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sound ˈænəlaɪz

Meaning to examine the nature or structure of something, especially by separating it into its parts, in order to understand or explain it

1 analyse 2 analysis 3 analyst analytic analytical analytically analyze approach approachable area assess assessable assessment assume assumed assuming assumption authoritative authoritatively authority availability available beneficial beneficiary benefit blinker concept conception conceptual conceptualize conceptually consist consistency consistent consistently constituency constituent constitute constitution constitutional constitutionally constitutive context contextual contextualization contextualize contextually contract contractor create creation creative creatively creativity

v n

creator data definable define definition derivation derivative derive disestablish disestablishment dissimilar dissimilarity distribute distribution distributional distributive distributor economic economical economically economics economist economy environment environmental environmentalism environmentalist environmentally establish established establishment estimate estimation evidence evident evidential evidently export exporter factor finance financial financially financier financing formula formula milk formulate formulation full stop function functional functionally ID identifiable identification identify identity

illegal illegality illegally income inconsistency inconsistent inconsistently indicate indication indicative indicator indiscreet indiscreetly individual individualism individualist individualistic individuality individually insignificance insignificant insignificantly interpret interpretable interpretation interpretative interpretive invariable invariably involve involved involvement isolating issue issuer labor labour legal legality legally legislate legislation legislative legislator legislature major majority method methodical methodically methodological methodologically methodology misinterpret misinterpretation occur occurrence overestimate

overestimation percentage period periodic periodical periodically policy principle principled procedural procedure proceed proceeding proceeds process processing reassess reassessment recreate recreation redefine redefinition redistribute redistribution redistributive reformulate reformulation reinterpret reinterpretation reoccu require requirement research researcher researches respond respondent response responsive responsively responsiveness restructure restructuring role section sector significance significant significantly signify similar similarity similarly source specific specifically specification specificity

specifics structural structurally structure theoretical theoretically theoretician theorist theory turn signal unapproachable unavailability unavailable unconstitutional unconstitutionally undefined underestimate underestimation uneconomic uneconomical unidentifiable uninvolved unprincipled unresponsive unstructured variability variable variably variance variant variation varied vary .

abnormal abnormally achievable achieve achievement acquire acquisition admin administration administrative administratively administrator affect affective affectively appropriacy appropriate appropriately appropriateness aspect assist assistance assistant categorization categorize category chapter commission commissioner community complex complexity computable computation computational compute computer computing conclude conclusion conclusive conclusively conduct consequence consequent consequently .

construct construction constructive constructively consume consumer consumption credit creditor cultural culturally culture cultured decal defining deregulate deregulation deregulatory design designer distinct distinction distinctive distinctively distinctly distinctness element equate equation evaluate evaluation evaluative feature final finality finalization finalize finally focal point focus impact inappropriacy inappropriate inappropriately inappropriateness inconclusive inconclusively .

indistinct indistinctly injure injured injury insecure insecurely insecurity institute institution institutional institutionalization institutionalize institutionalized institutionally invest investment investor irrelevance irrelevancy irrelevant irrelevantly item itemize journal maintain maintenance non-traditional normal normalcy normality normalization normalize normally obtain obtainable participant participate participation participatory perceive perception police commissioner positive positively potential potentially .

previous previously previous to primarily primary primary election purchase purchaser purchasing range reconstruct reconstruction re-evaluate re-evaluation refocus region regional regionally regulate regulation regulator regulatory reinvest reinvestment relevance relevant relevantly reside residence residency resident residential resource resourceful resourcefully resourcefulness restrict restricted restriction restrictive restrictively secure securely security seek select selection .

selective selectively selectivity selector site sought strategic strategical strategically strategist strategy survey text textual tradition traditional traditionalist traditionally transfer transferability transferable transference unaffected unassisted uncultured under-resourced uninjured unobtainable unregulated unrestricted .

alternative alternatively circumstance comment commentary commentator compensate compensation compensatory component consensus consent considerable considerably constancy constant constantly constrain constraint contribute contribution contributor convene convention conventional conventionality conventionally coordinate coordination coordinator core corporate corporation correspond correspondence corresponding correspondingly criterion deduce deducible deduction demo demonstrable demonstrably demonstrate demonstration .

demonstrative demonstratively demonstrator disproportion disproportionate disproportionately document documentation dominance dominant dominate domination emphasis emphasize emphatic emphatically ensure exclude excluding exclusion exclusionary exclusive exclusively exclusiveness framework fund funder funding illustrate illustration illustrative immigrant immigrate immigration immigration control imply inconstancy inconstant initial initially instance insufficiency insufficient insufficiently interact interaction interactive .

