanilla . . 9efrigerate. Heat chocolate sauce in microwave.uarter one strawberry lengthwiseM place around ice cream scoop. 2or more restaurant recipes by Sallie Stone visit: http://www.restaurantrecipeoftheday. pressing gently on ice . Dri((le chocolate sauce over ice cream scoop. checking often to prevent burning.llow to cool completely.verboard5 recipe.