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The Jewish first started migrating in the search for a home.

The old testaments for the religion talk about their hard knocked past. They were forced into slavery in Egypt. It was a long journey for them to get to where they wanted to get to. Their new homeland was known as their refuge. King Solomon’s temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 568 BCE. And then it was rebuilt and torn down again in 70 CE. This changed everything, according to sources the unifying feature of Jewish life was destroyed, and then Jewish people started to move into different places. Living during the Roman Empire times for the Jew population was not an easy task. Since they were from the Hebrew decent they were considered different. In 63 BC the Romans gained control of the Jews continuously persecuted them throughout history. The Romans took away man of the Jews’ rights, though the Romans said that the Jews had freedom, they certainly had more limitations then the rest. Most of the Jews during this time resided in Judea which is present day Israel (Palestine). During the ruling of Julius Caesar in 47 BC, he “granted” benefits to the Jews and gave the power of the land to Hycranus. Although Julius Caesar made all those decisions, during 40 BC Syria was attacked by Parthinians and they gave the throne as king and priest to Aristobulus the second. Then a man with the name of Herod approached the Rome senate and convinced them that HE was able to bring back harmony and order rule in Judea. He then set out to do as he promised and accomplished it in 37 BC. Due to his accomplishment Rome felt that he was capable enough to be named king of Judea. Sources say that his personality was very cruel; he really cared about the people. He was all about keeping Judea in order and unified. He is known to be a great politician as well, he cared about what the citizens had to say or wanted to see happen. His death in 4BC affected everyone; his legacy still lives on since he is remembered by “Herod the great.” Thanks to Herod the Jews were giving religion freedom, and a limited system of selfsufficiency. This was done by their council that was the Sandhedrin. In 66 AD, the Jews revolted against the Empire and seized Jerusalem. The Romans wiped out the rebellion, taking back the city and destroying the holiest site in Judaism: the Jewish Temple. Another Jewish rebellion was during 115 AD. Many of the Jews were forced into exile by the Romans. The exiled Jews began to cause many different rebellions, adding to the rebellions of Cyrene, Cyprus, Aeygyptus and Mesopotamia which caused the Romans to take action and forcibly crushed the rebellions that had risen. There was one more war between the Romans and the Jews Bar Kokhba revolt. In this period of time (132–136), a man named Simon bar Kokhba lead a revolt as the acclaimed Messiah. Out of this revolt came the independent state of Israel which lasted of two years until a twelve legion Roman army destroyed it. The Romans barred the Jews from Jerusalem. This war helped to separate Christianity from Judaism as a religion. But all of this caused a Diaspora, and many Jews were exiled. In 313 AD Christianity become the official religion of the Roman Empire and the roman territory became hard to live in for the Jews. Since this happened Jews in the Roman Empire started to move out. The migration of Jewish people became more common to areas like the Mediterranean part of Spain.

But their god. . Yahweh is still their God. as we can all see.Being a Jew in this time period was not an easy task. They were restricted from many things. They constantly had to move from place to place since they or their land used to get conquered. and then set free only to go find a new home. enslaved.