interactively interactivity invalidate invalidation invalidity justifiable justifiably justification justified justify layer link linkage locate located location max maximization maximize maximum minor minority negate negative negatively nuclear reactor outcome partner partnership philosopher philosophic philosophical philosophically philosophize philosophizing philosophy physical physical examination physically proportion proportional proportionally proportionate proportionately publish publisher publishing .

react reaction reactionary reactivate reactivation reactive reactor register registration reliability reliable reliably reliance reliant relocate relocation rely removable removal remove schematic schematically scheme sequence sequencing sequential sequentially sex sexism sexual sexuality sexually shift specifiable specify sufficiency sufficient sufficiently task technical technically technique technological technologically technology unconstrained unconventional .

unconventionality unconventionally unjustified unpublished unreliability unreliable unspecified valid validate validation validity validly volume .

access accessibility accessible adequacy adequate adequately annual annually apparent apparently approximate approximately approximation attitude attributable attribute attribution bib overalls civil civilly code commit commitment committed communicable communicate communication communicative concentrate concentrated concentration confer conference contrast contrasting contrastive coveralls cycle cyclic cyclical cyclically debatable debate debating despite dimension .

#NAME? domestic domestically domesticate domesticated domestication domestic help domestic worker dungarees emerge emergence emergent erroneous erroneously error ethnic ethnically ethnicity goal grant granted head teacher hence hypothesis hypothesize hypothetical hypothetically implement implementation implicate implication impose imposition inaccessibility inaccessible inadequacy inadequate inadequately integrate integrated integration internal internalization internalize internally investigate investigation .

investigative investigator investigatory job label mechanism multidimensional obvious obviously obviousness occupancy occupant occupation occupational occupationally occupied occupier occupy option optional output overall parallel parallel of latitude parameter phase predict predictability predictable predictably prediction principal principally prior pro professional professionalism professionally project projection promote promoter promotion regime resolution resolve retain .

retainer retention retentive series stat statistic statistical statistically statistician stats status stress stressed stressed out stressful subsequent subsequently sum summarily summarize summary summation sum total uncommunicative undertake undertaking undertook unparalleled unpredictability unpredictable unpredictably unresolved unstressed .

academe academia academic academically academy adjust adjustment alter alterable alteration alternate alternately alternation amend amendment aware awareness capacity challenge challenged challenger challenging clause compound conflict consult consultancy consultant consultation consultative contact contactable decline discrete discretely discreteness discretion discretionary draft enable energetic energetically energy enforce enforceable enforced .

enforcement entity equivalence equivalent evolution evolutionarily evolutionary evolutionism evolutionist evolve expand expansion expansionism expansionist expansive expansively expansiveness expose exposed exposure external externality externalization externalize externally facilitate facilitation facilitator facility fundamental fundamentally generate generation illogical illogicality illogically image imagery imprecise imprecisely imprecision incapacitate indiscretion instability liberal liberalism liberalization .

liberalize liberally liberate liberated liberation liberator licence .

abstract abstraction abstractly accuracy accurate accurately acknowledge acknowledgement aggregate aggregation allocate allocation assign assignment attach attached attachment author authorship bond bonding brevity brief briefing briefly capability capable capably citation cite cooperate cooperation cooperative cooperatively co-operatively discriminate discrimination display diverse diversification diversify diversity domain edit edition editor .

editorial editorship enhance enhanced enhancement estate exceed expert expertise expertly explicit explicitly explicitness federal federally federation fee flexibility flexible flexibly furthermore gender ignorance ignorant ignorantly ignore inaccuracy inaccurate inaccurately incapable incentive incidence incident incidentally incorporate incorporation index inflexibility inflexible inflexibly inhibit inhibition initiate initiation initiative initiator input .

instruct instruction instructive instructively instructor intelligence intelligent intelligently intermission interval irrational irrationality irrationally leader leading article lecture lecturer migrant migrate migration migratory minimum ministerial ministry mortgage bond motivate motivated motivation motivational motivator motive motiveless neutral neutrality neutralization neutralize neutrally nevertheless overseas precede precedence precedent presumably presume presumption presumptuous rational .

rationalism rationality rationalization rationalize rationally reassign reassignment recommence recover recoverable recovered recovery recovery room reveal revealing revealingly revelation scope subsidiary subsidization subsidize subsidy tape trace traceable transform transformation transformational transport transportation transporter unassigned unattached underlie underlying unintelligent unmotivated unprecedented unprecedentedly utility utilization utilize .

