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A Christmas Carol

Chapter 1 – Marley’s Ghost
Marley was dead, to begin with – there’s no doubt about that. He was as dead as a doornail. Marley and Scrooge were business partners once. But then Marley died and now their firm belonged to Scrooge, who was a stingy and heartless old man. Once upon a time, on Christmas !e, old Scrooge sat busy in his office. "t was !ery cold outside and in Scrooge’s office it was not much warmer either. Suddenly, a cheerful person entered the office. "t was Scrooge’s nephew. #$ merry Christmas, uncle% &od sa!e you%' (red said. #Bah%' said Scrooge, #Humbug%' #Christmas a humbug, uncle%' said Scrooge’s nephew. #)ou don’t mean that, " am sure*' #" do,' said Scrooge. #+hat’s Christmas time to you* )ou ha!e to pay bills without money% )ou’re a year older but not an hour richer% ,eep Christmas in your way, and let me -eep it in mine.' #,eep it* But you don’t -eep it,' said Scrooge’s nephew, who was a !ery friendly young man. He e!en tried to cheer Scrooge up and in!ited him for dinner on Christmas .ay. But Scrooge said no and sent him out. +hen Scrooge’s nephew left, two gentlemen came in to collect money for the poor who had no place they could go. Stingy Scrooge, howe!er, didn’t gi!e the gentlemen any money. #$re there no prisons* $re there no wor-houses*' he as-ed sarcastically and told them to lea!e the office. +hen it was time to close the office, Scrooge tal-ed to his cler-, Bob Cratchit. #)ou want all day off tomorrow, don’t you*' said Scrooge. #"f that is o-ay, Sir,' answered the cler-. #"t’s not o-ay,' said Scrooge, #and it is not fair. $fter all, " ha!e to pay you for the day although you don’t wor-. But if it must be, " want you to start wor- e!en earlier the following morning.'

#+ho are you*' said Scrooge #"n life " was your partner. " only cared about business but not about the people around me. He loc-ed himself in. when the bell tolls one. deep down below. But then he felt safe again and sat down before the fire. and fell asleep immediately. and then Scrooge saw a ghost coming right through the hea!y door. Suddenly. Scrooge went straight to bed. without undressing.Cratchit promised that he would/ and the two went home. which he usually didn’t do. as if somebody was dragging a hea!y chain. 2pect the first tomorrow. )ou still ha!e a chance. Scrooge heard a noise.and scary that night and when Scrooge wanted to unloc. Scrooge li!ed all alone in an old house. opened the door and wal-ed in. 3acob Marley. 0his was rather spoo-y. 4ow. #Humbug.' #But why do you come to me now*' #" must wander through the world and " wear the chains because " was so stingy in life. 0hree spirits will come to you. .' he said. bene5er. but Scrooge was not frightened easily. 0he yard was !ery dar.' +hen he had said these words. 0he noise came nearer and nearer. Marley’s ghost disappeared/ and the night became 6uiet again. and his chains were long/ they were made of cash1bo2es. howe!er. " am here to warn you.the door. -eys and hea!y purses. he had the feeling that he saw Marley’s face there. "t was Marley’s ghost.