adapt adaptability adaptable adaptation adaption adaptive adult adulthood advocacy advocate aid channel chemical chemically classic classical classically comp comprehensive comprehensively comprehensiveness comprehensive school comprise confirm confirmation contrarily contrariness contrary conversion convert convertibility convertible a couple couple coupling decade definite definitely definitive definitively deniable denial deny differentiate differentiation disposable .

disposal dispose disposed dynamic dynamically eliminate elimination empirical empirically empiricism empiricist equip equipment extract extraction file finite foundation global globalization globally globe grade graded guarantee hierarchical hierarchically hierarchy identical identically ideological ideologically ideology indefinite indefinitely infer inference infinite infinitely innovate innovation innovative innovator innovatory insert insertion intervene .

intervention invisibility invisible invisibly irreversible irreversibly isolate isolated isolation isolationism isolationist media mode paradigm paradigmatic phenomenal phenomenon prioritization prioritize priority prohibit prohibition prohibitive prohibitively publication quotation quote release reversal reverse reverse gear reversibility reversible simulate simulated simulation sole solely somewhat submission submit succession successive successively successor survival survive .

survivor thesis topic topical topicality transmission transmit ultimate ultimately unaided undeniable undeniably unique uniquely uniqueness visibility visible visibly voluntarily voluntary volunteer .

abandon abandoned abandonment accompaniment accompany accumulate accumulation ambiguity ambiguous ambiguously append appendix appreciable appreciably appreciate appreciation arbitrarily arbitrariness arbitrary automate automatic automatically automation bias biased chart clarification clarify clarity commodity complement complementary conform conformability conformable conformance conformation conformist conformity contemporary contradict contradiction contradictory crucial crucially currency .

denotation denotational denote detect detectable detection detective detector deviate deviation displace displacement drama dramatic dramatically dramatist dramatization dramatize eventual eventuality eventually exhibit exhibition exploit exploitation exploiter fluctuate fluctuation guideline highlight implicit implicitly induce induction inevitability inevitable inevitably infrastructural infrastructure inspect inspection inspector intense intensely intensification intensify intensity .

intensive intensively manipulate manipulation manipulative minimization minimize nonconformism Nonconformist nonconformist nonconformity nuclear offset paragraph paragraphing plus plus sign practitioner predominance predominant predominantly predominate predominately prospect prospective radical radically random randomly randomness reinforce reinforcement reschedule rescheduling restoration restore revise revision schedule scheduler strip surveyor tense tensely tenseness tension terminal .

terminally terminate termination thematic thematically theme thereby unaccompanied unambiguous unambiguously unappreciated unbiased uncharted uniform uniformity uniformly unscheduled vehicle via virtual virtually visual visualization visualize visually vol. widespread .

accommodate accommodation analogous analogy anticipate anticipation anticipatory assurance assure assured assuredly attain attainable attainment behalf bulk bulky cease ceaseless ceaselessly coherence coherent coherently coincide coincidence coincident coincidental coincidentally commence commencement compatibility compatible compatibly concurrent concurrently confine confined controversial controversially controversy converse conversely device devote devotion diminish .

diminution distort distortion duration erode erosion ethic ethical ethically format found immature immaturity incoherence incoherent incoherently incompatibility incompatible inherent inherently insight insightful integral integrally intermediate manual manually maturation maturational mature maturely maturity mediate mediation medium militarily military minimal minimalism minimalist minimally mutual mutuality mutually norm overlap passive .

passively passive voice passivity portion preliminary protocol qualitative qualitatively refine refined refinement relax relaxation relaxed relaxing restrain restrained restraint rev revolution revolutionary revolutionize rigid rigidity rigidly route scenario self-assurance self-assured sphere spherical spherically subordinate subordination supplement supplemental supplementary supplementation suspend suspension team temporarily temporariness temporary trigger unanticipated unattainable .

unconfined uncontroversial undiminished unethical unethically unfounded unification unify unrestrained violate violation violator vision .

adjacent albeit assemble assembly collapse collapsed collapsible colleague compilation compile conceivable conceivably conceive convince convinced convincing convincingly depress depressed depressing depressingly depression encounter enormity enormous enormously forthcoming inclination incline inclined inconceivable inconceivably integrity intrinsic intrinsically invoke jury panel levy likewise nonetheless notwithstanding odd oddness odds ongoing panel .

panelling persist persistence persistent persistently pose reluctance reluctant reluctantly so-called straightforward straightforwardly straightforwardness unconvinced undergo whereby .